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Foot Fetish

Taylor and Jason knew each other from college, but hadn’t kept in touch. They recently reconnected through a mutual friend and began corresponding through emails and phone calls. Unfortunately at the present time, both were not available to bring their relationship to the next level, but that did not stop fate in the form of Taylor’s nephew to bring them together in an unexpected way.

Taylor is a petite woman with green eyes and dark brown hair. She is athletic, but has meat on her bones and a smile that lights up a room. Whenever a person met Taylor, the were immediately drawn to her. A new friend was always met with kindness and empathy. However there is a sadness about her, because Taylor often wondered if she would ever meet her perfect match despite having a boyfriend.

Eight hundred and sixty five miles away, Jason was wondering the same thing and in a loveless marriage, he was desperate to get out of. Jason has a lot going for him at 6’6, brown hair, blue eyes, and a job on Junction Island he loves as a firefighter. He also has a great sense of humor and is known as a practical joker who keeps the firehouse jumping whenever there’s a lull in the action. And Jason’s biggest asset was is his heart, always willing to help anyone who had a problem all they had to do is ask.

Over several weeks of talking and emailing, Taylor and Jason found an undeniable attraction between them. They were fighting this growing familiarity, but it was like trying to fight the need to breath.

Taylor and Jason knew their personal situations prevented them from having a relationship, but their growing desires overtook their reason. When the heart becomes involved, the head seems to take a backseat.

It so happens that Taylor’s nephew joined the military and was stationed at Junction Island for boot camp. It finally gave Taylor and Jason the opportunity for a face to face encounter. However, Jason was unaware that Taylor had planned to accompany her sister to Tennesee for the graduation ceremony. Jason was in for a nice surprise.

It’s a warm January day before Jason’s birthday, and he’s having a smoke behind the fire station when his cell rings. Oddly the call is from a 401 area code and to Jason’s amazement, its Taylor on the phone. Taylor asks what he is doing and his response is that he’s working. Taylor says, “Stop lying because you’re sitting on your ass smoking behind the station house.”

Shocked. Jason wonders how the hell Taylor would know what he was doing. Then Taylor goes on about his gray sweat pants and black sweat shirt. Jason stands up and starts looking around wondering what is going on. Taylor giggles and tells Jason that he could look around all he wants, because he would never see her.

Suddenly Jason sees a hand pop up waving at him. Jason runs over to the car and sees Taylor smiling up at him. Jason couldn’t be happier. He jumps partly through the car window to give Taylor a hug and asks her what she’s doing at the station of all places. Taylor reminds Jason that her nephew is graduating from boot camp this week, and she was following his suggestion to come and visit.

“I dropped my sister of at the exchange with my nephew and I came to find you,” Taylor told Jason as he got into her car. The moment he was in her car, Taylor jumped on top of Jason and began kissing him. Their kiss was filled with so much unreleased passion that Jason just wanted to explore, so his şişli escort hand began to move over Taylor’s ass like a magnet.

They risked exposure, but they didn’t care and continued their embrace. Taylor suddenly realized what they were doing and snapped back into reality. She stops Jason and moves back into the driver’s seat. Jason’s eyes regain their focus, and he agrees that they should stop. Jason asks Taylor to move her car to the back of the parking lot and park it behind the dumpsters for more privacy. Taylor smirks at Jason and starts the car.

Taylor pulls the car over to where she was directed and turns off the engine. Taylor turns to find Jason staring at her. She could feel the heat from his stare slowly engulf her body starting at her toes and ending at her face. An evil grin takes over Jason’s face while he eyes the back seat. “Jason could we talk before we jump into things, Taylor asked. I have something to tell you.”

Taylor looked directly into Jason’s eyes and said, “I no longer have a boyfriend, and I realize that you are married, but I can’t deny how much I want you. You occupy my thoughts often and it’s so unlike me to want to be with a married man. What is happening to me?” Then Taylor lowered her head as if being ashamed of her confession.

Jason takes her chin, and lifts Taylor’s head until her eyes meet his. She sees so much desire and longing in Jason’s eyes that it sends shivers down her spine. Taylor asks if Jason is sure, and he nods. “There is no turning back if we take this next step Jason,” Taylor utters in a low sultry voice.”

“There was no turning back the moment I reconnected with you again, Taylor,” Jason whispered as he reaches up and cups the back of Taylor’s head to cover her mouth with his. Taylor did what came naturally and parted her lips. They begin a forbidden dance with their tongues while her breasts were crushed up against his chest which made Jason tense at first.

Jason relaxed and decided to make a bold move. He begins to gently massage Taylor’s breasts until he felt her nipples swell into hard peaks. Jason received the desired response and Taylor moaned. Then she decided to do her own exploring and reaches under Jason’s sweatshirt. His skin is warm to the touch and his heart was matching the thumping of her own. They stopped kissing long enough for Taylor to slowly lift off Jason’s sweat shirt. She stared into Jason’s eyes again and smiled because Taylor knew he was hers.

Taylor proceeded to touch her wet lips to Jason’s bare skin and leisurely made her way down his shoulder, across his collar bone, and down to his left nipple. A groan of pleasure escaped Jason’s lips as Taylor began sucking on the extended nipple like a new born babe. Taylor was happy that she could bring Jason such enjoyment from one simple act. “Please back seat,” Taylor heard Jason breathlessly plead. Taylor could only smile.

Finally they slipped into the back seat, but before anything continued, Jason said trying hard to breathe, “I’m sorry that our first time will be in a back seat of a car, but I am at work, Taylor. I wish it could be more romantic.” Taylor just smiled and once again took Jason’s nipple into her mouth. This time she bit down hard and Jason almost jumped out of his skin and began to growl. Taylor liked his response and continued her assault and her hands started to wander until she found the waistband of Jason’s taksim escort sweatpants.

Instinctively her hands went under them and encountered a smoldering rod of steel. Taylor smiled like the devil and gripped it like a baseball bat. Taylor heard the intake of breath and looked up at Jason. With a cocky grin, Taylor said, “this from a few kisses and little ol me sucking and nibbling on one of your nipples. I can’t wait to see how you react to this.”

With that said, Taylor cautiously slid her lips down Jason’s abdomen. As she continued in her southerly direction, Taylor took his sweat pants with her exposing the one thing she wanted most in her mouth. Jason’s rock hard cock.

Taylor felt Jason tense when her mouth swallows his organ. Her hot wet lips were going up and down on Jason’s cock while her free hand gently kneads his balls like pizza dough. It was driving Jason beyond insane as he whispered words of encouragement. Taylor is really getting into it when Jason pulls her head up and stops her attack on his cock.

Jason tells her that her mouth feels to good, and he wants to make their time together last, so she needs to stop. After that Jason begins to kiss Taylor’s sweet lips, holding her head with one hand while his other makes it’s way under her t-shirt to her awaiting nipples.

Taylor whimpers and Jason continues his torture and kisses her neck then nibbles her ears. His touch was setting Taylor on fire and she used every ounce of self control not to jump on his cock and ride him like a bucking bronco. Jason gave her a little relief when he lifted her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra divulging her beautiful breasts to the cool air.

Taylor’s nipples puckered begging to be sucked. Therefore, Jason leaned down and slowly ran his tongue around Taylor’s right breast while his right hand explored the left. His mouth finally managed to make it’s way to Taylor’s nipple. Taylor gripped his head keeping his mouth glued to her sensitive body. While he suckled her right nipple, he flicked her left one. An “Oh my god,” escaped Taylor’s lips while she gripped harder on his hair to keep him in place.

Clearly Taylor was disappointed when Jason decides to leave her breasts, but became excited when he slowly kisses his way down her belly to the waist of her jeans. Jason gently but skillfully removes them and continues his trek south, smelling Taylor’s obvious arousal. He can’t hold out any longer and indulges himself tasting one of nature’s more precious gifts, pussy nectar.

Jason covered Taylor’s shaven mound with his watering mouth, trying to drink every ounce of juice she had inside her. “You taste so sweet, and I can’t get enough,” Jason tells Taylor. She screams out in ecstasy as Jason continues to lick her womanhood. He moves his tongue all around savoring every inch of her pussy. Jason moved from Taylor’s clit to the folds of her lips, flicking his tongue in and out of her swollen hole.

Jason surprised Taylor by moving her body so he can have access to rim then plunge his tongue into her ass. After lavishing her ass with his attention, Jason ventured back to Taylor’s clit, sucking it hard as he slid his fingers into her hot wet cavity.

Taylor catches her breath as Jason’s finger runs over her g-spot. Taylor begs him not to stop. Jason does what is asked of him and continues maneuvering his fingers inside her pussy and topkapı escort sucking her clit.

Jason asks Taylor if she wants more and she can only manage a nod, because any tangible thoughts have left her head. But Jason won’t allow a mere nod and says he won’t continue unless Taylor tells him what she wants. “I want your fucking tongue in my pussy and if you want to make things more interesting take a look in my glove compartment,” Taylor nearly screams as an orgasm overtakes her body.

Jason opens the glove compartment to find a seven inch dildo and smiles. He grasps it in his strong masculine hand and ask Taylor, “Is this what you wanted? Taylor smiles and replies, yes and I think you know exactly what to do with it don’t you?” Jason nods as a grin to end all grins swallows up his face.

Jason takes the dildo and slowly runs it over Taylor’s pussy to lubricate it. Then he gently slides the hard rubber inside her while sucking hard on her clit. Jason moves the dildo slowly to allow Taylor to adjust to it’s size. Jason keeps on task, moving the dildo in and out of Taylor until she screams out letting Jason know he hit the right spot.

As Jason continues his carefully planned moves on Taylor’s pussy, he takes his finger, wets it with Taylor’s cum, and inserts it in her ass. This gesture makes Taylor’s legs quiver because the dildo moves closer to her g-spot. Jason is very aware of what is coming and increases his efforts, going harder and faster with his finger and dildo.

Taylor’s body begins to convulse once again and at that moment Jason pulls out the dildo and his finger and sinks his tongue inside her. This one action causes Taylor to erupt all over Jason’s mouth.

Taylor looks down at Jason and the two lovers exchange smiles as Jason licks her cum off his mouth. He reintroduces his tongue to Taylor’s pussy, and after a few moments and a little squirming on Taylor’s part, she cums a third time. But this time even harder than the last.

At this point, Jason losing all control looks at Taylor and says, “I must be inside you now!” And before Taylor could react, Jason slides his eight inch shaft inside her.

Jason starts with slow short strokes then moves deeper and deeper until his whole cock is submerged in Taylor’s warm welcoming sheath. The feeling is so overwhelming that Jason increases his speed. Jason can’t believe how tight Taylor is and pumps harder and faster.

Taylor matches Jason’s every move, and she cums yet again. Jason can’t believe the stamina of this amazing creature underneath him and rolls Taylor over. He takes her from behind and is just as astounded with Taylor’s body from this angle. Jason grabs the dildo a second time and as he is sliding his rock hard rod in and out of Taylor’s pussy, he pops the dildo into her ass.

The two souls writhe in ecstasy as Taylor and Jason join together in a rolling mass of passionate flesh. After what seems like an eternity, they both shatter into a million pieces. Jason felt Taylor’s pussy latch onto his cock like a vice while Taylor could feel Jason’s man juice flow deep inside her womb.

Jason and Taylor rolled over and stared into each other’s eyes. Between breaths Jason managed to say, “It doesn’t get much better than this, ” and collapsed into Taylor’s awaiting arms.

While the two lovers cuddled in the back seat of Taylor’s car, Taylor murmured, “I love you Jason and he replied, I love you too baby doll. Now close your eyes.” And with thoughts of their first encounter fresh in their minds, the two exhausted spirits drifted off to sleep knowing their hearts, minds, bodies and souls were intertwined and changed forever. An hour later, Jason returned to work not even missed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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