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I slid the dark nylon up my legs before stepping into the black leather skirt. My cleavage was framed with more black leather that hugged my torso. The tall heels showed off my legs nicely as I stepped into the bedroom.

As instructed, He was laying naked on the bed, arms folded behind His head in a relaxed position. After taking a few moments to admire His physique, I quickly stepped to the side of the bed and mounted His face, pinning His arms beneath my ankles. His facial hair was scratchy against my cunt, but His talented tongue knew just what to do. I felt Him tug slightly as He attempted to free His arms, but I kept them pinned with my ankles and enjoyed the feel of His hungry mouth devouring my cunt. I heard her footsteps as she entered the room and stopped at the end of the bed, head bowed and hands clasped behind her back.

“Spread Your legs, Darling,” I told Him. “You’re about to get Your cock sucked.”

I felt her climb onto the bed, taking the position which she had been taught, so that her genitals were fully exposed to the one bound firmly to the chair in the corner. As she began to slurp and suck noisily, I watched the play of emotions that crossed his face. His glossy red lips formed a perfect ‘O’ around the ball gag, tightening as she enthusiastically sucked the thick cock filling her mouth. His eyes narrowed slightly below the bright blue shadow on his lids, his cheeks becoming darker beneath the rosy rouge. I loved watching the emotions flash across his face as he watched his wife’s cunt begin to glisten with desire as she gagged on the cock filling her mouth. She still couldn’t take all of that big cock in her throat, so I reached back to press her head down. I love those little sounds she makes, the feel of her struggling beneath my hand as I make her choke on His beautiful cock, withholding her breath until I release her with a chuckle. I watch the anger on his silent face as I do. I know how much he hates it when I press her limits.

I turn my attention back to the mouth enthusiastically devouring my cunt. He laps the creamy pearls as they drip onto His tongue, knowing how turned on I am as I reach back to once again press her face fully to His pelvis. I turn to the one bound to the chair as he grunts in protest when she chokes and gags. His eyes glare at me angrily, but I see his little cock raising the hem of the red nightie.

“Don’t worry, bomonti escort sweetie,” I tell him. Your turn to suck cock will come soon enough.”

More pearls drip from my cunt as I see the brief flash of fear in his eyes before anger fills them once again. I turn my attention back to the tongue pleasuring me, occasionally reaching back to push her head down and force His cock fully into her throat. I feel the first orgasm rush through me as I listen to those lovely little sounds she’s making. The mouth beneath me vibrates with a moan as His hips begin to move, pushing His thick Bull cock into her throat as I press her head down. I once again glance back at the one bound in the corner. His eyes are damp, wrists and ankles reddened from his futile struggles.

“She is our bitch now,” I tell him. “And so tonight you will be as well.”

His dark eyes widen as he fully comprehends the meaning of my words. His head begins to shake violently as his grunts of protest fill the room. I push her head down once more with an evil chuckle and ride another intense wave of pleasure. When the face beneath me is soaked with my juices and my legs have begun to shake, I move aside to watch Him grab handfuls of her hair and aggressively fuck her throat. Her face is glistening with saliva as she struggles to control her gag reflex. When I see that He is ready to cum, I snuggle close and run my tongue along the edge of His ear.

“Yes my Bull,” I whisper. “Make her choke on Your cum.”

His moans fill the room, drowning out the protests from the one in the corner. Our tongues engage in an erotic dance as I push her head down on His thrusting hips.

“Swallow it all like a good whore,” I pull away to tell her. Her face is red as she struggles to gulp the thick streams that He pumps down her throat. When I release the pressure on her head, she raises tear-filled eyes to us.

“Thank You Master and Mistress,” she gasps as I watch the one in the corner. Salty wet trails streak his cheeks as he bows his head in defeat. What was once a soft limit has now been surpassed, despite his protestations. I rise and position myself behind her. My finger traces a slick trail down her thigh before probing her sopping hole. I gather the wetness on two fingers and slowly approach his chair. He raises his dark eyes to me when I stop in front of him. As I reach to smear cihangir escort the wetness across the ball in his mouth, he violently twists his head away. My hand flashes out to firmly grasp his jaw, holding his head still as I spread the cream from his wife’s hole on the gag, paying special attention to the area beneath his nose. His eyes are filled with a mix of anger and excitement as he glares up at me. I rest my foot on the edge of the chair and brush his scrotum with patent leather.

“I want you to know the scent of your wife’s cunt when she gets skull-fucked by a real cock.” I turn away with a chuckle, but pause to throw soft words over my shoulder, so that only he can hear. “Now I’m going to ream her wet little cunt while you watch.”

I let him see the size of the dildo as I step into the harness. Long and fat, I knew it would stretch her cunt nicely. She was still on her hands and knees. Such an obedient slut.

“On your back,” I instructed her. When she turned and saw the size of the cock hanging between my thighs, her eyes and mouth widened into perfect rounds. I could feel her shaking slightly as I grabbed her ankles and pulled her ass to the edge of the mattress. She trustingly spread her thighs, although her eyes were squeezed shut in anticipation of the pain she was certain that I was about to inflict on her.

My bull watched as He reclined against a pile of pillows. I smiled at Him and pushed two fingers into her. She gasped softly in surprise and I felt her begin to relax around my digits as the pleasure seeped into her muscles. I let her cum with two fingers and slipped in a third. When she began spasm and gush around them, I pushed in a fourth. She whimpered softly, but her body opened to me as my hand moved faster and with more pressure.

“Are you ready?” I inquired of her. There was only a slight hesitation before the answer burst from her lips in a loud cry.

“Yes Mistress!”

I twisted my thumb into her dripping cunt, keeping up the slight pressure until my knuckles slid past her pelvic bone and my hand was fully engulfed in her wet heat. Her hips began to buck as the creamy wetness burst from her in a gush. I bunched my fingers into a fist, pulling a soft cry of panic from her. As I began to punch-fuck her, I glanced back at him. He was struggling vainly to break free of his bonds, his face kurtuluş escort red with his efforts, his brow damp with a sheen of sweat. I turned back to smile at my Bull. His beautiful cock was once again growing.

“Shut this bitch up,” I told Him, watching Him move eagerly to fill her mouth once again.

I let her cunt gush around my hand again and again, continuing to watch the man in the chair as his little cock throbs and strains against the tiny metal bars. When her hole was nice and stretched, I straightened my fingers and withdrew my hand. We could all hear the wet sucking sound as my knuckles slid out with a soft pop. I smeared her wetness onto the big dildo, and then smeared on a stream of lube just to be sure. I love to hurt. Never want to damage. Want that hole to contract so that it’s nice and tight for the next time. I know that there will be many.

He grasped her ankles and pulled her legs wide as His cock filled her mouth. I shuddered with pleasure when I heard her muffled screams as the big dildo slid between her cunt lips and began to penetrate her stretched hole. They never understand the difference between flesh and latex until they experience it. Her hole stretched around the black cock as I began to steadily press forward.

“Relax and concentrate on sucking that cock,” I ordered her. Her panicked cries reduce to soft whimpers as His cock grew hard in her mouth. Once the thick head was fully inside of her, I quickly filled her with 14 inches of latex before pausing to glance back at him. Salty trails streaked his cheeks as I began to batter his wife’s cunt with the big dildo.

“Your little cock will never satisfy her now,” I told him. His head drooped in defeat. I wondered how much more he would submit to.

I smiled as her cunt began to lubricate the big dildo with her pleasure. I fucked her with long, hard strokes, feeling my thighs grow slick with my own excitement. He leaned forward to pump her throat, and I could not resist locking my mouth to His as I listened to her cum whenever she gagged on His cock. When He came down her throat, her body bucked and heaved beneath us as she slurped His thick cream. The wetness splashed my hips and thighs as my own orgasm shook through me. He had to cover her mouth with His large hand as I slowly withdrew from her. Pearly wetness dripped from her gaping hole, and I turned to see him staring at her stretched cunt with rapt fascination. I saw his little cock throb as she screamed softly when the big head came out with a wet plop. When he raised his eyes to see me observing him, his face reddened with humiliation.

“She’ll never be satisfied with that little thing again,” I told him with a twisted smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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