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Emme is a horny little slut. Around others she has this brainy med student- good catholic girl- socialite persona. She is very good at her act and she has everybody fooled. She even had me for a while.

When I met her, I was at one of those mandatory social obligations I had the “opportunity” to attend. It was the surprise birthday party for my uncle who is pretty cool, but I feared the other guests would be the pompous intellectuals my family tends to associate with.

I arrived fashionably late, just in time to find my place before the blessing. Of course, my place was at the cousins table. There were also two people at the cousins table I didn’t know; Emme, a relatively pretty blonde and Greg, her boyfriend. My female cousins talked about their perfect children or some guest on the Oprah show while my male cousins were discussing computers, baseball, and home repairs. Even though I am a baseball coach that renovates old houses as a hobby, I wasn’t involved in the conversations. Emme was a part of both conversations and seemed to be enjoying herself. It turns out the Emme was the daughter of a family friend, in med school, a member of my parent’s church, and not only the host of the party, but she did all of the cooking for it too. Greg could only be described over-starched. However, I liked Greg because he would keep my mother from trying to set me up with Emme.

After dinner I snuck out on to the balcony for a cigarette and to possibly preserve some of my sanity. I was surprised when Emme followed me out to bring me a piece of cheesecake. She apologized for invading my hiding place and said she was also trying to remain sane. We chatted for a moment with more of the same polite conversation before she started venting about how annoying she found some of the guests. I hadn’t noticed how hot she was until I saw her tipsy in the moonlight. Her face was framed with the little hairs that had slipped out of the fancy hair do. She had long since taken off her shoes showing off her bare feet and silver painted toenails. Between her looks and the cheesecake I know she baked, I was starting to become very envious of Greg. I was trying to casually navigate the topics of conversation to inquire how serious she was with Greg.

To my surprise, she suddenly leaned in and kissed me. Not like a little peck on the cheek, an earthquake intense kiss with her body pressed against mine. My head was spinning and my knees were about to give out.

“Sorry, I’ve been curious all night.” She said with a shy smirk and giggles when she ended the kiss. “I should, umm, get back inside before anyone misses me.”

I had to stay out on the balcony for a few minutes to clear the kiss out of my head. When I made my way back inside, she and Greg were playing Trivial Pursuit with my cousins. It took all the restraint I had not to join the game just to make them all look dumb. Although I have been accused of memorizing the cards as a child, I didn’t, I never had to. Instead, I decided to make it an early night.


Later that night when I emptied my pockets I found a note with “I’m still curious” and a phone number written on it. I don’t levent escort cheat, so I threw the number away.

* * * * *

Chapter 2

A few weeks later my mother called to inform me that Emme and Greg broken up. She and my aunt decided that Emme was such a nice girl and it would be so good for me to date her. I took Emme’s number mostly to appease my mother, but I also had been unable to stop wondering about Emme since the kiss in the moonlight.

I waited a few days before I called Emme.

“Curious about what?” I asked

“Oh my god, I didn’t think you would call.” She hyperventilated.

I waited for her to get her breath back and stop squealing before asking again, “Curious about what?”

She hesitated. “I’m not sure exactly, if I knew I wouldn’t be curious.” She replied trying to be coy.

“Try again”

“I thought you might be really umm … Oh God, I’m in the middle of the library. Don’t make me tell you.”

“Would you prefer me to hang up?”

“No, please don’t. I … I thought you might be really good in bed.” She confessed

“Really.” I was shocked by her directness. “Truthfully, I’m probably only as good as my partner.”

“Oh,” she sounded disappointed.

“Emme, judging by the way you kiss you are probably pretty good yourself.” I told her. I had spent several very late nights contemplating her kiss, wondering what it might be that she was curious about.


“Now you’ve got me curious. What the hell are you doing in the library on a Friday night?” I asked teasingly.

“Studying, I had nothing better to do and I have exams coming up.”

“What, no hot date?”

“Greg and I decided to go separate ways.”

“Does that translate to: You dumped him because he was dull?”

“No, it translates to: he dumped me because he didn’t like my taste in china.”


“We were engaged and picking out china patterns in the mall when we got into a fight and it escalated.”

“Sorry to hear that” I mumbled. She didn’t sound upset at all and I wasn’t sorry, but I couldn’t have said anything else.

“Don’t be. It happened before the party. I agreed to give him chance by letting him come to the party, but that was a mistake. He’s sent tons of flowers trying to get me back, but now that I’ve been thinking about things. I should have dumped him a long time ago. I know it sounds cliché.”

“So what was the deal with the kiss?”

“I was curious about how well the other fishes in the sea kissed.”

“Have you had dinner yet? I’ll take you out for a study break.”

“OK, umm, one thing…”

“Don’t worry; I won’t sleep with you tonight. I’ll meet you in 20 minutes.”

* * * * *

Chapter 3

She was wearing her long blonde hair in a braid tied off with a blue scarf. I had never seen anyone make a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans look so intriguing. Maybe it was just the contrast from the pearls she was wearing the last time I saw her.

We decided on BBQ for dinner. I knew of this great little hole in the wall that serves the best ribs. It was beyoğlu escort one of those places where the smoke was so thick you can barely see, the walls were decorated with old newspaper clippings, and every booth was broken and had torn vinyl. She gave me a weary look as I guide her to my favorite booth, but when the food came she was won over.

I don’t know if she did it on purpose but it was such a turn on to watch her dig into the ribs, suck the meat off the bone and lick the sticky sauce off her fingers. It was unbelievable that this woman was the same one I met a few weeks before. I had the best time with her laughing at my corny jokes. —By the way, what do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros? ELEPHINO, get it, Hell-If-I Know.—I didn’t think it was that funny either, but she did. In fact she was laughing so hard she choked on her beer.

After dinner we went back to my place. The first thing she did when she walked in house was take off her shoes. The second thing was turn the radio on to some Southern Rock marathon. Emme knew every word to almost every song that was played.

We decided to shoot some 9-ball pool. I am fairly good, she was terrible. We played a few games with regular rules before starting to play strip-pool. I brought it up as a joke, but she said she would like to see me naked. I was pretty anxious to see her without the clothes also.

I let her win the first game. I was still feeling a little guilty about playing this game with her. Then again, my intentions were pretty clear before we started. When she finally sunk the 9 ball and won the game, she only smiled mischievously and said “Shoes.”

“Shoes?” I asked puzzled as I took off my loafers and socks. I was hoping she would take my shirt so I could show off my chest. I am a big guy, but I am also pretty well built since I workout in the gym with the players I coach.

I won the second game. I decided to take the blue scarf. When I did, she unbraided her hair. She had really long blonde hair still wavy form the braid that reminded me of a shampoo commercial. It took all of my will power to keep my hands out if it.

I won the third game also and took her t-shirt. As much as I liked the plain white t shirt, I was loving her white bra. Her tanned cleavage looked so good in contrast to the bra.

Damn, she was hot. I couldn’t concentrate on my game. I curious about what her reaction might be if I tied her wrists with the blue scarf.

I was brought back to earth from my fantasies with “Shirt.”

I obliged her happily.

“Ooh, I like,” she said as she crossed the room and traced a manicured fingernail across my chest. “Do you want to play another round?”

“One more, just to get you out of this beautiful bra.” I replied as I skimmed my callused finger over the curve of her breast making her shudder. I pulled her close for a quick kiss on the check before I ran the table. She gave me the chance so I was going to take full advantage.

“Come here,” I told her after I sunk the 9 ball.

When she did, she kissed me lightly on the lips. She teasingly kağıthane escort nibbled on my lower lips. As she did, I unclasped her bra behind her back.

“Damn, it’s going to be hard to take you back to the library.” I said as I stepped back to admire her bare tits. They were perfect tits, large, but not so big to be wasteful and no tan lines. I was thinking good thoughts of her lying out in the sun topless.

“That’s OK, the library closed a few hours ago.” She replied with a guilty smile as she shifted so her tits were hidden by her hair.

I grabbed her hair and a whimper of surprise escaped her, as tilted her head back. I devoured her mouth and nibbled at her neck. She started to pant as I alternated bites, with licking and suckling at her neck, earlobes, and collarbone. I blew air against the hot flushed skin of her neck and chest. When I drew in my next breath and paused a moment; she was holding hers, waiting, silently pleading for more.

She was driven crazy. I could feel her turn to putty in my hands as she pressed her body against mine. She was working her fingernails down my back begging for more.

I pinched her nipples, twisting and pulling them until she moaned.

“Let me know if I am too rough.” I asked as I continued to torment her neck and pinched her nipples even harder.

“No, you’re good” she panted.

“I know I am” I laughed. “Do you like this?” I asked twisted her nipple again until she moaned.


“Tell me” I demand as I paused, waiting for her response.

“I like you playing rough with me. I like you biting at my neck. I like you pinching my nipples.”

Then I kissed her lips with slightly less intensity. I held her for a minute or so letting her regain some balance.

“Go get me a beer before I become a liar and sleep with you tonight.”

“Sure,” she replied as she stumbled to the kitchen.

As I watched her make her way into the kitchen, I had to wonder which side of her was real. Was she really the “perfect” lady my mother intended to set me up with, or was that just a front for the repressed wild side I gotten a glimpse of tonight? Either way, I was having a good time with her and her ass looked very nice in the blue jeans.

I was sitting on the couch when she returned with a beer for me and diet coke for her. She sat next to me and handed me a beer with the cap still on it.

“Emme, there’s a bottle opener in the drawer next to the fridge.”

She jumped up and scurried to the kitchen to get me the bottle opener. “Anything else?” she asked after she returned and opened my bottle for me.

“Not at the moment, but maybe dinner sometime next week.”

“What would you like me to make?”

“Anything as long as you make cheesecake for dessert” I replied as I pulled her onto my lap.

She rested her head on my shoulder as we watched some old movie on TV. It was one of those movies that I, and most everyone else, had seen a thousand times, but she had yet to see. As she watched the movie, I was playing with her hair and thinking of her reaction. She definitely enjoyed my play with her nipples and neck. I was becoming curious about what else she would enjoy.

I enjoyed the irony of situation. I started to laugh at the thought of my mother’s reaction if she knew I had gotten Emme to strip and wait on me tonight. I couldn’t help but think, “Maybe my mother is right, maybe Emme will be just perfect for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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