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She cursed her luck for being caught at another red light. Of course it had to be the day she was already running late. Her foot tapped nervously as she worried what would happen if she didn’t arrive at the house on time again. They were always so…inventive.

To everyone else’s knowledge, she had started working for the Madison’s two months ago as a dog sitter while they spent the night out twice a week. While it’s true that their corgis were spoiled rotten dogs, much of the dog equipment in the house was not actually for them. She had certainly never seen either corgi use the dog flap to enter the garage.

No, while the Madison’s had two corgis, she was the Madison’s bitch, and Mr. Madison had taken to affectionately referring to her as Fuck Puppy, or Puppy for short. A special favorite of Mr. Madison, but Mrs. Madison was also known to play now and again. Twice a week she would park outside, enter the garage, and undress before crawling through the doggy door promptly at seven to greet them. Sometimes they would leave her an outfit in the garage to wear or dress her inside the house themselves, but more often than not she would spend her time naked.

Speeding down the road, she parked outside the house at 7:02. It was barely late, but she was sure she would pay for it. She fumbled with the key to the garage and nearly dropped it before letting herself in. She was in such a hurry that she stumbled while taking off her pants. By the time she crawled through the door she was six minutes late.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” Mr. Madison said in a disinterested tone. She knew better than to say anything and hung her head in shame. “Late again, my little Fuck Puppy. You know better.”

With that, he fastened on her collar and clipped on the leash. He set a pace fast enough to make her thankful her hands and legs were still left free. Sometimes he made her wear restrictive sleeves that made her hobble around on her elbows and knees. If she had been wearing those, she had no doubt she would have been dragged around by özbek escort this point.

“This is the third time you’ve been late this month. Spanking you hasn’t seemed to break you out of this bad habit. It’s clear you need something else to really stick it into your head,” he said while leading her out of the back door. It was slightly brisk outside, especially in the cool evening air with her bare knees on the deck. He had taken her into the backyard before, but it always made her nervous. If anyone got too curious they could peek through a hole in the fence.

Mrs. Madison seemed to be waiting for them near the garden shed, sipping from a glass of wine while sitting at an old patio table. As they approached Mr. Madison picked Puppy up and placed her on the table, stretching out her limbs and attaching them to cuffs clipped to the corners of the table.

“Now, what do we do about a naughty little Fuck Puppy,” Mrs. Madison asked. She set down her wine and picked up a gag, which she quickly inserted into Puppy’s mouth. It had a metal ring that stretched her mouth open wide instead of keeping her quiet. Puppy got the sinking feeling the couple had prepared something awful for the likelihood that she would be late.

Mr. Madison leaned in close over Puppy to look her fully in the eye. “You’re going to ask me- to beg me- as sweetly as you can to piss on you.”

Puppy paled. It had been a soft limit that she had hesitantly agreed to on the basis that it would come along gradually over time. She hadn’t expected it to come up quite so soon. She shook her head frantically, pleading with her eyes. Mr. Madison laughed at Puppy’s reaction as Mrs. Madison picked up a riding crop and delivered a few quick strokes on Puppy’s pussy, causing her to whimper.

“I know you aren’t particularly enthusiastic, which is exactly why it’s going to happen. You need to learn how things happen in this house. We’ve been gentle with you, but it’s time for you to learn,” Mr. Madison said. Mrs. Madison kept up with gentle azeri escort strokes of the crop down Puppy’s pussy before delivering a quick stinging strike. “Now,” Mr. Madison said, “let’s try again. Beg me to piss on you.”

Puppy’s voice came out garbled around the gag, but she begged quite earnestly as tears streamed down her face. Mr. Madison smiled and reached out to fondle her breast. “Good girl. I expect you to keep your eyes open and head still. If you don’t, your punishment will be worse than you can imagine.”

Within moments a steady golden stream worked its way across both her breasts, trailed down to her pussy, and back up. The stream hit the side of her check and she flinched, fighting the urge to turn her head away. A few drops splashed into her mouth and she coughed and gagged, moving her head slightly as she did so. The stream came to a stop and Fuck Puppy refused to look up.

She heard Mr. Madison’s deep sigh above her. “You moved, Fuck Puppy.” She shivered, although she wasn’t sure if it was from his words or from her wet skin in the cool night breeze. “I’ll leave you to think about what you’ve done for a while, shall I?” With that, she watched both the Madison’s retreat back into the house.

Fuck Puppy was cold within the first minute of being out on the table. She had no clue how long she was out there, but she longed to be back in the house. Goosebumps rose across her skin and she shifted uneasily on the table. Eventually she saw Mr. Madison open the back door before setting down a towel and bending over to turn on the hose.

She almost jerked right off the table when the icy jet hit her. Mr. Madison took his time, paying special attention to her nipples. Lastly, he angled the jet up into her pussy, making her whole body spasm from the cold. He was smirking when he turned the hose off and set it aside.

“Feeling cold, Puppy,” Mr. Madison asked as he undid the restraints holding her to the table. She groaned when he set her on the ground; he still hadn’t removed the kazank escort gag. Mr. Madison went back towards the house, leaving Puppy to trail after on hands and knees. He stopped before the door to dry her off and she was instantly grateful to not be quite so cold.

Mr. Madison held the door open as she crawled into the house. Mrs. Madison was waiting on the sofa with a pile of leather lying on the coffee table next to her. Puppy crawled over to her and waited on hands and knees for Mrs. Madison to dress her. She started with a lacy thong. Her limbs were folded back into leather sleeves while a wicked set of nipple clamps were firmly set in place.

Unfortunately for Puppy, this meant her nipples dragged against the carpet and made the clamps tug and pull. The O ring in her mouth would do little to keep her quiet. Mr. Madison worked a dildo into her pussy, using the panties to hold it in place. He pulled the back of the thong to the side to make room for her tail plug. She groaned as it was inserted; he hadn’t been very generous with the lube.

Mrs. Madison gave a sharp tug on her leash and she lurched forward unsteadily. The dildo and plug inside her created an odd sensation as she moved. Puppy didn’t have much time to adjust to it as Mrs. Madison started tugging her along. She expected to be lead to another room in the house, but was surprised to make a lap around the room.

Mr. Madison took the leash from her and continued the circuit at a pace fast enough to make Puppy work hard to keep up. She quickly understood this was no easy punishment. She fell forward and her full weight rested on the nipple clamps, causing her to yelp. Drool leaked out of the O gag and onto the carpet. Mr. Madison merely hauled her back up and kept going faster. Fuck Puppy’s only focus became stumbling along after him.

“Have you gotten your exercise in, Fuck Puppy,” Mr. Madison asked as he slowed to a stop. Puppy frantically nodded her head.

“Do you think you’ve been punished enough? Will you show up on time and do as you’re told,” Mr. Madison continued. Puppy bobbed her head up and down, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes.

“Well then, if you behave yourself the rest of the night, I just might let my Fuck Puppy cum,” Mr. Madison said.

Puppy wagged her tail eagerly, glad to be out of the doghouse for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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