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Kathy is a beautiful woman that I work with, She’s 23 but looks like she’s 17. The innocent look of her face makes the rest of her look even better. She has long chestnut hair, gorgeous legs, an ass that any man would beg to fuck, but her best feature are her breasts. She must be at least a 36D, but they are so firm. I first fucked her last summer (see Fun with Kathy part I) and since then we’ve fucked on a fairly regular basis. She’s a fantastic fuck and is always open to new things. We don’t have a relationship; we just fuck when we feel like it. The only thing is she like’s to fuck at the office, not that I mind, I think she likes the added sense of danger. (I almost think she wants us to get caught).

About two months after our first fuck session, I returned to the office after a meeting at a clients and was disappointed to see Kathy wasn’t at her desk. I was hoping to have her that night. I went to my office and sat down, as I was checking my messages, I felt a hand grab my cock. Kathy was hiding under my desk, waiting for me to return. She grinned and released my now hard 10″ cock from my pants and began to lick and suck on it. I had a hard time listening to my messages because she’s a great cocksucker.

I reached down and lowered my chair as far as it would go, giving Kathy better access. I leaned back in my chair, enjoying the feeling of her warm lips on my cock, when I was startled by a knock at my door, which was left open. I sat up quickly, causing Kathy to bang her head into the desk. I gave a little curse, but she kept sucking at my cock.

“Taking a little nap?” John, the partner for the client I had just meet with, said as he leaned against the doorway.

“No, just stretching.” I tried to get Kathy to stop but she kept at me. “I suppose you want to hear about the meeting with Tom?” I was trying not to let my building excitement show in my voice.

“Yes, I’m very interested to hear all about. However, you can come down to my office when the young lady is finished.” With that John turned and left. Having been caught, caused Kathy to turn up the heat, and seconds later I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. I shoved my limp cock into my pants and pushed the chair back to let Kathy out. She crawled out and gave me a kiss, the taste of my cum very evident on her lips. “I guess he saw my shoes under the desk.” She said as she smiled and returned to her desk.

It took me a minute to recover from the shock of being caught by a partner. Just as I was getting my meeting notes together to head to John’s office, my email chimed. It was Kathy. “Thanks for the drink lover, perhaps I can have another tonight, say around seven? Say yes and I’ll have an extra surprise for you.” I quickly responded yes and headed to John’s office. As I was walking through the office, I was thinking that I could be in serious trouble, I could even lose my job. John’s comment to close the door when I entered his office didn’t do much to reassure me.

“Michael, tell me all about your meeting with Tom.” John said as he settled back in his chair. I went through my earlier meeting, it had gone quite well. John was happy with the results. When I finished, I gathered my notes, “maybe he’ll just let it go.” I thought as I stood up to leave.

“One more thing before you go, please sit down.” John got up from behind his desk and sat in the chair next to me. “I was a young man once myself, hell, I’ve even gotten sucked off at work before, but I cannot condone that sort of behavior. In today’s environment of sexually harassment one lawsuit could ruin the firm. However, I doubt the young lady in question would have cause to complain?” I shook my head, “I didn’t think so. In fact, if it is who I think it is, I would love to get the opportunity to have a go at her myself. Those tits are enough to drive a man crazy.” I smiled; he knew it was Kathy (although I don’t know how). Then I thought, maybe I could have Escort Bayan Gaziantep a surprise for Kathy as well.

“John, if you were to come back to the office this evening at say 7:30, you may just get that opportunity. And if I may say so, having fucked those tits, it’s definitely worth the risk.” John nodded and then said I could get back to work.

Back at my office there was another email from Kathy. “You know I had an orgasm when I heard John say that he knew someone was sucking you off. Especially since it was John, I’ve always thought he was the best looking partner.” I smiled and thought, perfect. I responded to Kathy and told her that John knew it was her enjoying my cock. A couple of seconds later I heard a gasp come from the bullpen when Kathy read the email.

I managed to muddle through the rest of the day, thinking about what would happen tonight when John came in a found me fucking Kathy. My cock strained against my pants the rest of the afternoon. Eventually 7:00 arrived and I got an email from Kathy. “Meet me in the main boardroom, and make sure your naked.” I left my office and headed to the boardroom. Kathy wasn’t there yet so I removed my clothes and waited for her, my hard cock pointing up at the ceiling.

It was almost five minutes before Kathy showed up, she was nude. Her breasts bounced lightly as she entered the room, her face was flush, as if she just had an orgasm. I could smell the aroma of sex drifting up from between her legs. I grinned at her and she blushed. “I see you started without me.” This time she threw me a wicked grin and dropped to her knees. She looked up at me through innocent eyes and began to worship my cock.

She slowly suck my balls into her mouth one at a time and then licked from the base of my cock to the head, sucking the pre-cum from it in the process. “I feel like another drink.” She said and then she engulfed my cock. Having practiced on my large rod for a couple of months now she was able to take all 10″ in her mouth without gagging. She continued to suck hard and started to use her hand in motion with her mouth. Her other hand was busy working on her cunt.

Kathy continued to assault my cock, bobbing her head up and down, stopping occasionally to suck my balls or to swirl her tongue around the head. Her expert ministrations were having an effect on me. I was getting close to blowing a huge load in her mouth. Kathy raised herself up and wrapped her beautiful breasts around my cock. I began to fuck her tits and she sucked my cock into her mouth with each thrust. The feeling was intense and I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m Cumming.” I cried out and with one final thrust exploded in her waiting mouth.

This time Kathy wasn’t able to handle the full load and some cum spilled out of her mouth on to her succulent breasts. I smiled to myself thinking she did it on purpose. Kathy found it incredibly hot when I cleaned my own cum off her breasts, to the point were it was almost enough to make her cum. I knelt down in front of her and said “let me help you clean off those beautiful breasts.” She grinned and pushed me away. She sat in a chair and leaned back.

“Not this time lover, I think I have a better way.” With those words, another women entered the boardroom, naked as the day she was born. “Michael, this is my roommate Jessie. She’s your surprise. She’s been after me since our first fuck to have a shot at you. She’s also the reason I was able to go without cock for the year and a half after I started in the firm.” I looked at Jessie, she was shorter than Kathy, maybe 5’6″, and was full figured, not fat, but very well rounded. She had short red hair and a small patch of red hair above her delicious looking pussy. Her breasts were bigger than Kathy’s, but not quite as firm. I think most men would say Kathy was better looking, but there was something about Jessie that I found very appealing. “Wow, Kathy was right about you. You are big, and able to get it up again pretty quickly.” I was so distracted by Jessie I hadn’t even noticed that my cock was rock hard again. “Jessie, why don’t you come over her and get a sample of what’s to cum”

Jessie moved towards Kathy and lowered her head to Kathy’s waiting breast. She slowly licked her way up to Kathy’s mouth, making sure to get all of my cum along the way. She planted and deep and familiar kiss on Kathy, sharing the remains of my last orgasm. “Now that’s hot.” All three of us turned to see John standing in the doorway. Jessie hid her self behind Kathy but Kathy and I just smiled. “Michael, did you get me a surprise too?” I nodded and Kathy got up from her chair and grabbed John’s hand, pulling him into the boardroom. “Don’t worry Jessie, I think John here will just add to the fun.” Kathy dropped to her knees again and undid John’s pants.

John’s cock popped out, hitting Kathy in the mouth. “I guess I know what you want.” With that Kathy swallowed John’s cock. She handled it easily as John was smaller than me (although still impressive at 8″). As Kathy continued to work on John, Jessie became bolder and knelt in front of me. She looked up and said, “I’ve never done this before so be patient with me.” I smiled and said, “Just watch Kathy, she’s a fantastic cocksucker.”

“She sure is.” John chimed in. Jessie laughed and then did her best to imitate Kathy. Jessie’s enthusiasm made up for the lack of skill. She sucked hard on my cock and stroked it with one hand, while her other hand caressed my balls. I was enjoying the sensation, getting worked up even more by watching Kathy pleasure John. I knew John was close, as his breathing was getting louder. He grabbed Kathy’s head and began to fuck her mouth. Seconds later he let out a scream and fired a load down Kathy’s throat. That was enough to set me off and without warning I fired a load into Jessie’s mouth. I was surprised that Jessie never lost a drop, although it was smaller than my previous load.

Both Jessie and Kathy released the cocks in their mouths and moved together. They kissed deeply and both John and I could tell they were sharing our cum between them. They began to feel one another’s breasts and then moved with practiced ease to each other’s pussies. Their show continued for several minutes until both ladies came, quite loudly. The show had the desired effect on both John and myself. Our cocks had returned to their previous hardened state. “Michael, I can’t thank you enough for letting me know about tonight.” I grinned and said “You’ll have to thank Kathy for bringing her friend, I didn’t know about that.”

“Boys, please, I think we’ll get a chance to express our appreciation before the night is through.” Kathy and Jessie were leaning against the boardroom table, legs spread apart, pussy dripping, and fingers still working away at clits. “I think it’s time you boys showed us some appreciation.” John and I smiled, John removed the rest of his clothes and knelt before Kathy. I took up position in front of Jessie. Without hesitation we dove in.

I lapped at Jessie’s wet cunt, reveling in the sweet flavor of her juice. I could hear John’s attack on Kathy’s tasty pussy but was to involved to look. I continued to work at Jessie’s cunt, alternating between licking and sucking her clit. Both Jessie and Kathy were building towards another intense orgasm. I looked up and saw Kathy’s hand fondling Jessie’s tits, and Jessie returning the favor to Kathy. I continued to work at Jessie’s cunt and then shoved two fingers deep into her tight pussy. Jessie let out a small scream and began to moan louder. I continued to suck and fuck her pussy until she screamed out.

“Oh, FUCK, I’m CUMMING, I’m CUMMING. Go harder, fuck me harder.” I kept going and her pussy clenched my fingers so tight I couldn’t move them. I continued to suck her clit until she came down. As she start to relax I eased my finger out of her wet cunt, causing her to shudder. That’s when Kathy climaxed, “YES, suck my clit, suck it harder you bastard, of fuck yes.” Kathy let out a primal growl and then slumped against the desk. John sat back on the floor with a satisfied smile of a man who likes to eat pussy. “I hope I showed my appreciation well enough.” John said, then we both started to laugh.

“I think it’s a good start but now it time for the big guns.” I was somewhat surprised to hear Jessie say as she grabbed my cock and pulled me to my feet. “I want this monster in me now.” She turned and bent over on the table, spreading her legs to give me free access to her cunt. Kathy had joined John on the floor and was already sitting on his hard cock. I moved behind Jessie and she said “Just fuck me hard, please, as hard as you can.” Who am I to deny the lovely lady her wish?

I plunged the full length of my cock into her tight cunt, Jessie let out a small scream from the sudden intrusion. I paused for a minute to let her adjust and then gave her what she wanted. I pumped into her as hard as I could, it wasn’t long before she was Cumming again. Jessie started writhing and yelled, begging me to go harder. I kept pumping until the heat and tightness of her cunt were too much to bear any longer. With one last hard thrust I released a huge load into her cunt. Jessie peaked again and her muscles contracted milking every last drop out of me.

I pull out and sat back in a chair, exhausted from the effort. Jessie remained where she was, too tired to move. I could see my cum dripping from her pussy and rolling down her leg. I turned my attention to John and Kathy. Kathy was now on the floor, holding her legs up by her head with John pounding her as hard as he could. Kathy yelled out in orgasm, setting off John. John collapsed on Kathy and we all stayed where we were for a couple of minutes. Kathy was the first to stir. She moved John off her and went to Jessie. She helped Jessie up onto the board room table and the two girls moved to the middle.

Kathy moved over Jessie and the started to clean each others pussies in a very sexy 69. This was enough to get my cock going again. “Don’t you ever get enough?” John said as he look at my growing cock. “I haven’t gotten enough of these two yet.” I replied, “and by the looks of it neither have you.” John’s cock had started to harden as well watching the two sluts on the table clean our cum from their pussies. “John, I have an idea, get behind Jessie and I’ll get behind Kaite. Since their enjoying each other’s pussies, I say we take what’s left.” John grinned and we both got onto the table.

The girls were lost in their own lovemaking and didn’t notice us take up position. I knew Kathy could take me up the ass but I didn’t think Jessie could, so I figured I’d let John have her first. John lifted Jessie’s legs off the table to get a better angle at her ass, I positioned my self behind Kathy and lined up with her tight butt. I nodded to John and we both plunged in at the same time. Both girls let out a scream from the force of their anal invaders.

The Kathy’s oral efforts had provided lots of lubrication to Jessie’s hole and John’s fucking had made Kathy nice and slick. John and I pumped the hot asses in unison as the girls continued to lick and suck each other’s pussies. Every now and again I felt Jessie’s tongue lick my shaft as it pistoned in and out of Kathy’s tight ass. I could see Kathy doing the same to John. From the look on John’s face I knew he was close, as was I. The girls were starting to cum as well so we picked up our pace. The four of us exploded together, collapsing in a tangled heap of limbs on the table.

I lifted Kathy onto me and cleaned her hole of my spunk while she licked her anal juice from my softening cock. She moved off and laid next to me and I passed my cum to her waiting mouth. She swallowed and purred, “Thanks, you know how much I love that.” I looked over and saw John following my lead. Jessie took the load of cum from John’s mouth and swallowed. “You were right Kathy, that is hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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