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Gardening Services

Audrey’s concentration was broken by the loud ding-dong of her doorbell echoing down the vast hallway of her house. She had just been in the middle of a tricky yoga pose, in the bright conservatory overlooking her landscaped garden.

Groaning in annoyance at the interruption, she stood up gracefully and wiped her face with a small towel – not that she was sweating from the yoga itself, but it was a hot day and all the glass in the room was allowing the heat of the sun to turn it into a greenhouse.

She checked her clothing to make sure she was presentable. She was wearing a bright blue singlet with her orange sports bra peeking out. They barely contained her ample breasts (all natural) and the tanned globes popped out over the neckline of her top. She also wore a pair of skin-tight, dark blue yoga pants that hugged her generous hips and curvy ass. There were no obvious sweat patches under her arms, so she shrugged her shoulders and walked through the lounge and out into the hallway. The French black and white tiles on the floor felt nice and cool under her bare feet, which had pale pink painted toenails.

As Audrey approached the front door, she could see the silhouette of someone tall through the panelled stained-glass windows. She opened the door in trepidation, expecting to find a salesperson and was ready to say “Thanks, but not thanks,” but instead she found a young man holding some plants.

He was pleasant looking, perhaps in his twenties with dark hair cut short and bright blue eyes. He seemed a little nervous, as he didn’t look her in the face, but instead was staring somewhere behind her right ear. He spoke quietly while cradling what appeared to be two plumeria in his arms, like babies.

“Good morning, ma’am. I’m sorry to disturb you. My name is Devon Carlisle and I am a local landscape gardener and supplier of exotic plants, like these two plumeria here. This silvery lilac one here is called Metallica and the other is Rim’s Fire.”

He presented the plants to Audrey and continued talking quickly, as though afraid he would forget his lines.

“I have a farm out of town where I grow many specialty plants. It was started by my grandmother 35 years ago and I’ve now inherited the business. I was wondering if you have any interest in flowering plants like these or maybe gardening services?”

Audrey already had her own gardener who tended to her large yard, but she was very interested in his plants and there was something endearing about this polite young man.

“Those plumeria look beautiful. Did you say that you grow them yourself? I’m always on the lookout for more varieties, as they are my favourite plants. The scent of the flowers is just heavenly.”

She took a step towards him and leaned forward to breathe in the aroma of the delicate lilac flowers. Her bosoms jiggled and gravity made them pop over the top of her sports bra. Devon couldn’t stop his gaze from darting to the tanned globes of Audrey’s breasts. He subconsciously licked his lips.

“Mmmm, these smell divine! I’ll take them both. Why don’t you come inside and help me put them in my conservatory? Maybe you can tell me more about your farm and other plants?”

As she spoke, Audrey craned her neck to look behind Devon at a large white truck on her driveway. The side doors were closed, but she could see a large decal on the truck advertising “Carlisle landscape and gardening services.”

“Of course, ma’am. I do have photos and videos of my farm on my phone. I’ve sold most of the stock that was in my van, so sadly I don’t have any plants to show you in person, other than these plumeria.”

“That’s quite alright. I’ll just look at your photos and decide whether it’s worth a trip to your farm or not.”

Audrey stepped aside and pushed the front door open wider to allow Devon to walk past. He seemed a little stunned that he had managed to get an invite inside and he offered her a tentative smile which brought out the dimples on his cheeks. They were oddly sexy and Audrey had a sudden urge to dip her tongue into the small depressions.

She shut the door and brushed past Devon to take the lead. She caught a whiff of his sweat, which was not altogether unpleasant. He had obviously had a busy day as his white t-shirt and khaki shorts looked a little muddy and there was a sheen of perspiration on his face.

“Follow me, Devon. I’ll show you where the conservatory is.”


Audrey suspected that Devon was shy and perhaps intimidated by her and she took advantage of the situation, but not in a malicious way. Perhaps he could sell her more of his rarer plumeria varieties, or maybe she could use landscape services. She had her own local gardener for general maintenance but had been thinking about changing the layout of the back yard for some time. Her gardener really didn’t have the skills for such a large job.

She strolled down the long hallway on tiptoes, with one foot in front of the other like a catwalk model. This made her hips casino siteleri sway seductively and the yoga pants moulded to the shape of her large ass quite nicely. She looked behind her shoulder and grinned to herself when she saw Devon’s gaze was firmly on her round, plump ass cheeks.

“Oh, by the way Devon, you may call me Audrey.” His eyes flicked to her face and a slight pink tinge formed on his cheeks at having been caught staring at her butt.

Audrey often had that effect on men – particularly the younger ones. It was perhaps her confidence that attracted them or maybe it was her curvaceous body and face that had aged so beautifully. Her face had some wrinkles that gave away her age, but her green eyes, with their thick lashes were still mesmerising. The way her dark brown hair was tied up in a ponytail gave her a youthful appearance that was slightly at odds with her maturity. Overall, she was an enticing package and Audrey knew how to use her sexuality to her advantage.

“The conservatory is just in here, Devon.”

She turned right suddenly and took him through a large living room — decorated all in cream, with just a few accent pieces in duck egg blue. She drifted through a large archway and stood in the middle of a large conservatory, built in a hexagonal shape, with a domed glass ceiling. The whole space was crammed full of flowering plants — an explosion of colour. Only one side of the room was free from clutter and there, on the ground lay her pale green yoga mat, next to a box window seat.

“You may put those plumeria on that white table beside my yoga mat. That side of the room gets all the sunlight, so I think they would enjoy it there.”

Audrey watched him carry the plants effortlessly over to the table and set them down. He turned and wiped his hands on his shorts, creating another streak of dirt on the fabric.

“Why don’t you take a seat by the window and you can show me your other plants?”

Audrey walked towards him, but before she sat down, reached her arms over her head and stretched up high to pick a dead flower off a hanging basket. The movement caused her breasts to jiggle. She inspected the dried brown petals and then deposited them in a trash can under the table.

“Sorry, force of habit. I’m always picking off the dead blooms as I walk past the plants.” She smiled back at Devon and then perched herself next to him.

“I wish I’d brought my tablet instead, so that you could see these on a bigger screen,” he murmured, almost to himself. Audrey watched his long fingers swipe and tap his phone.

“Miss Audrey, here are some pictures of our farm,” he said proudly, “and the plants that we grow from seed. Feel free to scroll through as there is a whole album you can check out.” He held his phone out to her.

He had called her “Miss Audrey” again, but she did not correct him. It was rather sweet and endearing. She took his phone and gave his photos her undivided attention.


His farm was a sprawling place, at least five acres of land. One acre was filled with lush green trees, mostly tall mature plumerias in a variety of colours that she had not seen before. There were row and upon row of other exotic plants, most in the ground and some potted up already.

“Oh my, you have some truly beautiful trees there. That vibrant pink plumeria is enormous! It must be over 100 years old? I’d love to see that in person one day,” she said with genuine admiration.

“Yes, Miss Audrey. That tree was planted by my great grandmother a very long time ago. We have taken many cuttings from it over the years and the babies are now taller than I am.”

Audrey shifted her gaze from the phone to Devon’s face. He was smiling and those sexy dimples appeared again. She stared intensely at Devon’s cheeks and then to the curve of his firm, full lips.

He caught her looking and shuffled uncomfortably in the seat, crossing one of his legs. Audrey automatically looked down at the juncture between his thighs and sucked in her breath as she noticed a large bulge, barely hidden in his tight shorts. Her fingers were itching to touch him, but she suspected he would run off in shock and embarrassment.

She got up suddenly to create some space between her and Devon. She needed a bit more time for him to get used to his reaction to her and accept the inevitable.

“I would like your help to rearrange my conservatory plants, Devon. You can see some of them are all higgledy-piggledy,” she said, sweeping her arm dramatically across the room.

She walked over to a corner filled with plants, all touching each other as they fought for space. She leaned down to pick one of the pots up and in doing so, had her back to Devon, with her luscious ass up in the air. Through the tight yoga pants, it was possible to make out the faint outline of her pussy lips between her thighs. She stayed hunched down as she tried to move more plants along and create some space.

“It’s no good,” she huffed in exasperation, güvenilir casino “some of these plants are in such heavy ceramic pots, that I need muscle to do the job. Can you help me please?”

She straightened herself up and turned to look at Devon, who was staring at her with his mouth agape. He mentally shook himself out of his stupor and stood up, while re-adjusting his package in his shorts very quickly.


“I can move those for you, Miss Audrey and I’m happy to rearrange a few of the other pots.”

Devon hurried over to her and set to work immediately. He began scanning the room, looking at the angles of the light. He was bending over and crouching, moving around efficiently and swiftly.

The heat of the sun in the conservatory was causing drops of sweat to percolate on his brow and he wiped his forehead a few times, by lifting the edge of his t-shirt and exposing a tanned and very taught abdomen for Audrey to feast her eyes on. She also enjoyed how his muscles stretched and flexed as he squatted and lifted the heavy pots.

Feeling like a spare wheel, she went back to her yoga mat and sat down. She spread her legs out wide to stretch out her inner thighs and leaned forward at the waist, her hands positioned in front of her. Even though Audrey was fifty-eight years old, she was extremely flexible. She had been practising yoga for so long now that she could still do the splits, stand on her head and balance on both her hands with her weight off the floor.

“Please don’t mind me, Devon. You can continue organising my plants while I finish up my yoga session,” she called out to him and looked to see him disappear behind a 6-foot-tall indoor palm tree.

Audrey’s body moved fluidly as she contorted into a series of poses. She watched Devon as he reappeared again from behind the tree and he was now holding a device that looked similar to the thermometer she used to poke into meat, when she was testing the temperature.

“I’m just checking the moisture in the soil,” he explained, waving the pointed end of the device at her.

“Oh…right. Let me know when you’re done and we can discuss a potential landscape job and pricing for your labour.”

Audrey finished on a challenging yoga pose. She squatted down, with her knees bent and feet apart. Leaning forward, she put all her weight on her hands and lifted up both her feet, her knees pressed against the back of her elbows. It was an impressive position and she looked like a gymnast performing a mat exercise.

She held the pose for a minute and then slowly came out and into a sitting position. She saw Devon wipe his palms over his shorts again and this drew attention to the large bulge resting on the side of his leg. Audrey could feel the stirring of desire in her pussy and she took a deep breath to centre herself.

“Miss Audrey, I have placed your plants in the best locations for maximum sun exposure, suited to their varieties. I think you will find these plants will produce more flowers for you now. Some of your plumeria had too much moisture in the soil, so you may be over watering them. Plumeria do like dry periods and their roots can rot if they sit in too much damp soil.”

As he talked, Devon walked towards Audrey and stopped just short of the yoga mat.

“Thank you, Devon. That is really useful information. I was wondering why some of them have not flowered yet. Why don’t you sit down next to me, rather than loom over me?


You’re very tall, you know.” She patted the space next to her, indicating where he should sit.

“Yes ma’am….Miss Audrey,” he choked out and rather clumsily planted himself next to her on the yoga mat.

“Gosh, Devon. You really know about plants. I’m very impressed with your experience,” she said, smiling at him beguilingly. She shifted along the mat, so that they were sat side by side.

Devon was looking down at his phone and started chewing his bottom lip. He turned his head suddenly and his lovely blue eyes locked onto hers and Audrey caught a fleeting glimpse of desire on his face. But just as quickly, he was looking down at his phone again.

She took a calculated risk and placed a gentle hand on his thigh. She felt his muscles flex underneath her fingers.

“You know, I think it might work well with you looking after my indoor plants, while my current gardener takes care of the maintenance outside. You could also help me source some beautiful plumeria to plant in sunny spots in the back yard and perhaps change the layout. What do you think? Would you be interested in visiting my home once a week to service me?”

Audrey gave him a wide smile and allowed her hand to move up slightly higher on his thigh. She was delighted when she found a solid obstacle on her travels and deliberately grazed the top of the hardness with her nails.

Devon cleared his throat nervously and Audrey stared into his eyes, watching his pupils dilate. She knew the effect she was having on him.

“Y..y..yes ma’am. I would canlı casino be happy to look after your plants and anything else you may need from me,” he said breathlessly.

That was all the encouragement Audrey needed to pounce. Her grace and strength were a bonus as in one fluid motion, she had pushed Devon onto his back and had turned herself around, so she was now sat astride him across his thighs. A switch had been flicked on and Audrey was no longer recognisable as the nice, polite lady who had opened the front door. Instead, she was replaced by a vixen who had a knowing look on her face and a mischievous glint in her eyes as she surveyed her captive beneath her.

“Miss Audrey? What are you doing?” he squeaked in a half-hearted attempt to object.

“Relax, Devon. You know exactly what I’m doing and you’re going to enjoy every second of it. I can tell already.”

She grinned as she rotated her hips and pressed herself on his hardness. She could feel his cock growing bigger and her thin yoga pants and thong offered very little barrier to the heat radiating from his crotch.

“I think you’d like to service more than my plants hmmm, Devon?” she winked at him.

He could only nod, his breath quickening and Audrey watched the sharp rise and fall of his delectable chest.

With no encouragement, she removed her singlet and yanked off her sports bra, freeing her magnificent breasts. Large, tanned mounds dropped down and Devon gulped.

“Don’t just stare at them sweetie, come suck and lick my big, juicy nipples.”

He struggled up to a sitting position and then grabbed both her breasts, squeezing them together. His mouth opened and he greedily sucked on one of her large pink nipples.

Audrey shut her eyes and moaned loudly. His hot, wet mouth felt so good. Every suck made her pussy clench in pleasure. She held his head and pulled him closer to her.

“That feels wonderful. Suck the other one too….they both need equal attention,” she laughed.

For several minutes, she enjoyed the feel of Devon lapping hungrily at her nipples and he tried to take as much of her generous breasts as he could in his mouth. Audrey had her hands in his hair and was tugging at the soft strands, while holding his head close to her chest.

She wriggled on Devon’s cock. The friction against her clit felt delicious and her pussy was flooded with warmth and liquid. She could feel the wetness seeping through her yoga pants and she needed to feel his skin. Reluctantly she pushed him off her breasts. His eyes were glazed and he looked slightly drunk. She climbed off him and stood up.

“Take off your t-shirt. I want to see your sexy body. Lose the shorts too.”

Audrey’s hands snaked down between her thighs and touched herself over her yoga pants, while watching Devon undress clumsily. He was still sitting down and had to keep adjusting his position to discard his clothes. Audrey didn’t offer any assistance and was happy being a voyeur. First, he shucked off his shirt, then peeled off his shorts. He hesitated a moment, before tugging down his navy boxer briefs and kicking them to the side.

Audrey scanned him from top to toe. Gardening had strengthened his body and given him strong arms and shoulders. He probably worked outdoors without a shirt on as he was tanned all over. Her eyes followed the line of dark hair from his belly button down to where the pubic hair was neatly trimmed. His young cock was magnificent and rose confidently, it’s bulbous red cockhead glistening with pre cum.

She wasted no time removing her yoga pants and lace black g-string. She stood proudly, showing off a body that was curvy, but strong from all her exercise. Her puffy pussy lips were a dark pink-purple colour and covered the entrance to her tight hole like a delicate flower, waiting to open. She had a small and neatly trimmed patch of dark brown hair on her mound.

“You’re desperate to taste my pussy, aren’t you Devon? I promise you that it tastes just as good as it looks,” she smirked.

She saw him stare at the juncture between her thighs and nod slowly, seemingly in a trance.

Audrey, then quite deliberately used her foot to push Devon’s chest, so that he was lying flat on his back. She took a step over his body and planted her feet on either side of his head and looked down at his excited face.

He took a few deep gulps of air and stared right up into Audrey’s glistening pussy from below. He had never been in this situation before of feeling so helpless with a woman as magnificent as Audrey, but he was willing to be controlled by her and do whatever she wanted.

“You’re going to fuck me with your tongue,” she demanded, before kneeling astride Devon’s head and almost sitting on his face. She spread her knees further apart and leaned forward, placing her hands in front of her (she knew her earlier yoga pose would come in handy at some point).

Her pussy was pressed up against Devon’s open mouth. His hot tongue was firm as it stroked and licked her labia. He sucked and nibbled his way from one side to the other and then used his tongue to lick her from her hole to her clit.

Audrey closed her eyes and groaned loudly. “Oh God, your tongue feels so fucking good. You make me want to come on your face.”

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