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You close your laptop. Finally done your work after what felt let a long day. You try to stretch out your kinks and stiffness but don’t really feel much relief. Thinking through your options you decide to grab your phone and shoot me a text.

“Hey, are you around?” You ask me.

“Yeah. What’s up?” I reply.

“I finally finished working”

“Wow that’s a long ass day”

“Trust me I know. I’m sore from staring down at my laptop all day”

“Blah that sounds awful”

“It is! I’m so stiff now and my neck is killing me”

“Would you care for some relief?”

“I would love some”

“Why don’t I stop by and give you a nice massage then?”

“That would be so lovely”

“I’ll grab some oils and be right over. You get comfy”

“I can’t wait!”

You knew I was waiting to give you a massage so you figured, why not give me a chance? You decide to change into something more comfortable and accessible to make things easier when I arrive. You strip out of your clothes and put on a pair of loose shorts and a white tank top, leaving your bra off since you know it would only get in the way. You clear off the bed and scroll through your music options to try and find something calming and relaxing. You figure if you’re going to go through a massage, you may as well make it a spa experience.

The doorbell rings as you hit play on a calming spa playlist. Perfect timing. You run down and open the door, letting in a gust of cold winter air as I step inside. The chill perks up your nipples, causing them to press against the light fabric of your top. After hanging up my coat, I turn to you and see them poking through. I meet your eyes with a sly smile.

“Shall we?” I ask you.

You sigh and shake your head at me. You grab my hand and lead me upstairs, the music drifting out of the bedroom. Once inside I set down a small bag you saw me carrying in. I pull out a few oil bottles and turn to you, “Why don’t you light some candles and get comfy while I go warm up some oil?”

You nod and begin lighting some of the candles scattered through your room. It certainly adds to the spa atmosphere, especially after closing the blinds and have the room glow in the candlelight. You hear me fill the sink with hot water as you peel off your shirt and lay on your stomach, your breasts pressed into the soft fabric of your duvet. With the soft flickering of the candles and the gentle music playing in the background, you begin to drift off as you relax from an exhausting day.

You wake to the warm sensation of oil being poured onto your exposed bare back. You catch a whiff of citrus, a pleasant scent that perfectly matches the atmosphere you’ve already created.

“I was wondering where you got to.” You say, your eyes still closed. You feel my hands begin to rub the oil over your smooth skin. They apply a gentle, relaxing pressure as they glide over you.

“My apologies. I wanted to make sure the oil was nice and warm before putting it on you. The warmer the oil, the more relaxed your muscles will be.” I explain.

Your only reply is a soft moan. I begin kneading your shoulders, working the oil into your muscles with a determined firmness.

“You really strained yourself today.” I tell you, “I can feel the tension all throughout your shoulders and neck.”

“I told you I was sore.”

“Well let’s release some of that tension, shall we?” I apply a firmer pressure, working the knots with my strong grip. You feel your muscles flare with a welcome pain as I push against your built up tension.

“Mmmm” you moan.

“Too hard?” I ask, pausing to make sure you aren’t in pain.

“No, just right.”

“Good” I say with a smile. You rest your head back down and close your eyes again, losing yourself to the relaxing sensation of my hands working their way across your shoulder. You feel my body against you as I straddle you with my legs, getting myself in a better position to work your shoulders and neck. I lean over and whisper gently in your ear, “Just relax and enjoy yourself beautiful.” I flick your ear with my tongue then disappear to resume the massage.

Now that I’m on top of you I can put my weight behind the massage and begin manipulating your muscles with more vigor and intensity than before. My hands glide over your oiled skin, then dig in to pull and loosen your knots. Waves of this relaxing yet painful movement pulse through your body, creating a pleasurable dichotomy that not only please your worn muscles, but begin to grow a tingling between your thighs.

My sıcak kafa izle hands slip over the top of your shoulders, fingers grazing against your neck as I grip into you and begin kneading the tightness running across your back. You release a soft moan as the tension leaves your body. This is exactly what you needed. My hands continue to work your stiff muscles, running up your neck then back down across your shoulder blades and out to your sides. Slowly I begin to work my way further and further out to the sides, my hands now grazing the sides of your breasts with each pass. The warming touch of the oil combined with the gentle tickle of my palms gliding over you sends delightful shivers through your body. You shift slightly as you feel a dampness building against your shorts.

I shift my focus to your neck. My fingers dig into your taut muscles and begin working the fibres with a determined pressure. Another sensation joins them as they work along the sides of your neck. It takes you a moment before you realise my lips are making their way down your spine. I pausing once I reach your back then lay the tip of my tongue against you and lick my way back up to the bottom of your hairline. Your neck tingles with pleasure, shooting that sensation down your spine to join to pool of wetness now forming in your shorts. You let out a light gasp, doing your best to hold back so you don’t give away how incredibly that simple touch felt.

“Excuse me, just what do you think you’re doing back there?” you asked with a smile.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I reply coyly.

“Mhmm I’m sure.” You say, rolling your eyes.

I give you an extra hard squeeze, causing a brief flare of pain followed quickly be relief as the tension from your shoulders disappears. My hands begin to slide down your back, kneading and massaging as they move lower and lower. I shuffle back to make room. My hands continue their track until the reach just above the waist of your shorts. They pause there for a moment, focusing on the small of your back as they rub and weave in a gentle massage.

My thumbs slip under your waistband as they glide along your back. With each pass, more of my hand disappears beneath the fabric until I’m grazing the top of your cheeks. It feels like a beautiful sort of torture being teased like this. The deep massage makes you want to relax. The soft caressing of your naked skin makes you want other things. Before you can decide which you prefer, you feel my full palm cup your firm buttocks and give you a gentle squeeze. The gesture helps sway your decision. Deftly my hands pull your shorts down and over your feet, tossing them on the floor with a practiced efficiency. Now you lie on the bed, completely exposed and at my mercy as I continue my massage.

My hands begin working your tight cheeks with the same firmness as your shoulders, kneading them between my palms as I sit between your thighs. I can see the glint of wetness from your pussy and smile a devilish grin. My hands slowly work their way to the tops of your thighs, continuing to massage each muscle they pass over. Before I leave your ass to move on to your legs, I give you one final, lasting squeeze and plant a kiss at the base of your spine. My lips continue to plant kisses as I move down your cheeks before I suddenly bite down into your delicious flesh. The sharp pain surprises you for a moment but is quickly washed away by the shudder of pleasure it sends through you. You take a moment to recover then look back at me with a playful glare. I’m innocently resuming my massage, continuing along to your thighs and working the thick muscles between my hands.

As I grip into your legs, I make sure to let the tips of my fingers pass along the outside of your pussy lips. Each one of them brings a welcome tingle of pleasure as they glide along, adding to your already building desire and frustration. You fight back your moans, not wanting to give me the satisfaction of knowing exactly what I’m doing to you. I calmly continue my way down your legs with my massage. At nearly every sensitive point along the way, my fingers or thumb finds a way to graze against it and send delightful shivers shooting through your body. After I move on to your calves, I give a light lick to the back of your knees. You lose control for the briefest of moments and let out half a moan before you manage to stifle it back.

Finally I make my way to your delicate feet. I gingerly lift them up and encompass them in my hands, working them back and forth to loosen sketchbook izle the tension. As I caress your left foot with both hands, I lift it up to my mouth and begin to take each toe between my lips. I slowly release them, my tongue grazing along as they fall from my kiss and are replaced by the next one. Each time I suck your toes, you find yourself having to bite your lip harder and harder to keep from gasping out in delight. I move on to your right foot, giving it the same treatment as your left. This time I left my teeth apply a soft pressure on your big toe before I let it escape. You’re dripping from between your thighs now, a sheen of wetness glistening in the candlelight.

“Other side?” I ask you, release your foot to fall back to the soft duvet beneath you.

You’re afraid if you open your mouth you may have to stick something inside it so you simply nod and roll yourself over. As you do, I take off my shirt, not wanting to get myself covered in any of the massage oil. I turn back and pause to take in the picture of beauty before me, you naked body glowing in the soft light of the flickering flames. I can’t help but smile, knowing I get to enjoy the feeling of your flawless skin beneath my hands.

I begin at your feet again, applying more oil so my hands skate effortlessly up your legs. I gently rub my way along, warming your muscles up with the friction and releasing any remaining tension. I squeeze my way along your thighs, running my fingers up and along the edges of your soaked pussy. You let your eyes roll back for a moment as the wave of ecstasy washes over you. I smirk, knowing you can’t hide from me now that you’re face up.

My hands wrap around your hips and grip onto your tight cheeks with a passionate squeeze. Holding you firmly I meet your eyes and slowly move my head down between your thighs. You debate whether you should offer resistance or not, but before you can decide your mind is set ablaze with the incredible sensation of my tongue exploring your clit. You don’t even bother to resist and let out a loud moan, releasing the pent up frustration that was building inside you as you buck your hips against my eager mouth.

I happily lap up your juices and explore every inch of your wetness with my tongue. Flicking in and out of you, licking you clean from top to bottom, you shudder and shake with every motion. My hands, still gripping your ass, pull you closer so I can taste every part of you. You can’t help but moan, running your fingers through my hair as I lose myself between your thighs. I can feel you begin to tense, an orgasm building inside you, ready to unleash a torrent of your cum into my waiting mouth.

But I stop.

I leave you teetering on the edge, ready to take the plunge but not able to without my tongue back between your legs. You glare at me, furiously frustrated that I didn’t give you the orgasm you felt coming.

“Not yet gorgeous.” I say to you with a smirk.

You can’t even think of what to say, your head a swirling tornado of pleasure and vexation.

My hands glide back around your front and continue their journey past your hips. I apply more oil and gently rub my way along your stomach, up your ribs, and across your chest. Your breasts fit perfectly in my hands. I begin to rub and squeeze them, the oil letting me slip them between my fingers as I pull away to play with your nipples. You gasp once more as I circle your hardened pink nipples with my fingers. I press down again, pushing them against my palms as I give you another squeeze.

You take this opportunity and begin reaching towards my pants, desperately hoping to get them off so you can pull me inside you. I smile and grasp your arms by the wrists, holding them above your head with one hand.

“No no, not yet luv.” I say, tender in my words but forceful with my hands. With one hand now pinning you to the bed, I use the other to slip from one breast to the other then make my way up to your neck. As I pass along your throat, you feel me squeeze my free hand against your windpipe. The soft choking causes you to tense yourself beneath me, squirming from the thrill of being pinned down by my dominance.

Still clutching you, I slowly lower myself against you and meet your lips with mine. You can taste yourself on me as our tongues dance around each other in a deep, passionate kiss. As I move to pull away, you catch my bottom lip in your teeth and give me a playful look before releasing me.

“Naughty girl.” I say to you, a look of fiery desire alight in my eyes.

My sometimes when we touch izle hands release you and I get off the bed to take off my remaining clothes. You keep your hands above and watch with a greedy smile as my hard cock springs free from my boxers. Immediately you turn to reach out for me, grasping my shaft in your hands and taking me into your mouth. Now it’s my turn to moan as you take my entire length into your mouth. I grab the back of your head and begin guiding you up and down my cock at a steady pace, relishing in the incredible feeling your soft lips give me.

It’s not long before I pull you away, leaving my cock dripping with your saliva. You look at me with a pleading look, wanting to take me back inside you. I lean down and whisper in your ear, “Naughty girl.” then let loose a harsh spank across your exposed bottom. You squeal with joy as I smack you once more across the other cheek, leaving them both red and tingling.

I flip you onto your back and pull your hips to the edge of the bed. With your legs in the air, I slip myself inside your wet and waiting pussy. You moan as I fill you with my thickness, the sensation nearly bringing you over the edge. I stop to make sure you haven’t cum then begin slowly moving myself in and out of you. Each time I do, you feel me pulse against your slick walls. With your legs over my shoulders, I begin biting and licking along your calves. Each thrust in, I glide down your leg. Each thrust out, I glide up, taking a brief nibble before changing directions. You groan from the overwhelming sensations and, before I can stop it, unleash a much needed orgasm. I feel you shudder and gush against me and meet your eyes.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum you know.”

“I’m…sorry…” you breathlessly apologise.

“You will be.” I say with a wink.

With that I begin wildly slamming myself into you, stepping up both my speed and power. I let the carnal side take over and fiercely grab hold of your bouncing tits as I fuck you harder and harder. Each thrust adds to the red marks on your ass as I slap my hips against you. One of my hands moves down and begins rubbing your clit while I continue to pound against you. You moan in uncontrollable delight, losing yourself to the passion and bliss overpowering your senses.

I feel you tense up again, another orgasm ready to explode. I keep up my furious pace and with a few more deep thrusts, feel you explode around me as you scream out once more.

I turn your legs to the side and flip you onto your hands and knees, making sure to keep my cock deep inside your pussy as you rotate around my shaft. I clutch onto your hips and pull yourself tight against my body as I continue to slam myself against you. I bend over a bite into your neck, viciously lapping at your throat with my tongue and blending pain and pleasure into a blissful harmony. My hand reaches around and squeezes your breast, pinching your nipple and giving it a slight twist while I devour your neck.

Our moans die out and is replaced by our heavy breathing as we lose ourselves to each other’s bodies. My pace quickens. You push yourself against me harder. My cock fills you deeper with each thrust. I begin to feel you tighten against my shaft as another orgasm builds inside you.

“Not yet gorgeous.” I tell you between breaths.

You moan in frustration but hold off from cumming until you’re allowed. I begin to feel my own explosion building as I slide my solid cock in and out of your quivering pussy. I squeeze you tighter, leaving nail marks in your thighs. You let out a whimper, you aren’t sure how long you’re going to be able to last.

“Not yet.” I manage to get out.

I press my chest against your naked back. Our heaving bodies synchronise with each other as I wrap my arms around you. My hands grasp your chest as I deliver a series of deep hard thrusts, nearly pulling out my full length before slamming myself back inside you.

“Cum for me beautiful.” I whisper in your ear.

With a final deep thrust inside you, you unleash a primal scream as your orgasm explodes out of you. Your juices squirt out from around my cock, soaking both our thighs and covering the sheets. Your legs shudder and give out. You collapse onto the cum soaked bed. I pull my and flip you over just in time to shoot my thick load all over your chest and face. Rope after rope of cum covers your body, dripping down your chin, plastering your nipples, oozing down to your belly button. You’re still riding out the throes of your orgasm and reach up to gather the cum from your face and slip it in your mouth to taste me.

I collapse next to you on the bed, exhausted from our climaxes. After a moment of us laying there together, naked and covered in sweat and each other’s cum, catching our breath, I turn to you.

“Ok my turn for a massage.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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