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Hard Cock

Olivia squirmed with excitement… this time Doug had tied her up doggie style over an Ottoman in her living room and left, telling her that he was going shopping. There was a gag and a blindfold on too, so all she could do was listen and imagine, wonder what he was going to be bringing to play with her today… although he rarely ever took her out and most of their encounters seemed to be sexual, it was like she couldn’t get enough of him. He just did the most amazing things to her body, and she loved every minute of it.

When she heard the door open she started wriggling again, and she heard him chuckle as he came up behind her, watching her firm ass wave in the air.

“Patience,” he said, “I’ve been to the grocery store and I’ve brought back lots of goodies for us to play with… I’ve decided that I’m only going to use things I got there too. We’re going to have so much fun…”

Coming up behind her, she could feel his presence as he knelt by her right side, she squirmed as she felt his hand caressing her breast, pinching and tugging on the tender nipple. Her pussy got even wetter as he played with the hard little bud. Something closed around it, it was hard and a little scratchy, tightening around her nipple. Olivia didn’t know it but Doug was busy tightening one of the twisty-ties around her little bud, squeezing it to the exact degree that he wanted. Moving around to her other side he repeated the process on her other nipple. With both nipples burning and itching on her chest, she humped her hips against the ottoman, hoping for some kind of stimulation.

Taking a strawberry, he rubbed the cold nubby fruit over her back and down to her pussy, sliding it up and down her slit. The rough cold texture made her moan with excitement as he pressed it into her pussy hole and out, fucking her with the fruit. Removing the gag, he pressed the strawberry against her lips, and Olivia obediently opened her mouth and bit down; tasting the sweet juices of the berry and herself. As soon as she had eaten it, he replaced the gag in her mouth, leaving Başakşehir escort her with the sticky sweetness on her tongue.

Using the whipped cream bottle, he sprayed it all over her pussy, and began dipping strawberries into the topping and her pussy juices. Cream and cream, he thought as he took a bite… Olivia just wriggled and moaned behind the gag as he teased her pussy lips with the succulent fruit. Her nipples were still on fire and now her pussy felt like it was melting off with the heat coming from it, the way he teased her and didn’t even let her have a taste!

Then his tongue was there, licking up the last bits of whipped cream from her eager pussy, and she tried to hump back against his face, pulling on the ropes that bound her wrists. More than anything she wanted to cum! But his lickings didn’t last nearly long enough for that, instead she was just left with a feeling of incompleteness when he pulled away from her cleaned pussy.

Doug grinned as he pressed a peeled banana into her hungry pussy opening… it did seem like just another mouth, greedy for the food that he was stuffing into it. He sawed it back and forth, knowing that its soft firmness would do nothing but tease her anymore… as her inner muscles squeezed down on the soft fruit it started to get mushy and he pulled it out before anything could break off of it. Olivia sighed with relief when something much firmer pushed its way into her pussy, thick and cool it was very hard and almost painful, but she liked the way it felt anyway. Deeper and deeper into her body it went, feeling very rough and scraping her insides, but she weas so happy to have something really hard inside her that she didn’t care.

The green cucumber slid in and out of her ready pussy as she humped back against it, its dark tones looking very erotic next to her pink pussy. Smiling maliciously, Doug pulled it from her pussy as she moaned with disappointment, and began to wedge it into her ass. Despite his constant use of her backdoor, it was a bit of a fight Bayrampaşa escort bayan to get the thick vegetable into her tight hole; she kept clamping down on it as she writhed with painful pleasure. Also, he didn’t want to really hurt her and the cuke was so hard that if he pushed too fast he was afraid he’d damage something… so it was a long slow fight.

With her ass all filled up, Olivia was panting with sexual frustration as something even thicker pressed into her pussy… it was round and smooth, firm but at the same time feeling almost squishy. It was the closest thing to a real dick that he’d put in her so far, and she tightened her pussy on it, enjoying the way it slide slickly in and out of her hole. Taking a hold of the end of the cucumber, Doug began pumping it in and out of her ass in unison with the thick sausage that was invading her pussy. He was quite amused by her sensual reaction, wondering if she’d be so enthusiastic if she knew exactly what was going in and out of her holes… it did look damn sexy though. Perverted and dirty… but hot.

Time for the finale… he’d read about this in an online story that had really turned him on, and he wanted to see if it had the same effect on her… removing the cucumber from her ass – another groan of disappointment – he replaced it with the sausage and started peeling an ear of corn. Olivia could heard something going on, but she couldn’t quite figure out what he was doing that was making those odd sounds… so instead she concentrated on the elastic thing that was now invading her ass. It was a little thicker than the hard thing that had been there before, but when she squeezed down it yielded, popping right back up to its former dimensions as soon as she released the pressure.

Squeezing hard and releasing, she was turning herself on as she waited for Doug to finish whatever he was doing. When he began to press the next object into her pussy she immediately started moaning against the gag… it felt so strange but so good! Ridged… lots of ridges Escort Beşiktaş and bumps that caressed her inner walls as he twisted it inside of her. When she was stuffed with sausage and corn he went back to her sides and tightened the twisties on her nipples, making her whine a little with pain, but also with eager lust.

His dick was rock hard as he began to pump the corn in and out of her pussy, buggering her with the sausage. The view he got as her holes stretched and sucked in the food was incredibly hot, the way she writhed back against them, not knowing at all what was invading her. Something about it was just so dirty, so perverted, and he was so turned on watching as she fucked a sausage and an ear of corn.

After all the teasing, to be firmly fucked in both holes by two such different and yet pleasurable objects, Olivia was quickly working her way to an ecstatic orgasm. When her pussy clamped down on the ridged object in pleasure, it just heightened the sensation as the bumpy thing continued to piston in and out of her tight hole. She began to shake against the bonds, thrashing uncontrollably as she came, her holes tightening down on the food that was invading her while muffled whines and moans emitted from behind the gag.

Turned on beyond belief, Doug tore the sausage from her ass and replaced it roughly with his own, eliciting a shriek of pain from her. Roughly he pounded her ass with a few brutal thrusts, making her squeal like a stuck pig, her pussy tightening on the corn as her ass tightened against his dick. With a gasp he slammed into her, sending cum shooting up her backside, filling her ass with the white cream.

Leaving the corn in her pussy and the ties on her nipples, he untied her arms and legs, letting her fall to the side of the ottoman as she undid her blindfold. Looking down aghast at the ear of corn sticking out of her pussy, she looked up at him, her expression a blend of conflicting emotions.

“Fuck yourself with it.” he told her, reaching forward and tightening the twisties even more, so that her nipples stood out like ripe cherries.

Olivia looked like she was going to argue for a moment, and then closing her eyes she put her hand on the ear of corn and began moving it in and out of her pussy. Sitting back, Doug watched with delight as she willingly degraded herself, using a vegetable to get herself off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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