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Group Sex

We’d all had a transformative evening forming close relationships with each other. No one wanted it to end, yet the scheduled cruise was coming to an end. The chatter made clear everyone wanted to push it our friendships further and to get time with all of those they hadn’t yet been with.

With that thought lingering, we all pitched in to gather up the remnants of dinner, desert and libations. Two trips on the dinghy and we were all onboard the gently rocking trimaran. The moon had come out and lite the tack, chrome and lines of the well cared for vessel. Happily, Skipper was the consummate host and knew from past excursions that everyone would like a fresh water shower after a day in the salt…and other natural fluids.

Ah, salt and semen in our case I thought. Hanging from the yardarm were fresh water bags warmed by the day’s sun and ready to deliver refreshing showers.

The girls giggled while showering together and I saw some explicit groping as they washed hair ran combs through each other’s hair.

It was truly erotic to see their sensuality in reflecting moonlight. Each had a body to behold. Pictures could never represent what I was viewing since it relied on a harmony of sound, scent and visual delights. This was one of life’s rare and exquisite moments.

The girls toweled each other off and passed us to the salon for…what? Dressing? I hoped not.

Somewhat distressed, we boys headed to the showers and scrubbed in seconds like marines waiting for shore leave. We had more pressing matters to attend to.

Inside the salon, the ladies were engrossed in whispered conversation about sexual experiences they had enjoyed.

Felicia asked Lynette if she’d enjoyed making love with a woman. “No, but I’ve had dreams of it. The one I came during was when Madonna pretty much raped me.”

Our clattering broke their intimate revelations as Skipper queued up Marley’s “Lively Up Yourself”. Passing around refreshing mojito’s, I saw Lynette looking longingly at Felicia. Their kiss had reached her deeply.

Her glazed eyes revealed she may be pining for another epic experience with Felicia – it would constitute a double-header with both husband and wife. Indeed, she crawled over the cushions to Felicia and took her hand by the hand.

Lynette kissed Felicia while lightly tracing her fingers down the curve of her breast and paused to fondle her nipple, which instantly contracted into erection. Together they lay back to the sheeted cushions without breaking the quickening kiss. Light mewing sounds emerged when Felicia began tonguing Lynette. As their mouth play continued, both moved their hands to run their fingers through each other’s folds that were slick with new emissions and residual cum from beach fucking.

Being the proponent, Lynette rolled Felicia to her back and moved down to suckle on her nipples, and using her tongue traced a line through her belly button and on to her pussy.

Their fingers moved in lazy circles from vagina to clit while they kissed for another few minutes before shifting into a sixty-nine position. Lynette lapped Skippers cum and Felicia’s honey while Felicia did the same with her husband’s cum from Lynette.

Being on top Lynette had greater mobility and began abs crunches that rubbed her clit against Felicia’s nose, accentuation what her tongue was already accomplishing. Felicia added her finger into the mix of sensations, palpitating Lynette’s ass hole and getting the desired gasping response. Lynette was closing in on an orgasm in response to Felicia’s touch.

The show was outstanding and Skipper moved to take in the view of Lynette’s open pussy, clearly salivating to get into it. Looking at his cock, which was rising to attention, I couldn’t imagine it fitting into her. Like his tree-trunk body, so was his cock. I hadn’t paid much attention to his Pendik Fetiş Escort physique other than noting he was attractive, moose-strong and had a thick cock. Now I noticed it in more detail, and it was like Lynette’s wrist in girth with a flared rim, much like an inner tube, that would rub a vagina in unique ways. Certainly, it would stretch the hell out of any pussy, big or not regardless of lubrication.

Lynette suddenly came with a wrenching contraction. It was quick and before I knew, she’d turned around, to lick and finger her in return for the favor given her. Lynette pressed on Felicia’s g-spot and inserted a pinky into her ass hole trigging another quick, sharp orgasm.

Lynette later told me she’d always wondered what a pussy felt like from the inside during orgasm and now had a better understanding of why men loved to make her cum during intercourse. She also commented on how tasty the flavor of pussy juice.

It was a great show for us and I think we were all in awe of how the day and evening had developed. Relaxed as we were, we had incredible thirst so instead of individual drinks, Skipper made up two liters of mojitos. The mint and cold would refresh us even while maintaining the enjoyable buzz. I poured one down and refreshed it before turning my attention to Felicia, who I dearly wanted to lavish. While I moved next to her, Skipper slipped in adjacent to Lynette in a deft move-laying claim for whatever might develop next.

Attending to practical matters, Skipper spoke up saying, “normally we would leave before dark on account of the dangerous reef. Are there any problems with staying through the night? We’ve linens and hot water to shower so everyone will be comfortable.”

Trace smiled, “No way I want to go back now. Charming people, lifetime experience on this fine boat, I’d rather spare us the trouble and stay.” I agreed, “We’re having too much fun.” The ladies agreed and so here, we would stay in the cove, on the boat for the night.

Skipper got logistics out of the way saying the Salon was our bedroom and he had linens aplenty for every configuration. All seating turned down into bedding and we just spread sheets around to crash on. The temperature wouldn’t dip below 85 so we left it at that.

The salon was roomy enough to leave plenty of room for dancing once the dining table was stowed, so against a backdrop of Jimmy Cliff singing, “You can get it if you really want” we laughed and paired off for the first dance.

I appreciated it was a slow song and took Felicia to my chest and began running my hands across her naked back and ass. Her tits pressed firmly to my chest and she nuzzled into my neck. We kissed up and down from my ear to chest and we shared nipple sucks.

The second song was another slow one and as it started, I saw Lynette dancing with Skipper. They were kissing as he pawed her backside and ran his big hands along the sides of her breasts, which were pushing into his chest.

As I said before, Skipper didn’t have much fat on him. All of the swimming and boat work kept him busy and fit. The rest of him was something of a marvel. His cock, semi-erect and resting against Lynette’s navel, sported a head bigger than Trace or I in all dimensions. He had a bulbous, symmetrically round head with an exit hole seam open to the circumcision line…open almost like a vagina. His rimming bracelet flared like a breaking wave.

Between songs, Skipper turned Lynette around to dance against her back so he could grind between her butt cheeks and kneed her tits. They migrated to here lactating pussy and begin probing the moist folds.

The next thing I knew, Skipper grabbed Lynette’s ass cheeks, took a grip and lifted her like a flower with legs spread facing us. I immediately understood what he was planning. At 110 pounds, he could easily hold her Pendik Gecelik Escort aloft for an extended time while executing a maneuvering and very special fucking aloft him.

She understood her role too, so she guided him into herself by grabbing the fat cock below, positioning his bulbous head at her pussy and dropping down a small amount to get a feel for his size. It would be a real stretch to fit him. But she kept it up, lowering, rising and lowering until he was well inside of her. I couldn’t believe it fit. She stretched to breaking and with each movement; in and out I could see her lips dragging to the friction. Had she not been so wet, hot and ready, it might not have worked out so well.

I knew she loved the feel of a man’s helmet rib stretching past her tight-banded entrance. I imagined it feeling like the snapping of a rubber band as he pushed past it. She had to be in heaven.

Now Skipper began running his cock in an out, giving Lynette time to adjust, but while clearly making sure she felt discomfort at the fullness of his size. Her pussy began to leak more and more juice and it ran onto his balls. What didn’t accumulate into a white cream that contrasted rimmed the base of his black rod.

Lynette was moaning, partly with fright and discomfort, but also with the trill and extreme sensations ripping through her. Before she was fully ready, Skipper squatted and dropped Lynette all the way on himself, she was pinned to his thighs and unable to dis-impale herself from the monster inside her belly. She squirmed, whined a bit and then rocked her pelvis forward to press him into her g-spot. That was it; she was ready to fuck hard. Whatever discomfort had become stimulating and she sought more.

My mouth was dry watching this and I was too busy loving my wife and her black lover to do right for Felicia. Guiltily, I turned and pushed her to the cushions next to us. Before she could react, I was on top of her, biting her neck, nipples and underarms.

I was out of my mind with lust. Sitting upright, I hooked my hands under her thighs, yanked her up to present her pussy to my hard cock. I stuck my head at her entrance and slammed it in without giving her the benefit of any readiness.

She gasped, took my ass cheeks into her hands and pulled to slam me in again. God, she wanted it bad. I could smell her as I began violently pounding her cunt. I wouldn’t last for long I was so hot.

She understood this intuitively and deftly flipped me onto my back. Then she straddled me all the while without allowing me to exit her pussy.

She leaned to my ear and said, “Very nice white boy. You make me very hot. Now I’m going to fuck you on top.”

My capacity to absorb what had and was happening was maxed out. The visual, aural, physical, and aromatic sensations bombarded me and I thought I would drop from an erotic aneurism.

Skipper performed another “pop in-and-out” routine with his braceletted head that made Lynette loudly moan “Aaaaaahhh!” He began plowing into her and then simply pounding his massively built body into her, pushing her from one cushion to the next and leaving a trail of her juices behind.

Lynette was nearing an orgasm when Skipper scooted his legs under her ass, swung her up by the shoulders and spun her to face away from him. His hands grappled her breasts, squeezing their fleshy mass between his fingers. Then he lifted her up and began thrusting into her wide spread pussy as a living display of virility. She came immediately and I realized she loved the rough sex Skipper gave her.

From this angle, the stretching of her cunt became acutely apparent. It was otherworldly to see and I’d have thought it impossible, yet here it was right in front of me. Lynette’s stretching was visceral. Her eyes were clenched shut, mouth

Skipper changed methods Pendik Genç Escort and instead of thrusting his cock into her, began lifting and dropping to impale her. She writhed in passion, yet his bulk and strength kept her in check. The accumulation of her cum juices continued to collect around the base of his cock and drool down his balls. With each lift, I could see his gaping hole and the secreting precum that…a prelude to the cum he would pour into her.

This method of his looked to combine a perfect blend of pleasure and pain, using surprise moves, ruthlessness and strength to maximize his mate’s pleasure.

With each lift and impalement Lynette shrieked, her tits swinging up and down in time with his determined copulation. She was helpless and a servant to his and her passion. She looked in shock…in a trance from sensations to extreme for even her intelligence to sort through.

I could see her tiring…like that moment in a run when it seems impossible to go further. It’s when the endorphin supercharge sets in and when it hit she began to drive herself onto his impaling cock, using gravity in her favor, spreading wider and seeking to drive his shaft deeper. Once again, she came, and it looked like Skipper was responding to her renewed energy. He too was on the threshold of cumming. It was about time. They’d been fucking for a good 20 minutes.

She began riding his cock in circles, twisting and torqueing with each seating. Without warning, Skipper blasted his sperm into her womb. She’d drawn it out, and he too was surprised at this.

His seed was thick and plentiful. It poured from her cunny and dripped to the floor of the boat. Each time it drained, he replaced it with another gush. Her small snatch couldn’t hold what she was milking from this bull of a man.

They slowed and flopped to the cushions in a near coma of exhaustion. Lynette’s snatch was impossibly gaping and continued draining his seed into a mélange of goo beneath her asshole.

We all had outrageous sex that night, but nothing like what Skipper and Lynette had. That was truly epic. Finally, we all crashed in a tangle of bodies…


Roots, rock, reggae!

“Rise up this morning,

Smile with the rising sun,

Three little birds on my doorstep,

Singing sweet songs…”

Bob Marley never said it better as I opened my eyes to his smiling voice. Giselle was setting out a breakfast of fresh fruit and grilled jacks Skipper had caught earlier.

The first thing I did was jump in the water for a swim and quick cleanup. When I came up the transom ladder, the girls were headed to do the same. I had to admire them, still naked as jaybirds. They were lovely to behold.

We each filled a plate of food and came together in the cockpit. Skipper said he had some things to say and we quieted down. He said we were among the very finest people he had met and that he and Giselle would feel a loss if this were the last we would know or experience together. I have a proposal to consider for the remainder of your current vacation, and another for your next one.

First, I have no other scheduled cruises until next week. There are places I know and that I would like to share. If you would like to Giselle and I another three nights, I would be honored. I can probably get refunds for you from Sandals for these days and I’d suggest we use some proceeds for provisions and libations. Give it some thought and let me know.

“Yeah, right, give us a hard one Skipper!” I said. “Lynette, does this interest you more than staying at the resort?”

Her answer came quickly and definitively in favor of cruising. Her words were overrun with hoots from Trace and Felicia, so we were “all in” for a few more days.

Second, I’d like to introduce you to some of our friends who will join us on the third evening. You’ll find them every bit as good, clean and fun as you do each other.

Lynette and I enthusiastically accepted. Trace and Felicia took no longer than we did to accept. What happened is for our next installment…

Thanks for reading; I hope it shook out for you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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