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“Honey! Come here, quick!”

After a long day of unpacking box after box at our new home, I was half passed out on the bed when my wife called me from the bathroom. But after her exclamation I rolled myself off the bed and walked the few steps into our master bathroom.

The room was bathed in soft candlelight while my wife, Kelly, was relaxing our large jacuzzi tub. It was one of her favorite features of the house, and one of the first things she wanted to try out after we moved in. Although she had used plenty of bubble bath, I could still make out her naked form under the water. Her body hadn’t changed a bit after 6 years of marriage – She still had the same firm, 34B tits, taut stomach and round firm ass that I couldn’t keep my hands off.

“What is it? Everything ok?”

“Yeah, babe… But look out the window!”

I followed her gaze out our large window, out past a portion of our backyard and over to where I saw a light at our neighbor’s. The houses in the area weren’t on top of each other like many other suburbs, but still close enough that lit rooms through large windows were very visible.

Kelly has always been a voyeur, and what she called me in to see was our neighbor, Jackie, apparently getting ready for her own bath. One of the first people we met when we moved in, Jackie a beautiful woman in her early 30’s. She was strikingly tall and slender with light skin and light red hair. She was clad in a short, white robe, and even from this distance it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra; her hard nipples were poking through the thin material. Both Kelly and I were mesmerized, transfixed on ardahan escort Jackie as she tied her hair up into a bun.

Then, coming from the corner of their bathroom we saw Dave, her husband. “Oh!” Kelly exclaimed. “Things just got more interesting!”

Dave, who we hadn’t actually met yet, was completely naked. He was a bit taller than his wife, and clearly worked out. He had well-defined arms, chest and legs, including a clear six-pack. His large cock swung loosely between his legs and had to be at least 5 or 6 inches flaccid.

Through their window we watched as he crossed the bathroom over to his wife and cupped her ass through her robe. She turned around to kiss him and we watched as he loosened the belt on her robe and pushed it off. Jackie was completely naked underneath, and Kelly and I both whistled upon seeing her nude form. She had large C-cup tits with pink, puffy nipples. We could also tell she was a natural redhead; she had a small patch of light red pubic hair trimmed into a strip just above her pussy.

We continued to stare as Dave leaned down and took one of Jackie’s tits into his mouth and massaged the other with his hand. She was clearly enjoying the attention as she closed her eyes and arched her back. Dave was also getting aroused; his cock had grown to its full 7 inches. Jackie had reached one hand down to it and started to lightly jack him off while he played with her erect nipples

Meanwhile, Dave wasn’t the only one getting hard. My cock, which had started to twitch when I first saw Jackie in her robe, was now fully erect and straining at my artvin escort boxer-briefs. As I lowered them to the floor of our bathroom I also noticed Kelly had slipped one hand under the water of her bath and was starting to masturbate. I started rubbing the tip of my own 7-inch cock, using the significant amount of pre-cum that had formed as lubricant. Before long I was silently stroking my member while my wife continued to finger-fuck herself in the tub next to me.

Back across the yard and through the neighbor’s window we watched as Dave helped Jackie up on her vanity and spread her legs wide. She leaned against her bathroom mirror and closed her eyes as he started eating her out. We could see his tongue working its way in and out of her large, pink pussy lips. She had both hands on his head and was pushing him harder against her cunt. Her mouth was partially open in an O and it was obvious that she was breathing heavily. A second later she arched her back, clasped his head between her legs and writhed in an orgasm.

Although Jackie was clearly screaming out in ecstasy across in her bathroom, it was nearly silent in our own as Kelly and I watched her cum. Too horny to just watch any longer, Kelly stood up out of the bath, water cascading down her body and her pussy dripping in arousal. Without a word she rested her hands on our large window, her ass angled back towards me. I didn’t need a better invitation. Stepping into the bath with her, I lined up my rock hard cock with her exposed pussy lips and buried myself into her with one thrust. She grunted as a I bottomed out, the head aydın escort of my cock pushing against her cervix.

“God you feel good, baby…” she whispered.

Both of us continued to look out the window to watch the action with Dave and Jackie. Apparently Dave hadn’t given her much time to recover after her orgasm, because he was now rapidly pumping his cock in and out of her cunt. Being fucked on her vanity must not have been Jackie’s favorite position and we watched as she carefully slid off the vanity and moved over to the edge of the tub, pulling Dave over by his hands. From our vantage point we could see Dave sit on the edge of the tub, his hard cock pointing straight up. Jackie straddled him with her long legs and lowered herself onto him. We could see as she ground her clit against him for a few minutes before starting to ride his long prick. With his hands on either side of her, she started fucking him, her large tits bouncing up and down as she rode him.

I started matching Jackie’s pace, fucking Kelly hard with each thrust. She took one hand off the window and used it to start working her clit, furiously rubbing herself as I continued slamming into her. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm starting to well up inside my balls. I kept pounding deep inside Kelly as my cum rose through my balls and my cock swelled. With one last thrust I shouted in orgasm and blasted my load deep into my wife. Feeling my seed splash against her walls was too much and Kelly yelled out with her own climax, her pussy spasming around my spent cock.

Exhausted, Kelly and I both collapsed into the bath but kept watching Jackie and Dave as they continued their fuck session. It wasn’t long before we could see them both shout with their own orgasms.

“Wow, babe….” Kelly whispered to me. “I’m going to like living here.”

“Me too, honey,” I replied as I lightly caressed her naked body under the water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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