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It had been a year since I had started hanging out at the local coffee shop. After I retired, I needed a place to go to get out of my wife’s hair from time to time and the coffee shop was the perfect place with plenty of young pretty baristas and a great atmosphere. I got to know the girls very well, but there were two who I became very close to. Chloe who was 22 and beautiful, she stood about 5’3″ and had the most beautiful perfectly proportioned breasts and a nice round ass that looked like Jennifer Lopez’s. There was also Lisa who was 20, with pert little tits and nipples that stood out beneath her t-shirts.

I found out through coffee shop talk that Lisa was bisexual and I wasn’t sure about Chloe. One thing I was sure of is they both liked it when I came in for a coffee or something to eat. Lisa always greeted me with a hug and Chloe had the most perfect smile, one that showed the delight in how she felt. But those lips, so full and perfect and when she did smile at me I could see a little sliver of her pink tongue between her teeth. My imagination would often run wild. I mean after all I’m a 63 year old guy but I still feel like I’m 20. I’m not very tall, but with my mostly gray goatee and well trimmed hair I looked like I was successful in life and I was. I owned a growing business and was the senior partner, so the sale of my half of the business to my junior partner has been very lucrative.

One day in casual conversation I had told Chloe that I played guitar and had played in rock bands through the years. She seemed very interested in that and soon asked me if I would teach her to play. I told her I would and set up a time to go to her apartment and give her the first lesson. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I had just finished a workout at the gym and after a long hot shower I dressed and drove over to Chloe’s apartment. When I walked in, I saw Lisa sitting on the couch. I was surprised but not disappointed, because Lisa not only had cute little tits but the cutest smile with freckled cheeks and long brown hair. I got my guitar out of the case and sat down on a chair in front of them and began to show them some chords. Chloe had her guitar and as I showed her just how to hold it, I noticed Lisa was a little fidgety. It was as if her jeans were too tight and she kept trying to adjust them.

I started showing Chloe the G chord when Lisa moved closer to Chloe and started rubbing her leg. Chloe stopped and readjusted herself and tried again to position her fingers for a G chord. She was having a rough time, so I stood up to go over and put her fingers in the position to make a G chord. Lisa moved over to make room on the couch for me in between her and Chloe so I sat down between them. Lisa began rubbing a leg again, but this time it wasn’t Chloe’s.

I started to respond almost instantly as my cock began to grow inside my jeans. Just then, Chloe put the guitar down turned toward me and with those beautiful lips gave me a tender kiss. That’s all it took, my cock which was still not fully erect immediately grew to its full size and girth and became very uncomfortable under my jeans. Lisa who did not miss the transformation switched from my leg to my cock. As I returned the kiss given to me by Chloe, I reached up for her tit and began lightly touching her left nipple. I felt it grow hard under my fingertips. She forced her tongue into my mouth and circled my tongue as if she was licking my cock. I felt Lisa undoing my belt and pants and knew what she was after so I helped her as much as I could izmir escort without breaking the exchange between Chloe and I. I couldn’t believe my luck, here I was a 63 year old man with two girls in their 20’s, coming on to me it was like something you only read about on

Lisa had gotten my pants and shoes off and was now working on my underpants, but she couldn’t wait to get them off. She reached under the leg opening and pulled my cock out and began licking it as if it were an ice cream cone that was starting to melt. It felt totally amazing and it motivated me to go from Chloe’s tits to her pussy. I reached down with my right hand and started to feel for the snap at the top of her jeans. Quickly her hand went down to mine. I thought, oh great the dream is over. Now they’re both going to set me up for a rape charge and then try to blackmail me. Instead, Chloe moved my hand away and began to unsnap and pull down her jeans. I helped as much as I could but between the shear ecstasy of the moment with Lisa licking my cock like an ice cream cone and Chloe standing in front of me struggling to take her jeans off well, I wasn’t much help.

Chloe finished removing her jeans then she took off her t-shirt revealing those beautiful breasts. She still had a cute little pair of black lace panties on. I stared at the lace to see if she was shaved but I couldn’t tell. She straddled my right leg and began kissing me again. First, my right ear then my eyes and my cheeks then back to my lips, only this time my tongue rose to the occasion. I parted her lips and ran my tongue on the inside of them. She opened them almost reluctantly, but quickly her tongue came out just enough to lightly touch mine. It felt as though I was kissing her pussy and the tip of her tongue well, you know what my imagination conjured up. Her mouth became moist and then my attention went back to Lisa and my cock.

She had now put her hand on the lower part of my shaft and put the tip of my cock in her mouth. She was sucking and moving the palm of her left hand on the lower part of my cock while her fingers moved over the underside of my balls. It was an incredible feeling and I was glad that I wasn’t a young man, because back then I could have never held it and because this was a once in a lifetime experience I wanted to feel it for as long as I could.

As I fucked Chloe’s mouth with my tongue, I reached around her waist and pulled her toward me. Her panty covered pussy dragged across my thigh and I flexed my thigh muscles repeatedly to change the amount of friction on her moistening pussy. Chloe began bouncing up and down on my thigh, slow at first and then faster. I could tell she was ready to have an orgasm, so I increased my tongue action all the while trying to ignore the actions of Lisa. She was now rubbing my lower back with her right hand her long hair tickling my left thigh. Chloe yelled out as she came, I watched her tits bouncing and her nipples standing out hard, centered perfectly in her quarter sized aureolas.

She reached around me and hugged me tight. Her lips at my right ear and said, “I just knew you would be the perfect lover.”

That did it, I gave Lisa what warning I could and then I erupted. I felt the semen streaming through my cock all the way from the base, my body spasmed and I could see Lisa receiving the first shot of my cum. She swallowed and removed her mouth from my cock and began pumping me with her hand. Each spurt shot on her face. First her cheek then her alsancak escort chin and her lips. She stood up removed her jeans, panties, and t-shirt and sat back down next to me and started touching herself. Chloe went over to kneel between Lisa’s legs. Chloe pulled her hands away so she could replace them with her mouth and tongue. Chloe had the most beautiful mouth, covered with her pink lip gloss, it didn’t take me long to imagine other things. It was like a beautiful pussy was kissing another beautiful pussy. Lisa was responding nicely to having her pussy licked by Chloe and it didn’t take long before she let out a loud moan and I saw her long thin body spasm repeatedly as she came. Chloe eased up on her licking, knowing that Lisa would now be sensitive to the point of pain with any stimulation anywhere near her pussy.

We went into the bathroom and Chloe finished getting undressed and the girls got in the shower. It was one of those small pre-made shower stalls that could only fit one person. I stood outside the shower watching the two girls soaping up. They both motioned with their fingers, at the same exact time they looked at me to join them. It took me about 10 seconds before I was stripped and in. Huddled next to both of them, they began to soap me up from head to toe. Lisa worked on my upper body while Chloe worked on everything below the belt. Even at 63, it wasn’t long before I felt the stirring in my groin. When Chloe noticed that, she concentrated her cleaning efforts on my cock and balls. First, she tenderly washed each of my balls then started working my cock with soap in her hand. I knew it was going to take some coaxing before I was ready to go again and Chloe had it well in hand. As she rubbed the soap over my cock with her right hand, she reached around behind me with her left and began rubbing my ass with her soapy fingers. Before long she had her index finger inside my ass and was moving it in and out. That was all my cock needed to become fully engorged. As the soap rinsed off my cock Chloe rapped those beautiful sexy lips around it and began sucking it with fervor. Meanwhile, Lisa placed my hand against her cute little pink pussy and told me to finger fuck her. This was all very difficult to do in a small shower, so I suggested that we dry off and move to the bed.

After drying each other off we went to Chloe’s bed, a single bed which I didn’t mind since I had two lovely young ladies to share it with. I laid down on my back and Lisa climbed up over my head facing my feet so I could eat her pussy. Her pubic hair smelled sweet from the soap and as I spread it away from her pussy I was rewarded with a view of her sweetness. All pretty and pink, I stuck my tongue inside of her as far as it would go and I heard her let out a moan. Chloe knelt between my legs and continued sucking my cock, while her right hand caressed my balls. The feelings were incredible and I knew it would be a while before I came so I just laid back and enjoyed the moment.

Then Chloe stopped and climbed up over me facing Lisa and placed my rock hard cock at the entrance of her shaved pussy and settled on to it until it was fully inserted. She began to rock slowly and as she rocked, I licked Lisa’s pussy and put my thumb in her ass. She started to move over the top of me and I felt that I must surly be in heaven. Lisa was the first one to cum. Her moans started building until she was yelling out, “I’m cumming…Oh my God, I’m cumming!”

She was pressing down on my face and nose until buca escort it became hard for me to breathe, so I took my hands under her ass cheeks and pushed up enough to catch my breath. This broke the connection and she then began to move her pussy back and forth over my chin. Chloe in the mean time was wildly moving up and down on my shaft determined to have an orgasm and when she did, it was incredible. She screamed repeatedly, “I love your fucking cock!” I however still hadn’t cum yet.

Lisa told us she wanted Chloe to eat her pussy. As Chloe got between Lisa’s legs I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful ass she had and it was sticking up right in front of me. I began fingering her pussy and then moved my fingers to her ass and I inserted just the tip of my index finger in her ass. She moved forward just a bit, so I took that as a go slow signal and pulled it out and inserted my middle finger back into her soaking wet cunt. My thumb was in the perfect position to rub her anus and I didn’t pass up the chance. Chloe was hungrily lapping at Lisa’s pussy lips and Lisa was enjoying every minute.

Her pert little tits were standing straight up with those beautiful nipples standing guard as she swayed back and forth. My finger was all wet from Chloe’s pussy so I pulled it out and rubbed it on my thumb to transfer some of the juices from my finger to my thumb. I was not through with my assault on Chloe’s ass. This time when I inserted my thumb into her sweet ass, she moved backward and let out a low moan. I knew I could now do what I wanted to her ass and she would enjoy every minute of the assault. By this time there was plenty of pre-cum on my cock and with my other hand I rubbed it all over the tip of my cock and placed it at the opening of her ass. With hardly a separate motion I removed my thumb which was all the way inside her asshole and replaced it with the tip of my cock.

That’s all it took. She pushed herself back toward me and my cock moved into her until the tip was inside of her ass. I stayed there for a moment until I could feel her anus adjusting to the size change. Then I pushed deeper into her until I was all the way inside of her ass. I stayed like that for a while as she made little movements while she was eating Lisa’s pussy until I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to start ramming my raging hard cock into her ass. I saw her hand reach up between her legs and start playing with herself and then I heard her telling me to fuck her ass harder. I was thrusting as hard as I could, my balls were smacking against her pussy and I could feel her hand moving back and forth on her pussy. I didn’t know if I could cum again but the feeling was so exquisite I didn’t care whether I came or not. I just kept fucking Chloe’s ass with all the power I had. Her licking on Lisa’s pussy became faster and faster and then I heard Lisa let out a scream and I knew she was cumming. Then Chloe started to cum and as she did I felt her pussy and asshole spasm and that was all I needed. The semen shot through the length of my cock and spurted into Chloe’s sweet ass. It was all I could have ever asked for, but it wasn’t over. We laid together on that single bed, Chloe to my left and Lisa licking my cock and cleaning it up.

The girls made some lunch while I took a shower and as we ate lunch they told me how they had planned to seduce me when I came over. They said they knew that I would have the experience they craved. They said that men their age were thoughtless and without concern for their pleasure. They wanted me to come back next week to Chloe’s apartment and give them another lesson so I told them I would let them know when I could return. As I left I told them to keep practicing the fingering the G and the next time I would show them how to finger the C, chords that is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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