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Christopher Smith and Barbara Smith is a married couple who has been married for 5 years. The two mat at a swinger Halloween party. Barbara is Africa American who stands at 5’7 and weights 150lb she has dark skin very large boobs and a nice round ass. Barbara is also bi- sexual and she enjoys having her pussy lick and she loves licking pussy too.

Christopher is an Africa American he is 6’1 and also has dark skin he weights 250lb but he keeps his body in shape. Christopher enjoys watching his wife getting bang by other men while she suck his dick.

“Why don’t we host this years annual Swinger Halloween party, Christopher suggested speaking from behind the newspaper he was reading.

“That sound fun I would love to do the Halloween party. That would give us an opportunity to get every on our business deal of opening our own swinger club up and running. But don’t you think you need to put that paper down and get ready for work,” Barbara said standing over the sink as she is washing dishes. Why don’t you ask your boss if he would like to attend the party?”

“I will I’ll ask him today,”

Christopher walked around behind the counter where Barbara was standing next to the sink. He grabbed her by the waist, “Why don’t we go up stairs before I have to go in.”

“What do you mean; you’re going to be late now as it is? What time do we have to do anything?” she said.

“Look my cock is already all you need to do is open wide and let me enter.”

Barbara dropped to her needs and opens her mouth. Barbara sucked his dick until he exploded on her face. After Christopher creamed all over her face she got up and wiped his juice off her face. Christopher stood up and began to button up his pants.

“Hey! What about me? I need some too,” Barbara said.

“Baby I am sorry but I have to go I promise when I get home I’ll make it up to you.”

Christopher walked out of the kitchen Barbara stood next to the sink laughing “I’m going to make sure of it,” she shouted.

When Christopher left, Barbara got on the phone and called her friend Shirley, Shirley Carter. Barbara and Shirley was very close friend Barbara and Shirley knew each other growing up. They have been friends for many, many years. Shirley is a gorgeous Africa American young woman; she’s tall, very long slender legs, nice small but sexy tits. Her skin tone is light brown, she has curly hair Shirley is bi-sexually and she doesn’t mind pleasing her husband Oliver by sharing her self with other woman. Oliver Carter and Shirley have been married for over 15 years they have no children. Oliver works as a custodian at a high school Oliver is a white guy who loves being with black woman. He’s about 5’9 he has blond hair very fit keeps in shape with a very tone six pack. Oliver doesn’t like for his wife having sex with other men, but love watching her fuck other women while jerking off.

“Hey girl, how are you doing this morning?” Barbara asked over the phone.

“I’m doing good what’s up?” she asked.

“I was calling because I wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping today and grabbed some lunch.”

“Sure that sound fun what time?”

“Well it 9 o’clock right now how about I meet you at your house around noon today?”

Shirley agreed and they hung up. Meanwhile Christopher arrived at work. He works as an architect at a construction site. Christopher met up with Charlie Harris

“Hey Charlie are we having lunch today?”

“Yeah man at noon” Charlie said

“Okay well I’ll meet you then I have to get to my office I have a deadline to meet,” Christopher said. “Okay man I’ll see you then,” Charlie said.

Charlie Harris is a co worker and good friend to Christopher they have worked together for over ten years. Charlie Harris is a good looking resident pretty boy and has a body women lust over. He has a reputation with woman and no man wife was safe around him.

Charlie doesn’t hesitate at letting someone know how he feels about women. Charlie is Africa American with dark skin and ripped body. He has never held a serious relationship with a woman because he feels like there are too many fish in the sea. He loves to swing with other couple because that his chance at hooking up with woman who is off limits to him. Charlie does realize sleeping with a lot of woman can be dangerous to him and the woman he sleep around with. He goes as far as to get tested each year for Aids or any other types of disease. Back at Christopher office he is busy putting the finishing touches to his project. He was getting ready for his meeting with his boss Andrew Davis.

He walked into Christopher offices, “Christopher is those designs ready for our morning meeting?”

“Yes sir I’m just putting the finishing touches to them now.

Andrew Davis and Christopher have been working together for the last 5 years. Christopher mat Barbara through Andrew. Before, he mat her she was dating Andrew but Christopher didn’t know that until after they were married.

Andrew is the youngest of his employee. He graduating from izmir escort Gradated School in business he went on to taking over his family company. At 25 years old Andrew has always been attracted to older woman and he is married to 35 year old Angela. Andrew feels that women his own age are immature so he loves chasing after cougars.

Andrew loves pleasing his wife with little special request from her. He excises everyday so that he can stay fit. Angela is totally spoiled Andrew gives Angela anything she wants. Some people accuse her of being a gold digger. People think the only reason she is with Andrew is because he gives her any and everything she wants. But she truly loves him he keeps her young and youthful. She is a Caucasian woman who is built like a black woman. She has 38DDD and booty like Jennifer Lopez. Angela spends her day at the spa, pampering herself. Shopping and spending Andrew’s money getting what ever she wants.

“Christopher you got 15 minutes and I’ll meet you in the conference room.”

“Be right there, but before you go I wanted to invite you and your wife to the Halloween Party we are hosting this. It a swinger Halloween party I thought you would like to come and bring your beautiful wife.”

Andrew stood at Christopher office door thinking about it and then he asked.”

“Can her sister come alone too?”

“Sure the more the merrier do she know what kind of party this is? Christopher asked.

“Oh don’t worry this is her kind of thing.”

Anita Hale is Andrew’s wife sister. She is younger then Angela but older then Andrew. She works as an erotic dancer Anita is 30 years old she has a very sexy body. Anita too is single she has had a couple of serious relationship with a few good men but she is not serious with anyone at the moment.

Anita loves being with men and women she has had both type of relationship and she lover pleasing bother sexes. Anita is Caucasian and just like her sister she is well in doubt.

“I’ll tell my wife and she let her know. Well let get to this meeting they walked out together.”

Back at Christopher house Barbara was getting ready for her lunch date with Shirley. She drove over to her house, picked her up and was off for a day of shopping and enjoying her company. At lunch Barbara and Shirley talked about the Halloween party.

“So Christopher and I have decided to host the swinger Halloween party at our house this year,” Barbara said.

“Oh really that sounds exciting when is the party?”

“The weekend before Halloween, Barbara said.

“My pussy is getting wet just thinking about the party.”

Barbara reached down under the table and felt between her legs and felt how wet she was.

“Oh yeah you are wet maybe I can take care of that for you. The women sneak off to the ladies room and walked into one of the stalls.

Barbara sat low on the toilet and Shirley lifted her leg up and took off her panties.

“Your clit is hard and ready for me to suck” as Barbara begin to suck Shirley pussy she begin to moan

“That it let me make you feel good right now.”

Barbara buried her face in Shirley pussy licking her until Shirley came all over her month.

Barbara and Shirley stood up and straighten up there dress and walked out the stall one at a time. There was a woman standing by the sink fixing her hair when she saw them come out of the stall all they could do was laugh.

After shopping Barbara dropped Shirley off at home and headed home herself because she couldn’t wait for Christopher to come home and fulfill his promise.

At the office Christopher mat up with Charlie in the lunch room.

“Hey man thanks for meeting me for lunch I wanted to talk to you about something,” Christopher said. Charlie sat down and opens his lunch

“Yeah what up?”

“We are hosting this year swinger Halloween party at our house this year. I was wondering if you wanted to attend.”

“Hell yeah I want to come, I love your swinging party Can I bring someone?”

“Yeah if you bring anybody make sure couples only. And man makes sure they know what kind of party it is.” “Yeah I understand when it the party?” The weekend before Halloween,” Christopher said.

They continue to eat together and until Christopher had to get back to work. Charlie got on the phone he call a couple of woman he knew and told them abut the party but they turn him down when they found out what kind of party it was.

Finally he got in touch with Martina Diaz. Martina is a woman whom he dated before but just never got serious with.

“Hello Martina how are you, it me Charlie?”

“Hi Charlie how are you it been a long time.” Martina said.

“Yeah I know but I’m calling because I wanted to invite you to a party the weekend before Halloween it a Swinging party.”

“That sounds great I would love to go, she said. Martina Diaz is a small short Hispanic woman she is caramel skin with gray eyes

“Okay great that wonderful we are going alsancak escort to have a great time,” Charlie said.

When Shirley got home Oliver was sitting in the kitchen talking to his brother Daniel. Daniel is the younger brother of Oliver and he still lives at home with his parents. Daniel is a white guy who is about 5’9 and is around 175lb he too has a great looking body that Shirley really admires.

“What are yall doing here in the middle of the day?” she asked.

“Oh babe I just came home for lunch and my little bro was here looking for me us we just talking. Oliver said. Shirley basically stops in her tracks she couldn’t keep her eyes off him she has always fantasies about being with him.

“So where were you today?” Oliver asked.

Shirley was deep into her daydream she didn’t hear him say a word

“Shirley!” he shouted. “Where the fuck have you been?” Shirley snapped out of it.

“Oh lunch and shopping with Barbara and guest what Barbara and Christopher will be hosting this years Halloween swinger party.”

“Halloween Party” Daniel said.

“Yeah my girlfriend and her husband are hosting a Swinger Halloween Party you get to dress up in costume and go around fucking who ever and what ever you want.

“Can anyone go?” Daniel asked.

“It couples only, but I’ll call Barbara and asked if it okay if you come.

“Are there going to be a lot of beautiful women there?” he asked. I’m sure it is,” Shirley said.

“If she says yes you make sure you stay away from Shirley, she off limits to you,” Oliver said to him.

Shirley walked back into the kitchen, “She said yes you can come she is sure there going to be enough people,” with this big grin on her face.

Shirley couldn’t do nothing but be happy. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on him. Back at Barbara’s house Barbara had been thinking about Christopher all day so she decided to set up a special surprise when he got home. She had candle light, rose petals, strawberry and whip cream waiting for them.

About 5:30 she heard Christopher car pull up in the driveway of their home. Christopher walked in and places his briefcase on the counter.

Walked toward the bedroom, “Barbara what’s smell so good?” he shouted.

Christopher stood at the bedroom door smiling.

“What all this for my love?” he asked

“I told you had some making up to do.”

Christopher walked toward the bed and sat down. Barbara lay back on the bed and parted her legs.

“You know what I need.” Barbara said.

Christopher look at her waiting pussy with a smile on his face Barbara was lying on her back,

“Go ahead baby take my pussy make me scream.” Christopher dive into her pussy like her was diving in a pool. His tongue was so hard and strong on her clit. He stroked her clit hard and she screamed out.

“Oh Christopher you are so wonderful make your baby cum.” The louder she got the harder he suck on her pussy until she had and orgasm all over his mouth. He collapses on the Barbara and they laid in each others arms.

“That was so wonderful Chris I love you so much,” Barbara said.

“I love you too honey, Chris responded.

“So did you invite your boss to the Halloween party?” she asked.

“Yes I did and he said. Him and his wife will come and I also invited his wife sister.”

“Is she cute?”

“Now how am I suppose to know that, I have never met before”

“Well I hope so I hope she beautiful, Barbara said.

“I know who is beautiful you are,” Christopher said.

“That brings the number to nine people including Shirley brother in law,” Barbara said.

“Nope ten,” Christopher shouted out.

“Ten, who is the tenth person?” Barbara asked.

“My boy Charlie want to bring some woman he into. He asked me today I told him it would be okay. So that make me, you, Shirley, Oliver, your boss his wife her sister your friend Charlie his friend and Shirley’s brother-in-law. Barbara asked

“Yeah that everyone that going to be a hot party my pussy getting wet just thinking about it.

“Yeah I’m feeling a little horny myself you know what that means.”

Christopher stood up and started removing his clothes. “Come baby mama wants daddy bad,” she said as she invited him under the blanket.

Christopher and Barbara continue for the rest of the night making love to each other getting in enough practice for the party.

The big day had arrived for the big swinger Halloween party. Christopher and Barbara have hired a Halloween company to come decorate the house it was scary and spooky. They also hired caterers for the party and they arrived at the house. The kitchen was full of people and they were working hard at preparing dinner. People were blowing up Barbara phone. The patio was decorated and ready for usages the weather that day was warm and they decided to use that area for the party. She put Halloween decoration in the bathroom rose Patel in the bedroom on the beds. While buca escort Barbara was taking care of all that, Christopher was out picking up the wines and liquor for the party. He wanted to make sure he got the good stuff. Everything was going well for Christopher and Barbara Halloween party. Barbara went to the party dress at a sultry police officer. And Christopher went as Mr. Incredible.

“Wow you look hot,” Christopher said as he his looking at his wife sexy body.

“Get over here you are under arrest she said as she pulled out her hand cuff.

Christopher ran over to her with his hands up in the air. “Sorry officer you can arrest me I have been a very bad boy, he said.

She laughs at him. He grabbed her and started to kiss her neck.

“Now you know we don’t have time for this our guess will soon be arriving.”

“Come on babe I told you I have been a very bad boy I need to be spanked.”

Just then the door bell rang,

“See I told you save it for the parry. Barbara told the maid that she and Christopher would answer the door. She walked over to the door and opens it. It was his buddy Charlie dress as Spider Man and his date Martina who as dress at Cat Woman.

“Hey Charlie welcome to our home,” Christopher said. Charlie come on in and who is this gorgeous creature?” Barbara asked.

“This lovely woman is Martina Diaz she is here to have some fun,” Charlie said.

“Hello Martina why don’t you come joins us on the patio for a drink?” Barbara said as she escorted her to the patio.

Before they could make it to the patio the door bell rang again

“I’ll get it,” Christopher shouted as he turn around and headed back to the door. Christopher opened the door and it was his boss Andrew dress as Darth Vader and his wife Angela dress as a Playboy Bunny and her sister Anita dress as French Maid.

“Good evening and welcome, come on in.”

Everyone walked in the house.

“So who are these lovely women you have on your arms?”

“This is my wife Angela and her sister Anita,” Andrew said.

“Well come on in,” Christopher said while shaking their hands. “My wife and some of the other guest are on the patio.”

Everyone headed toward the backyard. “Hey everyone this is Andrew Davis his wife Angela and her sister Anita.” Christopher said.

This is my wife Barbara and Andrew you already know Charlie and this Martina.

“Hello Angela, Anita welcome to the party would you like a drink.”

Barbara had already started drinking and she started to get really horny. Barbara started pouring drinks for everyone.

Christopher was in the kitchen getting items to refill the bar. Just then Andrew’s wife walked in.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” she asked as she walked around the counter where he was standing.

“No I have everything under control you can go out and enjoy the party.”

“Well I thought I’ll come in here and keep you company. My husband is outside entertaining the women. I thought you might want someone to talk to too,” Angela said.

Angela moved in closer to Christopher, “Plus I thought of ways we could get to know each other. Have you ever been with a white woman?” she asked.

Then she reaches for Christopher dick and gave it a tight squeeze.

“Don’t you think we should wait for everyone else It wouldn’t be fair now would it?” Christopher said.

She stood back and laugh “Okay I’ll wait but when it time I want you first,” then she walked out to the backyard. Barbara and Anita and Martina were sitting by the pool. “So ladies you do realize what kind of party this really is?” Barbara asked

“This is a swingers party isn’t it?” Anita asked.

“Yes that right,” Barbara said.

“I hope there are a lot of sexy men attending this party,” Martina said.

“Trust me there is and beautiful women also.”

Just then the doorbell rang Christopher ran to the door to answer it.

He opened the door “Welcome come on in Christopher said it was Shirley dress as a Sexy Nurse, Oliver dress in a Devil Mask and cape. And his brother dress as Michael Myers “Everyone is in the back yard, follow me.

Everyone walked to the backyard and Christopher introduce then to the other guest. “Hey everyone the Carter is here.” This is Oliver and his wife Shirley. And oh! Bro I didn’t get your name, he said to Daniel.

“It Daniel, I’m Oliver’s brother, he shouted out.

“Well enjoy the party get yourself a drink over at the bar dinner should be ready soon, Christopher said.

About an hour into the party dinner was ready so everyone headed toward the dinning area. The table was set for ten with skull mugs for them to drink out of and skull Pitcher with bloody punch for them to drink. In the corner of the dinning room stood a skeleton and in the other corner of the dinning room there was a black witch dress in a black dress with a witch’s broom.

Barbara and Christopher sat at each end of the table and each husband and wife team was sitting across from each other. After everyone was seated Christopher stood up to make a toast.

“Welcome everyone to our annual Halloween swinger party. We hope after tonight that you will get a good feel of what’s more to come. Enjoy the food drinks and make sure you enjoy as many of us as you can if you know what I mean.

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