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August Ames

He was mine for a while


I have written couple of stories about Qasim Khan, a gay bottom, from South Africa, I happened to get him from the web. He was a bottom of course but he told me that he had fucked only a couple of guys, who compelled him for a fucking. He was a complete man with a hard cock of little over 6” and balls always full of man cream. He never fucked a pussy because he was born Gay, bottom; he said.

After his mother got divorced from his father, she brought Qasim with her to USA. Qasim talking to me had confessed that being a gay he was in a closet and being a bottom almost to a level of a faggot, he was in a much deeper closet. After being treated in a humiliating and embarrassing fashion as a symbol of bigotry in South Africa; against gays, although he never showed his true color to anyone. When Qasim came to USA, it was a breath of very fresh air but still he found that some bigot minds was around him. First time, he gave himself to a guy of his age when he got admission in a college and was living in the dormitory sharing the room with this guy. This is a very riveting story of his first time being taken by a guy of almost his age which was 19, fit to be called a man.

I think, the story would sound better if I let Qasim tell it directory. Whenever an ‘I’ is mentioned that would mean Qasim talking about himself. Hope you have fun reading this. Enjoy!

I work at a hospital in the Laboratory department as a senior manager. I have had my MS degree in Biochemistry and I am the in charge of the whole Laboratory set up in the day shift. Honestly this job is not boring but of course, it is dull and offers no challenge. The same tests for patient after patient, done by the technicians, keep me busy during my shift to make sure all work is done correctly and promptly by the force employed for the reason.

From the early years of schooling, I knew, I was not a man enough to satisfy the girls; so only the hello, hi relations did not last long with them. I was always very fair looking and manly tall as about 6 feet and in my opinion by just looking at me, no one could tell that I was an inadequate as a man, wearing a thong or G-string. Nobody would guess that I was a faggot bottom and not a hetero straight man. I was attracted to girls as I wanted to be the one, wanting to be like them instead of being inside them. I always fantasized the thoughts of being fucked by the girls with a huge strap-on, cock. In South Africa there were so many blacks all around and obviously I was obsessed with a big, bulging black cock. I loved the fascination of dark skin muscles, cocks and the balls always hanging low with hot load. Here in the college, most of the guys were white and so I was taken by a white cock, almost 19—20 like me. I also remember watching a guy on girl porn but having a strong urge of wanting Sex hikayeleri to be a girl and not a guy. Coming to USA was like a dream come true. I found some gay cites on the web to go into the chatrooms. First, the cybersex was something quite exciting but soon it got boring as it was nothing more than a jerk off sitting all alone with my cock in hand and the other hand on the typing pad. Phone sex was also an attraction but not enough to satisfy my taste. I wanted the real sex in my ass with a real strong, long cock attached to a powerful guy. I could talk very filthy and make the guys to cum on the phone but I could not feel it in me and so it was useless.

My first cock guy was white, I guess Italian, Elvis Parise. We were the roommates in the dorm. He made me do a lot of fag-like things. I shared a little bit of money and he bought a dildo for me to suck on when I was alone. He taught me to suck it slow and soft and even hard and doing the deep throat on it, learning to breathe through the nose and avoid the gagging. He also wanted to shove this 12 inch long dildo in my ass but I was scared and resisted till he gave up the idea although unhappily. In return, he challenged me to take his cock of at least 8 inches length and the minimum of 8 inches, thick circumference or he was to shift out of this room and may tell some guys to force fuck me into nonconsensual sex to hurt me.

After agonizing a few days, I caved in. Elvis told me that his grandparents lived nearby and they have a small cottage on their farm, away from the main house. He said, we could go and spend a night in there and nobody would know if we did not create a scene. Elvis was over 6 feet tall, all strong white muscles. As we got to his grandparent’s farm, he told me that luckily they were away on vacation and it was no problem to get the key from the guys who worked at the farm.

Inside, he asked me to strip and I did it promptly. Seeing me wearing a silky pink lacy thong, he ordered me to leave it on and just kneel in front of him keep shut, without uttering a word, unless necessary. I really could not believe that I was doing it as he ordered and it was making my heart to race up. I was unable to resist the man-power. My useless cock was pushing against the soft fabric of my thong. Elvis was wearing a jeans and his taut muscles were showing through the t-shirt. I was scared because he had ordered me to keep my eyes down. After a while, he asked me to look at him. I was so scared that I could not look into his eyes, he was really intimidating. Soon as our eyes met, he slapped me very hard. I squealed but stayed, where I was. Once again he asked me to look towards him and slapped me even harder. His eyes were burning into mine. Now, he asked me, what I wanted and I kept silent. He slapped me once again and asked the question again. I told him that Sikiş hikayeleri I wanted to please him, because I was a faggot. He slapped me more and asked me to say it loud and I yelled at the top of my lungs announcing that I was a faggot.

He unzipped and lowered his jeans exposing a beautiful looking male sex muscle, semi erect, cut, huge and thick with multiple webs of veins all around. He had a humongous cockhead and the big balls were totally shaved clean. He moved forward and pressed his cock on my face demanding to smell it. In seconds he got harder, much longer and thicker like the dildo I had. He stepped back a little and looked at me asking to suck him out. OMG! It was happening. With a hazy mind, I opened my mouth even wider than I had learned to do with the dildo to take his head in my mouth. The cock skin was velvety soft and very tasty. I slowly took, all of it in. My tongue was enjoying his sensitive underside as he throbbed on my tongue. His length was pressing into my throat and I had to back off. There were a couple of saliva strings from his tip to my lips enticing me to take him back in the mouth and I did for pleasing him. Desiring to take it all, I sucked it back and forth, in and out; making it wet for deeper slipping in my throat.

Suddenly, without warning his hand came to the back of my head and he shoved his dong in my throat and held me there. I could not breathe and started gagging on his massive girth stretching my throat. He held me there for a while making me feel, as if I was going to pass out. He finally let me off to lean back on my knees and struggling to catch my breath. There were a lot of thick ropes of spit between his cock tip to my faggot mouth and lips. Making his cock wet with my saliva, I began taking it deep in my throat. My lips were touching his phat balls and I was gagging but not wanting to stop.

Finally, with heavy breathing he pushed me away to sit on my knees and my saliva drooling all over mouth, chin and the chest. He was not ready to cum yet but he wanted my ass. This was my first time and before this moment, nothing had gone in my ass, not the dildo and not even my finger. I was scared but surely useless because I could not stop him. He definitely was going to fuck my tight faggot ass. My fear was very real but I was also wanting it. He ordered me to on my knees and shoulders to raise my ass up high in the air. Now, he came behind me and pulled the string of my thong to the side. I felt totally shameless and exposed. Pushing my head down, he spit on asshole as I struggled to catch my breath. I felt his spit crawling down onto my balls.

First, Elvis pressed one of his fingers on my hole without pushing it in. Then he spit some more and immediately, I felt his index finger entering in my tight orifice. I did not feel any pain or hurting but a very strange Erotik hikaye feeling of fullness, like I never had before. Now he added a second finger and started the out and in move. Now it was quite painful with two fingers going in and out. After a couple of minutes of finger fucking me, he pulled the fingers out, making me feel very empty and a dire desire to have them back. With his husky heavy sound, he asked me to open my mouth and pushed his finger in my mouth and ordered me to taste my own ass. I gagged on his fingers but soon they were well quoted with my saliva and he shoved them back in my asshole. Again he pumped the fingers in and out very rapidly and took them out again. Taking the chance, I moved my ass towards him and he pressed his cock against me while asking, if I was ready? I answered, “Yes”. He asked me to beg very loudly for his cock in my ass and I screamed loud, asking him to take my ass, take my virgin faggot ass and he sure did. He pushed his cock deep inside me. He was not at all a gentle person. The pain was increasing in my ass and buzzing through my whole body. I was feeling fire in my ass. He was soft whispering in my ear constantly, telling me that I was a bitch, faggot bitch, a whore and a cock slut. He said that I was not a man enough. He was a man and I was a faggot. He fucked me raw, very rough much worse than a pig. Our skins were slapping against each other. It was causing pain and I was almost screaming but there was a lot of pleasure too. He kept fucking for a long time without stopping or even slowing his pace.

At last his thrusting became irregular. He was sweating and dripping all over me. He told me that he was very close and soon shall fill me up. I was so happy to hear this because I needed it. I could feel his phat cock throb in my ass and the warmth of his fuck juice in the deep areas of my ass. He was shooting in my ass, OMG! He was shooting in my ass. It was no more a fantasy but a fact. I was his faggot and I wanted to give myself to him much more. After countless throbs, he pumped at least a gallon of his naturally brewed vitamins, minerals and other necessary ingredients to fill me up and stopped. He was still completely wedged inside my ass. Slowly he pulled out and calmly came in front of me, offering his dripping cock for sucking.

I felt, I had no choice and slobbered all over it, sucking all the nectar from the pipes. Finally he pulled his cock from my mouth, leaving me gasping for air. I was having a tasty, creamy feeling in my mouth along with the sap from my own ass. Gesturing me to stay kneeling on the floor, he sat down on the sofa. Finally, he asked me to dress up and fuck off. I got up and dressed very quickly. As I left, he told me that he would be staying here for the night. Next day, he fucked me in the dorm room. For the next 4 years, I was the faggot for Elvis Parise and had a ton of fun with him. After losing him, I came back to the web to meet the men on line and the life had gone on.

The End. Please vote and provide some comments as well. AWC June 14, 2021.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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