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Thanks to Literotica member, Smoothed for help editing and creative input.


“Hot damn, will you look at that.” Anthony was peering out his apartment window as Tracy approached. Her braless breasts were bouncing and jiggling in her cream-colored tank top. Anthony marveled at her perfect-for-fucking figure. Her short skirt showcased her beautiful, white legs. Her long, blonde hair was collected neatly in a bun atop her head.

She arrived at Anthony’s door and moved to press his bell, but found the door swinging open before she had the chance, surprising her slightly.

“Good morning, young lady!” He stood with a wide grin, a gold tooth shined brightly at the side of his mouth.

“Oh!” she cried out, shocked at his eagerness, then recovered with, “Good morning, Anthony!” Tracy smiled brightly back and gave him an affable wave.

Anthony took a moment to appraise Tracy, still reveling at his luck. Her body seemed to be vibrating under her tight clothes. Her low-cut top revealed her meaty cleavage, white and smooth. She had the kind of tits that would cause men to start talking to themselves whenever they saw her figure. Her radiant smile was sincere. Anthony could see that Tracy had a rare quality, naïve, yet assertive, like she had a purpose that drove her. She was irresistible.

“Are you ready?” Tracy was about to step inside Anthony’s condo, but was moved back by the old man quickly exiting and closing the door before she could step inside his home.

“I’m ready!” Anthony was more than just ready. He had been imagining Tracy’s hands, mouth, and breasts moving all over his body from yesterday’s “treatment”. Anthony wanted more, much more of what he got yesterday.

Tracy’s erect nipples grew even stiffer as she took the elderly man’s elbow and carefully escorted him down the few steps of the walkway to her car. Her painfully hard nubs were unmistakable in her tight top, broadcasting her bra-less state. The pair reached the car and Tracy eased Anthony into the passenger seat while he complained about the food service in his community.

“…wouldn’t have passed as meatloaf. More like mystery meat if you ask me,” he rambled, his eyes locked on Tracy’s deep cleavage as she buckled him in.

“My, my, someone is suddenly the food critic!” she returned playfully.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind tasting those melons!” Anthony said crassly, smiling at himself and ogling her shamelessly.

“Oh, Anthony, that’s enough,” Tracy laughed. She brushed the legs of his brown slacks, much like a wife would do to her husband before sending him off to work. She stood, closed his door, and rounded the car to enter the driver seat.

On their drive to Tracy’s house, Anthony angled his body toward Tracy to get a better view of her enormous breasts. She had the seatbelt buckled over her chest and the strap bisected her two heavy tits. It managed to accentuate their size, the dark polyester strap against her bulging cream-colored top. Since it pinned the fabric of her shirt down against her chest, her breasts seemed to jut out even further. Anthony imagined the wide restraint was his old, black dick, separating the two hefty mounds. He was rock hard and ready for her hands.

It had been days since Tracy had allowed herself to have an orgasm. Her new, more professional focus on Harry’s and now Anthony’s physical therapy had caused her to double her efforts at providing more clinical relief to these poor, old men. Despite this, she was beginning to long to have one of their big penises inside her. She was especially curious about Anthony and what he would feel like.

“Here we are!” Tracy parked the car in the driveway and helped Anthony out. “Harry is in his room. He’ll be needing treatment as well.”

Anthony sighed, he was hoping to have Tracy to himself, “I figured as much.”

The two slowly walked up the winding, stone pathway into Tracy’s home. She was surprised to see Jim there, dressed in a pair of tennis shorts and a polo shirt.

“Well, hello there, Anthony, I’m Tracy’s husband, Jim.” He extended his hand out for Anthony to shake.

“Hello there, young man. Nice to meet you, and thank you for allowing your Tracy to help me with my condition.” Anthony smiled sincerely.

Anthony had heard about husbands like Jim. They liked to watch their wives with other men. He forgot the word they used, but saw something about it on a porn video a while back. He recalled what Harry had said about how Jim was there one moment, then gone the next. Harry didn’t seem to mind, so Anthony wasn’t concerned by his being there.

“We’re going to be in the pool today, honey,” Tracy reported, giving her husband an apprehensive look that Jim had never seen before.

“Oh, okay…well, I was going to go in to the office, since it’s the weekend there won’t be anyone there and I’ll be able to get some work done,” Jim lied. He planned to stay back and try to watch Tracy administer her treatment to the two black men. He was nervous about his idea. This would be the first time Ataşehir Fetiş Escort he tried to watch in person, instead of recording the action on a hidden camera.

After discovering that Tracy had been on his laptop and had seen his internet and camera activity, Jim’s attitude toward his wife and her situation with the old black men had changed. He took note that she hadn’t said anything to him about her discovery; information that revealed to him that she at least wasn’t opposed to his interest in watching her with other men. Jim was just beginning to accept his changing sexual interest in his wife and found that he was more aroused now that she was aware of his interests. He felt closer to her somehow. He was beginning to accept the fact that he found watching his wife with other men, as a sort of voyeur, to be more thrilling than actually having sex with her as they had for so many years prior to her meeting Harry.

Jim walked with Tracy and Anthony to the guest room where Harry was staying. He kissed Tracy good-bye, then wandered back toward the den.

Once her husband left, Tracy refocused on the two men. “First things first. You both need to get into swim suits.” Tracy stood in the doorway looking back and forth between the Harry and Anthony.

Harry looked at his friend and nodded a silent ‘hello’ to Anthony.

“There’s no need for that. I think it would be best if I were naked. Now, I can’t speak for Anthony, but…”

Anthony quickly interrupted.

“…No. No need for bathing suits, Tracy. I mean, they might get in the way, right?”

Tracy readily agreed. “Oh! Of course. What was I thinking. You’re right, but it may be awkward with the two of you naked in the pool, together.”

The two men looked at each other, as Anthony said, “No, I think we’ll be alright with that.”

“Yes, that will be fine, Tracy,” Harry confirmed.

“Great! Well, let me get my swim suit on.”

“Oh, now, no need for that,” Anthony added. She didn’t respond to the old man as she turned and left the room.

Tracy was serious about her new commitment to be more professional when dealing with Harry and Anthony’s treatment. It was already a precarious situation having to get them to ejaculate while she was so turned on by their big penises. She didn’t want things to get out of hand like they did a few weeks ago with Harry’s other friends.

Tracy retrieved a white, one-piece bathing suit from her closet and began making her way into it, which was never an easy task for the busty blonde. She stuffed herself into the suit, remembering how Jim had bought it for her a while back because he thought it was a sexy way to help protect her from the sun. She did her best to tuck away her enormous breasts inside the suit. The thing barely kept her bosom contained, smashing her excess bust out slightly through the openings in the arms and neck.

She repositioned her breasts under the garment as best she could and went out to the pool where Harry and Anthony were sitting on a ledge, two feet under the water at the side.

Tracy jumped into the water as the two older gentlemen looked on. She took on a different tone of voice, almost like that of a coach. “Alright guys. Let’s start with holding onto the edge of the pool and kicking like this.”

Tracy faced the side of the pool and took hold of the edge, letting her body float up. The two men watched her round ass cheeks breech the surface, parted by her white suit. She began pumping her legs, demonstrating the exercise and making big slashes as she gripped the edge of the pool, arms straight ahead.

Harry and Anthony watched her wet, plump ass work for a moment before realizing they were supposed to exercise too. They lurched into action, following her example on either side of her.

Tracy observed Harry and noticed he was having difficulty keeping his body straight in the water. He didn’t seem to be able to kick hard and fast enough to support his own buoyancy.

“You’ve almost got it, Harry. Here…” She sidled up to him and placed an arm under his body across his chest, and another at his groin level, lifting him up to better complete the activity.

“Straighten out… that’s it!”

Harry grunted with effort, kicking and splashing.

“Good. Feel that stretch?” She asked, turning her head down to see his expression.

Harry exhaled heavily with effort. “Yes, but it’s hard to stay flat without my lower body sinking.”

Tracy felt something firm brush against her arm underwater as he kicked. It happened again, then the fleshy appendage drifted to rest on the bottom of her forearm. It was Harry’s penis. She fought the temptation to grab hold of it below the water.

She shook her head, refocusing. “Kick harder, Harry!” she encouraged.

Harry was moving his legs as fast as he could just to keep up. He was surprised that Tracy was working him out as hard as she was. After a few minutes, she told him to rest and then waded over to Anthony who had given up after only a few seconds.

“Here, Ataşehir Gecelik Escort grip the side of the pool, Anthony.” Tracy helped lift Anthony’s naked body up flat in the water. She grabbed him much like she did Harry.

When Tracy reached under him, her arm accidentally trapped his penis, pinning it against his body as she held him up so he could paddle. She could feel it becoming erect as she encouraged him to kick.

“Kick harder, Anthony! That’s it, harder! Push!” Tracy felt him growing under her arm. “Good job!” She was a great motivator, but needed to continually refocus so she wouldn’t become distracted by Anthony’s inflating cock.

Both Harry and Anthony worked hard for her, especially knowing what was waiting for them in the form of their therapeutic massage that would inevitably follow.

Tracy had been preoccupied with two thoughts while she was helping the men in the pool: first, how would she be able to have an orgasm and still keep to her objective of being more professional as she administered Harry and Anthony’s treatment, and second, how would she be able to treat both men at the same time, or would she even try?

After a few other exercises that she assisted the men with, Tracy had them leave the pool and dry off. She watched with interest as the two men dried their old, withered, black bodies. Harry’s cock was fully extended, but not hard, hanging and swinging like a clock’s pendulum between his legs. Anthony was as hard as a teenage boy in a girl’s locker room and gave Tracy a wide, welcoming smile. She smiled back and tossed him another towel playfully. The men slung their towels over their shoulders and followed Tracy into the guest room.

“I’m not sure what would be best, to try and work on your circulation together, or separately.” Tracy picked up an old, white, button-down dress shirt of Jim’s that she had left folded in the room and slipped into it in order to cover her wet bathing suit.

The over-sized shirt did nothing to show off her body.

Harry and Anthony couldn’t be more disappointed in Tracy’s choice of clothes as they stood naked looking at each other and pondering what they should do about their treatment.

“Why don’t I lay down in the other room,” Anthony offered.

“That would be fine by me,” Harry agreed.

Tracy was relieved her dilemma was resolved so quickly. She helped Harry onto the bed in the guest room, then led Anthony to the sun room as she carried the folded massage table. The sun room was a few feet from the guest room just off the wide, open hallway leading to the pool. She unfolded the table and spread a towel over it.

“Park it right here,” Tracy slapped the table, looking back to Anthony.

He scooted his naked body onto the table, not even attempting to hide, or cover his throbbing erection.

Tracy smiled, looking immediately at his penis.

“You look all ready to go!” She patted his leg, then left to attend to Harry.

Harry was again disappointed when he saw what Tracy was wearing.

“What in God’s good name are you wearing, Tracy?” He overemphasized his disapproval by shaking his head.

Tracy looked down at her baggy, frumpy shirt and realized immediately what he was referring to. She quickly assessed her thought process leading up to her decision to wear the loose-fitting old top and realized that she had been looking at providing treatment, and not dressing the way Harry liked.

“Oh, I just thought…” Tracy was flush with embarrassment.

“You need to take that off or it will take you forever to complete my session,” Harry interrupted sternly. He was growing concerned that Tracy may be having second thoughts about the sexual aspect of his “treatment”.

“My goodness, how careless of me,” Tracy stammered, her hands quickly moving to unbutton her shirt. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

She opened the shirt and slipped it off.

“Ah, ah. The suit, too.”

“Gosh, of course.” Tracy hooked her thumbs through the shoulder straps and pulled her top down, then proceeded to step out of the suit completely. “I’m so sorry!”

Harry smiled to himself as he watched with eager eyes as Tracy’s full, youthful-looking tits were hanging free, unobstructed in any way by clothing.

She stepped out of the suit and stood proudly for Harry to regard. “Is this better, daddy?” she asked in her higher-pitched, sexier voice. The submissive Tracy had returned.

“Much better, yes, darlin’.”

Harry lowered himself onto the towel laid over the bed, naked and waiting for Tracy’s attention.

Tracy stood to the side of the bed that Harry was lying on and squirted oil up and down the tops of his legs.

“That’s it, darlin,’ rub it deep. You really had us working in that pool!” Harry felt relaxed as Tracy kneaded his calf and leg muscles in her usual progression up to his twitching, monster of a cock.

“You need more exercise and better blood flow to your legs, Harry. I hope it helped.” Tracy was working Ataşehir Genç Escort her way up to his thighs.

As Tracy was explaining her reasons for the workout, she heard Anthony call out to her from the other room.

“Tracy?” She turned her head from Harry and looked toward the direction of the voice.

“Just a second, Harry.” Tracy was off, bottle in hand, to get Anthony started.

When Tracy rounded the corner naked, Anthony just about had a heart attack.

‘Good Lord, look at this shit!’ He thought as Tracy approached him on the table.

“Okay, Anthony, let me get you started.” Tracy rubbed oil on her hands, then poured it on Anthony’s legs. She felt her tits wobbling before her, full and round, but sort of in the way. She did her best to ignore her pangs of self-consciousness from being naked as she began treating Anthony.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, rubbing her way up his legs. Her eyes moved up to his growing, jutting penis sticking out from his round stomach. Finally, she made eye contact with Anthony, smiling warmly.

“I’m achy. The swimming helped, but my groin area is sensitive…” He paused, then added, “For some reason.”

He knew full well the reason was the naked, blonde bombshell attending to him. Anthony was propped up on his elbows looking at Tracy in awe of her voluminous breasts and raised nipples. He was as hard as he ever remembered being.

Tracy found herself quite distracted by Anthony’s black dick as it rose to a fully erect tower. She wanted to grab it. Anthony admitted that his groin was sensitive. She rationalized that she should focus on that area of his therapy.

She looked Anthony right in the eye. He was smiling invitingly. She gazed at his enticing cock. In that moment, she completely eschewed her normal, legs-up progression of treatment, instead grabbing the veiny black phallus with both hands.

Anthony let out a long, dramatic sigh, feeling the blonde grip, then squeeze his shaft.

“You poor thing. It’s so tense!” Tracy observed, tightening her squeezing hands. She slowly began stroking him, the oil allowing her hands to glide over his flesh easily.

As she began giving Anthony a hand job, her skin erupted in goosebumps. Her nipples became so hard that she felt as though they would pop off of her chest.

“That’s a whole lot better,” Anthony admitted.

Tracy could hear Anthony’s pleasure and relief in his voice. She immensely enjoyed providing these older men with a sense of gratification. It aroused her. She felt the slickness between her thighs spreading. She fidgeted, but continued to slowly stroke Anthony, remembering from yesterday that it took Anthony a lot longer to cum than Harry.

The two of them watched her hands work his dick. In the back of her mind, Tracy knew Anthony needed a full massage, including his legs, but she just couldn’t help herself. She wanted his penis. She loved its fat shape and dark color.

Tracy grew conscious of the time she was spending with Anthony as she left Harry with only his legs done. Hopefully she could help Anthony achieve orgasm sooner today.

As if sensing her desire, Anthony requested, “Can you stroke it faster?” He felt Tracy pick up the pace, adding, “Not too fast though, I don’t want to chafe.” He really wanted a blow job or maybe even a chance to fuck Tracy outright.

Tracy felt the oil soak in between her hands and Anthony’s stiff erection. She paused, regarding his beautiful thick, black cock and couldn’t resist any longer. She wanted it in her mouth, which would also solve the lubrication problem.

“I think you’re right, we need to be sure we don’t give you any abrasions after yesterday’s treatment.” Tracy looked innocently into Anthony’s dark eyes, then back to his crotch.

She leaned toward his dick and opened her mouth. Anthony felt her warm breath on his cock head just before her hot, wet lips surround the tip.

“Oh, that’s nice!” he cheered.

She slowly moved her lips over his swollen cock, putting the head of his penis firmly against her tongue. Her right hand began stroking his shaft steadily while her left hand closed over his enormous balls. She massaged his testicles, stroked his cock, and mouthed his dick head, pushing her tongue against his cum hole.

“Suck that black dick girl.” Anthony wanted her in a bad way. He wanted to feel his dick buried deep inside her. He wanted to kiss her and position her body in all sorts of sexy ways. He wanted to use her up.

Tracy seemed to be unaware of Anthony’s inappropriate comment and responded to his encouragement with a very loud moan. Her desires had gotten the best of her. She eagerly gave Anthony an expert blow job and found her cock-filled mouth drooling excessively. She carelessly let it stream down from her mouth, down his member, and onto her hands and his balls.

Back in the guest room, Harry could hear Anthony’s low voice, but couldn’t make out his words. He heard Tracy moan loudly, then he heard the wet “glucking” sound that telegraphed her sloppy blow job. A slight smile crept across his lips and he began working his semi-hard cock into a hardened state. It was a turn on knowing that Tracy was with Anthony. In that moment, he understood why Jim was so attracted to the idea of Tracy being with another man. It was driving Harry crazy.

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