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Your scent fills my nose and sweat glistens on your body. I look into your eyes and see your want. Lying next to you I feel as your body shakes from desire. I kiss your lips slipping my tongue into your warm wet mouth. Your moans fill my ears. After passion boils, built up from years gone by. My hands play over your body teasing your quivering flesh. Your hands play with my chest, you tease my nipples as your kiss becomes stronger. Working my tongue down your neck I get to your nipple and tease your areola. Your moans grow louder as my tongue slowly teases your nipple. Your flesh forming goose bumps from excitement. My left hand slowly comes up your body as my right hand goes between your legs.

I suck your nipple harder biting teasing with the tip of my tongue. Your hands go to my head and tangle in my hair teasing your other nipple pulling it pinching it loving it. You spread your legs for my hand to caress your thigh. The scent of your wanting sex fills the room. I lick my way to your other nipple. Again I tease the areola with the tip of my tongue. My hand moves to your wet nipple as I tease and pull it. My hand rubs slowly up your inner thigh to your dripping sex.

Your pussy lips are soaked with your desire. I lightly caress them as your moans tell me you need more. I bring my hand to my face and lick your juice off my fingers. You taste delicious I tell you with just a look and a smile. My hand goes back to your sex as I massage your pussy lips with care and love. I tease your nipple with my tongue as my finger slides inside your sex. Your moans are even louder than before. You grind on my hand as my finger fucks you my thumb rubs your clit as I find your g-spot. I stop and stand up. You look at me with terror in your eyes. After only a minute I return with a box of toys.

I pull out four silk scarves and move to your right foot I kiss your calf and tie you to the bedpost. I move to your left foot and do the same. I get to your left hand as I kiss it you look at me with a look of want. I kiss my way across your body to get to your right hand. I pull a feather from the box and slowly draw it up your arm and back down again. Moving with the same slowness I use the feather under your arm slowly the tip slides up your arm. Your breathing picks up as your body reacts to the stimulation. I move the feather to your other arm and repeat still moving slowly. I get to your right breast and ever slowly trace your areola flicking your nipple. I move the feather to your left nipple and tease you more. I move down your body with the feather playing at your navel teasing you. I move even slower to your Cebeci Escort mound. Dragging the feather across your clit and to your pussy lips I move the feather down to your perfect little asshole and slowly caress it with the feather. Your juices are freely running out of your love hole.

I take the rose out of the vase next to the bed and caress your forehead. Slowly I move the rose down the bridge of your nose, under your nose you smell and a smile breaks out on your beautiful lips. Slowly I caress your lips with the tip of a pedal. I lower the rose down your chin, your neck to your chest. I move the rose to your left nipple and tease it. Your body tenses as your hands grab the silk. You push against the rose. I draw the rose across your chest to your right nipple repeating the slow sexual torture. You moan even louder. You feel the rose moving down your body, to your sexy tummy, around and in your navel producing goose bumps across your soft skin. The sensation I see is driving you mad with desire. I move the rose to your mound moving in soft slow circles. Moving down to caress your clit, I bend down and now I can smell your scent mixed with that of the rose. It is a heavenly scent. You spasm as the rose reaches your pussy lips. I move the rose slowly up and down. Your asshole puckers as the now soaked rose touches your naughtiest hole. Your orgasm shakes the bed as your scream splits the still of the night. After you calm yourself I ring the ruined flower to your nose and let you smell yourself mixed with the once dry flower. Your smile and the look of love and lust in your eyes say more than any words ever could.

I walk out of the room your eyes following. No more than a few seconds and I come back with a full tray of ice cubes. Your eyes widen as I take an ice cube and rub it along your left ear. You shiver but not all because of the cold ice. I move the frozen cube across your forehead to your other ear and repeat the cold sensual torture. Moving the ice I get to your lips as your tongue moves out between your lips to lick the dripping water. I grab a second ice cube and use it to play over your nipples. “Open your mouth.” I say and give you the first ice cube. I take a third ice cube and play with your other nipple. Your body shakes from the sensation. I give you the second dripping cube to suck as I reach for another. I place the cube on your nipple and leave it. After teasing your nipple I give you that cube and you suck it. I take the final cube of ice and rub it down your body. I position myself between your legs and look at all the Kolej Escort juice seeping from your pussy. I lick from the bottom all the way to the top of your delicious pussy. Your lips are smooth and your juice is sweet and womanly. I take the ice cube and rub it on your clit. My tongue plays with your juicy lips. I rub the ice cube down your pussy as I spread your lips. My tongue slides inside your fuck hole swirling inside. You try to move your pussy on my face so my tongue slides inside you deeper. I suddenly stop and slowly insert the ice cube inside you. I then lick all the juices and the dripping water that seeps out of your yummy cunt. Your orgasm is stronger than the last one as you fight to catch your breath. The neighbors will surely have heard that one I say only by a look and my smile.

I move closer to your soaking sex and slide a finger inside you massaging your g-spot as my mouth goes to your clit. I suck your clit as I feel your pussy contract on my finger. Your squirming on the bed tells me you are on the edge again so soon. As I suck your clit into my mouth and massage your spot faster you explode your juices in my mouth as your screaming shatters the quiet yet again. I stand up and go to the box and pull out a wand. As I plug it into the wall I turn it on. I walk to your arms and untie you. I move down and untie your legs too. “Turn over” I say. You look at me as you turn to lie on your stomach. I get a thick pillow and slide in under your stomach. I proceed to tie your feet again. As I go to tie your arms you resist for a second. I tie your right arm to the bed post again and move to repeat with your left.

I turn the wand on high and set it between your legs touching your sex. You spasm instantly as I bend down to lick your ass cheeks. After licking your ass for a time I spread your cheeks wide and slide my tongue around your very tight hole. Your moans are getting louder tells me you’re on the verge once again. The wand is making you crazy with need. My tongue slides inside your hot ass feeling it as it grips my tongue to pull it deeper inside you. In and out my tongue fucks your ass. After you cum again I stand up and untie your feet. I move forward and untie your hands. I lay down on the bed and you position yourself so we sixty-nine. You lower yourself down as my tongue slides on your dripping wet pussy. Your tongue slips out and licks my cock head. My mouth moves closer as I suck your pussy lips. You lick up and down my head teasing the rim around my head. I hold your pussy lips between my lips as my tongue lightly slides Yenimahalle Escort over them. You lick up and down slowly your left hand grips my shaft. Your mouth slides over the head of my cock and with a moan your take me in slowly. My lips let go of your pussy lips as my tongue slide between them, my thumbs find your clit and I massage it as I fuck you with my tongue.

Your head bobbing up and down as your left hand moves up and down my shaft. You use your right hand to massage my balls. As my tongue slides in and out of your saturated fuck hole I take a finger and slide it inside your ass. The two of us in sync as you stroke and bob your head up and down on my cock and my tongue and thumb working on your dripping pussy while my finger invades your tight ass. We both are on the edge and in an instant both have a powerful orgasm. You cum in my waiting mouth as my semen fires out in thick globs inside your mouth. You swallow it all. As you move positions and crawl up my body kissing your way up you sit up and grab my wet cock teasing the tip of my cock with your wet pussy lips. It’s my turn to moan as you lower yourself down on my member. Slowly I sink as far inside you as I can go. You start moving your hips as my hand moves to play with your clit.

You ride my cock faster moving up and moving your hips at the same time. I’m massaging your clit harder I can feel your back start to arch as you’re close to the abyss again. I feel my balls tighten as I’m going over the edge. We both orgasm together again, I shoot my seed deep inside you I feel your pussy milk my cock of everything it has left. You fall on top of me panting out of breath. We kiss deeply and then you get up off the bed and lean over the edge. Your legs are spread wide. Taking the hint I get off the bed and kneel behind you. I take my cock and move it around your tight asshole. With a moan I slide the head inside you leaving it there so you get used to the size. I push in an inch at a time stopping each time so you get used to the invader in your very naughty hole. All the way in I start slowly fucking your tight ass. You feel some pain but you’re looking at me over your shoulder biting your lip. Our eyes meet as your hand goes between your legs to play with your clit and finger your pussy. It starts to feel better as I pick up speed. Your ass feels like your hand is stroking my cock, the sensation is amazing. I lean into you and start kissing your back and neck.

Our moans growing louder as we both reach that familiar place. We cum together again, I fill your ass with an even bigger load of my seed. I reach around you and delicately lift you and we lie together on the bed. On our sides my cock still very hard and still buried deep inside your naughty little hole, I fuck you again faster and harder than before. After I cum inside your sexy ass again we fall asleep without saying a word. They aren’t needed this night I think to myself this is her night…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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