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I knew that Simon was going to be trouble as soon as I met him, he sat there during my interview staring at our tits and making more pervy comments than he asked questions. I didn’t mind though cos his house was right near the pub, so I wouldn’t spend much time at home, and the rent was sooo cheap! I soon found out why. I moved in on the 8th of September, along with Sarah, another girl who appeared to have been chosen for her tits. That night we went out together and got completely trashed, and when we came home at 3am we found the unmistakable blue glow of a computer screen leaking around Simon’s bedroom door. We guessed he was looking at porn, and pounded on his door. He answered after a few seconds pretending to be bleary eyed as if he had just woken up, but we could hear the fan going on his PC so we knew he had just switched it off. He was wearing a dressing gown which hung slightly open, revealing a glimpse of a huge, meaty cock. Sarah and I both saw it and our jaws dropped. We had been talking about what a loser our housemate was, but this changed things.

“H-Hi girls…” he stammered “Is everything OK?”

“We were wondering if you wanted to join us for a nightcap, Simon…” Sarah asked, still staring at his pendulous dick. At that moment there was a tearing sound, and the fake cock that was velcro’d to the front of his tight white underpants fell to the floor with a thud. Simon went bright red and slammed the door shut in our faces while we pissed ourselves out in the corridor. His door locked and the blue light from his computer monitor came back on again. Sarah and I went back to my room and drank tequila until we passed out.

The next day a new girl, Emily, moved in to the house. She was skinny and blonde with hardly any boobs whatsoever, so we were surprised Simon had invited her to move in, even though she did have an awesome six pack. She was studying psychology and seemed uber-shy, so we were a little worried she might not fit in. Simon had come out of his room at about 3pm to welcome Emily and played down the dildo incident, saying someone bought it for him as a joke and he was trying to freak us out. Sarah pointed out that if we had been a little more shy we might have called the police, and Simon agreed it was a dumb trick to pull.

“Thing is…” said Sarah “We didn’t see much else. You got a real one in there as well?” she asked, eyeing up his crotch.

“I think it’s only fair, we saw the fake, we should get to see some real dick!” I said, and Simon blushed bright red.

“O-OK” he said, standing up and undoing his belt.

“FUCK DUDE!” screamed Sarah “Not really! Keep it in your fucking panties, OK? None of us want to see that shit.”

Simon nodded and sheepishly re-buckled his belt. A few minutes later he excused himself and headed up to his room, crouching over to hide his erection. As soon as his bedroom door closed we all burst Gaziantep Anal Escort out laughing. Emily asked what was going on and we told her about Simon and his fake dildo dick, and she laughed hardest of all. That night Emily drank a bottle of vodka and deep throated a cucumber in front of us both (We had to stop her from going and asking Simon for a borrow of his dildo), so we knew she was one of us.

One night in October I was in my room getting changed ready to go out to the Union and as I was about to pull off my t-shirt I heard what sounded like heavy breathing coming from Simon’s bedroom, which was next to mine. I stopped undressing and nonchalantly crossed the room towards the dividing wall where I heard Simon mutter “Come on you dirty little emo slut, take off the t-shirt, I gotta cum!”. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, so quite liked the idea of a guy jerking off over me even it is my freaky little housemate. At the time I didn’t really think about how he could see me, I figured he was peeking through the keyhole or some shit. I decided to put on a real show and danced around my room in my underwear, gyrating to Lady GaGa and thrusting my boobs at the door, behind which I imagined Simon crouching and jerking his willy while he watched. Little did I realise, but I was thrusting in the wrong direction, as he wasn’t behind the door.

After a few months, I noticed that a pair of my knickers had gone missing from the radiator in the living room. I asked the other girls and Emily said she was missing a pair of knickers and a bra I wasn’t aware she needed one, having tits like fried eggs). Sarah must’ve been special though as she was missing three pairs of knickers, two pairs of socks, a bra and even a t-shirt. We didn’t have to think very hard about where they had gone, and shuddered to think about the uses Simon would have found for them. Another weird thing came up as well. All of us had noticed that our bathroom supplies (shampoo, shower gel, shaving foam etc) seemed to last nowhere near as long as usual, and if one of us went in the bathroom after Simon it smelled strongly of the same products.

That afternoon, Me, Sarah and my friends Claire and Lindsey sneaked into Simon’s room and switched on his computer. It loaded straight up and it didn’t take long to find his porn folder (which was 15GB!!!). We scanned through and found hundreds of screencaps and videos of us changing, fucking, dancing and showering. There were also tons of him on Chatroulette, exposing his pathetically small willy, and even sucking himself off while hordes of girls pointed and laughed! We wouldn’t have believed anyone could contort themselves enough to fit a moggot sized little willy like Simon’s into their mouth, but we had the high definition video playing right there in front of us. I texted down to Emily what we had found, and got a single text message back. It read “OMFG. EWWW!”

Sarah decided to snoop around the room and see what she could find. Under Simon’s bed was a suitcase, and when it was opened we couldn’t believe the contents. Right on top was an inflatable doll, which was funny enough, but the fact it was wearing Sarah’s crusty cum covered T-shirt, bra, knickers and socks was absolutely hilarious! We had to stifle our hysterics to prevent Simon hearing us as he was only downstairs in the living room with Emily.

Emily had distracted him by sitting in the living room wearing a bikini top and hotpants, so he was sitting in the corner trying to secretly wank while pretending to watch TV. Emily knew full well what the dirty little pervert was doing, but didn’t bat an eyelid as she read a magazine. We all knew Simon’s favourite place to wank off was in the bathroom, where he smeared himself in our shampoo and shower gel (don’t ask me why). He also had a stash of our stolen knickers hidden in a carrier bag in the boiler cupboard he didn’t know we knew about. We switched on the bathroom webcam and giggled as we watched him walk in and close the door behind him. Simon had gone all out to ensure the cams he used were tip top, HD video and perfect sound. We heard every rustle of clothing as he stripped down, then reached into his carrier bag and pulled out a pair of black cotton knickers with a pink skull on the front.

“They’re mine! I thought my loser ex-boyf had taken them!!!” Squealed Sarah, and Simon stopped what he was doing and cocked his head to listen as if he had heard her. We held our breath as he listened for a few seconds, then shrugged and continued with his perverted task. He rubbed his nose into the crotch of Sarah’s knickers and started to wank off, but he somehow managed to avoid us getting a decent look at his dick, so we had to make do with his pale fat arse wobbling about as he furiously jacked off. I was clicking PrtSc and ctrl+V’ing it into Photoshop so fast it looked like stop motion as his fist pumped away.

We all held our breath as Emily walked into the room, pretending to be surprised the door was not locked. Emily looked over at him, and her eyes widened

“Simon… Are you… You’re not… masturbating over me are you?” He whipped his hand to his crotch to cover his dick.

“N-N-N-No!” he lied. She smiled, then moved closer.

“I don’t mind, you know… I always had a crush on you.” She said, and looked down at the black knickers in his hand. “Are they Sarah’s?”

Simon nodded and Emily pulled a sad face: “Don’t you ever use mine?” She asked, her bottom lip stuck out in a pout.

“Of course!” Simon said, and opened the carrier bag, retrieving a pair of pink and white striped cotton briefs. “These are yours! I use them all the time, look they’re covered in my jizz!” Emily looked like she was going to crack and start kicking his arse, but Simon kept on talking:

“Really? You have a crush on me?” Simon asked, standing up. Emily regained her composure and nodded, beckoning him towards her. He slowly edged towards her, letting the knickers fall out of his hand but still cupping his hand over his dick. Emily took a step back.

“Aren’t you going to let me see your big, throbbing cock?” She asked him. Simon shrugged and whipped his hand away and we all had to cover our mouths to stop our hysterical laughter being heard in the bathroom. Simon’s dick stood proud less than two inches from a forest of pubic hair. It was so hard it was throbbing, yet it still wouldn’t have poked out of his fist when he was jerking it. Emily stifled a laugh by pretending it was a gasp of shock:

“Wow! Simon, that is impressive! I love how hard it is! Don’t let anyone tell you size matters.” She told him.

“Do you think it’s a bit too big?” Simon asked, in all seriousness.

“Babe, its perfect. I wouldn’t change it one bit!” Emily lied. We all burst out laughing and Simon must’ve heard us.

“Wh-what was that?” he asked nervously

“Its just Sarah and Charlotte, they’re getting ready to go out, you know what they’re like!” Simon nodded. He knew more about what we were like than we could ever want him to, the dirty little pervert peeping tom! Then, Emily played an ace:

“Simon, I really fancy you, and if it’s ok with you I’d like to give you a b-j.” She told him.

“A b-j?” He asked, confused.

“Blowjob, silly! It’s where I put your winkie in my mouth and…”

“I know what a blowjob is! Yes please!”

“It’s just I have a little fetish. Would you do one thing for me first?”

“Of course!” He replied eagerly.

“OK… I like it when guys suck their own dicks in front of me.” She told him “Would you do that for me? Then it’s sucky-sucky time!” We all cracked up in the bedroom, we couldn’t believe she just asked him that. He was bound to refuse.

“S-sure! I can do that!”

With that he started limbering up, then got down on the floor and wrapped his arms around the backs of his knees, pulling his groin up and putting his little dicklet in to his mouth. He must be a fucking gymnast to get that tiny pathetic thing in there! He started sucking vigorously while Emily sneaked a look up at the hidden webcam, subtly gesturing for us to go down and join her. We weren’t going to miss this, so we left Simon’s PC recording the action and all sneaked downstairs, taking the inflatable doll and some sex toys with us. We waited outside the door and heard Emily talking:

“Simon, I love it when guys stick things in their arseholes too. Have you got anything? How about your electric toothbrush?” She asked him, and we heard a buzz as the brush was switched on. Just then Emily yelled “NOW GIRLS!” and we all piled in to find Simon on the bathroom floor, an electric toothbrush up his arse and his dick in his mouth. He pulled out of his gob in shock just as he came, so ribbons of jizz spurted out of his dick and into his face!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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