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The house was slow to wake the next morning and Jim didn’t start to stir until the morning sun was high in the sky. He could hear some movement downstairs and in the bedroom upstairs. He rolled over and cuddled up against Lisa. They both lay together as they each slowly woke up. The bathroom door opened and Jim saw Dana emerge wrapped in only a towel. “Get up you two,” she teased, “you’re going to waste away the day.”

Lisa slipped out of bed and took Dana’s place in the shower. Jim stayed in bed and watched Dana as she finished drying off and got dressed. She put on a little make up, did her hair, and then came over to Jim. She kissed him on the mouth and said, “Morning lover.”

“You were amazing last night,” Jim honestly said to her. “You made several of my wildest fantasies come true.”

“I can’t wait for tonight,” Dana teasingly said as she stood up off the bed before adding that she was starving. She headed downstairs just as Lisa stepped out of the bathroom completely naked and told Jim the shower was all his. He had to resist the urge to wrap himself around Lisa’s wet body as he slipped past her and into the bathroom. He lingered in the shower as the water helped to wake him up. He got out of the shower and threw on some clothes before heading downstairs.

Nearly everyone was sitting around eating breakfast or relaxing after having eaten. He noticed that Rhonda, Doug, and Lynn were missing as was Julie. He briefly wondered if they were locked away in one of the bedrooms fucking until he heard the stairs creek and saw Julie coming down them. He grabbed some breakfast and joined Dana as Jill continued talking, “…so Rhonda, Lynn, and Doug are already on the hill. Jim and I are thinking we might just hang out here today and skip skiing. Anyone else have any ideas?”

Mark said that he and Nic wanted to do some cross-country skiing. Julie quickly agreed that relaxing around the house sounded perfect and asked Jill if they minded a third wheel.

“The more the merrier,” Jill said happily. “How about you two?” she asked turning to Jim and Dana.

Jim thought that hanging out at the house sounded best but Dana excitedly said she couldn’t wait for another shot at the slopes. Lisa agreed with Dana so Bob tossed Dana his car keys and said they had probably get going before it gets much later. Jim hurriedly finished his breakfast as the three of them gathered up their ski gear and loaded into Jill and Bob’s SUV. They waved goodbye to the others and headed off to the hill.

Jim was pretty exhausted from the previous two nights and he wanted to make sure he had something left for whatever Jill and Bob had planned, so he only made a few runs and spent most of his time drinking coffee in the lodge. Lisa and Dana soon found the other three and they skied together for the rest of the day. They drove together back down the mountain to the house. As they entered the house and started shedding their ski clothes they found Jill, Bob, and Julie in the hot tub out back.

Jill told them that she and Bob had initially been thinking of hitting one of the rowdy local bars that night, but that they were now thinking that an “in” evening sounded better. They talked and agreed that nearly everyone thought an “in” evening at the house was a great idea. Julie hopped out of the hot tub and hurried back inside, but not before Jim noticed that the cold air hardened her nipples until they strained against her thin swim suit. Jim, Dana, and Doug decided to join Jill and Bob in the hot tub while the others started showering and changing.

Nic and Mark returned a short while later and greeted everyone before disappearing into the shower together. “That girl is insatiable,” Jill said softly after they disappeared. They all began to hop out of the hot tub as showers opened up. As Jim showered in the bathroom that Nic and Mark finally had vacated he was excited to think that they had probably just fucked in there. He thought briefly about Nic’s body all wet and soapy and quickly finished his shower to join the rest of the group.

He went into the living room just as Bob was ordering pizzas on the phone. Jim grabbed a beer and joined the conversation. Finally everyone was in the living room after everybody had a chance to shower and change. Bob took a look in the refrigerator and said that he had better get some alcohol or else they would be sad later. He grabbed his car keys and left to get the pizza and drinks.

They continued talking comfortably for a while until Jill announced that she and Bob had come up with that evening’s activity. She said that she was very happy that everyone had seemed really comfortable together so far and that some new experiences had already happened. However, she and Bob thought it might be fun to really mix things up a bit and create some new groupings for the evening. She said it would be quite a while before Bob returned so she suggested a game that would make the new pairings and pass the time. She gave everyone a small şişli escort pile of chips and placed an extra one in front of her for Bob. Each person had a different color of chip. She explained that this game was simple and much like “war”. Everyone was dealt a single card. The holder of the high card got a chip from the person or persons with the lowest card. When you were out of the chips you started with you were out of the game. The game would continue until only 1 person had their own chips left.

The cards were dealt and the game was played as everyone kept on talking and drinking. The pace of the conversation had become a little more nervous now as people were wondering who they would end up paired with as a result of Jill’s game. The game passed fairly quickly and Lisa was declared the winner after she took Doug’s last chip.

“Now,” Jill said, “we will start with Doug since he finished second. Doug, sort out the chips you won and tell us who you have the most chips from.” The group waited anxiously as Doug sorted his chips. “It looks like you’ve got the most from me,” Jill said as she looked at his sorted piles, “so we will be a pair.”

Jill continued, “Now everyone sort your chips just like Doug did but leave out my chips, Doug’s chips, and Lisa’s chips.” Everyone sorted their chips and the rest of the pairings were set. The remaining pairings would be Nic and Mark, Bob and Lynn, Dana and Rhonda, and Jim and Julie.

Bob returned with the pizzas and drinks just as Lisa asked, “What about me?” Jill smiled and told her that because she had won she got to pick any of the pairings and join them. Jim half expected her to pick Dana and Rhonda since she and Dana had seemed to really connect the previous night. Instead Lisa smiled wickedly at Nic and said that she thought she would pick Nic and Mark because they were already a couple and she wanted to make sure they didn’t get tired of each other.

Bob got out plates and napkins and announced dinner was ready. Jill told everyone that they should pair up in their new groups for dinner and then for “whatever might happen afterwards”. Jim and Julie moved together and got their food. They went over to a corner of the living room and sat down to eat as the other 4 pairs moved to different parts of the dining and living rooms to eat. Jim was excited to be paired with Julie as he had been lusting after her body since they arrived but had yet to have any contact with her. They chatted as they finished eating and Jim went to the kitchen to get himself another beer and to get Julie more wine.

He sat down close to Julie and put his arm around her shoulder. She was looking off to a different corner of the living room and whispered, “Look.” Jim looked and saw that Nic, Mark, and Lisa had started kissing and rubbing each other. When he first looked Nic and Lisa were kissing as their tongues slipped back and forth. Mark watched excitedly and rubbed both women’s backs. Julie and Jim continued watching as the trio began kissing more excitedly and starting fondling each other through their clothes. They eventually rose from the couch and walked together into the downstairs bedroom disappearing from Jim’s sight.

After they left Jim surveyed the room and saw Jill had climbed on Doug’s lap and was kissing him as she straddled his lap facing him. Doug’s hands groped her ass as they kissed. He had started rubbing Julie’s shoulder and playing with her hair and she now started to rub her fingers up and down his thigh. Her touch sent a shiver of excitement through him but he was distracted from her when he saw Dana lean over and start kissing Rhonda. Almost as soon as they started kissing Dana reached up and began massaging Rhonda’s tits through her top. Rhonda returned Dana’s touch and soon they were passionately kissing as they caressed each other’s tit. Bob and Lynn had been sitting in the dining room out of his view but Jim now saw them go upstairs and disappear into the upstairs bedroom. He continued to rub Julie’s neck and shoulders and she his thigh as they watched Jill and Doug and Rhonda and Dana as they started stripping each other’s clothes off. Jill was now completely naked and she was slipping Doug’s pants and boxers off his legs. She crawled back onto his lap and Doug started kissing and licking her nipples.

Rhonda and Dana had each stripped off the other’s top and bra and were taking turns sucking each other’s tits. Jim watched Dana as she massaged Rhonda’s huge tits in her hand as she lavished her tongue across and over them and then they changed places and Rhonda returned the favor to her.

Jill groaned from the couch and Jim looked over to see her lower her pussy onto Doug’s hard cock. She started fucking him very slowly as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Julie then ran her hand up his thigh and she felt his hard on through his pants. “Let’s go take care of this,” she whispered lustily in his ear. Jim’s cock was fully erect and painfully pressed into his pants as they stood up çapa escort and went to one of the beds in the upstairs loft.

When the reached the bed Jim sat down on the edge and pulled Julie in front of him. She stood before him as he began to explore her with his hands. He started at her waist and stomach and let his hands roam over her hips and ass before sliding them down to her legs. On his way back up he ran his fingers over her pussy and Julie moaned softly. His hands continued to her tits where he began to massage her soft flesh. He could feel her nipple rings under her bra and he traced his fingers around the tiny circles before continuing to massage her tits. He slipped his hands back down to her waist and took the bottom of her sweater in his hands. He lifted the sweater up and she helped him pull it over her head and toss it onto the floor.

He leaned forward and lightly brought his lips against her tanned stomach. He drug his tongue and lips across her skin until finally he dipped his tongue into her belly button and explore her piercing with it. She had a diamond like stud through her belly button and Jim ran his tongue over and around the hard, cold stone before sliding his tongue along the edge of her belly button. He continued kissing and licking her stomach as he caressed her ass through her jeans. He felt her moving and looked up to see her unclipping the front clasp on her bra and pulling it open. Her tits spilled out of the bra and into his hungry view. He enjoyed the sight of them as Julie tossed her bra to the floor. He pulled her onto the bed and had her lay on her back as he moved closer to her tits. He slowly traced the edges of her tan line with his tongue. He started at her neck where the tan line was only a thin strap and slowly moved to her tit where the untanned area became only slightly wider. Whatever bikini she wore when she tanned only barely covered her nipples leaving the rest of her tits darkly tanned. He slipped his tongue around the entire length of her tan line before he couldn’t resist her nipple rings any longer. He closed his mouth over her nipple and swirled his tongue around and around the hard ring. He felt her nipple harden in his mouth and Julie moaned as he teased both nipples until they were standing hard and tight.

Julie suddenly sat up and pushed him onto his back. She hurriedly began to peel off his clothes and didn’t stop until she was sliding his boxers down his legs with his cock standing straight up from him. Jim reached out to her and began to remove her jeans. He unsnapped her buttonflys and tugged the tight jeans off her legs before returning to slip her thong off. No sooner had he removed her clothes than she lowered her head to his cock and sucked him into her mouth. She aggressively sucked him while she ran her tongue around and around his tip. She was on her knees and from where she was positioned Jim could slip his hand between her thighs and up to her pussy. She was very wet when his fingers reached her pussy and she shifted her position so her legs were spread wider for him. She continued sucking him as he explored her pussy. Had he not cum so many times already this weekend he surely would have cum in her mouth, but she continued to suck on him until she opened her mouth and let his cock easily slip from between her lips. She turned around and lay down next to him before rolling him over on top of her. “Fuck me,” she said as she opened her legs wide and lifted them off the bed.

Jim didn’t need to be asked twice to fuck the vision before him and he smoothly guided his cock into her waiting pussy. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and locked her ankles together behind him. Jim started fucking her as she slid her hands up her stomach to her tits. Jim stared lustfully as Julie started massaging her tits with her fingers. Her tits rippled and shook with each of his thrusts and seeing Julie’s fingers exploring their softness made him tingle with excitement. Julie then smiled wantonly at him as her cheeks dented with their big dimples. She grasped the nipple rings in between her fingers and started tugging on them and pulling them in different directions. Jim moaned loudly as he watched her nipples stretch and pull under the rings as Julie continued tugging on the rings as she stared into Jim’s eyes. She obviously knew this really turned Jim on and had decided to tease him while they fucked.

Jim thought that one good surprise deserved another so he repositioned himself so he was supporting his weight with only one hand. He lifted his other hand and softly slid it between his waist and Julie’s leg. Once his hand passed she again wrapped the leg around him and held him between her long legs. Jim moved his hand to her ass and started to caress her ass as they fucked and as she continued teasing and pulling her nipples for him. “Time for my surprise,” Jim thought and he slipped his hand under his cock and positioned the tip of his finger just under her vagina. He could feel his finger under his fındıkzade escort cock. He held his finger there briefly so she wouldn’t know what he was planning and then he slipped his finger down to her asshole. With her legs lifted and wrapped around him her asshole was very easy to reach. As he hoped her dripping pussy juices had thoroughly soaked her asshole and he swirled his finger around and around her tight hole. Finally he positioned his finger at her asshole and gently applied pressure until it slipped in up to his first knuckle.

Julie was so surprised she released her nipples and groaned loudly as her eyes opened wide with surprise and excitement. Jim held his finger still until he thought she was ready and then began fucking her ass with his finger as his cock slipped easily in and out of her wet pussy. Each time he shoved his finger into her ass he tried to drive it further and further in until he was able to shove it in as far as it would reach.

Both Jim and Julie turned when they heard an excited moan from the other side of the loft. They saw Bob and Lynn standing together and watching them fuck. Bob’s cock was soft and was coated in the heavy wetness of his cum combined with Lynn’s pussy juices. The moan they heard was from Lynn as she watched Jim slip his finger deeper and deeper up Julie’s ass.

Jim and Julie turned back to each other and Jim saw that Julie’s eyes were now burning with lust. He started fucking her harder and driving his cock and finger as deeply into her as he could at the same time. Julie responded immediately and began moaned as her hands returned to her tits. She returned to her nipples but this time instead of pulling on her rings she rolled and pinched them between her fingers in a similar style to what Dana did to her own nipples. Jim was now sweating heavily and he didn’t think he could last much longer. He wanted to see Julie cum under him before he unloaded inside her. “Cum for me,” he said, “I want to watch you cum before I do.”

“I’m so close,” Julie whispered as Jim fucked her ass and pussy even harder. He drove his finger all the way up her ass and then held it still there as he pumped his cock in and out of her. He could feel his finger and cock rubbing against each other while inside her. He had to close his eyes and concentrate on not cumming.

Julie groaned and Jim opened his eyes to see she again had her nipple rings in her fingers and had her nipples stretched out long as she pulled on them. Their eyes met and she called out, “Yessssssssss!” as she released her nipples and started to cum. He kept his finger deep in her ass as her pussy started shaking and twitching around his cock. That was all Jim needed and he grunted and moaned as his cum shot into her pussy as it continued to shake and spasm. He thrust into her several more times until he had shot all his cum and then held himself deep in her pussy and enjoyed the warm wet feel of their combined fluids on his cock.

She sighed happily and smiled as he slowly pulled his finger out of her ass. He laid down on her with his cock still inside her and they kissed for a long time. He finally rolled off her and they lay side by side kissing and caressing for many more minutes. She rolled his soft, wet cock between her fingers and caressed his balls. He played with her tits again and gently suckled on her nipples. Finally they both sat up in the bed and saw that Bob and Lynn had left the loft at some point. They could hear what sounded like the whole rest of the group downstairs and both crawled out of bed to go join them. They each stepped in the bathroom to wash up quickly and splash some water on their face. Jim grabbed a loose pair of his shorts and put them on as Julie pulled one of his big t-shirts over her head. It barely covered her ass and the rings on her nipples were clearly visible through the soft cotton. Just before they reached the top of the stairs Julie spun him around and kissed him as her tongue slid into his mouth. They exchanged the kiss for a short while before Julie parted it and said, “Thanks, I love when my ass gets played with. You can do that again anytime.” She spun him around and they went downstairs before he had a chance to respond to her.

They had almost been right about the whole rest of the group being downstairs as everyone was there except the trio of Lisa, Nic, and Mark. Jim couldn’t hear anything coming from their bedroom so he suspected that they had finished fucking and had either fallen asleep or were cuddling with each other. He and Julie grabbed some drinks and joined everyone on the couch. Jim sat down next to Dana. “Have fun?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” he said as he looked over at Julie.

“It sure sounded like fun,” she added.

“How about you?”

“It was incredible,” Dana answered as she and Rhonda exchanged smiles.

Dana was dressed in his silk pajamas and she had left the top couple of buttons open so her cleavage was easily seen by the group. Jim rarely wore them anymore as Dana usually had them hidden away in her dresser. Jim loved the way those silk pajamas felt on her skin and how the fabric hung off her tits and ass when she walked, so he rarely complained about her wearing them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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