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If you enjoy this story please revisit my last two submissions: Naughty High Class Mom parts 1&2. Thank You, hotteeat60. I would like to express my thanks to istanbulnoir for helping edit this feature.

Background In The White Trash Trailer Park:

The following story is an account of the wild experiences that a friend of mine had fucking my trailer park step-daddy, and the four older men I recently fucked. Three were very distinguished and very powerful men, the other of course was my trailer park step-daddy too! Although they were distinctively different from one another, they all had one thing in common. Each possessed a huge cock! The biggest cocks I’ve ever seen or fucked, one if which was utterly frightening!

The wicked part of the story is that I have just turned 18 seven months ago, and that I also just got married a week ago. In addition to fucking my 54 year old white trash step daddy on my 18th birthday I also sinfully fucked a 57 year old German ad agent and, my 59 year old father- in –law, a week before my wedding, and just recently, my husband’s new 71 year old black boss, who I fucked two days after my wedding!

My name is Kelly. I have won six different beauty contests and over thirty different bikini contests. I have been modeling since the age of 15, doing swimsuit ads and calendars for modeling agencies in Florida. When I was doing bikini competitions I used a fake ID to conceal my age. Once judges or photographers saw my body there was no need to see an ID.

I have an amazing body that developed by the time I was 13 and by the time I was 15, I was already experienced sexually. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but the fact is I am gorgeous in a very naughty and sexy kind of way and I am very aware of the hot body I have, and that it drives every man who sees it crazy. I stand 5’9″ tall and weigh 105 fat free pounds and my perfectly flawless milky white body measures 32D-22-33.

Men go wild for my body because I am so skinny (my ribs are quiet noticeable), and that I have very large round breasts with huge dark brown nipples that stick straight up and out, and are always obvious. Because of my slender thin body I can do many types of modeling ads. When I am doing a shoot with my hair in pig tails and dressed in a pleated skirt and sneakers with loose fitting tops, I have a young innocent pre teen look. Because of my firm 32D breast I can instantly transform from this innocent little school girl look, to a devilishly trashy 18 to 20 year old naughty teen look. When I am wearing an ultra skimpy bikini and high heels for that sinfully hot swimsuit brochure or calendar you would not even recognize me from that shy innocent school girl with the pigtails. This is due to my perfectly round 32D tits and my long hard one inch brown nipples that sinfully poke through the tiny thin material quite purposely and visibly.

My skin is extremely white, almost pale and my hair is long and blond. One of my best features is my very long and wide pair of nipples. They extend off my round 32D tits an inch and are as wide as a nickel. My nipples are extremely sensitive and are always sticking up to the ceiling in an engorged and excited way; this is due in part because I know my hot body is constantly being looked and fantasized about. I love to show my perfect body off and especially love the effect it has on all men. I always wear tight clinging tops that are very sheer and almost never wear a bra unless it’s for a modeling assignment. Sometimes I’ll wear a sexy lace bra to a trendy club, with the purpose of highlighting my huge dark brown nipples. My nipples have been an asset, especially today when it is popular for models to show large protruding nipples in ads featuring lacy bras, lingerie and sheer bikinis. My legs are perfect too. They are long and very slender without the slightest mark on them. When I am posing with my long legs together and I am bent slightly forward with my back to the camera lens, the tops of my thighs don’t touch. This gives a nice V shape allowing daylight to shine through. I wear a size 10 shoe, which is the perfect size for modeling high heels.

Before I moved to Miami for my modeling carrier I grew up in a run down white trash trailer park in Southern Mississippi. It was your typical inbred Deep South white trash trailer park where the government welfare check supports everyone; especially the low life males who live there. Most girls in the white trash trailer park have at least two kids by the age of 15; generally by different fathers, and some commonly have them with their own relatives.

Although I had friends who were pregnant at age 15, I knew I was getting out of that depressed trailer park to start a modeling career. It wasn’t as if I didn’t like fucking, because I loved to fuck. I had a body that every guy wanted, including my step daddy Earl, but I wasn’t going to have a ton of kids and get fat and live the rest of my life in some dumpy white trash sewer. I was smart enough to realize that I had a body that Gaziantep Genç Escort could help me obtain anything I desired, and what I desired were men who were wealthy, powerful and very successful. These were the types of upscale men who wanted a sexy 18 year old model with a hot body and who would eagerly spoil and pamper her for the opportunity to fuck.

Once I turned 18 I started competing in swim wear and beauty contests and got a taste of what life outside the trailer park was like, and I loved it. The lifestyle was so much more classy then the red neck life of the trailer park. The other part of the lifestyle I loved was the attention I got from all of the older successful men that were judging the competitions and contest. They were always vying for my attention and had a lot to offer a sexy 18 year old model. These were successful men who like me were very ambitious and motivated to achieve success. They were professionals in the community and who were invited to judge a beauty or bikini competition.

It was so exciting to fuck these ambitious men because they spared no expense when it came to entertaining and spoiling me before getting me into bed. It was just real sexy to be in a nice classy hotel with room service instead of that dingy run down trailer I lived in. I really enjoyed fucking these successful men. It wasn’t to guarantee that I would win the competition, because my body was very hot and I won every competition without fucking a judge. It was also such a turn on to being fucking a professional guy who dressed stylishly and was a bank president, a lawyer, or doctor or politician, instead of some grimy toothless mechanic. These men enjoyed fucking a sexy young model and showed their appreciation by lavishing me with expensive gifts, classy hotels with room service and taking me to trendy restaurants and clubs and sparing no expense on me.

When they ordered expensive bottles of Champagne they would make a joke saying that they shouldn’t allow me drink because I wasn’t 21. They that I was 18, but they would have passed out if they knew that they were fucking an 18 year old girl from an inbred white trash trailer park! My body opened up a lot of doors and was a great asset to me and I knew how to use it to my every advantage.

Like I said by the time I was 18 I was already fucking and quite skilled at it. In the trailer park fucking starts at an early age, usually with the help of some family member. As I said the only difference with me was that I knew I wasn’t going get pregnant because, I was determined to be a model and wanted out of this low life lifestyle, so I was on the pill at 16 which was the age most girls in the trailer park were actively fucking.

I learned a lot about fucking from secretly watching my mother. She would bring home a different guy from the truck stop where she worked every weekend and I got my fair share of skills from watching her or some porno movies that were around while she was at work. So I got a lot of opportunities to practice what I learned from watching dear old mom and those hot porn tapes. Being the sexiest cheerleader which the hottest body in school made me very popular with every guy, especially the jocks, and even a few teachers!

I remember when I was 17 my mother married a guy named Earl. Earl was the typical red-neck who never worked a day in his life and just sat around while my mother went off to work drinking beer and watching TV. Earl was older then my mother, she was 36 and he was 54. She had me when she was 15 like all of the white trash girls in the trailer park did. Earl was real thin and scrawny. He was only 5′ 4″ tall and barely weighed 90 lbs. He had scraggly brown hair and was missing most of his teeth.

Earl went from one trailer to the next leeching off one dumb woman after another, usually knocking each one up before he walked out. Living in a trailer park everyone knew everybody’s business. Before Earl met my mother I had heard a lot of rumors about him having a huge cock. I have a friend named Betsy who just turned 20. She was a cheerleader with me in high school. Although she is 20, she looks more like she is about 12. Betsy is 5’8″ tall and weighs 95 pounds. She has freckles all over her pale skin and a skinny girlish figure which is almost boyish. Her measurements are 31AA-22-32. She has a flat chest with two little pink nipples that stick out like erasers. Even though Betsy is thin and young looking she has fucked a lot of boys and a few older men too.

Betsey told me that two years ago when she had just turned 18, my step dad Earl was coming around and was fucking her mom almost daily for a month. One day when her mom had gone out of town she caught Earl fucking her Grandma. She said she watched them going at it and almost died when she saw the size of Earl’s huge cock and how he was using it on her sexy 49 year old grandma. Yeah, that’s right Betsy, her mom and her grandma, are all 16 years apart. She said that as Earl was fucking her grandma she nearly passed out when she saw the size of his enormous cock. She never imagined that a cock could be so huge, especially on such a skinny short guy. She said her grandma was going wild moaning about how she never fucked such a huge cock before and how much she loved the way he was fucking her. As Betsy told me this I began to think, “Now I know what all the screaming is about coming from my mothers’ bedroom.”

The Action Begins:

I almost died when Betsy admitted to sucking Earl’s great big cock then fucking him herself. She said that after watching her grandma get pounded by Earl’s huge cock for over three hours straight, and watching the enormous loads of cum that exploded from it, the only thing she could think about was getting a chance to fuck him herself. Betsy had fucked about ten guys and was fucking a high school senior jock at the time named JoBob who was on the football team. She said compared to Earl, JoBobs cock and all the other guys she’s fucked looked like tiny worms next to his huge cock!

She told me that after seeing Earl’s great big cock and the way he fucked, and how her grandma couldn’t stop cumming from the way his huge cock was hitting her stretched out pussy, she was going crazy herself and knew she had to fuck him too. After a few weeks of nearly going insane with lust and being consumed with the images of Earls huge cock fucking into her grandma and the way his huge cock shot off, she came up with a plan to fuck him.

She asked Earl if he could pick her up from school after cheerleading practice and take her to a cheerleading exhibition that was at another high school an hour away. Betsy brought a change of clothes in her cheerleading bag to school to purposely turn Earl on. She remembered her grandma fucking Earl dressed in a pair of tan thigh high stockings and brown high heel pumps and thought how sexy she looked and how much Earl seemed to like that look.

She said that because of her girlish skinny body she wanted to look older and wanted to send Earl a clear message that she was dressed for fucking him and wanted to get to know every inch of his huge cock. Betsy went to her grandma and told her that she was going out on a date to celebrate her 18th birthday with her boyfriend JoBob and really wanted to look hot for him and drive him crazy, even though it was Earl she was planning on turning on and fucking. Her grandma was more then happy to help and she showed Betsy all of her hot lingerie and let her pick out whatever she wanted.

Betsy ended up borrowing the same pair of sheer tan thigh high stockings and a sexy pair of open toed brown high heel pumps that her grandma wore when she fucked Earl the other week. As for a bra Betsy would wear the sexy lace strapless bra that she wore under her prom dress. It was so sheer you could read a newspaper through it. When she tried it on her tiny pink nipples poked right through the thin material and were easily visible from the other side of the room when she walked away from the mirror. This white strapless bra with a sheer white blouse was just what she wanted to wear for Earl.

After cheerleading practice Betsy came out to Earl’s truck. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform because she wanted him to think that was what she was going to wear to the competition. About two miles up the road she asked Earl to pull into the gas station so that she could use the bathroom. She brought her bag in with her and began to change.

Betsy put on the sexy white lace strapless bra which clearly showed the outline of her hard nipples as they poked through the sheer white material. She then put on the clingy sheer white blouse that highlighted her white lace strapless bra. Her small hard nipples could be seen easily and to anyone watching they would know that this young teenager chose this bra and blouse because she wanted to be noticed. Betsy then put on the sheer thigh high stockings and then stepped into her grandmas open toed brown high heel pumps. She said that the look of her open toed high heels with the hint of her tan thigh high stockings made her look even sexier. She put on a lot of eyeliner then a pair of fake white pearls. She then put on a short pleated mini skirt which just barely covered the lacy tops of her tan thigh high stockings.

She said that when she came out of the gas station bathroom Earl couldn’t keep his eyes off her, as she walked to his truck standing tall in her brown high heel pumps and sexy short skirt. She said, as her high heels clicked on the cement he was watching every step of her long stocking covered legs and those sexy open toed brown high heel pumps with lust in his eyes. When she got in the truck she said his eyes were instantly all over her stocking covered legs and those sexy brown high heels. As he drove she began teasingly crossing and uncrossing each stocking covered leg over the other and could hear Earl groan a little. Betsy said every time she crossed her right stocking covered leg over her left leg Earl’s eyes went right to her brown high heel pumps and he would linger at the naughty sight of the opening of her brown high heel as her sexy toes poked through, accented by the sheer tan nylons that she was wearing.

Earl was shooting Betsy a dark penetrating almost menacing look, as he scanned over her sexy long stocking covered legs and open toed high heel pumps then back to her lacy thin white bra as her tiny hard pink nipples pierced the sheer white material. His look of animal lust was turning her on more and more as if she could read his exact thoughts. As Earl looked at Betsy he thought to himself, “Fuck… look at this sexy skinny little bitch. Look at those wild stockings and those sexy high heels…Fuck, that looks so hot seeing her sexy toes show through the front and knowing she has those hot thigh highs on…..Oh yeah this hot teenage slut came to fuck….Fuck my big hard twelve inch cock….Oh fuck she is so fuckin hot, I’m gonna give this one a fuck she’ll never forget.” Betsy was really enjoying turning Earl on. This is just what she had hoped for; this is why she dressed the way she was. She wanted his eyes all over her body, and she couldn’t wait to have his dirty red neck hands all over her turned on body. But what she really wanted was that enormous cock she had watched fuck relentlessly into her grandma, deep inside her horny 18 year old pussy!

His attention to her body was making her real hot. Betsy knew that Earl wanted to fuck her real bad and that fact really turned her on. As Earl was scanning Betsy’s long crossed legs with those sexy tan thigh high stockings and brown open toed high heeled pumps, she couldn’t stop starring at his huge bulge that was making a massive ballooning print against his pants as he drove. She said that neither one spoke for almost ten minutes which created a sexy hot tension in the truck. She knew this was the sinful time the two of them needed to think about all the nasty ways they were going to fuck and play with each other. She was eyeing the enormous bulge in his pants as he was enjoying the view of her long stocking covered legs and her tiny tits that were inside the sexy lace strapless white bra that was clearly visible through the sheer white blouse.

After the air in the truck was so hot and filled with lust Betsy snuggled up to Earl and began rubbing his great big cock threw his uncomfortable pants. She then broke the lusty silence by whispering in his ear as she continued running her fingers teasingly up and down the length of his huge cock, saying that she had watched him fuck her grandma and couldn’t believe the size of his huge cock. As she teasingly ran her long nails across his huge hard on she told him in a sexy voice that all she could think about for the last two weeks was his great big cock and that it was making her crazy. She told Earl that even when she was fucking her boyfriend JoBob all she could think about was his huge cock pounding into her grandma then watching it cum again and again and wishing it was her getting fucked by it instead of her boyfriends tiny cock. She began kissing his neck and told him that she dressed in her stockings and high heels to turn him on and that she wanted to fuck his huge cock before she went insane.

Earl immediately pulled off into a dirt road and when they got out of the truck they immediately began kissing and feeling up each other. Betsy said that it was so sexy standing taller then Earl in her high heels while she leaned over to kiss him. She said it was a huge turn on. She added that after feeling his huge cock while they kissed she was going crazy and desperately needed to suck it in the worst way. When she reached for his zipper and told Earl that she was going wild and needed to suck it, he just ignored her and turned her around and made her face the back of the truck.

Once her white blouse was off Earl unclasped the front of her lacy white strapless bra reveling her tiny almost non-existent tits and her piercing small eraser-like nipples. She said that Earl just leered at her for a few moments lustfully taking in the sight of her almost boyish looking tits. She said that this caused Earl to groan in an almost lecherous way. As he was groaning he began sucking and biting on her tiny hard pink nipples. As he worked on her nipples like a man possessed, he said hotly,

“Oh yeah baby look at these sexy little girl tits….Ummm…I’m gonna bite and suck all over these tiny sexy little tits of yours until you fucking cum baby.”

Betsy said Earl sucked on each nipple crazily, which drove her into a wild frenzy. When he bit and sucked on one of her hard pink nipples he was rubbing and pulling the other between his thumb and finger to keep her heated up. This almost brutal assault on her tiny boyish tits was making her teenage pussy so wet that she began cumming instantly. Betsy loved the way she was being taken by Earl. She wasn’t here for romance that was for her boyfriends like Jo Bob. This was the animal fucking she had witnessed her grandma get that day; which was the only type of fucking Earl is capable of, and now it was her turn to be taken by this scrawny- short redneck with the giant 12 inch cock!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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