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Tom and the guys had stopped at the local bar for a few drinks and to shoot pool after work. “Yea, I met this cunt last night right here…in fact right over there on that pool table. I had come in just as the cunt had taken off her panties and had shot them across the room right at me. I caught them and gave them the once over. They were soaking wet. I like that in a cunt!”

“So what happened next?” asked Jack. “Well, she yelled over that since I caught her panties, I could fuck her first! Kind of like catching the bridal bouquet without having to marry the bitch. What a friendly babe! There were about fifteen guys right around her feeling up her tits and sticking their fingers in her cunt and ass. They were bitching and moaning that they had gotten her cunt wet and ready and now here I come in and get to fuck her ahead of all of them. I told them it was her choice and they shut up. What the hell, first fuck, second fuck, it’s still a cunt.”

“And, and…what next?” Jack asked. Well, I whipped out my cock as I just about ran over and she was already up on the pool table with her legs spread wide. What a wet cunt she had. I got right up there and rammed it up her cunt. What a squeal she let out. She wrapped her legs around me and told me that I wasn’t getting away. Yea, like I’m going to run away from this hot cunt? It was a real tight cunt even though it was so wet. I watched her huge tits bounce up and down with each stroke. I thought if she wasn’t careful, she was going to get two black eyes from those monster tits swinging up to her face. Then I grabbed them and started squeezing them. Oh, they were real all right. I gave both tits a good sucking. She was really screaming then. Guess she has some pretty sensitive tits and just loves tit sucking.

“Didn’t you fuck her in the ass?” asked Joe. “Oh yea. After a while all that cunt juice was running down her ass so I pulled her legs up and over my shoulders and I gave her an ass fucking she’ll remember for a long time. After I was done with her, she thanked me for the great fucking. I gave her legs to the next guy who stuck his cock into her sloppy pussy. That guy said he didn’t mind not being first because nice warm, used pussies can be so accommodating! Yea, I guess I agree with that, just as long as I get some pussy!”

“So, how long was the bitch getting fucked?” asked Joe. “Well, I had a few drinks, shot some pool, had a few more drinks, and by that time the guys were just finishing up with her. I decided to go over and talk with her. She said she was going to go to the ladies’ room to get cleaned up a little and she would be right back.”

Tom continued: “When the cunt came back she didn’t make any attempt to get dressed and when I asked her about that, she said that every time she came in to get fucked, they would steal her clothes and she would end up driving home naked. She said that after the first time, it was actually a lot of fun because she would pass guys in trucks, the 18 wheelers as well as the SUVs, and when they would look over she would hold a tit up and shake it and give them a big smile. Of course, with that invitation, the guys would pull over to a rest area or right along the road and give her some public fucking!

She said that was a lot of fun because most times as she was getting fucked right out there in the open, other cars would be going by and they would stop and want some tits and cunt too. She said she particularly like to go naked to rest stops at night when the 18 wheelers would be parked along the road. She would go up to one truck and climb up the driver’s side, knock on the window, swing her tits and ask if the guy wanted some cunt. If he did, she would go in and do whatever he wanted. After he was Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort done, she would go to the next truck and ask him if he wanted any cunt and then just proceed down the line.

Every once in a while a trucker would want to check her cunt out first to see how much cum was running down the inside thighs. She loved to have a cuntful of cum so it would be running down her thighs. If it was too much, and the guy didn’t like it, she had to go inside the ladies’ room and squeeze her cunt muscles to get all the cum out. More times than not, a few women would come into the ladies’ room while she was standing there naked, cleaning her cunt.

Some women were pretty snooty and looked down on her and call her a cheap whore. Some women would comment about what a great body she had. Some would even ask to squeeze her tits. Some wanted to see her cunt. A couple of women actually stripped and they would have a nice little threesome. Then they would leave and she was back to walking along the 18 wheelers looking for cock.

“I asked her how many times it was that she came in there and they would steal her clothes. She said every night!!! She said now she just doesn’t wear any clothes and that takes care of the problem. She said that it is great because she gets so much exposure to cocks. She said she has to be a little careful when she walks to the elevator and outside of her apartment building to her car. There are a couple of nosey old women who are always calling the cops because of some naked whore. She said the cops all know her and all she has to do is stop over at the police station later that night and suck and fuck all the cops. No charge for indecent exposure. In fact, the cops said there wasn’t anything indecent about her tits and cunt and to keep up the good work!”

“I asked her how far of a drive that she has to this bar and she said about 30 minutes. I asked what would she do if her car broke down? She said that has already happened. All she did was stand outside and swing her tits, lean up against the car, bring her knee up with her foot against the car and spread her legs. That would usually give a good spread of her cunt and a guy stopped right away. She said the guy was so excited that he fucked her right away and almost left without checking the car! She seems pretty comfortable about driving around naked. More power to the cunt!”

“So, is the cunt going to be around tonight?” asked Sam. “Well, not here, but at my house.” Said Tom.

“At your house tonight? How did you arrange that?” asked George.

“Well, I told her I had a bunch of friends always looking for a good fuck and if she came to my house, she’d enjoy it a lot better than in this crummy dive. She almost didn’t believe me but I gave her directions to my house and she said she would be there in, let’s see, probably an hour. So, let’s get out of here and get to my house.”

As they all paid up and just about ran to their cars, their cocks were straining to get out, just thinking about the horny bitch. They all got to Tom’s place in record time.

They were all there when they saw Tom bringing in some kind of contraption. “What the hell is that, Tom?” questioned Jack.

“This is one of those fucking swinging.” Tom said.

“A fucking swing?” Jack asked again. Tom seemed a little irritated. “Jack, it’s a swing that you put a broad in and you fuck her! First you get her legs in each of the stirrups and it spreads her legs and then have her put her arms over her head and hold onto the bar. I like to make sure the bitches don’t try to get away, so once they have their hands gripping the bar, I snap some cuffs over their wrists. That has certainly helped a few times when a babe would suddenly change her mind and want to get away.”

“So there you’ve got this naked babe spread wide open and unable to get away. She gets fucked and fucked and fucked whether she likes it or not. But, let’s face it, would the cunts be there if they didn’t want to be? I don’t think so! This swing works great for ass fucking too. You just pull up her legs a little and her ass is right there for easy picking.”

“Let me tell you that when I first bought this swing, I wasn’t sure if I would be using it much but man, I bet I have fucked a couple hundred of cunts. Some of those cunts came back for repeat performances!

“Hey, guys, here comes a car.” said Jack. “Oh man, there she is. Shit, look at those tits. She’s naked except for those high heels. Look at her strut! Looks like she’s had plenty of practice swinging those big tits. Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on those babies to squeeze and suck. And, I want that well used cunt! Here…I’ll get the door.”

As Jack opened the door for the waiting cunt, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “Hey, babe, come on it.”

She looked at the hard cock in his hands, licked her lips and immediately went down on her knees and sucked his cock right up. She made sure her ass was available and as she turned around to look who was there, she wiggled her ass a little. “Hey come on, guys. Let’s do some double duty here. While I am sucking this cock, someone get his cock in my cunt or ass. No, on second thought, I want both my cunt and ass fucked at the same time.” She didn’t have to ask anyone twice. They formed a line and first she got it up her ass. She stopped sucking cock and said, “Oooooh, I just love a hard cock up my ass. Go man, go!!!” Then she went back to cock sucking never missing a beat while getting her ass fucked.

The cunt said: “Listen up guys. Tonight no cum in my cunt. I want it all in my mouth, my face and all over these big tits. I told a girl I was going out to fuck a bunch of guys and she didn’t believe me. I want to show the stupid bitch that I’m no slouch when it comes to spreading my legs and sucking those great, hard cocks.”

The guy in her ass pulled his cock out and he taped her on her head. “Hey, slut, here’s your first deposit” as he came around to the front of her and shot it over her big tits. “Great shot, man! Next! Ok, as I said before, I want a cock in my ass and a cock in my cunt.” Two guys stepped right up and the guy with the bigger cock shoved it in her ass with the other guy with a pretty good size cock took her cunt.

“Ooooooooo!!!! Yes. Now that’s how I love to be fucked! Harder… faster…Ooooo!!!!”

The cunt realized that she was not sucking on the cock. “Oh, sorry, honey, I just got carried away with those two cocks working my ass and cunt over. Let me get back to what I love to do besides fucking…cock sucking.” She then sucked his cock all the way into her mouth right to his balls. She stopped for a moment and said: “You know, you’ve got such a great cock! Did I tell you I love to suck cock? I just can’t seem to get enough!” Then she gobbled him right up again and furiously ran his cock in and out of her mouth.

The guys watching all this were commenting about what a great guy Tom was because he always found the best and talented sluts for his friends to work over. This slut really enjoyed what she was doing.

Doing exactly as the cunt had told him, Jack shot her all over her tits. He had quite a load because it started to drip off her nipples so she grabbed her tits and licked off one nipple and then the other. “It’s a shame to waste good cum.” she said, as she spread the hot cum all over her tits.

The next guy came over, cock in hand and said: “I tend to last a long time. Do you have a problem with that?” She just looked at him amazed. She replied: “Honey, that’s like asking a little girl if she likes ice cream. When I do conventions, they put us whores in the hospitality suites. They tell us we can wear anything we want. I usually wear high heels and earrings and that is all. Since I specialize in gang bang cock sucking, I am on my knees most of the time.

During the time I am not on my knees, I just strut around advertising my tits and cunt. Most of the girls don’t like to be so blatant but I love showing off my equipment. The guys are not supposed to be touching the whores unless they pay first, but I let the guys play with my tits and sometimes suck on them and of course I spread my legs and let them stick a few fingers up my cunt. During these conventions, I walk around with a wet, drippy cunt all the time because I am so horny. Well, enough of this talk, let me suck that good looking cock you got there!” She sucked him with as much enthusiasm as she did Jack.

This time she told the guy to shoot into her mouth and all over her face, which he was happy to accommodate her. After she had finished sucking off all the guys and they had shot off their loads in her face, in her hair and all over her tits, she pulled out a camera from her purse and asked one of the guys to take some pictures of her looking like a double dipped glazed doughnut.

“Now this is the way a slut should look–covered in cum and wearing a big smile. I want to make sure I get some pictures I can post on the Internet. Some of my friends just don’t believe that I am such a slut. I’d like to get more pictures of all of your hard cocks right around my mouth. You don’t have to show your faces if any of you are married. I just want to show all these great cocks.”

“While you are at it, take some pictures of my cunt, my ass and these big tits. I want to post those also on the Internet. You know, I really haven’t gotten fucked enough. How about all you guys fuck me again but this time, let’s get pictures of every one of you fucking me.”

“Right, babe, you need to get fucked more. Let’s see how you fit in this swing. Oh, baby, baby, you look sooo good. Look at that cunt wide open and that puckery asshole begging for more cock. I like those big cum drying tits sticking out too. Let’s just put these cuffs on you for effect. Hey, bring that camera over here and take some pictures.

Well, the cunt was right. How do you argue with a babe who wants to get fucked? You don’t. You just do her. But with her, it is over and over and over again!

When there were no more hard cocks, and the cunt was ready to go home, Tom brought out some money and the rest of the guys did too. “Oh, I don’t want any money. I just fuck for fun and this was A LOT of fun.”

“Are you sure, babe? You really put a lot of effort into being a slut.” Tom said.

She said: “when I fuck as work, I get paid but when I fuck for fun, it’s that…fun! You know where you can find me, at that bar, so if you want more cunt and tits, I’ll be there. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Jack asked: “Hey, honey, you never did tell us your name.”

“Oh don’t worry about my name.” she said. You can call me “cunt” or “tits” or “slut” or “whore.” Personally I like to be called “cunt” the best, but I’ll pretty much answer to anything as long as there is a cock calling me over to suck.”

As she was walking down the driveway to her car, she turned and smiled and held up her tits and shook them at the guys. The dried cum in her hair, her face, mouth and huge swinging tits glistened in the moonlight. What a good sport she was!

Tom said: “Now that’s the kind of slut I like. She fucks for free because it’s fun. Well, I guarantee that cunt of hers is going to be getting a lot of workouts from all of us!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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