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Big Dicks

We arrived at your apartment after our moon-lit, midnight hike. Your cologne drove me crazy each time the wind blew the right way. I should have told you how much I liked it, but I’m much to shy. I also kept willing you to lean over and kiss me while we waited for the moon to appear from behind the clouds. Or even put your arm around me. If you are this spontaneous and (innocently?) romantic with just a friend, how are you with a lover… or a girlfriend? I would love to find out, but it seems that time is conspiring against us. We were both exhausted, but not so much that we didn’t play with your puppy for a few minutes before putting her to bed. You had told me that I could stay the night so I didn’t have to drive home so late, and I took you up on your offer. We even shared the bed because futons don’t exactly promote a good night’s sleep…

… I ask to borrow your shower, and have to use your soap because I didn’t remember mine. I also pop a piece of cinnamon gum to freshen my breath. I borrowed a t-shirt and shorts of yours to sleep in, because I forgot to bring my pajamas. Yours smell like you, and that turns me on even more. I walk into your room, damp hair, freshly cleaned face, no makeup. Just plain me. All you can do is stare at me… like you’re in a trance.

I sit down on the edge of the bed and you walk over to stand in front of me. You don’t say a word, but lean down and kiss me on the forehead, nose, cheeks, neck. As you sit next to me, I turn my head to capture your lips. They are warm, soft, full, and very, very talented. I let out a small moan as your teeth nip my lower lip, and your draw me down so that I’m laying next to you. Your minty tongue slips past my lips and caresses mine as your warm hands slide under my shirt and begin to lightly massage my back.

Our glasses begin to get in our way, and you remove mine. We’re now cloaked beylikdüzü escort in a shadowy world where just the two of us exist. When you turn back to me, your lips move to the pulse point of my collarbone, and gently nip and lick there. As I shudder, your hands begin to travel upward, taking my shirt with it. Your mouth goes down to where you begin revealing the skin of my stomach, and your tongue dips into my belly button. I giggle, which makes you laugh as well. You tell me that I’m too ticklish for my own good, and gently tickle my sides to tease me.

I trap your hands with mine (I know you could get away if you wanted to, but you’re letting me have my way… for now). With one hand, I hold your two wrists next to your head, as the other travels down to your shirt and begins to slowly lift it, following the path with my tongue. I nip, kiss, suck, and lick your stomach, moving my way upward toward your chest. I catch a whiff of your cologne, and tell you how much I love that scent on you. When I tongue a nipple, you jerk and make a growling noise, so I continue teasing your nipples with my tongue and fingers. You free your hands of mine, reach down, and remove my shirt completely. I have to stop teasing you as you pull the shirt over my head, and you take advantage by rolling me over and trapping me against the bed- face down.

You straddle my back, and say “relax, giving you pleasure is my own.” You begin to work over my back, noticing all of my tense spots, and working them out. Your hands are so strong, and I’m not sure whether your hands or your lips are more talented… it may be a tie. You run your fingertips up and down my back, then lean over and kiss your way down my spine. You make it to the dimples above my butt, and begin to laugh when you discover my tattoo. A small screw, right in the left dimple. I beyoğlu escort also begin to laugh, and say “in the name of alternative medicine, don’t ask.” But now you’re intrigued. You begin to tickle my sides again, and I thrash about, managing to flip over while still under you, and you take advantage by trapping my hands. Then you tell me that it’s time for a little payback, as you lean down to capture a nipple with your mouth. As you suck on my intensely sensitive nipple, my back arches off the bed. You lightly nip it and I moan.

You release one of my hands, which goes directly to your head, keeping your mouth exactly where it is. Your hand moves to my neglected nipple, caressing and gently twisting in between your fingers. I moan in earnest now, as you switch your mouth to my other nipple and release my second hand. You begin move your way downward, and I whimper in protest because what you were doing just felt so good, but you reassure me that what you’re about to do will feel even better. One of your hands caresses my stomach, and works its way into my waistband. You find me well-trimmed, but not bare. I can feel your grin as your mouth continues downward. You kiss every inch of skin that you bare, until I have to lift my hips to remove my shorts. You see that I’m not wearing underwear, and continue downward in earnest. You fling my shorts into an unknown (and forgotten) corner.

You don’t seem disappointed in my less-than-perfect body, but I’m beyond caring. A finger trails down my pelvis, and explores my bare lips as you spread my legs, kneeling between them. I reach up to stop you, but your finger brushes my lips and you say “no, let me, please.” Who am I to refuse? You kiss up and down my legs, avoiding the one place that I desperately need you to touch. Instead of touching, you lightly blow against my hot pussy, making bizimkent escort me squirm. Your hands steady my hips and gently kiss my closed lips. You open them with your tongue, sucking, nibbling, kissing. Your tongue finds my clit and my hips jerk involuntarily. I’m so close, all I need is that perfect touch… and you supply it. You suck lightly on my clit, while one hand reaches up and gently twists my nipple. My back arches and my body shakes as I come. You continue licking my clit until I’m finished, then move up to lay next to me.

You capture my lips with yours, and I can taste myself. No wonder you seemed to enjoy that, I taste wonderful. As I recuperate, my hands travel down your body, finding sensitive (and ticklish!) spots that I exploit unabashedly. You capture my hands and tell me to play nice. My mouth begins to follow the path of my hands, and you release them. You roll onto your back, and I kneel between your legs. I caress your thighs, and kiss your stomach as my hands remove your shorts. It’s quite a task, as your thick, long, and impressively hard cock is in the way. I lean over and kiss the tip of your penis, then lick the head. Your fingers thread through my hair as I lick up and down your shaft. You massage my head as I take you fully into my mouth, and I moan on your cock.

When I come up for air, you meet my eyes. They’re begging me to do it again. I begin to move up and down your shaft, swallowing and humming at different intervals, until I can feel your cock swell. You warn me that you’re coming, and I take your full length into my mouth. Your cum slides down my throat without resistance. I swallow it all, then reach over to the bedside table and take a drink. I lay down next to you, we’re both completely spent. You reach down and pull a sheet over our sweaty bodies, then curve your hand around me, my back to your front. You thank me for the wonderful evening, and the more wonderful surprise just now. I mumble something similar, as I am almost asleep, and the last thing I remember is you turning off the light, then reaching back around me, falling asleep as you cup my breast in your hand, my nose inhaling your amazing scent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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