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I could not help myself. She lay there on her back in her panties and a bra-less t-shirt watching the TV. Her sweet 18 year old legs spread ever so slightly on the couch and her cute little ass enticed me even more. She was my housemate’s little sister visiting to see the university and I knew walking over and talking to her was a bad idea. I knew that there was a good chance that within the hour I’d have her cute little face between my legs enjoying my cunt.

Her name was Becky. She looked up at me, “Hi.” She said in a perky and tempting way.

“Hello,” I said with a smile. I walked over to her and sat on the floor, she was watching Saturday morning cartoons. I knew they had gone out partying last night. I had been out late the previous night and had not been properly introduced. “How do you feel this morning?” I asked trying to look into her eyes and not at her beautiful young body. She rolled half way over and I got the first look of her breasts though the outline of her baby blue t-shirt, they were small and perky. “Horrible” She said with a sigh. I smiled knowing exactly how a first hangover felt and knowing exactly what she needed. “Let me help, sit up.” I said knowing that what I was about to do was a bad idea but she was just too cute and I could already feel wetness between my legs.

I sat her up and sat down behind her and started to massage her shoulders. She did not object and pulled her long black hair to one side to give me better access. After a while she seemed to loosen up a bit to my touch and I knew she felt a little better than before.

“How much did you drink?” I asked.

“Oh I don’t know, way too much I guess.” She moaned.

I moved my body up against hers a little more making sure she could feel my breast against her soft back.

“Feel better?” I asked looking at her soft white neck. I wished I could lean over and kiss it; this is such a bad idea I thought your roommate will kill you. “Yes, I feel much better.” She said moaning lightly.

Hearing her whimper like that I knew I could not stop. We continued like that for a while my hands releasing the strain in her body. I slowly stopped and glided my hands down her back.

“Here lay on my lap,” I said. She looked at me strangely and then laid down on her back with her sweet head on my lap. I felt wetness grow even more between my legs at the thought of her head just inches from my cunt. I massaged her forehead relieving the hangover pain from the night before. She closed her eyes and went into a blissful state. My other hand began to message her arm slowly moving up to her shoulders. With her eyes closed like that I looked over her young body. Her face was rounded and cute. She had a couple of blemishes that made her appear a little younger then she was. Her lips looked soft and her nose was small but wide. Her breasts were small but perky and looked like heaven against her t-shirt. I looked at her legs and thighs, they were strong like a soccer player and her navy blue panties cradled what I knew must be a truly sweet cunt. Taking a long look between her legs I wondered if she was still a virgin or if she had let some cock stain her divine feminine womanhood.

After a minute of letting her relax and of me enjoying the vision of her body I moved my free hand to one of her wonderful little breasts.

Her eyes open in shock, “What are you doing?” She asked.

I continued to stroke her breasts moving between the two, “Helping you feel better.” I said, “I can make you feel much better.”

She sat up quickly, “Oh shit you’re the dyke housemate my sister warned me about… Tessa your name, for some reason I thought you were the other one.”

I wrapped my hands around her from behind pulling her close to me not letting her get away so easily.

“Why did you think that?” I asked rubbing circles around her tummy.

She did not pull away instead was silent for a second then said, “I should not be doing this.”

I ran my hand up her bear leg as I did it I could feel her body shake slightly, “Why not? A minute ago when I was touching you, and you were moaning in pleasure, I can make you feel better than that, trust me.” I slowly ran my hand up her leg and over her panties, when I did this her ass pushed back into me just a little, in curiosity. I pushed a little harder and she slowly pushed back without even realizing it, her body was revealing what she truly wanted, my other hand expertly cupped her sweet breast.

“It is ok” I said, “Just let me make you feel better, think of me more as a doctor, as doctor that will cure your hangover.”

I waited a second and she did not pull away so I quickly slipped my hand into her panties. Her high school muff was soft and her pussy was already a little wet my fingers.

She whimpered, “but… I…” then a pause followed by, “I’m not… Ahhhh wow ahhhh ahhh wow.”

I rubbed her a bit faster feeling the young woman’s sweet wetness fill her precious gift to the world.

“Just relax I know what you need,” porno I whispered into her ear using my free hand to caress her breasts. She did not resist, she only moaned a little bit louder as her body reacted wonderfully to my skilled touch. My hand skillfully gratified her cunt and with each stroke her back pushed further into mine. She slowly spread her legs further as I kissed her neck and moved my wet fingers up to her erect clit. Her body rocked up and down on the couch with mine. It felt so good to have a woman’s body this close to mine again. Her moans became steadier as her body got closer to orgasm. Just before she was about to cum I quickly pulled my hand out of her panties and away from her blossoming cove. Her body fell back into mine and her hands reached between her legs to finish what I had started. I grabbed them both pulling them from her wet aroused cunt.

“No, you can’t do that, not if you are straight. You can’t masturbate in front of another girl.” I said holding her tight and softly blowing on her neck.

I held her close to me letting our bodies touch. “You can’t touch yourself while laying against another girl especially a gay girl like me.”

I moved my head down to her neck kissing it softly, “unless… you are also gay, like me, then I can let your hands go” I pause letting her hormones and mind battle for control for her body. I could feel the confusion seize her, part of her needed to touch herself, but even more of her wanted me to be the one pleasuring her, “better yet if you were a good little lesbian you would only have to ask me to pull your wet panties off and eat out your sweet queer cunt. Being the house dyke I’d do that for you. If you were a lesbian that is what you would want.” Her hand fought mine for just a second more and then they reached back behind her head to mine. Her eyes looked at me for a second, her eyes were a beautiful hazel and her head glittered with a drop or two of sweat.

“What would it feel like if I was a lesbian?” She asked in the sweetest soft whimper. “Please tell me…”

I let go of her hands looked deep into her eyes and said. “You would be getting aroused by my touch, my soft hands running over your lovely body.” I ran my hands up and down her soft skin. “Your nipples would be hard and your cunt wet.” I watched as her tongue instinctively came out of her mouth and moistened her awaiting lips. “And your wet lips would want to kiss me.” I leaned over to her just an inch from her lips rubbing my hand over her body letting her make the final contact between our lips. When her lips touched mine I knew I had completely turned her out. I let her tongue explore my lips as my hand made circles on her belly. When I finally pulled away she was panting for breath.

I smiled turning her body around on the couch to face me. “If you were a lesbian you might be out of breath now.”

She blushed the loveliest shade of red. I smiled about to continue kissing her. Just then I heard the shower go on, someone else in the house was awake. I looked over at the girl, shit I wanted to do so much more with her. She was so pretty and it had been a while since I had gotten laid.

“Someone is up.” She said with a panicked gaze on her face. Even in panic her face was truly lovely.

“Yes but they are still in the shower.” I quickly laid her back on the couch and started to pull off her panties.

“Wait,” she said panicking again, “there if it is my sister there is no time.”

I leaned over and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips.

“It is ok, trust me, I’m not some frat boy, I’m a lesbian woman and I know how to make a girl cum quickly. Your little lesbian body needs it right now. You need it so bad.” Although she looked worried she acted like a good little gay girl and did not resist spreading her legs apart for me and looking at me between her legs. I did not hesitate. She was so wet and my tongue quickly added to her wonderfully natural juices. Her body reacted to my every touch and my tongue quickly explored every part of her gift. Then I found her clit, her body quickly reacted to the pleasure we both knew she needed. It took me only a couple of minutes to bring her to orgasm. As her hips buckled and her juices flowed into my mouth I was glad that no one in our house took short showers. I reluctantly pulled away from her beautiful pussy. I wanted to show her so much more but there just was not time.

She lay on the bed in a dazed state, “that… that was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt.”

I looked at her body just for a moment, naked from the waist down legs spread apart in lesbian lust; it was a lovely sight even if only for a moment. “Quick put your panties on and act like I was never here.” I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “Find a way to stay home tonight and I’ll show you how much better things are when we have time.” I kissed her again hearing the shower stop, “You’re a lesbian and if you let me tonight I will show you what that truly means, your body has only begun to know pleasure and anime porno desire. I want to show you everything.” She watched me as I quickly ran out the door her scent still on my lips and the image of her perfection still in my head.

I went to the local coffee shop and got a cup of my favorite brew and a bagel. I sat in a corner horny as hell my lips still could taste her. As I slowly sipped the black liquid and I watched every woman that went in to the shop. There were a couple of cute ones but none of them were quite as lovely as Becky. I tried not to think of the way that her breast had felt though her shirt or the taste of her sweet cunt. I took another quick sip and ate a bite of my bagel. Just then the door opened and my ex-girlfriend Eve walked in. She was a real bitch; she basically led me on, fucked me like crazy for about a month and then dumped me for a new girl. I had not had a real long-term relationship since her. She was with another girl, undoubtedly her newest conquest. The girl was really cute though. She had shoulder length light blond hair and a pride t-shirts on the with the two bathroom symbol girls holding hands. She was short just as Eve liked them and had a really nice small frame. Eve really liked seducing straight girls and then dyking them out as much as possible. I think this girl was one of them because I saw her with a boy my freshman year. I must admit her exploits rubbed off on me a bit, but I never led girls on or lied to them about how I felt about them and I never ever cheated on them. I felt bad for this girl, I knew right now she was happier then she had ever been, that her body felt wonderful every single night but that Eve would break her heart. I think her name was Jackie. I tried not to look at them as they got coffee and food. Soon they were sitting across from me. I did everything to look away from her; deep down part of me still loved her and lusted over her gorgeous redheaded and freckled body. After a couple of minutes the blond girl got up to go to the restroom. I could not help but watch her cute ass go past me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eve get up and walk over to me.

“Fuck” I though “this is not what I need right now.” She sat down across from me her long red hair falling in her lovely face a little.

“Hello Tessa.” She said with a smile.

“Hello Eve.” I said trying to be as hostile as possible.

“How are you doing?” She said reaching for my hand. I pulled away, damn it a minute ago I was the one in charge now I was almost shivering because of this girl. She had hurt me so.

“Fine” I said, “Just fine.” I tried to look away but my eyes betrayed me and strayed to her breasts. I usually like smaller breasts but hers were so soft and alluring. Her hand reached down and she unbuttoned the first two buttons on her blouse allowing me to see more of the breasts I once knew so well.

“They are the same ones you remember,” She said with a grin of pure evil. “Fuck you Eve,” I said pissed off; I never wanted anything to do with this girl ever again. “What the hell do you want?”

I felt one of her feet touch mine, I again pulled back. As she talked I tried not to look at her moist full lips, the talented lips that had known me in the most immanent ways, “I want you to come home with me right now. I want you to be part of a three-some with Jackie and me. I want her to know what it is like to be with two girls at once. I also want to watch her as she eats out another girl. I was going to ask someone else but you look like you need it more.”

I looked away when we were together Eve had always tried to get me into a threesome but I did not want to be with another girl, I just wanted her. “I saw the way you looked at her as she walked by. She is hot and in the last two weeks she has learned a lot.”

I tried to block it out of my mind. Jackie was really beautiful and more than that Eve still held a power over me after all this time. She leaned over to me this time whispering.

“Think about spreading her legs apart to reveal her perfect bush and below it her pink swollen lips. She needs you Tessa; I need you to help us both.”

Damn I was all wet thinking about what she had said. She was such a bitch, she just wanted me to fuck this girl for her so she could feel better when she eventually dump her and move on to another girl.

I looked her in the eye and with the small amount of resistance I could muster said, “Fuck you; find some other dyke to do your dirty work.” I stood up and started to walk out. On the way out Jackie came out of the bathroom and looked at me with a smile.

“Are you coming home with us?” She asked. I looked at her my heart still broken and I felt sorry for her.

“Jackie sweetie, Eve…” I halted, “I’m sorry but someday Eve is going to break your heart… and when she does… I’m here if you need me.” I walked out of the shop, Jackie had the most confused look in her eyes and I felt that way inside.

I was not sure where to go. It had already arap porno been such a strange day. I did not want to go home yet so I walked around the mall for a bit. I went into the department store and looked at clothes for a bit. After that I slowly wondered over to the porno shop. It was not a very good one but I always got a kick going in there. The only good things they had was an aisle of oils and candles that smelled very nice. I looked at the lesbian porno, which was mostly crap. It was more for men and not women. Still some of the girls were cute. I also liked to look at the sex toys. It was always funny to me what straight girls would go through to pleasure themselves when all they really needed was another woman between their legs. One of the dildos was particularly ribbed; I thought it was kind of sick in a funny way.

I jumped a bit when I heard, “Can I help you?” I looked to my left and the sales woman was there.

“Oh no I’m just looking,” I said a little embarrassed.

“I like this one.” She said reaching out to take a large pink one off the shelf. She was a Goth, wearing black leather and chains. She did not have any visible piercings though.

“It really does the job when he is done; I use it all the time with my boyfriend, he gets a kick out of putting inside of me and watching me cum.” At one time I would have been shocked but I’d been in sex shops before and the clerks usually liked to mess with customers to get a reacting and ultimately a sale.

I smiled going a step further then she had. “Actually I don’t use dildos.”

“Oh,” She said, “You enjoy the feeling of a real cock between your legs.”

I laughed a bit looking her in her blue eyes, “Actually the only thing I like between my legs is a girls wet lips sucking on my cunt. Or maybe her fingers inside of me” I smiled again, “It feels much better than any piece of plastic or a stupid cock.”

Instead of backing down she countered, “Even talented lips get tired my vibrator has a battery that lasts for hours.”

We both laughed, “to each their own,” I said walking out of the store. I went into one more store and then walked out of the mall.

I looked at my watch it was almost noon and I figured it was safe to return home. When I walked in I was glad to see no one was home. I did not want the awkwardness of being around Becky and her sister. I opened my room and walked into my room locking the door behind me. I pulled off my jeans and my panties; they were pretty nasty from everything. I threw them both in my clothes hamper. I also took off my shirt and bra throwing them also into the hamper. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was 22 years old with a farmers tan. My curly black hair played games on my shoulder. I looked down at my curly black muff. I slowly traced circles from my breasts to my tummy then closed my eyes and Eve popped into my mind. I opened them again, damn it. I walked over to my bed and sat down. Looking at my pillow I saw a hand written note on it.

“Dear Tessa, I convinced my sister to go out without me tonight. The funny thing is that I had to promise to stay away from you. I think she thinks you’re going to try to make me a lesbian, but it is too late your all I can think about. I need you so much. I cannot wait.

Yours, Becky.

P.S. Thank you.”

I took the letter and read it twice. I laid down on my bed and reached my hand between my legs knowing I would not be alone to night. Thoughts of sweet Becky and not Eve danced in my head.

I took a shower, made up my room and made myself lunch. At first I thought about putting on my only dress, but I decided on jeans and a t-shirt. I wanted her to take time un-wrapping her gift and give it a little mystery. I sat and watched TV for what felt like forever. But promptly at five Becky walked in the door. She childishly ran to the window and watched her older sister drive off. I watched her body as it leaned over for a better look out the window she was so beautiful. She turned around and looked at me. She smiled an innocent but lustful grin.

“Come here and sit.” I said watching as her perfect body walked over. She sat beside me and her hands reached out for me.

“Wait just a second.” I said looking into her eyes and soul, “You need to know that this is just for tonight, I want to help you explore your feelings and become a woman but after tonight you have to go home and find another woman to make love to.”

I reached out and took her hand it was almost shaking with desire. “But tonight I will make special for you, after tonight you will understand what you have always needed sexually and you will go home knowing exactly what every woman needs. Do you understand?”

She looked directly at me those eyes penetrating my soul, “I understand that today I realized that I have always liked girls. When we went shopping I checked out all the girls at the mall, I looked at their bodies and felt myself get wet.”

I leaned closer to her, “What you are feeling is natural.” I said. She looked at me for a long time in silence, “If it is only for tonight I want you to show me everything, I want you to make me feel like I did this morning.” Her hands reached out and touched my shoulders, “Make me feel like a real good again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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