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My name is Mark Foster. My mom, Janelle, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My dad left us a couple of years ago, and but for a monthly support check we never hear from him. He moved to California with his twenty-something secretary after divorcing my mom. Mom works at an insurance office. Her salary and Dad’s check don’t leave us well off, but we’re not hurting. Since Dad left, Mom and I have grown to depend on each other. We have a great relationship, sharing responsibilities and chores around the house. I have never really considered her in a sexual manner until the day fate intervened.

I should give you a picture of us. I’m your average18 year old senior in high school, 5 foot, 9 inches, 160 pounds. I’m not what you would call a real hunk, but I won’t scare the little kids either. I play defense on the high school soccer team. I have had a few dates, but other than a little necking and touching, I have not had much luck with girls. Mom, on the other hand, is hot. She is about five foot, four, 125 pounds, with medium length brown hair. Since Dad left her, she has gone out on a few dates, but nothing serious. I have never given much consideration to her sex life, but I don’t think she has had sex with anyone since Dad left.

Everything, but my sex life, was going great until that fateful day. I should start with the events on the day before. The day was Thursday. It was a Thursday just like any other Thursday. I woke up that morning to the smell of breakfast, took a quick shower and walked into the kitchen. Mom was just finishing up a batch of pancakes. I walked up to her and gave her a big hug just like I did every morning. I was standing behind her with my arms around her waist. I could feel the bottom of her breasts on my arms. I don’t know what got into me, but all of a sudden I started thinking of how sexy my mother was. Before I knew it my cock was trying to push through my jeans. Of course my cock was pressed against my mother’s ass. I kissed her on the cheek and she looked at me kind of funny, but didn’t say anything. I quickly sat down at the breakfast table trying to hide my hard on. After breakfast I left for school. Mom hollered after me to come right home after soccer practice.

School was basically uneventful. I tried to get a date with Ashley for Friday night, but she had some lame excuse about family obligations. Soccer practice was great. We were getting ready for a big cross city rivalry game to be played on Friday. I got home about 4:30 and saw the note Mom had left for me to start dinner. Dinner was chicken and rice. I started browning the chicken and cooking the rice. Mom got home a little after 5:30 and we sat down to dinner. She asked about my day and we made small talk. She wanted to know if I had any homework, but I told her I had finished it in study hall. Then she said she had brought home a movie and wanted to know if I would watch it with her.

Now Mom likes these mushy movies and as soon as she said she had a movie she wanted to watch with me I got suspicious. I said, “Mom, what kind of movie did you get? It’s not one of those romance flicks, is it?”

She kind of avoided my question by saying, “It’s about this lawyer that gets shot in the head and gets amnesia.” She wouldn’t go into more details. I tried to beg off, but she insisted I watch it with her.

We got the dishes cleared and washed and went into the family room. Mom sat down on the couch and patted a spot on the couch next to her for me. I sat down in the spot indicated and she started the movie. The name of the movie was “Regarding Henry.” It was not a movie that held a lot of interest for me, but one phrase caught my attention. The attorney, Harrison Ford, is going through physical therapy after being shot. His therapist is wheeling him down the hall in a wheel chair when a good looking nurse walks by going the other direction. The therapist leans over and tells Harrison Ford, “I have got to get me some of that.” That phrase summed up my nonexistent sex life to a tee. I have got to get me some of that.

Mom had no clue what was going through my mind. She was just enjoying the movie sitting next to her favorite son. The movie ended and we went up to our bedrooms. I pulled out a couple of Penthouse magazines and did my usual nightly routine of jacking off dreaming of sex to come.

Next morning. Friday morning. The BIG day. The big day, but I hadn’t yet an inkling of the events that were about to transpire. I got up and went into the kitchen for breakfast. Mom was standing at the counter waiting for the toast to pop up. I reached around her and gave her a big hug. For some reason my cock was already hard and as I hugged her I sort of ground my cock into her ass. It felt like she wiggled her ass on my cock, but it could have been wishful thinking on my part. When I broke away, I kissed her on the cheek. Her face looked a little flushed and I quickly sat down, once again trying to cover up my hard on.

Breakfast was cereal, toast, and juice which I hastily ate before running out the back door şişli escort to go to school. Mom yelled bye, telling me she was going to take a quick shower and leave for work. I reminded her of the big soccer game that night and she said she would get there just as soon as she could, but with work she would probably miss the start.

I hadn’t gotten but a few blocks and I remembered I had left my science paper that was due today laying on the desk in my bedroom. I ran in the back door. Mom wasn’t in the kitchen. I assumed she was in her bathroom taking a shower. I went into my bedroom to get the science paper and decided I needed to take a leak. My bathroom was just across the hall. The bathroom door was closed. Not giving it a second thought, I just opened the door and walked right in. I hadn’t taken two steps when I came to a halt as if stopped by a truck. There stood my Mom with not a stitch of clothing on. The gods were smiling at me, the stars were in alignment and whatever winds of fate there were blew most fortunately in my direction.

Unbeknownst to me, when Mom had gone into her bathroom to take a shower, she had slipped, and in doing so had grabbed on to the shower curtain to stop her fall. This promptly ripped the shower curtain off the curtain rod. With no shower curtain to prevent water splashing all over her bathroom, she decided to use my shower instead. Since I had already left for school, she had walked naked from her bathroom to mine and was just getting ready to get in the shower when I walked in.

When she heard the door open she turned around to see what was going on. Upon seeing me, she squeaked and promptly threw her hands over her tits, then over her pussy, back over her tits and finally tried to cover her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other. Mom started hollering at me to get out. For the life of me, all I could do was stand there and stare. As I stood there, it dawned on me that this was probably an opportunity of a lifetime. Mom had stopped yelling and was just standing there trying to cover the important parts. She finally dropped her hands to her sides and asked, “Now that you have seen me in all my glory, how do I look for a forty-one year old mother?” My mouth was drier than the Sahara. I couldn’t get two words out if my life depended on it. So I didn’t answer her, but quietly stepped forward and took both of her hands in mine. I looked her up and down amazed at the view spread out before me. Her breasts were beautiful; full with hardly any sag, areoles a dusty pink the size of silver dollars, nipples sticking out like pencil erasers. Below her breasts her tummy was flat with no more than a small pouch. Continuing south from her tummy was the promised land, that place I had emerged from eighteen years ago. Her pussy was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. She trimmed her pussy hair so that there was a fairly small tuft of soft brown hair directly above her slit. Everything else around that tuft and the entire length of her slit was shaved smooth. Her clit peeked cautiously out from the top of her slit. I slowly twirled her around and got a look at her fabulous ass. Mom quietly accepted all this. After turning her around, I slowly leaned in and kissed her lips. It was a soft kiss, her lips as smooth as butter. After kissing her I looked her up and down one more time and croaked, “Damn, I have got to get me some of that.” I let go of her hands, turned around and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

School went by in a daze. I couldn’t get the picture of my naked Mom out of my mind. In literature class Mrs. Dobson called me out of my daze to answer a question. For the life of me I had no idea what she was asking. Of course everyone in the class laughed at me. Mrs. Dobson had me stay after class and gave me an additional reading assignment. The other classes went by in an equal fog. Thankfully my lack of attention was not noticed by anyone else.

After school I went to the locker rooms to change for the big game. This was the BIG GAME of the season. Blue Ridge High (my high school) and South Central were mortal enemies in everything from girls’ dance to football. And although soccer was not the most popular sport, we were expected to put everything into beating South Central. The stands would be packed not only with our fans, but with many fans from our opponent. Beating South Central would be the pinnacle of our season. Of course South Central felt the same way about beating Blue Ridge High.

Coach called us out to the field for warm ups and the ultimate of pep talks. I still had one naked mother on my mind and so the pep talk just kind of whizzed by me, but I’m sure coach had a good one. In warm ups I kept making mistakes. Coach even pulled me aside and told me to get my head in the game or he was going to bench me.

The game was about to start. I was starting at the left defensive back. I kept looking to the stands trying to see my mother. I knew she would probably be late, but somehow, after the incident this morning, beşiktaş escort I just couldn’t wait to see her again. The referee blew his whistle to start the game and still she hadn’t showed up.

Play moved up and down the field with neither team doing much more than feeling out the opposition. A couple of times the ball came to my side of the field and I handled my defensive duties adequately at best. I kept looking to the stands trying to see my mother.

Play continued with South Central bringing the ball down my side of the field once again. In my distracted state I made a terrible mistake and let the South Central player go right by me towards our goal. If not for a spectacular save by our goalie, South Central would have taken the lead. I glanced over at the bench to see coach glaring at me.

Just then I saw Mom walking down the stands. She smiled and waved at me. I determined right then that I was going to show off for my “gal” by playing the best game of my life. I became a terror on the field. Nothing was getting by me. I was all over my side of the field, stealing the ball whenever it came near me and passing it on up to the forwards. The halftime whistle saw the game still even at zero, but Blue Ridge High had had the better opportunities. In fact the only real scoring opportunity for South Central had been my one mistake early on.

The second half started right where the first half had left off. The run of play was definitely in our favor, but yet the score still remained tied at zero. With only a few minutes left in the game, South Central was pressing down my side of the field. A quick charge on my part allowed me to steal the ball and start a fast break going the other direction. I passed the ball off to Steve in the midfield while continuing my overlapping run down the sidelines. Steve passed the ball back to me on the give and go. I had one South Central defender to beat. A fake to the outside with a quick move to the inside left the defender wondering what happened and me one-on-one with the goalie. A strong shot past the goalie’s outstretched hands found the back of the net and brought the house down. The fans went wild, my teammates mobbed me and all I could think of was I had done it for Mom.

A few minutes later the referee blew his whistle bringing the game to a close. Several of my teammates wanted to party after the game. Even Ashley decided that her “family obligations” were not so pressing and she would really like to go out with me, but I turned them all down. I couldn’t wait to get home to Mom. As I was running out of the locker room, coach shouted, “Good game, Mark!” I kind of waved my hand at him and kept running.

Mom was waiting for me in the parking lot. I got into the car and Mom was telling me how proud she was of me and the way I had played. As I sat down in the car I reached over to give her a kiss. As I was about to kiss her lips…the lips I had kissed so gently this morning…she turned her head, and I ended up kissing her cheek instead. I was disappointed, but didn’t let it get me down. All the way home Mom just kept gushing about what a wonderful soccer game I had played. I kept smiling at her, but her chatter was barely registering. My thoughts were on other things.

Mom pulled the car into the garage. We got out and I followed Mom into the house closing the garage door behind me. Mom proceeded through the kitchen telling me to order a pizza while she went upstairs to change.

I really hadn’t thought things through. Somehow I had envisioned that we would get home, strip, jump into each other’s arms, maybe make it to the bedroom, but if not the kitchen table, the floor, or the couch would do just fine. Then, “Para Bem, Para Boom” a few minutes later I would be a virgin no more. A marching band would then march through the streets proclaiming to all my virile accomplishments. As my Mom walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs it felt like I had just had a bucket of cold water thrown in my face dashing all my hopes, my “Para Bem, Para Boom”, and my marching band to smithereens. And the worse part about it was that my virginity was still intact, hanging around my neck like a millstone ready to drag me to the depths of despair.

I ordered a pizza as if on auto pilot then went to my room to think. Lesson number one learned was don’t enumerate your juvenile poultry before their period of incubation had come to pass (don’t count your chicks before they are hatched). As I sat on my bed thinking about Mom; how beautiful and sexy she is, yet at the same time how unattainable her charms might be, it came to me that if I was going to have any chance of achieving what had now become my ultimate quest, I would have to develop a game plan. Mom could not be conquered by simply walking up to her, pulling out my cock and saying, “Let’s fuck!” Lesson number two was that Mom would have to be seduced into wanting to fuck me… no, make that… making love to me as much as I wanted to make love to her. From her reaction when I walked in taksim escort on her this morning, I felt that she desperately needed to get laid, but would she consider having sex with me. Somehow I would have to overcome her moral reluctance at the taboo of fucking her own son. It was like a light switch being turned on in my brain. My mission, if I chose to accept it, was to seduce my mother. And boy did I choose to accept it. The prize would be worth all the effort in the world.

I sat there trying to come up with ideas on how to succeed with my mission. A few came to mind. I took out a notebook and jotted down a short list.

1)Be more helpful around the house 2)Clean my room 3)Mow and trim the yard 4)Clean the garage 5)Hug and kiss her at every opportunity 6)Watch romantic movies with her and be sure to snuggle close on the couch 7)Offer to give her a back rub, foot rub, or massage 8)Run her a hot bath, complete with candles and soft music 9)Take her to a nice restaurant, make it a dress up date 10)Buy her flowers, candy, a gift

I studied my list. All these were nice, but lame. Many of them I already did to one degree or another. They didn’t begin to show the depth of my love for my Mother. I needed something with more pizzazz, something that would get her so hot that she would have sex with me in spite of me being her son. No, that wasn’t quite right either. I needed to get her so hot for ME that undomesticated equines (wild horses) couldn’t keep her from jumping my bones.

I wadded up my list and threw it in the trash can. It wasn’t that I gave up on those ideas. After all, abstention from a speculatory undertaking precludes its attainment (nothing ventured, nothing gained). No, I would use every one of them as the situation presented itself, but I needed to get her sexually excited. If I could remind her of how sexually frustrated she has been over the last couple of years and combine that with her natural motherly instinct to help her son, I might just succeed in throwing off the chains of my virginity.

About that time I heard the doorbell ring. Mom hollered up at me that the pizza was here. “Come and get it while it’s still hot,” she yelled. I left my room with a smile on my face and a plan in my heart. Mom didn’t know it yet, but it wouldn’t be long before she made a man out of me.

Mom paid the pizza delivery kid and brought the pizza into the kitchen. I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabbed her around the waist as she set the pizza down on the kitchen table. I twirled her around, pulling her into a heartfelt embrace. Her tits were mashed against my chest. I quickly ducked my head and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She brought her hands up placing them on my chest and pushed me back a little. “Whoa there tiger. Let’s reign in those horses a little so we can eat our pizza before it gets cold,” she said.

“But I love you Mom. You’re my favorite girl. Can’t I give my favorite girl a little hug and a kiss?” I replied. “Besides, I need to reward you for the inspiration you gave me today. Before you got to the soccer game coach was about ready to bench me. You saw how well I played after you got there. I was showing off for you, Mom.”

“Well, you did play well, and maybe the conquering hero does deserve a kiss, she said. She reached up a pecked me on the lips. “Now, sit down and eat your pizza,” she continued as she pushed me away.

I grabbed a Pepsi from the frig for each of us and sat down across the table from her. The pizza could have been gourmet or tasted like cardboard. I don’t have any idea. I ate my pizza all the while staring at my mother. She was beautiful. She had changed into short sleeved blouse and a pair of capri pants. The blouse was not low cut, but she sure filled it out nicely. I kept envisioning the picture of her from this morning; that picture that would forever be branded on my mind. It was as if she were sitting there with no clothes. I could clearly see her in my mind; those breasts proudly pointing their tips at me, that pussy crowned with that little brown patch.

“Earth to Mark, Earth to Mark. What’s gotten into you? Why do you keep staring at me?” she asked.

The vision in my mind was instantly shattered into a million pieces. I blushed deeply and somehow stammered, “Mom you’re beautiful. Can’t I admire my beautiful Mom?”

Now it was Mom’s turn to blush. “How come you all of a sudden notice your beautiful Mom?” she asked. She paused for a second and then added, “Could it have something to do with the events of this morning?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. I took a few moments to think carefully through my options. Mom probably took my lack of response for embarrassment on my part, but she was wrong. How could I answer her in a manner that would get her to realize how much I desired her? Now that the elephant was out in the open we couldn’t keep pretending he wasn’t there. I decided that a bold, truthful approach would be best. Mom needed to know exactly what seeing her this morning had done to me. “Mom, there is no getting around that seeing you this morning…seeing you naked this morning has been the most exciting thing to ever happen to me.” I finally replied. “I am hopelessly smitten with you. I love you so much and not just as your son.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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