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My torso is supported by three pillows as I stand at the foot of my mother’s bed. There is about 2 foot to the wall that allows a support for my feet to push against. I have my cock inserted into an antique, thick glassed, three-cent milk bottle. My neck is in a crimp as I strain a bit to watch my cock stroking into the bottle. The opening in the bottle is rolled slightly thicker, not tight, nor, is it too loose. At 9″ tall, my cock 6″ for me, it is perfect! I discovered it one day among my mother’s antiques. I was in need of something new, more real, and being thick glassed, not easily broken, I thought I’d give it a try.

It is summer and I am out of school and bored to death. I often sit at one of the two windows in my mother’s bedroom overlooking the main street of the town and watch women. I have Playboy and Penthouse and have watched a few VHS XXX-rated movies, but have not had the pleasure of a real pussy up close and personal. By the way, I am halfway through the 19th year and I’m horny all the time.

As I fuck this bottle, today, being aroused by watching the women on the street, my mind reels an assortment of scenarios through my head. I have been turned on by an older mature woman instead one of the younger girls nearer my age.

There are thousands of scenarios that I have fantasized about at one time or another, but for the last few months one thing is certain. In those long moments before ejaculation, I will remove her panties or she will remove them in a lustful desire to be or have me between her legs. She will always guide me my cock, a testament to her willingness to couple, and we will begin a lustful, frantic fuck. When I ejaculate, she will always orgasm too, her soulful moan like a stricken animal.

The scenarios, the women, the faces, the pussies always vary, but one thing never changes. In the moments prior to my cock erupting, the pussy, the belly I fill is my mother’s. It is so now as my belly contracts and my cock jerks repeatedly, me, seeing the ejaculate squirt from the tip of my cock, collecting in the bottom of the bottle.


As I often do, I sit staring at the TV stroking my cock and pondering why my mother takes hold of my mind at the moment of ejaculation. Until the last year and a half, we had been estranged and separated by over 400 miles for more than eight years. Just weeks before my 18th birthday, she had asked me if I wanted to come live with her. Not at all happy with my situation I jumped at the opportunity for a new life.

She is not a sensuous type of woman. She is not especially pretty of face, but her legs are shapely and her ass appealing, having a nice sway when she walks. Her overall statue shows she is a proud woman. She does not view the opposite sex in a positive light.

In the short time we have been together, I never once thought of her sexually. Then, two things occurred. One Saturday morning, she asked me to close my eyes while she ran through the living room without her bra on. She had covered her bare tits with her arms, but I peeked and got a good look, but got caught. She cursed me and accused me of being like every other man and expressed that she expected more out of me. The other was discovering a VHS tape in the headboard of her bed.

The tape revealed mother and her close friend Eve and pretty much confirmed what I suspected. On a stage, in front of a small, all female group, Mother and Eve stood holding hands. Dressed alike in straight, black skirts and white, long-sleeve blouses they began a lengthy, sensuous performance of stripping each other as the cam circled them. Then, when nude, the from-floor angled cam circled as the pair slowly explored and fondled the others feminine attributes. I saw and studied the abundant pussy, ass and tits, from every perspective, comparing both, they, curiously equal in all categories. Except for Eve’s coal black hair both pussies touted thick-lipped labia, their coloring dark grayish-pink. I deem mother’s pussy, with strawberry-blonde trim the more desirable. Prejudice, I suppose.

From that moment, I began to see her in a different light and began to sexually fantasize about her, not having foreplay or lengthy intercourse, but at the moments leading to orgasm – removal of panties, she placing my cock to her, now, very vivid pussy, penetration and mutual orgasm. I now had an intense desire to view her naked, up close and personal. I wanted to reclaim her from Eve, certain that sex, intercourse with her, was the way to do it.


My cock is firm again… rock hard, really. I try to envision what her naked body would feel like. Her ass is well formed and pronounced. I know her breasts are ample, her nipples large – unlike Eve’s. She was younger in the tape. Is her bush still thick at 41 years? I have seen shaved pussy’s on-screen and in magazines. I prefer a good bush… does Eve? I’d fuck Eve if given a chance! How, in what positions, does mother like to fuck? Like me, does she ever masturbate? How? When was the last time she fucked a man?

My mind changes and dwells on her body. She goes out to the local bars with Eve, I know, but sometimes alone. She sometimes comes home slightly intoxicated. If only she would come home really drunk… enough to pass out… I could then view her pussy up close. But does she give her favors to anyone else if she is out alone? A man perhaps? She never seems to be gone long enough and she always brags how she berates any man that tries to pick her up.


My damn ceiling over my bed is soaking wet, I found today. Seems that the apartment upstairs or the pipes between the floors are leaking.


The super just informed us that the ceiling is going to have to be demolished and refurbished. It’s going to take two weeks. I hate sleeping on the sofa but it appears like that’s going to be my lot in life. And how am I going to masturbate with workmen in the apartment.


I’m fucking my bottle. Minutes ago, I saw a really nice older woman walking across the street. She was dressed in a gray suit w/straight skirt, pink blouse and black high heels… a real silver-haired beauty. Her walk was magnificent and made by cock rock hard. The adage, you can feel being watched, must be true, as she glances back and up, searching the windows. I want to have her naked, on her back with her legs wide, but I’m having trouble concentrating.

Earlier, mother informed me that her king-size bed is big enough for the both of us and there is no need for me to sleep on the sofa. She has warned me that I must keep to my side of the bed and close to the wall. I wonder why she felt it necessary to state that?

There is no need to watch the bottle today… to see my cum shoot into the bottle. I tune out the woman on the street and try hard to imagine being in bed with mother. What will she be wearing before I undress her – removing her panties – pulling them down off her hips. I jab a her beefy pussy It’s not working! I push my cock deep into the silver-haired woman from the street. I know, from reading and watching movies, not to fuck a woman like a non-feeling jerk. Sensuous, is the way to have a lasting relationship. Show her warmth and that you care about her sexual happiness. Mother would appreciate that… bringing her to orgasm slowly and always… first.

The bottle is good! Will I be brave enough to get close to mom while she sleeps. She will be warm no doubt! Where must I touch her, feel her, so she will not curse me if I get caught? Will she ban me from the bed? No, she won’t! When I get my hand on her pussy, she will melt like butter. She will grab my cock! She will jerk on it and beg for it. But, her panties are still on! They have to come off! I am stripping her panties off! Her ass is in the air in her effort to assist. She kicks them off and I quickly get between her legs! She grabs my cock and places it to her… her pussy… her thick bushed, fuck-hole… I’m in her. “AAaagggggg FUCKKKkkk!” She is coming too


I’m in bed with her, now. Me, just laying down, having continued to watch TV and stroke my cock. She’d been in bed for two hours and sleeping like a log, as I did not break her breathing entering the bed. I did not wake her up and I lay staring at the ceiling, then, her back… her curvy hips under the covers. The bedroom is bathed in the greenish yellow tent from the many streetlights that line the busy street below. Because I watch TV late into the night, sometimes to the wee hours of morning, I know mom is a sound sleeper, hearing her soft snoring and dream induced muttering. The only thing separating the two rooms is a small bookcase at the head of her bed, separating bedroom from living-room

Squeezing my cock through my briefs is not enough, so I release it. I can feel my body’s slight tremor. I am driven to try to touch her. I roll to the left slowly. I pause. Then, my right hand creeps across the bed like a small spider, then, I lift it and place it on her right buttock. Her breathing, which I monitor, becomes silent. I dare not move, or remove, my hand! I know she still sleeps but any movement might wake her. I wait until I hear her breathing again, indicating she is again in deep sleep.

I finger walk my hand over her upper buttock, stopping to enjoy the feeling and knowledge of touching her ass. Successful, and hearing her continuous breathing, I scoot my body until I am within inches of hers, spooning her contour. I now explore her right thigh as far as I can reach. Retreating, I palm her ass and lay still.


I am awakened by my mother’s exit from the bed. I see her turn. Apparently noting my close proximity, she shakes her head with a disapproving look on her face. Later, as I sit eating the light breakfast she has prepared for me, she quizzes me, wanting to know did I get cold last night? I ask her why. She replies that I was pressed up against her earlier. I suggest, that yes, I must have gotten chilled and boldly add that her kızlık bozma porno body is like a small furnace. It makes her chuckle.

That night I go directly to sleep… not pushing my luck. The next night I push the envelope running the edge of my hand up the crack of her panty- covered ass. As I explore, her breathing becomes quiet numerous times causing me to freeze – numerous times… persistent like.


It’s a Saturday night and it has been weeks since my mother has done the bar scene. She usually spent early evenings, four days a week, with Eve, leaving me alone more than I like, she, returning home near mid-night. Tonight she is at Eve’s house, probably eating each others pussy, Angry, I have jerked-off twice but it has helped little.

My angry fades instantly when she does appear. She seems a bit more intoxicated than usual. She speaks to me from the foot of the bed as she changes into her sleeping gown. I sit just the other side of the bookcase that acts as a screen. I learn she has had a spat with Eve and I figure that this night could be interesting. She says good night. I continued to watch TV, soon pulling my cock free. It is still sensitive and I toy with it until I hear her heavy breathing.

To test the waters, I do not try to ease into the bed, actually making an effort to wake her. She is out like the proverbial light. With my erection free, I maneuver close behind her and began stroking her back with open palm. Without any warning and, I figure, lucky for me, I hear her mutter, “that feels good.”. I freeze and my body tenses… my cock deflates. “Un un, don’t stop.” I hear.

I renew the back rub. I alternate the pressure on various parts of her back and shoulders causing her to moan occasionally. I seek the places that make her moan and fantasize that it is my cock stroking inside of her that is causing her to moan. I soon hear her breathing heavily. She is asleep and I continue to alternate the pressure, again trying to wake her, but she remains in slumber. I extend my exploration, giving her ass and thighs a thorough massage with the occasional squeezes. I become brazen and reach to cup her right breast, but I am not brave enough to massage it, or, to thumb her nipple. The night has been fruitful! I finally go to the bathroom to jerk-off one more time..

It’s Sunday morning, I am again enjoying mom’s cooking. I wonder if she fucks as good as she cooks. Having not showered yet, she wears the same thigh length sleeping shirt. Last night, when I molested her breast, I now wish I had gone up under that shirt. With her back to me I can see her panties and the shape of her ass and the back of her smooth thighs. She is bra-less. I ponder her bush.

“I slept like a stone last night.” She tells me and I wonder if she is gaming me.”

“You don’t remember?” I ask, challenging her.

“Remember? Remember what.”

“When I came to bed, you asked me to give you a back rub.” I reply, coloring my answer a bit. “Maybe that is why you slept so well.”

“I must have drank more than I should have. I ASKED you to give me a back rub!”



I thought the day would never pass. It’s finally bedtime for mom, I decide to go to bed the same time and I ask if she would like a back rub. She agrees. Keeping the expected distance, with my arm outstretched, I rub her back as best I can until she suggests I come a bit closer. It take a bit longer, but she is soon asleep, given the firm rubbing and squeezing strength I am giving her. Tonight, I give her ass only a loving pat good night.


Two weeks progress and more often than not she accepts the back rub I offer almost every night. I do not push my luck except the night she comes home slightly more intoxicated then last. That night, I had a grand old time feeling mother up, even palming her panty protected pussy, she, as before, not remembering a thing the next morning.

That instance, makes me even more brave and brazen. I masturbate at every opportunity during the day. Another reason, is that my bedroom had been refurbished but she has not mentioned me going back to my bed. Possibly, because my bed is in need of a new mattress and she has repeatedly put it off.

Last Tuesday evening, as she left the bathroom heading for bed, I asked her if she wanted a back rub. She answered that it would be nice, if I did not mind. I joined her in bed.

Lying close to her, without asking or being directed, spooning with her but keeping my erection from touching her, I began to rub her back. Long minutes into the rub, she suggested I go under her nightshirt. Touching her bare skin with her knowledge made my cock strain. Like I said, I was becoming brave and brazen. My fingers stroked over the side of her right breast. She said nothing. My fingers were soon coming within close proximity to her nipple. Still she remained quiet.

“I need to pee.” She said, aggravation in her tone. “Don’t move. I will be back in a jiffy.”

As köylü porno I had mentioned earlier, the room was far from dark. As I lifted the covers for her to enter the bed the nightshirt hiked up and I saw she had removed her panties. My mind reels with possibilities. Jostling to her side and backwards my stiff cock came to rest against her butt. She said nothing and she did not move to free herself of the touch. I lay frozen.

“You’re not going to stop, are you, sugar?”

I proceeded with the back rub, again searching for those areas and applying pressure to make her moan. I really felt like I was going to come. If her ass made any movement, I was sure I would. My hand was in the middle of her back when she suggested, “can you go a little lower. My hip has been hurting a little. I hope I am not getting arthritis.”

I was tempted to run the flat of my hand over her buttock to reach her hip, but I lifted by hand to place it, rubbing and squeezing gently.

“Right there.”

I could not help but wonder if she was aware that the head of my cock was against her. I coughed a nervous cough, causing the head of my cock to drop into the crack of her ass and as I jostled forward the shaft went between her legs. Still, she voiced no concern.

“You won’t be upset if I should drift off to sleep?” She queried.

“You usually do.” I replied.

Proceeding with her back rub, occasionally to her bare hip, bracingly dragging my palm over her bare ass, I soon heard her breathing in slumber. A little more massaging and I let my hand wander back to her buttocks, exploring both, before reaching slowly and carefully over her hip to her mound. With two fingers, I pressed into it and found it puffy. I had read that that is a good thing. Exploring, I found her bush to be thick and lavish, as I had hoped, Then, I detected motion, then, her hand seizing mine.

“Un un.” Mom muttered. “You know better than that. That is forbidden territory. I gave you a treat letting you explore, now, go to sleep I have to work tomorrow.”

I did as I was told, but not until I went to the bathroom to pee and jerk off in the sink.


I have been on cloud 9 all day. At supper I sit expecting a reprimand, at least, a scolding. For a short minute, it was going to be much worse than that.

“You need to be here between 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock tomorrow. Your new bed is being delivered. It’s probably a good idea if you go back to your bed.” She said with a stern tone, facing the stove, not turning to look at me. But, I detected a choice in her words.

“Do I really have to?” I asked, knowing I sounded anxious and childish. “Don’t my back rubs help you sleep?”

“Yes. I will miss your back rubs, I suppose. It’s your decision.” She replied, instantly lifting my spirits. “Do you talk to your friends?”

“Of course not!” I assured her, knowing her meaning.

“Then, you decide.” She said, me, again knowing her meaning.

Not this night, but the next night, she allowed a full body massage, with me, straddling her panty-covered buttocks for long minutes. I scoot down as my massage goes lower until I get to her feet, rubbing them thoroughly. I indicate I want her to turn over, which she does. She watches me continue massaging her feet, knees and thighs. Her puffy mound stretches the crotch of her panties tight and I note pubic hair trying to escape.

“We have been separated so long, I suppose you don’t love me as a son loves a mother?”

“I don’t know what that means or how I’m suppose to feel. You’re mom. We are bonded as mom and son, aren’t we? You are more interested in my well being more than dad ever did. I hope you feel safe and comfortable in that knowledge? Do you feel safe with me?”

“I do. As I’m showing it, aren’t I?”

The thigh-length sleeping shirt had ridden up exposing dark blue panties and a bit of belly. Bravely, I kiss her belly before massaging it gently and moving up to her ribs. This time, her hardened nipples are outlined through the shirt, giving me inspiration. I reluctantly ignore them. With my erection visibly straining against my briefs, I straddled her midsection, my knees barely touching her breast. working on her neck and shoulders. I note her look at my crotch.

“You have… are… seeing more of me than sons normally see of their mothers.” She said.

“I have touch you too. I think most sons would appreciate seeing more… and touching… of their mothers. But, I wouldn’t know because I don’t discuss such things.”

I figure it had been near 30 minutes. I slide off to her right side and put my hand on her mound. I expect a rebuke, same as before, but it did not come. She just watches as I begin to massage her mound, playfully pulling lightly the pubic hair trying to escape around the edges. Invitingly, she widens her stance and I palm her crotch, scrubbing softly, before extending my middle finger, pushing it lightly and slowly, defining her labia crack. Instantly, she moans and I figure I must have stroked over her clit. I felt moistness and look to confirm a dark, quarter sized spot on her panties.

“You take a lot for granted, young man.” She breaths. “I think you have guessed that Eve and I are a couple… are intimate. I haven’t been with a man since I met her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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