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I hadn’t heard from Tom since the night he made me his bitch. I felt used, like a high school girl who gave it up to her prom date and doesn’t hear from him again. I didn’t expect flowers, but at least he could call.

This affair with Tom was only beginning. He wasn’t my first, but he definitely was the best so far. I had been laid a few times with a guy I met online. Neither his cock nor his personality measured up to Tom’s, plus he had no sense of humor, just couldn’t appreciate the hilarious aspects of sex. I had to talk him into having intercourse; all he wanted was blowjobs.

There were other dalliances I won’t go into. I don’t recall thinking about any of them afterward, but I found myself constantly thinking about Tom and his super cock.

I wanted that bottle rocket in my bottom pocket.

I got ditzy thinking about the first time we did it. I didn’t recall the details, only the incredible sensations I experienced. It might have been the best sex I ever had. I was thinking about it Thursday night when FINALLY! he called.

“How’s my bitch?” he said when I picked up.

“Who is this?” I said.

“Cute.” He chuckled. “You busy?”

“Yeah. I’m trying to find a cucumber as big as your dick.”

He laughed. “Even cuter. Grease it up good and don’t stretch that tight ass.”

“Where you been?” I said.

“Busier than shit. I’ve been painting my mom’s dining room every night after work. I have to go over tonight to move the furniture back.”

“Oh,” I said. “That’s too bad. I’ve been thinking about you.”

“Yeah? What were you thinking?”

“You know. Like when we’d get together.”

“That sounds horny, buddy.”

“Uh-huh. Really.”

“Yeah.” He was quiet a moment. I could hear him breathing. “How about tomorrow night?” he said.

My heart bumped my ribs. “Really?”

“Yeah. What do you think?”

“I think you should come.”

He paused a moment before saying quietly, as if he didn’t want anyone else to hear, “I wanna come.”

There was nothing to consider. “What time?”

“Between seven and eight.”

“I’ll be lubed and loose,” I said.

Tom laughed. “You just make that up?”

“As far as I know.”

“You gonna kiss my cock?” he whispered.

“I’ll do more than that.”

“You’re making me hard.”

“I’m your bitch,” I said. “That’s my job.”

“I love it when you talk dirty. If you weren’t gay, I’d marry you.”

“Fuck you.”

“No. Fuck you. Tomorrow night.” He hung up.

I guess I wondered if he had been painting for his mother all week. I knew he had a girlfriend (who he never talked about), but I guess she didn’t give him what he needed. I did, so why worry about her?

Friday I couldn’t concentrate at work. I had to read a memo three times before realizing it had nothing to do with me. I’d scope the women wiggling their asses back and forth in the office and wondered what it was like for them to get fucked.

On the way home I stopped at the drugstore and bought two tubes of AstroGlide. The little bitch cashier looked at me like I was a slutty buttfucker. She had no idea.

At home I rinsed, showered, and lubed. I imagined that I was acting like a girl, waiting for her boyfriend, thinking about sex, getting excited. For easy access I put on an old college T-shirt that didn’t quite cover my ass. I liked walking around with my sex parts liberated. It felt raunchy.

Tom was late. At eight o’clock I had a bourbon and water. By eight-thirty I feared he wouldn’t show. I was impatiently anxious, turned on and guilty; various thoughts ran through my head, all trying to get my attention.

I was having Gaziantep Gecelik Escort second thoughts about what I was doing. I asked myself, If it’s wrong why does it feel so right? Some old idea in my head replied, it’s perverted! Homophobia thrives in our culture and some of it has seeped into my head. I put negative thoughts out of my mind and tried to focus on Tom coming to fuck me. I could always feel guilty tomorrow when my ass would be raw.

I was so worked up that when the doorbell rang I ran to the door, and almost spilled my drink.

When I opened the door cool outside air circled my thighs and swirled around my ass. Tom was smiling and his eyes twinkled.

“You’re late,” I said.

“Sorry. You gonna let me in?”

I stood aside to let him pass and closed the door.

He patted my ass. “I like this outfit. Guess you’re in a hurry,” he said. “What’re you drinking?”

“Bourbon. You want some?”

“Hell, yeah.”

We went to the kitchen and I made him a drink and another for me. We sat at the table. He rattled the ice in his glass and tasted the drink. “Mmm, good. So what you been up to?

I wondered why you didn’t call. I was thinking about you.”

“I told you, I had to paint. My mom’s a pain in the neck. She kept checking my work, nit-picking.” He took a gulp of the drink. “I’m glad it’s finished.” He smiled. “What were you thinking?”

“About last time,” I said. “It was good.”

“Yeah, it was. You pissed at me for not calling?” He looked sad, like a kid who drops his ice cream cone.

I stifled a giggle. “No, but you could have called. And you came late and made me wait.”

“Oh, shit! You sound like my girlfriend. I said I was sorry.”

“How is she-you’re girl friend?” I swallowed some bourbon, hoping to soften the buzz between my legs.

“She’s getting bitchy. I’m thinking I should dump her.”

“If that’s what you want, why don’t you?”

“I like the pussy. Make me another one,” he said, pushing his glass at me.

I went to the counter to make drinks. I looked over my shoulder and saw him admiring my ass. I wiggled it and said, “You like pussy better than this?” I was afraid he might say he did.

“They’re different things. You can’t compare them.”

I returned to the table and handed him the drink. “You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to be with a couple. I want to eat pussy while getting fucked.”

“Geez, you really are perverted.” He grinned. “I guess eating pussy makes you bisexual. If you were gay, you’d have a fantasy about sucking cock while you got fucked.”

“I’ve thought about that, too.”

“So, what do you like better, fucking pussy or getting fucked in your ass?”

“You can’t compare them,” I said. We laughed and clinked glasses. The bourbon had fueled my desire.

“Let’s get naked,” I said, with only a little desperation in my voice.

“Yes indeed.”

I led him to the living room. Only the glow from the the kitchen light outlined shapes. Tom took off his clothes. He stretched out on the sofa. I sat beside him on the edge of the cushion and put my trembling hand on his cock.

I had tunnel vision, and his cock was the light at the end. It slowly stirred to life in my hand. It swelled, getting thicker and longer, and made me hotter. My head swam with excitement. I was surprised that touching his cock aroused me so much. As it grew I felt my own cock stiffen.

“God, I forgot how big you are.”

“You can handle it, Phil,” he said, closing his eyes.

I wanted to lean over and take it in mouth, I wanted to swallow it. I tasted the salty tip. I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock in as deep as I could without gagging. I sucked up and down on it and rubbed his balls gently. He squirmed and moaned.

I recalled the last time, when he jammed his cock down my throat and my whole body felt the shock. I wanted to get his cock into my throat again. I sucked him slowly, concentrating my tongue on the head. I took his cock out of my mouth and stroked it. It was slick with spit. I continued the hand job for a moment, then took it in my mouth again.

I sucked him eagerly, getting more excited because I knew he was close. Then I opened wide and got the end of his cock past my tongue into my throat. I moved my head back and forth, slipping it in and out of my throat. I felt like I was going to come.

Ten seconds of that and he was coming. He pumped his hips and hot cum filled my mouth. His cock throbbed and spurted more and more. I swallowed and it went down like a raw oyster.

“Fuck!” he cried in a long sigh.

I swallowed more cum and sucked and licked the last of it off his pulsing cock.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said, in a voice as flinty as sandpaper.

“Give me a minute,” Tom sighed.

We hung there until he recovered, then we gathered up his clothes and headed for my bedroom.

As he followed me up the stairs, I did my best to wiggle my ass. I liked him looking up my T-shirt. I could almost feel the heat of his eyes on my ass.

In the bedroom he stretched out on the bed. I knelt on the floor beside him and fondled his cock. It was still about half-hard, and warm and damp from the blowjob.

“Suck me again,” he said.

I quickly took him in my mouth. He began to moan. When he was fully erect, I nudged him closer to the edge of the bed to get a better angle on it. I bobbed up and down on his cock and a flood of thick spit made it slick and the head slid in easily in and out of my throat. He raised his hips and it went a little deeper. I groaned as my joy buzzer went off. My ass ached for it.

I slowed down and he said, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want you to come now. I want you to come in me.”

“I can come three times.”

“Yeah? I can count on two, I can’t count on three. I’m horny as hell. Let’s do it now. I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“Okay, you slut. Get on top.”

His teasing got me hotter, saying what I wanted to believe. I was a slut. I was dirty, perverted, and promiscuous. Slut and whore rolled into one.

I climbed up on the bed and straddled him. I was lubed and ready. My heart pounded as I guided his cock to my hole; I couldn’t help moaning as it came into me slowly. It felt so good. I had waited all day, all week, really, for that moment.

As my ass opened my tension faded away. He thrust his hips and stabbed his cock through my inny, which wasn’t yet relaxed, and I sobbed as a torrent of aching pleasure lit up every nerve in my body. It sounded very weird, like someone else sobbing.

“You okay?” He kept thrusting slowly.

“Uh-huh. Oh, god . . . fuck me just like that.”

“That’s . . . what . . . I’m . . . doing,” Tom replied, moving in and out of me, deliciously slow, breathtakingly deep. “Still okay?”

“Yeah.” I was moaning, feeling every bit of cock as it slid in and out. I settled down on it until my ass touched his balls. I ignored the slight discomfort and focused on the incredible sensation of his monster filling my ass.

“Oh, it’s so good!” I whelped. It felt like I was suspended at the leading edge of orgasm. I was near to losing my head.

“Let me stand up,” he said, nudging me to get off him. I hated to, but I got up. Tom got up and circled behind me and bent me over the bed. He slipped his cock back in. He put his hands on my shoulders and clamped me to the bed as though he thought I would try to escape.

I wouldn’t. I almost told him to use me however he wanted, but I didn’t. It wasn’t true, and I wasn’t ready to test my limits. It was so great to be fucked, to give up control and submit to the pleasure of his cock prodding me. I stroked my own cock, wanting to come with him.

As he picked up the pace of his thrusts, I could taste cum from the blowjob. I imagined sucking cock while getting fucked would be terrific. That thought and his cock rocketed me into an anal orgasm. It felt unbelievably good.

I’m multi-orgasmic. I don’t mean once a day, or twice a day, I mean five in half an hour. They’re intense, like rising to the first plateau of a shoot-the-load orgasm, only I hang at that level for so long time stands still and I don’t know if it’s three seconds or a minute, and then the muscles in my ass clench powerfully a few times (I’m too far gone to count how many) When the spasms end, I drift back from the ecstatic fog.

My attention came back to his cock. He was poking me three short strokes followed by a deep thrust that drove animal-like grunts out of me.

I felt his cock stiffen. Then Tom was coming and I felt the hot spurts of his cum deep inside. My hard throbbing cock was soaking the bed as I unloaded too. We came together! I don’t know why, but it made me kind of happy.

I stood on my trembling legs and felt his cum and the lube running down my thighs. I cleaned myself with a wad of tissues and handed him some to clean his cock.

We relaxed on the bed. I leaned on my elbow and looked at him. He was on his back with his hands folded behind his head.

After a few moments, Tom said, “How many guys you been with?”

“Counting you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Three,” I lied.

He thought about it a moment. “Counting me? That’s not a lot. You fuck them all?”

“Counting you?” He didn’t smile, just stared at me. “Yeah,” I said, “What’d you think?”

“Hey, don’t get bitchy. I’m just curious.”

“Did you think I was a virgin?”

“Well, yeah, kind of.” He made a dismissive gesture with his hand. “It doesn’t matter.” He stared at the ceiling for a moment, then said, “You’re my first. First guy I fucked, I mean.”

“Yeah, and you loved it.” I stroked his chest. “Was it better than pussy?”

“Maybe. You went nuts, didn’t you?”

“Uh-huh. I did.” I slid my hand down and grabbed his cock. It was half-hard. “What’s this?” I said as I lifted it and squeezed. It felt heavy.

“I told you I could go three times. You want to go again?”

“I don’t know. My ass is sore.” Only thing was, once he offered, the heat rose in me again and I couldn’t refuse. “What the fuck,” I said, “let’s do it.”

He climbed over me and stood by the bed. I grabbed the AstroGlide and slathered his cock. He pushed me back on the bed and raised my legs, rested them on his shoulders.

I felt very feminine and powerless in that position. He leaned forward and rested his hands on the bed, pinning my knees to my chest and came all the way inside me in a long, slow thrust, deeper than I thought possible and I shuddered and moaned.

“Oh, god! Don’t move, just keep it there.” I felt cum oozing out of my soft cock, my ass was spasming. “God, god, god!” I cried.

When my ass stopped clenching he began thrusting. My sore ass was more sensitive, more responsive. He moved slowly at first, and then faster and faster until his thighs were slapping my ass cheeks. The bed rocked. He grunted and groaned, pounded my ass in a furious fucking frenzy to come, driving me so far out of my mind it went blank.

“Oh, yes!” I cried, “Fuck me! Fuck me fuckme fuckme fuckme . . . “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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