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“Daddeee,” moaned Miranda in her high-pitched, disdainful wail, leaning against the door frame of her divorced father’s home office, with her flimsy pink robe barely closed around her so that half of her ample tanned cleavage was on display, “I’m sooo bored — are you busy?”

Evan hardly had to look up from his computer to know exactly what was on his 19 year old daughter’s mind. He knew it even when he heard her footsteps coming down to the basement. Throughout the past month of quarantine, she almost literally never visited him in the basement office unless she needed something. But for the fourth day in a row, she was visiting him — although certainly for something she “needed.”

Her visits were getting earlier, too. It wasn’t even lunchtime yet, a quarter before noon. She couldn’t have been up all that long, and already she was “needy”!

But the sight of his delicious teenager with her long, curly strawberry-blonde hair falling around her petite shoulders, her tanned C-cup boobs half uncovered, and even the scent of a wet vagina already reaching his nose, were strong encouragement to take a break from his emails and spreadsheets.

However, he paused. Rubbing the stubble on his two-day-unshaven chin, the dark-haired man with broad shoulders and tall frame pondered the monster that had been unleashed. From promising each other only a week ago it would be a “one-time thing for sure,” their situation had rapidly devolved into a daily affair, almost an expectation. Yesterday, they’d done it twice, mid-afternoon and then after dinner. Was this getting out of control?

Probably, the horny father mused to himself, gazing across the small room at his beautiful thin daughter’s anxious green eyes, staring back at him with hope he was ready for another round of “mutual relief,” as he’d put it before their first time. With no end in sight to quarantine, and neither of them getting their needs satisfied through regular dating activities, this was undoubtedly becoming a regular thing. She sat around all day with nothing to do but think about the aching between her creamy thighs, sext and Skype with guys and men, and try to satisfy herself. He grew increasing frustrated with the merger of his work life and home life, unable to refuel himself with attention from his daughter’s friend he’d been dating a few months. Now that they had started using each other to relieve their aching, he could feel as guilty as he wanted for crossing this entirely improper line, but it was going to happen again and again.

And, oh yeah, he could not stop but think, it was fucking amazing sex.

“Shit, Andie, it’s not even noon, you couldn’t even pretend to try to wait out the whole day?” His feigned mocking was unfair, because since taking a shower early that morning, he’d already been thinking about boning his daughter again. His dirty mind had been asking himself: at what point would he start pushing the envelope to some of the more kinky things he enjoyed with her friend and other women? He’d been keeping the sex very vanilla, as much as he could, feeling that made it somehow “less inappropriate” that he was sticking his penis into his daughter’s mouth or vagina but nothing much beyond that. They hadn’t even made out, which to him felt more wrong than fucking.

“Daddy!” The petite teen pouted at his accusation, knowing he was right in some sense. Stuck alone with her sexy father for a month, she’d already forgiven herself for wanting to use him to get off. It was just sex, right? As soon as this pandemic would end and she’d be allowed back to campus, she’d be back fucking the two married men she’d met on Tinder, plus her boyfriend at school, and any of the occasional guys she’d hook up with from a club or bar. Until then, she needed dick, and her dad had one. A beautiful one. “You wanna make me wait? Why?” She squeezed her bronzed thighs together, trying to squelch the aching that was already dripping from her uncovered crotch under the robe. “Can’t we just get it out of the way?”

Her dad snickered. “Out of the way.” That’s what it had become, like taking a shit or going grocery shopping. They were fucking each other so they didn’t have to worry about being horny all day.

Evan pushed his chair back from his wooden desk, turning it sideways to face the space between the desk and the wall. Sliding his butt forward on the seat, the flexible chair leaning backwards, he put his knees together and hooked his thumbs in the elastic waistband of his jogging shorts. As proof he was as complicit in this illicit affair as his daughter, Evan hadn’t bothered to put underwear on the past two days, knowing — or wanting — the inevitable sex. With a smirk, he pushed his shorts down his meaty hips and thighs, kicking them off, and leaning back, exposing his half-swollen erection. “Alright, this is what you want?”

The girl giggled, wrapping some of her long curly hair around a finger aimlessly, until she was given permission to play. Her big eyes Escort bayan bulged at the appearance of her daddy’s awesome penis again. “Yeah!” She stepped forward into the room while simultaneously pulling off her robe, dropping it on his carpet, and he saw she had nothing underneath. Her shaved-bald pussy was already dripping with anticipation, and her long nipples stuck out of her perky large breasts. She knew the sight of her body turned on her dad, he was like any other man in that regard, it didn’t matter he was her father — she was fucking hot, she knew it, and she knew he thought of her that way too.

Dropping to her knees in front of her dad, she reached to his crotch and grabbed his penis, starting to pulsate to hardness in her small hand she wrapped around it. “Mmm fuck Daddy, I love your cock!” muttered the girl in delight, watching it grow in her hand. His dick was as nice as any she’d fucked, making it easier to justify having sex with her dad. Leaning forward, her pink tongue touching his dickhead while her green eyes looked up at her father’s face, Miranda lapped around his penis until she had it dripping with saliva, and then her lips started to bob on the top half of his cock while her hand wrapped around the thick base and began stroking it. The taste and smell and heat of his erection filled her senses, making her even more horny. She laughed at herself, amazed at how much she loved sucking his gorgeous erection.

The horny fifty year old spread his knees more and leaned back farther, starting to breath more heavily with his cock getting adoring attention from his slutty teenager. She was a good cocksucker, she’d had a lot of practice. He probably should have minded, but he didn’t; not only was he getting the benefit of her experiences now, but he couldn’t complain because her friend Katie has been servicing his cock the same way before the fucking quarantine. Miranda, however, was definitely a better suck than Katie.

Miranda could see her father enjoying the messy, sloppy suck job on his cockhead, shaft and balls, as she lathered all seven inches of his fat shaft plus those big, salty scrotum with her saliva. Still, something seemed to be restraining him, like he was wanting to say something but wasn’t. “What?” That look in his eye at her made her think there was something he wasn’t saying.

He shook it off, instead telling himself he was content with her licking his dick so nicely. When she’d made him throbbing and hard to the point that her mouth wasn’t going to satisfy him, he pointed at the stairs. “You wanna go somewhere else to do it?” The first time they copulated a week ago, it was on the living room sofa upstairs. Every other time since then had been on either her or his bed.

The strawberry blonde took a few more loud slurps on his fat, hot erection before pulling off and catching her breath, tossing her curly hair over her tanned shoulders. “Sure,” she quipped, looking around his messy and uncomfortable office. She had fantasies about doing it on his desk someday, but it didn’t appeal to her at the moment.

After removing his knit shirt so both of them were naked, Evan allowed his daughter to go ahead of him, his penis pointing at her as he followed her into the hallway and up the steps. His eyes fixated on her tight small ass, revealing myriad tan lines from various suits and bikinis she’d been wearing while tanning the past month. That was his daughter’s pastime, if she had one: tanning. Well, now it was fucking her dad, apparently. He still felt bad it had come to this. A little bad. Just a little.

Miranda stopped at the top of the steps on the main floor, having a choice to go one way into the living room or another way to the stairs to the bedrooms. Turning to look at her dad, the girl’s petite frame shrugged. “Wherever you want.”

Suddenly a moment overtook her dad. Having just been gazing at her amazing butt and petite young body, and now looking into her beautiful face, for the moment she was less his daughter and more his fuck buddy. Normalizing sex with her had done that.

Overwhelmed by desires he’d been suppressing for that week, the first one of them came out of nowhere, even for him. He stepped right up to her, wrapped an arm around her small back, and leaned down to shove his mouth on hers. They’d fucked six times the past week, and never more than a peck on the lips. But now, Evan was taken by the intense need to kiss her, and kiss her hard. He smashed his adult lips on her 19 year old mouth and didn’t wait to thrust his long tongue in his mouth, and he began making out with his daughter. Even he yelped in surprise he was doing that.

He loved to kiss, he just fucking loved it, and the fact that Miranda was his daughter no longer was going to stop him from enjoying what he liked.

Her reaction was better than he might have hoped, had he thought about it. She grabbed his hard dick with one hand, and her other hand slid upwards, over his brawny back Bayan escort and shoulders, wrapping around his head and pressing his face to hers so she could suck his eager tongue. Her thin lips wrapped around his probing tongue, and her dainty teen tongue began sliding over his inside her mouth, while she moaned in delight at the naughty incestuous make out kiss with her daddy. It was play, nothing serious, but it was hot. He was a good fucking kisser! She’d been wondering when he would do that; Katie had told her that her dad would kiss for an hour after sex.

His passion for the embrace waned for a second, he felt bad, that guilty voice in his head again, and he broke the kiss. Tried to, at least; his daughter would have none of that. Her hand behind his skull pulled him back for more, and she hungrily thrust her tongue into her daddy’s mouth and fucked it, grunting in heat, reaching her tongue as deep as she could down his tongue, all around the insides of his mouth.

Finally she pulled off, gasping, a bridge of saliva between their lips, and the short, slim teenager gazed at her daddy without any embarrassment whatsoever. “Oh fuck Daddy I need you to fuck me so bad!”

Neither wanted to wait long enough to go upstairs to a bedroom. The large white L-shaped sofa with a soft padded ottoman beckoned nearby. Evan took Miranda’s hand, leading her into the living room. He had her lie on her back on the ottoman, which was a flat cushioned square over four foot a side, plenty large enough for a petite teen to lie on her back on it. Her brunette friend Katie had many times, and she had a few inches on Miranda. His daughter giggled at their first use of this particular piece of furniture. She flopped onto her back with her ass at the edge, and she grabbed her skinny knees and spread them far and wide, her petite feet in the air, her shiny pink pussy begging for attention. The look her green eyes gave her dad begged equally as bad. Then her eyes fell to his erection, and she was mentally willing it to enter her cunt.

Evan found himself staring not just at her pussy but that puckered anus beneath it. It looked so pretty, so tasty. But this was another thing he would have done with any other female, but found himself worried his daughter might disapprove. Kissing was one thing; those dirty butt games were another. So he put her pretty butt hole out of mind, and went to give her what she wanted.

Leaning over her, fists on the ottoman around her thin shoulders, Evan guided his fat aching cock to her teen cunt lips, kissing it with his fat helmet. She was already reaching for his shaft to guide it to her hole, desperately trying to relief the aching she’d had since she woke up a couple hours earlier. “Uhhh yes!” She felt the head at her cunt’s entrance, so she laid back flat, even arching her back to push her ample soft breasts towards him, “fuck me!”

His powerful pelvis thrust forward, driving that divorced grownup dick into his daughter’s tight college twat. It felt so fucking good. Squeezing firmly, so wet and warm and silky. Evan spread his knees wide and pressed them against the edges of the ottoman, getting leverage above her, his muscular arms straight down to lean his hairy chest over her thin body. Then he began to probe her, hammering bit by bit, driving into the tightness to force more and more of his meaty shaft into that cunt. Soon, very soon, her drenched and stretched vagina was sufficiently lubricated and deformed to allow him to pound his entire shaft balls-deep into her, his fat sack bouncing off her creamy ass cheeks, and the head of his dick creating enormous pressure so deep inside her pussy.

Both of them roared in approval, grinding against each other, gasping for air, fucking each other for the sheer delight of it. This wasn’t lovemaking. It was nasty, raw, animal sex. That’s what they both wanted, that’s what they were doing, getting off on each other.

“Yes Daddy fuck me! FUCK me! FUCK!” Miranda reached a hand to her crotch, using her fingers to rub and grind her clitoris for more stimulation. Her father put a hand on one of her big tits, squeezing it, pinching her nipples. The added sensations on her clit and nip drove her wild, and the coed started screaming in delight, having a massive orgasm, the first of the day, certainly not the last. “Daddeeeee!”

After she came, her pussy now super-lubricated so much that each thrust into her, and each retreat, produced a loud squishy or sucking sound. The look of sexual adoration on her face was delicious. Evan started hammering her even harder and faster, making slapping noises as his hips crashed into her ass cheeks and the backs of her spread-open thighs. Overcome with the urge he’d had at the top of his steps, he leaned forward to lay his hairy chest on top of her smooth teen body, and he once again stuffed his tongue into his daughter’s mouth. Kissing during sex made it even more enjoyable, and now that they’d broken that barrier, he was Escort going to enjoy it anytime he wanted.

“Fuck!” she screamed again into his mouth, having another orgasm a few minutes later, her body spasming and shaking from a powerful climax that erupted from her crotch and shot through her entire body. It was like she was on fire, it was amazing. He gave her such good sex, it didn’t matter he was her dad, it was just fucking at its most beautiful intensity.

This was going to be a short fuck, not a long session. Maybe it was because it was only noontime, and he might have expected to fuck her again later. Maybe it was too early in the day. Maybe he felt guilty he was abandoning work. Whatever the reasons, or all of them, he didn’t hold back. Breaking the kiss and leaning up to gaze at Miranda’s beautiful face, round bouncy tits and small tummy, he felt the swelling in his stomach and balls. He forced his penis even harder and farther inside her vagina, leaving it in there a moment before rapidly pulling back and slamming in again. Her hips were swirling in front of him, while he fucked her savagely and furiously.

Knowing she was on birth control — hell, he was paying for it — Evan let loose inside her. Daddy’s cock exploded with waves of semen shooting inside the depths of his daughter’s pussy. She felt him cumming and had an orgasm of her own, crying out, tearing, her hands clutching his strong shoulders and upper arms and leaving small scratch marks from her fingernails digging into his thick skin. The father and daughter filled the room with the wailing, aching sounds of two massive orgasms, sweat and juices glistening on them both, while Evan filled Miranda’s teen cunt with every last drop of jism his balls could muster.

“Holy fuck,” he laughed, gazing at his nude daughter on her back under him, his penis still inside her, “that’s so fuckin’ hot.”

“It’s so good, Daddy,” she grunted, her hand behind his skull again. She leaned up to kiss him, just lips on lips, to thank him. Moments later, her tongue met his, and that affectionate kiss turned into another lustful French kiss, the two fuckers showing their passion for each other by stuffing each other’s mouths with his or her tongue.

And just like that, as hot as it started, their cravings were satisfied. Each had gotten what she or he wanted; the sexual urges were satiated. Temporarily, at least.

Temporarily. He just knew this wouldn’t be the only time all day that they’d fuck. But he hoped to act like he had some control, and maybe they’d stay apart until after dinner that evening, maybe even until late at night. He lied to himself, as he pulled his dick out of her messy sloppy cunt, that sex was only going to be a small part of their daddy-daughter relationship.

The veritable floodgates had opened.

* * * *

Not even two hours later, it wasn’t yet 2 p.m., Evan sat unproductively in front of his twin large computer monitors, aimlessly tapping some papers on his desk with a pencil. The afternoon conference call had been postponed; he was supposed to take the rest of the day to validate his teams’ financial projections. He would only rarely find things to change, and typically as a matter of preference and not error. So instead of read the fucking columns of colorful numbers, his brain was elsewhere entirely.

His thoughts fixated on Miranda’s hot ass. Small, soft, mostly tanned, with that creamy tan line down the middle. Her hot little light-brown butt hole. Her sexy slim back and creamy soft thighs. He wondered if she was horny, up in her bedroom where she hid out every day during the pandemic, thinking about sex with him. Did she know how dirty he could be sometimes, had Katie told him? Not just licking and fingering and fucking butt holes, but having sex on webcam with her so that other girls could watch, tying her up and blindfolding her, putting the collar on her, smacking her ass … not to mention the time he watched her suck and fuck a guy they’d just met at a club. Evan was fucking naughty, and while Katie seemed to love it, he didn’t know if Miranda even knew about any of that. So he shelved his daydreams of his daughter’s perfect butt, unsure if she’d freak at that or his other naughty pleasures.

Time passed slowly. He wasn’t getting work done. His cock was semi-hard again — no, it was actually fully erect — thinking about sex with Miranda, and dreaming his dirty other things about her. The image of his slutty hot daughter naked with three hot strangers, sucking and jerking and fucking their cocks, being a hot little slut. He had no idea if she’d ever do it, but just the idea of it turned him on so badly. He loved slutty girls, and with her beautiful long reddish-golden hair and oversized tits on her skinny tanned body, Miranda had the looks to be a man’s fantasy come true.

Fuck it. Just … fuck it.

Moments later, Miranda looked up from her bed at her door flying open. She was wearing pink booty shorts and a white 32C bra, nothing else. With her bedroom door near the foot of her bed, she had to gaze past her shoulder at her father entering her room.

He was naked! Better, he was naked with a fully-erect cock jutting out of his abdomen!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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