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THIS is my new account, I am reposting my old stories! Thanks for your patience loves!


There I was, kneeling… silently… shivering with my body covered in goosebumps. I felt as though I had taken an ice bath and now was sitting down on the ground, without clothes, waiting for the devil to grasp me and take a hot drop of wax to my pale freckled skin…

I was kneeling there… red spots, that resembled raspberries you would get as a child from sliding on the carpet, began to appear on my knees due to the prolonged time I had been kneeling on this smooth oak floor.

Then, I heard him. In my left ear, I heard the door to the basement creek open, ever so slowly. I heard his smooth leather shoes make a clicking sound as he walked in and shut the door behind him. I could practically hear his body. His chiseled jawline and his calloused hands were like the sweet, yet painful, songs of the morning birds on a cool summer’s day. As I heard his shoes scrape against the hardwood, I could feel my body tense. I could feel my muscles clench, my eyelashes attempt to flutter under my blindfold, and my nipples rise slowly whilst getting harder. My whole body was covered in goosebumps, each one denoting another bit of anticipation and absolute desire I was having at that moment, and that I had been having since the last time I left this room a few days ago…

At this very moment, I could practically hear his internal thoughts…

“Well, well, well… what am I going to use to inflict pain on this gorgeous slut today? Should I use the leather whip? No no, that is too soft… maybe the cane today…”

I was convinced that he loved the sound of the whip or the cane striking my skin repeatedly more than he loved me… I was convinced he loved the red welts that would appear on my ass after 15 or so striking of the cane more than he loved my red lips… I was not even convinced of these things, I knew they were facts.

Out of the corners of my silk blindfold, I noticed the lights dim… it was time.

I heard him mutter to himself, and I heard the sound of clinking metal. Ooooh goodness, I thought to myself. Today is going to be intense… I liked to pretend that this was not something I liked, although, when I kneeled on this floor completely exposed with my perky breasts hanging in the open air and my ass pressing against the heels of my feet, I loved every single second of it. I loved the feeling of this humility, and of the pain that would soon begin… the more intense the better, I thought to myself.

Maybe it was I that loved those welts on my ass more than my own lips…

Soon, I heard the clicking of his heels against the dark hardwood come closer to me, until, I could feel his presence directly in front of me. He stood there dressed in a dark suit with his leather shoes, smelling of the most decadent cologne I had ever sensed, and he uttered one word, “look.”

That was my sign that we had begun, and with my eyes blindfolded, I looked up at him, knowing that I could not speak to him unless he permitted. He untied my blindfold, and my eyes quickly shot towards the floor… rule number 3… never look at Master in the eyes unless he demands… explicitly.

As my eyes glanced down to his shoes, I caught a glimpse of what he was holding and of what Master had in store for me today. He was standing in his suit, with his crisp white button-down that fit him perfectly. I saw his strong hands grasping something: a spider gag. I knew today was going to be rather intense, and I could not have been more thrilled and aroused.

He ordered me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue, just as a dentist would. He then grabbed my hair, pulled it back, pushed the hinges of the gag into my mouth and tied it behind my head, gracefully while avoiding catching my curly red hair in it. He gave me a slap on the cheek, then another. Then… he said, “look at me.”

I looked up towards his face, and I was xslot reminded of his handsome hazel eyes, his wavy brown hair, and his decadently evil smile. He liked me this way, restricted and below him… and so did I.

He then examined my face and my open mouth again, however this time, my saliva was beginning to drip out of my mouth onto my breasts and stomach and was rolling down in small beads to the wood floor, whilst leaving a trail of glistening wetness all over my body.

Master smiled, and took a step back to admire the view… of me…

He then turned around abruptly and walked over to the empty space in the middle of the room. This empty space was usual the space in which I would be bound by the black ropes hanging from the ceiling, however, today was different. I saw a harsh setup in front of me. I saw black painted metal rods, which I knew very well, and were used as a more strict form of bondage. The rods could be unscrewed, and then the desired part of my body would be placed there, such as my neck, and then the rods would be re-screwed together, creating a very tight place. I loved that tight place though, I could not move a single inch, and that was fantastic.

As he stood behind this harsh rod setup, he ordered me to come. I rose to my hands and knees and walked on all fours over to him, and then kneeled on those red spots again. He then began to unscrew the areas where he placed my wrists, ankles, hips, and neck. I could not move a single inch of my body, and he screwed the rods shut. The metal stung like ice cubes against my bare skin, and my ass and pussy were fully exposed due to the way he had bound my hips and ankles. I adored that feeling.

I could feel my body getting even more aroused and my pussy becoming wetter… and wetter… soon I longed for Master’s touch.

I heard him walk back over to me, examined the large puddle that had dripped out of my mouth, and decided that it was due for punishment. Master walked back over to his array of whips, paddles, and canes, and he picked out a harsh tan cane.

He walked back over, and I heard the sting of the cane fly through the air even before it touched my smooth pale skin. OW. OW. OW. I screamed out loud, it was excruciatingly painful, yet in parallel with that pain, was intense pleasure and arousal.

But, my pussy was getting wetter by the second. Each painful hit caused me to want his big hard cock in me even more than the last.

I was a slut, a dirty little pain slut… but more importantly, I was his slut.

My screams rang out against the hardwood floor again and again. My body was shaking… trembling, and I could sense Master’s smile of satisfaction. He liked me like this, and so did I.

As the brutal caning slowed down, and my ass began to sting, even more, I heard him turn around, place the cane on a table, and then I heard something I had been hoping for… the unzipping of his pants.

Yes. Hell yes. I wanted his cock, I wanted it in my pussy, my ass, and I also wanted it in my mouth.

I desired nothing more at that moment than him to brutally shove his massive cock down my throat until I chocked on it… over and over.

Thankfully, my wish was granted, and soon I found myself chocking on both my gag and his cock simultaneously. He grabbed my neck, squeezed tightly, pulled my hair back without an ounce of mercy, and shoved his cock further into my mouth until the veins in my neck began to pop out and I was choking… only then did he release my neck for a second so I could breathe, and then he resumed his brutal face-fucking torture. Oh my god, it was good, I loved every second that I was gasping for breath on his cock. I loved every single second that his cock graced the sides of my lips and the inside of my throat, deep deep down. Every single time he called me his good little slut, my pussy became even wetter.

At this point, I could feel my pussy juices literally dripping down the inner part of xslot Giriş my thigh, and I was just hoping that he would pound my pussy with his cock, or quite frankly, anything at this point. I was fully prepared to cum all over any dildo that was on a 3-foot stick, his hands, or his cock. At this point, I was so desperate, anything would suffice.

Master was right, I thought, I am a slut. A dirty whore who needs cock. I treasured the time that his cock was inside of me, it was when my holes were filled up with cock that I truly felt like myself like I was complete as the little slut that I am.

At this point, I was bound there gasping for air after a brutal face-fucking. I had my own saliva dripping down my body, all over my face, and in a glorious puddle on the floor (which I am sure I will get a punishment for later on). I could feel my stomach and chest rapidly rising and falling as I grasped for a deep breath. All I was hoping for was Master’s cock to push through the lips of my soaking wet pussy any second now… but I should have wished for it harder.

I watched as he walked in a circle around me, grinning like a young boy on Christmas day who receives the toy he had been wanting for months, but this time… I was his toy. He was spinning a piece of metal with a rope attached in his hand, and I soon realized it was an anal hook, my personal favorite. He approached my ass from behind, gave it a few light spankings, and suddenly I felt a cold metal ball enter my pussy… Master knew how wet I was, and he used my juices to make sure the metal ball was wet enough for what was to come…

After I felt the cold metal ball inside of me, it suddenly was taken right back out of my pussy, leaving me wanting so much more. I braced myself, however, because I knew that soon, that cold wet metal ball would be in my ass. Master began first with a finger inside of my ass… slowly fucking my hole as I moaned quietly with pleasure. Then he added another finger, this felt tight. He reminded me to keep my ass and body loose with a slap across the face. Soon after, I could feel the metal ball against the rim of my ass, and I could feel it slowly starting to stretch me out. It was big and hurt, but I did what Master said: I kept my body loose… and soon, the ball itself and the rod attached were inside of me.

Oh goodness, it felt wonderful…

He then grasped my hair and tied it into a ponytail, skillfully and quickly. Then, he gingerly took the string from the end of the anal hook and tied it to my ponytail. He tied it lightly at first, but then I felt a sudden feeling on tightness and a violent jerk, ah, I thought to myself, that is the feeling I know and love.

Master, once this was tied tightly enough for his liking, stepped back to admire his handiwork and the helpless but pleasurable state that I was in. I longed for his cock inside of me, however, he was not going to let me have it that easily.

He walked away again, this time, for a few minutes. I remember the first few times he had done this, I became rather scared, worrying that he had left me for good… stuck here like a rag doll. However, now I know that he will come back, so I do not panic as much, but it is still an eerie feeling. When he returned, I heard a familiar sound, the buzzing of something vibrating. Mmm, yes please, I thought to myself, and suddenly, my wishes to finally cum all over his hand were granted. He slipped three fingers inside of my pussy and placed the vibrator heavily on my clit. I moaned so loudly with pleasure, over and over… and then soon enough, I felt that I was about to cum… I shouted and begged for Master to let me cum, and he responded with a simple one-word answer, but not the right one… “no.”

So there I was… being brutally fingerfucked with a massive vibrator on my clit, and being told I was not allowed to cum… I thought to myself, how in the world am I supposed to do that?? I knew, however, that he would answer xslot Güncel Giriş with something snarky like, “figure it out.”

I was clenching every single bit of my body, begging my muscles to obey me and not give in to the pleasure that Master was giving me. I could feel myself getting tired, my body was shaking and I was crying out in pain, beautiful pain. Finally, he told me that I was allowed to cum, and just like that, every single bit of tenseness in my body melted away, and I felt the magical feeling of nirvana rain over me as my pussy pulsed around his fingers and became even wetter. My whole body was shaking in the most wonderful way possible, and my legs, had I been standing, would have given out.

As I was relishing in this amazing feeling, most people would assume he would be finished and stop fingerfucking me, however, that is not how Master does things… Master keeps fingerfucking me… even harder than before. He has kept the vibrator on my clit, and my pussy is pulsing out of control practically. He keeps going. He keeps his fingers fucking my tight pussy until I let out a cry and squirt everywhere. Over and over… I keep squirting as he rips his fingers out of my pussy over and over. After a few more times, it feels like I cannot muster up enough strength to squirt or take is brutal fingerfucking anymore, however, this does not stop him.

He only goes harder.

He pushes the vibrator even harder against my clit and over and over pulls orgasms out of me. I scream in pleasure over and over as I cum all over his hands and soon, my juices are dripping out of my pussy and all over the floor. He keeps going. He keeps fucking my pussy hard… and not letting a single second go to waste.

In that moment, I am bound there dripping from all of my holes, gasping for air, shaking… near collapse, but the feeling of pure ecstasy has washed over me. All of a sudden, the vibrator disappears and his fingers slowly pull out of me. I stay there, gasping.

It does not take long before that quiet moment disappears, and suddenly, my wish has been granted. I feel his massive hard cock begin to slide into my pussy. That feeling was better than any dildo, finger, vibrator, or anything else… it was like heaven.

He began to thrust into me, harshly, without a single regard for my feelings or my pleasure, however, it felt amazing, utterly amazing. I could feel my body shaking as he took me from behind whilst I was bound. He would shift between holding the metal piping and holding my hips while he violently thrust his cock inside of my dripping wet pussy over and over. He yelled out in pleasure, which was something that made me feel wonderful. I thought to myself, “He is loving this as much as I am… good…” He fucked me hard, slapping my ass and pulling the hook even tighter in my ass.

After a few moments, I could feel his cock begin to pulse as he was fucking me. Right then, I wished for him to fuck me even harder and cum all in my pussy. He kept fucking my tight wet pussy until suddenly, he let out a cry of ecstasy and pushed his hips even closer towards me with his pulsing cock inside of me. I could feel myself getting filled up with his cum, and I loved that feeling more than any other.

As he relished in this pleasure with his cock still inside me…pulsing… he leaned over and kissed my shoulder. A small gesture (given what had just happened), but that was all I needed to know that what had just happened was something we did together. It was special, and that was his way of thanking me… but little did he know, the pleasure was allll mine… I loved those moments with him. I loved feeling like his little fuck toy as he used me the way he desired. I loved all of those moments. However, I also loved him, and that little kiss on the shoulder, while I was shaking and grasping for breath, meant the world to me.

It meant we both knew this was fantastic.

It meant we both knew that this was real. We were real. Together.

It meant he loved me, but he also did love those red welts on my skin.

That was the magic of those moments. He loved all of me. Every single inch of my shaking, near-exhaustion body. I was his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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