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When the bell rang everyone jumped to their feet, while everyone was rushing out the door Emma was still seated finishing her work. Since she had no bus to catch she was in no rush to leave. She also was in no rush to leave because she had a massive crush on her 6th period English teacher. Mr. Griffin was a younger guy around his late twenties. Most saw him as a little dorky, she saw that as the sexiest thing about him. Emma always had a thing for dorky, intelligent, not-so-funny guys who still tried to make jokes. It was just something about them that appealed to her. Even thought there were the obvious reasons why nothing would ever happen between she and Mr. Griffin, the fact that he was her teacher, the age difference, and it was illegal, she still dreamed of the day that he would kiss her. More like obsessed than to dream, but nonetheless she wished for the day.

She usually was the last out of the classroom so it wasn’t unusual for her to still be here but there was something about the way she looked today that gave off a certain glow, sure she was my student but I’m still a man who notices beautifully attractive women. I know she is attracted to me also, I’m not blind but I think I’ve hidden my feelings too well that she doesn’t notice. God I wish she’d notice. It was almost a love/hate relationship. I loved having her in front of me to gaze at but I just as much hated her being there since I couldn’t have her. But this day, today, something came over me I went to the door and locked it then closed it. I was going to give into my temptation

Why is he locking the door? Is he trying to tell me he’s ready to leave and I’m holding him up? Or what id he wants to fuck me right here in his classroom? Ha, I doubt it. He is so sexy in his buttoned up white shirt with his gray sweater and black pants. I don’t give a shit what anyone says he is sexy.

She is so hot. I love when she wears her short jean skirt with the slit right in the middle that when she crosses her legs you see all her glory, and just about any shirt looked good on her but she usually wore something low cut. I think she wore them just for me. It had been silent for quite some time so I started to ask her how her day was when she did something no man could resist, she licked her lips, tilted female fake taxi porno her head and moved her hair exposing her collar bone. At that moment I lost all control and told her that I knew she has had crush on me and that I feel the same towards her. That I couldn’t fight my desires anymore and that I had to have her right here on my desk right now. She looked shocked and for a moment I thought I misinterpreted her but just as I began to regret saying it she got up, came over, looked me in the eyes, grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me into one of the most passionate kisses I’ve ever have had.

What am I doing? I can’t believe I did this! Well, actually I can but I can’t believe he just said what he said. He does not know how much I’ve wanted to hear him tell me he wants to fuck me right here in his classroom on his desk. Kissing was no longer what I wanted. I wanted him completely. Right before anything other than a kiss could happen, a knock came at the door. Lucky for him he was behind his desk because he had an obvious hard on that could not be hidden, knowing this I went over and opened the door, grabbed my things, gave him a smile and a wink and walked out the door.

I can’t believe this is happening. I finally give up on the right thing and do what it is I want to and we get interrupted. In all fairness what the person wanted was important but didn’t take very long so it was pointless for Emma to leave me in my current condition. I needed to wait a little while before leaving because I can’t very well walk out like this. Just as I’m getting ready to turn my lights off, who shows up in my doorway? It was her. She tells me she didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea which in fact would be the right idea, so she left and waited to come back to finish what we started

Son of a Bitch!!! I can’t believe that someone knocked on the door. It was like a dream come true that turned into a nightmare. I have to go back. I have to see what will happen. I’ll beat myself up fore the rest of my natural life if I don’t go back. Luckily I got there when I did, he was just turning the lights off when I walked up. I could tell her was just as excited as I was but just was trying to play it cool. I told him I thought I forgot something genel porno and asked if he would help me look for it. I think he got the inference I was making and let me in the room following not far behind. The second the door was closed I found what I was looking for, it was back and bigger than ever. Pretending not to notice I walked over and pushed him against the wall and kissed him. As we continued to kiss out tongues meeting for the first time, our hands began to do a full body search as if the other was arrested and was being searched by officer naughty. Breaking our kiss I look at him and smile leading him over to his desk sitting him down in his rolly chair. Sitting on top of him I begin to slowly grind my pelvis against his mountain. Since his eyes were closed I decided to be bad, I formed a loose fist and made a knocking sound against his desk. I watched as he jumped up wish a deer caught in headlights stare on his face. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I let out a giggle which turned into uncontrollable laughter. After her caught on and regained his composure he laughed a nervous laugh. Having seen the fear in his eyes and realizing just how taboo it was made me even hotter.

Why on earth would she do that? I could feel my heart jump up into my throat, while it was funny, it scared the shit out of me. I was filled with such lustful rage that I pushed all the remaining items on my desk off sending them crashing to the ground. Luckily earlier I put away my laptop so I didn’t have to worry about it. I picked her up and laid her down on my desk and began her striptease. First I undid her skirt. I was in no rushing manner so instead of pushing it up, it was coming off. She had on the sexiest panties, they were see through black nylon with hot pink trimming and a matching hot pink butterfly strategically placed. Then came off her shirt where I found the matching bra. Before I could do anything else she sat up and climbed off the desk.

I wanted him first, I do want him to have me but he gets to go first. Going over to him I unbuckle his pants and with no hesitation they fall to the floor. I pushed him back down into his chair, kneel down and begin my journey down his happy trail. At the end of the trail is the snowcapped mountain. This glory hole secrets porno is what I was looking for. He tasted so good. I knew he would. I went to work on his member like there was no tomorrow. Slowly starting to lick and suck. With each move I take in more and more until I have all of it in my mouth. While sucking I begin to hum slightly, he took great pleasure in my song. He had never had that happen before I guess because I was hardly humming and her was going crazy.

Holy shit this was the best blow job I’ve ever gotten, nobody has ever hummed while giving me on before. It was the best sensation I’ve ever felt. She was definitely getting an A for effort and creativity. I hope she doesn’t think I’m going to be this good because I don’t think that’s possible. I’m almost there I tell her so she begins to suck and hum even harder. I came so much that I surprised myself. I could see she was taking great pleasure in cleaning up after herself.

I don’t know what happened to me. I’ve give one previous blow job in my life but today I did it like a pro and loved every minute of it…so did he it seemed.

It was her turn, I laid her down on my desk clenched her thighs and slid her panties off. Massaging her inner thighs I can she her juices begin to flow, with that I move in closer. I gave her the same attention she showed me. For the next fifteen minutes I ate her out. I lost count after 5 of how many times she came. I was getting so eager to be inside her. I couldn’t wait any longer. I told her it was time.

Holy shit that was the best thing I have ever felt. I could tell that he enjoyed himself almost as much as I did. With very little pause he picks me up off the desk pushes me against the wall and finally enters me. It was the best feeling ever. I love when a guy kisses my neck and it seemed like he knew that because he hardly left that area. I am so happy I stayed after class to work. Oh my God he keeps thrusting harder and faster that I can’t control my screams. I came hard and fast but he wasn’t done yet. I was exhausted but knew I could last some more. Apparently so could he.

I don’t think I can last much longer. I’ve held off as long as I could, I came in unison with her. it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. I hope we will do this again, but how can we? This was our first time and we were almost caught. We’ll have to think of something.

I don’t want it to be over. What happens now, we pretend like nothing happened? Well, my question was answered when I got detention for the entire next week. I was punished fully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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