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Many thanks to my faithful readers; particularly the one who explained the difference between quotation marks and apostrophes to someone querying my grammar.


Monica watched as her son walked off down the beach with Jane and disappeared into the sand dunes.

‘Have you got a girl friend, James?’ she enquired.

James shook his head and blushed. He could hardly tell Monica that the only girl he had been intimate with was his sister.

‘I expect Jane and Chris are lovers aren’t they?’ she said, smiling. James nodded in confirmation. Monica stared at the prominent bulge in James’ trunks. ‘If my breasts are disturbing you, I’ll put my top back on.’

‘Oh no, please don’t do that, your breasts are so lovely,’ James said, blushing slightly.

‘Then perhaps you would put some sun cream on my shoulders James, I can’t really reach myself.’

James took the proffered lotion and moved closer to Monica. His cock was so hard that it ached; the fact that it was so tightly constrained by his trunks only made matters worse. He began to apply the cream to Monica’s shoulders and upper back, conscious that her breasts were just a finger tip away from his touch.

‘Why don’t you take your trunks off James,’ Monica said quietly, ‘you look very uncomfortable.’

‘Well I er I don’t think I er but Mrs Williams,’ his voice trailed away in embarrassment.

Monica looked him straight in the eye and smiled, ‘I won’t look if you don’t want me to James.’

Kneeling up behind Monica, James slid his trunks down and his cock sprang out. It was such a relief. As he struggled to get the tight garment below his knees the tip of his erection brushed against Monica’s back leaving a faint trail of precum.

‘Oh, please excuse me Mrs Williams,’ James said, now acutely embarrassed.

He continued to apply sun cream to Monica’s back and shoulders.

‘You can rub some cream on my breasts if you want to,’ Monica said casually.

James poured a liberal portion of lotion onto his hands then reached round and placed them on Monica’s breasts. He gave an involuntary gasp of pleasure at the delicious tactile sensation of their smooth and slippery surface. Encouraged by Monica’s relaxed sighs of contentment, he became bolder and more assertive in his massaging of her glistening orbs.

‘Why don’t you come round and kneel in front of me?’ Monica asked, ‘then you could have a closer look at my tits.’

James was slightly shocked to hear Monica use the word tits; it didn’t seem somehow respectable to hear Chris’s mother utter such a vulgar word. Monica was sitting back on her heels with her knees splayed apart. James shuffled round and knelt between her open legs; his cock was touching her cream covered tits. He was too embarrassed to look her in the eyes; he thought to do so would somehow confirm his entirely inappropriate lust, as if his stiff member prodding her breasts was not indication enough.

Monica began to tease him by brushing her breasts against his cock. He gasped with delight and responded by moving his prick slowly backwards and forwards with simulated fucking motions. Monica took his fierce extension in her hand; savouring its demanding hardness. It had been so long since a man had fucked her. She sensed a sudden urgency as James tensed and groaned and moments later painted her breasts with six strong pulses of semen.

‘Oh, oh!’ James gasped with a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment, as he watched the sticky emission slowly trickle downwards, ‘please excuse me Mrs Williams.’

‘I do wish you’d stop calling me Mrs Williams,’ Monica said coolly, as she reached for a towel to clean away his ejaculation.

‘Please don’t,’ James blurted out, ‘can I take a picture of your tits with my mobile?’

‘Alright,’ Monica agreed, ‘then I think perhaps we should start getting ready to leave, Jane and Chris will be back soon.’

As he was taking pictures, James remembered Chris’s lewd remark about wanting to see a woman put her bra back on over her semen covered tits.

‘Please don’t clean my cum off. I’d like to think of it staying on your tits until you take a shower.’

Monica shrugged. ‘You’re quite a kinky guy aren’t you? Look in my bag and get my underwear out.’

Monica slipped off her bikini bottom and waited for James to find her bra and knickers. James was already feeling horny and his cock stiffened in instant homage to her naked body.

‘My God, you young guys are horny!’ Monica exclaimed. In the distance she could see Jane and Chris heading back towards them. ‘Come here,’ she said urgently. ‘She lubricated her hand with lotion, took hold of James’ cock and began to wank him off. ‘You’ll have to excuse me,’ it’s a long time çorum escort since I last did this.’

Ten seconds later Monica’s breasts were covered with a second sticky volley from James’ prick. Monica quickly clipped on her bra and put her sun dress on. There was no time for knickers.

‘Get dressed James,’ she hissed urgently; James was still savouring the pleasure of his second orgasm.

‘When can I see you again?’ James asked as he put his T shirt and shorts back on.

‘Well you are always welcome at our home as you know James,’

‘That’s not what I meant,’ James said,’ when can I see on your own?’

Monica continued to pack away the picnic basket, apparently oblivious to his question. It had been such a long time since she had been with a man and he was such a handsome beautiful youth, almost as handsome as her son. In her mind she debated the morality of seducing an eighteen year old boy. Morality lost out to lust.

‘Phone me next week’ Monica said finally.

James decided not to ask any more questions.

By the time Chris and Jane returned James was helping Monica pack the picnic basket for their return journey home. ****

It was several days before Chris and James got together to discuss the happenings during their beach party. James was glad to hear of Chris’s success with Jane and keen to explain the outcome of his liaison with Monica. Chris looked expectantly at James.

‘So, what happened?’

‘It was awesome,’ James replied. ‘She let me rub sun block on her tits; just feeling them was almost enough to make me cum.’

‘I’m getting horny just thinking about it,’ Chris replied, gently brushing the erection growing in his trousers.

‘Then she asked me to take my trunks off and began to rub her tits against my cock. I shot my load all over her almost immediately. She let me take a photo on my phone.’

James passed his phone to Chris so that he could look.

‘Let’s download it onto my computer.’ Chris suggested. ‘It will look great full size.’

Two minutes later the two boys were closely examining the image.

‘How did you manage to produce so much cum?’ Chris asked.

‘I got hard again, and she wanked me off,’ James explained.

‘I want to wank now,’ Chris said urgently…

‘Then she put her bra back on with my cum all over her tits,’ James continued

‘Oh my God!’ Chris exclaimed. Let’s get naked and have a wank together.’ He quickly undressed and James followed suit.

‘When are you going to fuck her? Chris asked as he gentle tweaked his stiff member.

‘I don’t know, soon I hope. She asked me to ‘phone her this week’ James watched Chris gently masturbating while looking at the image of his mother on the screen. ‘Do you always use your left hand to wank off?’ Chris stopped to consider the question.

‘Yes I think so; it seems the natural thing to do. Don’t you?’

‘Yes I do,’ James replied. Now here’s a fundamental problem for you to consider, do left handed guys wank off using their right hands?’

‘I don’t know,’ Chris answered tensely, ‘and right now I want to cum!’

Chris stood back against the door of his bedroom, pointed his cock upwards and fired a parabolic salvo of semen down the room where it landed about two metres away on the carpet.

‘I needed that,’ Chris said with a satisfied sigh. ‘I just can’t stop thinking about you cumming all over mom’s tits.’

‘I’ll see if I can shoot my cum further than you,’ James said competitively. He stood where Chris had stood against the door and began to rub himself. ‘I need some lubrication,’ he decided

After his friend had passed him some hand cream James quickly brought himself to orgasm but his ejaculation dropped short of Chris’s sticky mess on the carpet.

‘Trouble is I’ve already wanked off twice today,’ James offered by way of explanation for his shortfall. ‘I can’t stop thinking about your mother’s tits.’


Later that week James got in touch with Monica and they arranged to meet early the following Saturday in a large shopping complex in the town centre. Without making obvious contact they mingled with the weekend shoppers as James followed Monica down towards the adjacent car park where he quickly got into her car. She immediately drove off and headed out of town towards the motorway.

‘Where are we going?’ James asked, finally breaking the silence.

‘There’s a motel about twenty miles from here. I don’t think we’re likely to meet anyone we know’ Monica replied.

James turned towards Monica and studied her appearance for the first time. She was wearing a white blouse under a black two piece business suit with a knee length skirt and denizli escort black stockings. That way, she thought, she would blend in with the usual clientele of such places. James placed a speculative hand on her knee and slid it upwards and established that she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

‘Please don’t,’ Monica said, ‘I can’t concentrate on driving if you start touching me.’

James apologised and quickly withdrew his hand.

‘Most girls I know wear hold ups,’ he said, just to make conversation.

‘Unfortunately James I am not a girl, but your best friend’s mother and my generation have always found stockings and suspenders highly erotic. Please don’t make me feel guiltier than I already do, seducing a young boy.’ They drove along in silence for a few miles. ‘Are you a virgin,’ Monica finally asked.

‘Oh no,’ James responded quickly then hastily corrected himself. ‘Yes, I am a virgin.’ James had no wish to explain his relationship with his sister.

Monica glanced across at him and smiled.

‘Don’t worry about it. Even I was a virgin once, a very long time ago.’

Arriving in the Motel car park, Monica asked James to remain in the car while she went into reception to book a room. The man in reception looked at her in a world weary way when she asked for a room with a double bed and concluded that her lover must be a lazy sod if he had sent her in to book. Barely able to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, he asked if they would be requiring breakfast in the morning. Monica didn’t respond to his insinuation, paid for the room in cash and took the proffered key. It all felt rather sordid and shameful; the receptionist clearly assumed that she was a prostitute.

Back in the car park she collected James and picked up her small case. Monica was glad that the desk was unmanned when they re-entered the hotel and headed off down an anonymous corridor to find their room. It was a typical three star hotel bedroom with an adjacent bathroom. Monica opened the window to let in some fresh air but the distant drone of traffic on the motorway made her change her mind immediately. She closed the window and drew the curtains across. James stood looking at Monica, uncertain what to do. He watched as she removed her jacket and hung it up in the wardrobe.

‘Would you like a drink?’ she asked. ‘I’ve got a bottle of gin in my case. See if there is any ice in the fridge.’

Monica kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt while James located a tray of ice cubes in the fridge. After removing her skirt she put her shoes back on; it made her legs look better. Monica realised she would have to take charge.

‘Why don’t you undress James while I make some drinks?’ ‘Then you can undress me if you want to.’ James was finally galvanized into action.

‘I’ll just take a shower,’ he said and disappeared into the bathroom.

Monica took her blouse off and reclined on the bed sipping her drink while she waited for her young lover to return. A few minutes later the sound of running water ceased and James emerged from the bathroom swathed in a towel. He stared in admiration and unbridled lust at Monica lounging decorously on the bed in cerise chemise, matching knickers and bra with black fishnet stockings held up by six taut suspenders straps. James cast aside his towel and advanced towards the bed, his stiff cock swaying slightly as he walked. A spasm of lust stirred in Monica’s vagina; it was over two years since she had last had a man. She swung her legs down onto the floor and stood up then quickly stripped off her chemise.

‘Why don’t you take my knickers off James,’ she suggested quietly.

His hands trembling with lust, James knelt down and eased her knickers down her thighs noting subconsciously that Monica had threaded her suspender straps inside her knickers. Gravity took over and the flimsy garment slipped down to her ankles and was quickly flicked aside. James continued to kneel with his face was just inches from Monica’s vagina. She parted her legs slightly so that James could see that her labial lips were already opening to expose her pale pink juicy interior.

Monica gently pressed James head forward so that his face was in intimate contact with her expanding pink slit. He was glad that he had already acquired some experience of cunnilingus, licking his sister’s cunt previously. Monica sat back down on the edge of the bed and coiled her legs round the back of James’ neck; he was a willing prisoner in paradise. Using his tongue, lips and nose he began to caress Monica’s ever expanding cunt. Soon his face, lips and mouth were suffused with her copious sexual juices and what had previously been a discreet tight vaginal diyarbakır escort orifice had changed into a raging juicy larva flow of female lust. Monica began to writhe and twist while exhorting her lover in obscene detail how to continue pleasuring her. With his face crushed tightly into her cunt he could feel her rising orgasmic spasms. Each spasm was greeted by increasingly loud cries and gasps of orgiastic delight finally followed by long low moan of ecstatic pleasure.

She untwined her legs from James’ neck and lay back with her legs wide apart and savoured the pleasure of her first man made orgasm for years. James contemplated her gaping cunt through eyes stinging with her cum fluids. His cock was aching with pent up desire. He noticed that Monica had forgotten to take off her bra and wondered if he should do it for her.

Monica slowly got to her feet and unclipped her front fastening bra finally revealing her perfect large breasts. She smiled at James.

‘God James, that was nice, you gave me a wonderful cum. I can’t believe you are a virgin, you must have done that to a girl before.’ James looked away, embarrassed while she admired his straining prick. ‘I think your stiff friend needs some exercise now.’

By now James had got to his feet. Monica knelt down in front of him and cautiously took his erection in her hand and licked the oozing precum off his tip before enveloping his first three inches in her mouth. He sighed with pleasurable recognition; her mouth was warm, moist and slippery just like his sisters cunt. In the two days prior to their meeting James had deliberately refrained from masturbating as he wanted to extract maximum pleasure from his assignation. Now his erotic metabolism was on a very short fuse and he flooded Monica’s mouth with a fierce six pulse ejaculation of semen.

After James withdrew his cock from her mouth Monica got to her feet and opened her mouth to speak. No clear words came out just a blurred gurgling as her vocal chords were suffused with semen which also began to ooze out of her mouth and down her chin. James understood from her mimed signals that she wanted a drink. After a few sips she put down the glass which now had a sticky white mark on the rim from her lips.

‘Did you enjoy that James?’ she finally enunciated. ‘Wow, you certainly cum a lot don’t you?’ After cleaning her face with a tissue, Monica lay back down on the bed with James beside her. There was a knock on the door. Startled, James hastily covered his naked body with a sheet. Monica coolly slipped on her flimsy chemise and answered the door. It was the man from the reception desk.

‘Is everything satisfactory with the room madam?’ he enquired, while ogling her naked body beneath the semi-transparent chemise. His eyes flicked to the bed and noted the young man trying to hide is nakedness under a sheet.

‘Yes thank you,’ Monica responded. The receptionist paused trying to think of a reason to extend the conversation.

‘You know we’ve got a restaurant next door? Or we can provide room service if you prefer’ he persisted. ‘Yes, we haven’t decided yet,’ Monica responded. She was getting irritated by his blatant ogling. ‘Is there anything else? Perhaps you like me to take my top off so that you can get a closer look at my tits?’ The receptionist backed off embarrassed and Monica closed the door and returned to the bed.

‘Well at least I’ve given him something to think about when he has a wank,’ she said with a grin. ‘By the way, where do your mom and dad think you are today?’

‘Oh they’ll assume I’m at your house with Chris.’ James replied.

‘And what about if Chris rings your house to find out where you are?’ Monica persisted.

‘He won’t,’ James replied, ‘he knows I’m with you.’

Monica paused to digest the significance of this remark and tried to remember exactly what she had said to her son when she left the house that morning.

‘You discussed the details of our relationship with Chris?’

‘Well he is my best friend,’ James replied, ‘he’s known for some time that I wanted to fuck you. Actually,’ he continued, ‘I think he wants to fuck you himself!’

During the ensuing conversation James revealed the full details of the two friend’s recent sexual activities including their liaison with Jane. He also admitted that he had shown her son his nude photo of her tits covered in his semen. Monica was astonished at the sexual precocity of the young people and concluded that they were sexually well in advance of her own generation. When James asked her to pose for some explicit nude photographs she concluded that there was no point in refusing now.

Soon thereafter Monica was able to savour the pleasure of having a hard cock up her cunt for the first time in over two years. With brief periods for rest and recovery, Monica allowed James to fuck her five more times during their torrid afternoon of lovemaking. What a young man lacks in finesse he more than makes up for with his almost inexhaustible potency.

To be continued…

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