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This is my tale of woe, and of surprises, the way I am and how that came to be. Once I was full of innocent understanding of my wants and desires, well, I say innocent…I thought I was brazen and worldly wise, a real heart breaker. Take a man and use him, discard him like so much junk, never caring nor thinking of their feelings. That all changed one night; it was a summer’s night….

I had been to a party, and now I was walking home in the dark warm night, actually I was grateful that the heat of the day had passed, as it was I wasn’t wearing much. Still I was enjoying the refreshing breeze blowing the long red tresses off my neck; I had felt hot and sticky at the party and couldn’t wait to leave. Thinking about the party, it had been fun I still had a warm glow after running into Mark, another notch on my bedpost. Silly boy had made such a scene;

“Please, Lara I need you, all I’ve thought about is you. I can make you happy I know I can, just give me another chance.” He pleaded with me, and I in my coldest tone replied,

“Get over it, u were just a fuck, and not a great one at that!” With that I made my exit, striding out and towards home, seeing the cemetery I decided to cut through it. Surrounded by trees it was cloaked with silence and darkness, nothing but the sounds of small animals and moonlight shining on headstones.

A chill ran down my spine, a footstep behind me, as I turned my arms were gripped tightly and pulled roughly behind me, I cried out in pain. I could feel a large body behind me; I could feel hot breath on my neck, my heart was racing and I could feel it pounding in my chest. My breath was rasping through my mouth making my breasts heave and strain under the tight little lace top I was wearing, which I now realized was not the best attire for a walk through the cemetery after dark.

“Bitch, I am going to show you the proper respect to show me, even if I have to spend all night teaching you.”

These leaden tones came from the darkness ahead of me, followed by a laugh that froze my blood. These men were going to kill me or worse, I had never been so afraid my vision started to blur and I felt the nausea rising. A sharp stinging slap brought me back to my senses, as I looked up I saw the man standing before me; Mark. But he didn’t look like the boy I’d thrown so carelessly away, his countenance was frightening, he was looking at me with such intensity that I cried out in fear. The man behind me laughed roughly, almost a chuckle,

“This one’s going to be fun to break in.”

“Please, I’m sorry that I hurt you but Betturkey please don’t do this to me.” My voice sounded pitiful to me, a far cry from my usual confident tones, but I had to try to get away from these men.

“You bitch, could never hurt me, but I’m going to hurt you, oh yes by the time I’m finished you will love every harsh word and deed that I lay upon you.” Pulling a thick strap from his pocket he used it to gag me, its hard edges digging into the soft flesh of my mouth, then another piece appeared to bind my hands behind me, cutting deeply into my wrists. I tried to scream but nothing escaped me, I could feel the tears running down my face and his enjoyment at the sight. As I was forced roughly to my knees in front of him I could see just how much it excited him, he let go of me to release his straining member from its confines. I tried to rise, to run but the man behind me grabbed my hair and pulled me back landing me on my ass with my legs splayed, my skirt having ridden up my thighs exposing my most intimate self. Mark laughed a great deep bellied laugh,

“She’s begging for it already!” I tried once more to get up, I shook my head furiously trying to convey that I didn’t want this, what I got was pain as my hair was yanked that hard I felt sure it would be pulled right out of my head, I was sobbing now almost choking with the piece of leather that was held in my mouth.

From behind me arms reached around and grabbed my top, in one motion he’d ripped the flimsy garment from me, exposing my smooth white breasts to the moonlight, and to the man I no longer knew standing before me. He stepped closer, his cock rubbing over my face, my head gripped so I couldn’t move away, the pre cum that was dribbling from the end was rubbed over my cheek. Then he knelt down in between my parted legs and stared into my tear stained face and smiled,

“I’m going to enjoy this bitch, before I’m through you’re going to be calling me master and begging me to fuck you.” I could only stare at this man, who was obviously insane,

“You don’t think so slave?” then with a gleeful smile he slapped me hard across the face.

“Don’t stare at me you impertinent bitch!” I had shut my eyes in pain and I felt his hot breath on my face as he ran his tongue across the stinging in my cheek, I was repulsed and shaking in fear, I could feel my breasts trembling and the nipples growing hard in response to my anxiety. Hands reached up and cupped them gently, the shock of this gentle touch sent a strange shiver through my loins, this wasn’t right, I didn’t Betturkey Giriş want this, and yet my body fought me.

Fingers rolled over my nipples, then pinched them gently, I didn’t dare open my eyes, already I’d learnt to fear punishment; a lick across them both alerted me to the fact that both my captors were now in front of me. I knew I should run, but I couldn’t find the will to move, I could feel my juices beginning to flow, it was absurd, these men were forcing me against my will and yet I was getting turned on, what sort of creature was I? Now each breast was encased in a mouth, being sucked, I found myself moaning but couldn’t stop myself, and then one of them bit me. The unexpected pain brought fresh tears to my eyes which flew open as I jerked myself back. Mark’s face seemed torn between fury and amusement and I had my first brief glimpse of the other man before they both grabbed my arms and dragged me to my feet. He was a big guy, tall and muscular, and strong as I soon found out as he picked me up and threw me onto a headstone knocking my breath from me.

Balanced there on my stomach with my hair over my eyes and my hands behind my back, my ass was up and exposed I felt far more vulnerable than I had on the ground and yet, I could feel a ripple of excitement running between my legs, my pussy was now so wet that what little fabric my thong contained was dripping unable to contain the torrent. I felt hands slide underneath my skirt and slide across my ass cheeks, I tensed them and was rewarded with a slap, but far from being painful I found that this contact was quite pleasurable, was I becoming used to this treatment so quickly? Suddenly a finger hooked under the crotch of my panties, the knuckle rubbing against my swollen clit sending a shudder through my body, before yanking them down to my ankles. The thin garment making another restriction on my already bound body, then a hand came down hard on my bare skin, I moaned and even I didn’t know if it was in pleasure or pain.

What was wrong with me, I didn’t know but I decided I would not give in this easily, so when Mark lifted my head by my hair and removed the gag from my mouth I spat at him.

“Bitch, I will soon have the fight out of you, I’ll make you choke on my cock before I fuck your cunt which you will freely offer to me.” His words struck fear into me, as did the sight of him bringing his cock towards me, I clamped my mouth shut, determined that I would not allow him to violate me. A hard ringing slap rained down on my ass and I gasped, he forced his cock into Betturkey Güncel Giriş my mouth his moan audible over mine. With each smack I gasped and he pushed in further, I was gagging and tears were streaming from my eyes, yet I could also feel my pussy pulsing in rhythm. As the slaps got harder and my ass more sensitive, I found myself sucking his cock, yes even enjoying the feel of his hardness ramming my mouth. The pain had risen and yet seemed to have changed, each smack on my flesh sent a shiver of pleasure almost like climax through me, and then suddenly the slap was replaced by a caress. A tongue moved between my cheeks and probed before moving to my wet lips, darting into my pussy, my whole body shuddered, just one lick on my clit would have me climaxing. Oh god, I wanted it could almost feel it, I tried to squeeze my legs to trap him there.

Pulling his cock from my mouth, my head lifted up by his grip on my hair he asked,

“Now tell me what you want bitch?” could I have fallen so far, was I truly going to beg him to do what I’d denied I wanted…

“Fuck me; please I want your cock in my cunt, fuck me!” I cried out before I could think.

“Ask me with proper respect bitch”

“No; please…..master”

Dropping my hair he moved behind me, I felt his hands on my shoulders gripping me tightly before he rammed his hard cock into my throbbing wet pussy, my orgasm was instant, waves of pleasure washing over me with each thrust. When the other one put his now released member in front of my face, I sucked on it eagerly, he rammed into my mouth moaning in excitement, as I felt him choking me with it I could feel Mark’s cock throbbing inside me bringing me once more to climax. As I tried to scream out my ecstasy his friend made one final thrust into my mouth before pulling out and spraying my face with his hot cum, my body still shaking in pleasure I realized that Mark was untying my hands.

Pushing me off the headstone he looked down at me trembling at his feet, cum all over my face and running down my legs, I felt ashamed and yet as fulfilled as I had ever been.

“Now bitch you are mine, never forget that, you will obey me wont you?”

“Yes, master.” I replied looking at his feet

“Good, you may take yourself home and I will call on you at my leisure, be ready.”

And with that he and his friend, whose name I never learnt; walked away, leaving me naked and abused in the cemetery.

I sat there for a short while wondering what on earth had happened to me, I had been turned from a confident woman into a mans slave, although I felt shame it was mixed with a sense of knowing this was who I was from now on……I found that the thought did not entirely displease me. Picking up what remained of my clothes I started my journey home, to wait for the next time my master felt the need to call on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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