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Prologue: This account contains bisexual sex, only. It’s a continuation of the series involving Tara, Bryan and myself. If you haven’t realized that or read previous chapters, the series is an archive or exploration of our five-year relationship. I love to hear from readers, so please let me know what you think.


We were headed back from a Nursery Field Day, held in the suburbs. I was driving and had picked her up early, that morning. The Field Day was like “Plant Porn” for us and she was looking at her notes on the way home. It was a relaxing drive down an interstate, and we were rattling on about specific plants that we liked.

She smiled, “Before I forget, I really appreciate you asking me to go…Bryan was teasing me because we had a “plant nerd date.”

I laughed, “That pretty much sums it up, sweetie.”

When I glanced at her face again, her smile had widened, “I know…he’s right.”

She unbuckled the seat belt and leaned over; I spotted that sexy grin, as she ran a hand between my legs. Through the jeans, she stroked over the expanding mound.

Then her grip tightened, she stroked the outlined shaft and giggled, “I just want you to know…I usually put out for plant nerds.”

“So, you’re into plant geeks?”

“Yeah, especially the ones with just the right amount of muscle…lean runner-types,” she ran a hand over my chest and worked back down to my crotch. “And I really love plant geeks with hardons like this…big thick hardons!”

She stroked the outline and giggled, “You know the way you and Bryan tease and call me “Candy Pants…all the time?”

“Yeah… but it’s not all the time…just once in a while,” I grinned.

She giggled, “Well, I really think you should be Candy Pants.”

“Sweetie, I feel like somebody’s told me that before.” With my dick pressing hard against the jeans, I spoke with confidence, “You know…I think we can work something out, here.” I always loved how people were mesmerized by a penis…I wasn’t huge, but it was enough to open a few doors (or a few panties) and overcome some of my shyness. I think it encouraged me to explore my sexuality. Once I got to college, I finally realized the power a guy had between his legs…I was an alpha nerd and began to embrace it.

I played along, “I’m into plant geeks, too. Especially, blue-eyed plant geeks, with perky tits…like 34-24-36 plant geeks.”

She worked her bra off, slipping it under her t-shirt. The t-shirt looked like it was painted over the voluptuous curves and her tits stared at me…they were amazing, perky mounds, topped with hard nipples and quivering with her movements.

“Keep going…sweetie, take it off…I’m enjoying the show!”

She slipped it off and I ran my fingers over the beautiful feminine orbs, feeling the nipples and nestling the heft of each breast in my hand. They were perfection…beautifully sculpted perfection.

She looked into my eyes, “Um…well, I’ve been sort of thinking about this, all day…maybe takin’ him out…mmmm…you got such a beautiful dick…you know…a girl can’t always help herself…she can do crazy things.”

When I felt her tug the zipper, I remember the sexy hunger in those eyes; I raised off the seat so she could slip my pants down. My underwear was hopelessly trying to contain it and when she started to pull them down, the head popped out over waistband and she squealed, “There’s my big plant nerd…mmmm…that’s what I need!”

I looked down the road, set the cruise and grinned, “Tell me exactly what you have in mind.”

“Well, maybe I just want to talk more about plants…and admire your dick?”

“Well Miss Plant Nerd, if I were a plant, what plant would I be?”

She giggled, “You think your funny, but that’s an easy call…remember that Sausage Tree we saw in that conservatory, last year…you are a Sausage Tree.

“Those fruits were huge…you are definitely my favorite Plant Nerd.”

“I think it’s Kigelia Africana…isn’t it?”

“Sounds right…sexy and smart plant nerd, you are! The Catalpa and Jacaranda…and maybe Trumpet Creeper are in that same family.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but what plant would I be?”

“Something special, sexy and exotic…maybe an orchid, like a Lady’s Slipper.”

“Well, this’s definitely sexy and exotic,” she caressed and it stood proud of her hand (hands always look sexy when their wrapped around your dick); her fingers caressed it all over, the slit, the ridge, the swollen, bulbous head. One hand explored the shaft, while she cupped the balls with the other. She gently rolled them, back and forth, in the sac and grinned, “I love these, too…they look yummy!”

Then she sensuously stroked both hands over the shaft, feeling the bump of every precious vein, “Look at him…mmmm…big…hard…cock! Can you drive while I do this?”

I laughed and spotted a rest area, “Of course, I can drive with my cock in your hands…mmmm…yeah…yeah, but I think mobil porno I’ll pull off here.”

I parked at the edge of the parking lot and paused to appreciate the beauty of her striking blue eyes…that tight body and those perky tits were breathtaking.

I looked down as she ran her tongue all over, like it was a (penis) popsicle. I ran a hand through her hair, and she kissed her way over the shaft, never taking her eyes off mine. Then she relaxed her jaw, and slowly wrapped her lips around the head. I could feel her tongue traveling back and forth across the head. Going deeper and deeper, she got six or seven inches, before I felt her throat. Groaning, “Fuck…fuck…oh my god…mmmm…that’s so…so good…Tara, that’s definitely raising the bar!”

Lost in the sensations, I leaned back and savored the mouth pleasuring my cock. When her tongue stroked the underside, she sucked harder, collapsing her mouth, tight around the shaft. It felt like every inch was getting massaged by the warm insides of her mouth. Bobbing rhythmically, the pleasured groans from her throat vibrated through my body. I groaned, fingers digging into scalp, and pumping it deep, “Oh fuck…fuck…stay there…stay there…yeah…yeah…yeaah!”

I moaned, when she swirled her tongue over the shaft, “Tara…Tara…oh god, baby girl…suck me…work that cock…work it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…fuckkkkkk!” Satisfying my mounting needs, I pumped harder through her lips and poked at her throat.

After nearly ten minutes, I tightened my grip and pushed her down onto my cock harder; I kept fucking her mouth, taking myself closer and closer to release. Just before exploding, she felt me shudder, as cum moved up the shaft. As I drained my balls, my cock throbbed and jerked, and I felt her lips tighten to capture each pulse; I watched her throat move as she gulped the precious reward. When it all faded, her lips stayed tight and she nursed the throbbing tip, for every last drop.

When she pulled off, some trickled over her lip and there she was with her tongue out. Like a blue tongue from cotton candy, she eagerly displayed a pasty sheen of cum. She swallowed and smiled, “What do you think of those roadhead skills?”

“Fuck! I think I need more!”

“Why don’t you stay the night? I know Bryan will want to see you…it’s been a couple weeks, sweetie.”

“I might be available…let me give Tina a call, when we get home.”

We were only twenty minutes away and Tara ran into the house. Tina was fine with it and reminded me that I hadn’t been with them for a couple weeks. She reiterated the importance of spending quality time with Tara and Bryan; it made me feel good because she was being supportive.

When I got off the phone, I was far more interested in continuing what we started in the car, but I had to piss. I looked over at the giant cock sketches over the vanity and smiled, one of Bryan and one of me. Then at the end of the vanity (my end, where I kept my razor and shit) there was a penis forest…something new. It was a collection of seven dildos, or eight, all sitting erect. There were two of the flesh-colored rubber versions of me; they were close in size and they called them Rubber Robbie I and II.

As piss sprayed against the porcelain, I was thinking about what all just happened; my dick was growing harder in my hand. Fuck! Bryan wasn’t home, but I was so ready to continue our rendezvous in the bed…I knew Tara would be an easy sell!

The stream seemed to last forever, but it felt good because I had been holding it for the last 30 or 40 minutes. It seems stupid because we were at a rest area, but getting a blowjob was far more important. Eventually, it slowed, and I shook out the last drops.

I came out of the bathroom to find Tara, buck naked, on the bed. With her legs propped up and spread, she slid her fingers through the wetness, “Get over here, and fuck me…she’s ready for some fun!” Despite where she had her fingers, I tried to focus on her sexy gaze; it was one of the hottest “come fuck me” grins.

I got between her legs and she offered me the fingers. The arousal was intoxicating, and I anxiously licked it from her fingers.

I spread her legs and lapped her pussy till the bud emerged; she was really excited, and the hard clit always looked like a tiny dick emerging from the hood. I finger-fucked while working the clit with my tongue. She was overwhelmed with arousal and moaning, “Rob…Rob…mmmm…you’ve got that down…so good…feels so good…mmmm…yeah…yeah…yeah…oh god…oh fuck!”

I reciprocated and placed the pussy-covered fingers on her lips, spreading it over the succulent fullness. First, inhaling the musky reward, she parted her lips to taste her pussy. I raised up to lock my lips over hers

I went back to her pussy, using my tongue to explore her clit, I slid my hands under her and gripped both cheeks, to push her pussy against my mouth.

She groaned, “Mmmm…yeah, that’s good…fuck alman porno Rob, eat my pussy…uhhhh…uhhhh…eat…eat my pussy…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, that’s good!”

She thrust herself forward, and my tongue pushed inside and went as deep as I could take it. Her hips pumping in a rhythm, we heard Bryan come in, “My plant nerds are back!”

He grabbed my ass when he got to the bedroom, “Dude, this’s exactly what I hoped to find when I saw your car.”

Tara squealed with excitement, “He gets to spend the night, too!”

“Fuck yeah! It’s Thunderdome Threesome Night…when all sexual fantasies come true,” he yelled.

I turned to see his pants were already around his ankles, and he was pumping his dick, “I haven’t had any in a week…let me in there…I can do her clit, while you fuck’r doggy.”

“I wanna watch you fuck…but I’ll take over when you’re done,” he grinned!”

She grinned and rolled over to get up on her knees; while I teased her pussy with my dick, he got underneath, with his head between her legs. When she took him in her mouth, I watched him groan, “Ahhhh…yeah, baby girl, take that dick…yeah…yeah…that’s it!”

I let him give her pussy some serious licking, before I moved in. He spread her lips open and I slowly pushed inside, while she moaned through his hard cock-flesh.

It wasn’t but a few minutes and she was moaning, “Fuck…yeah…yeah…it’s thick…yeah, thick…feels like two…yeah…oh god yeah…two cocks…two cocks, at once!” He grinned up at me, “Baby girl…it looks like two…you gotta love that,” and went back to work.

“Oh yeah, baby…do my clit…yeah…yeah…yeah…that’s good…so good!”

Gripping her hips, I started to fuck harder. Watching as I buried the thick, glistening shaft in his wife (our wife), Bryan had the front row seat. With his eye’s inches away and focused, the sound of merciless fucking had to be overwhelming. He reached up, gripped her waist and nibbled her clit, while I pumped into her pussy.

She bucked her hips over his face, and I moaned, “Yeah, baby girl…push yourself back on it…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, you do it…fuck yourself on that dick! Cum for me…make yourself cum…that’s it…fuck yourself…yeah…yeah!”

Climax rocked her body and she shuddered and thrashed in my tight grip. I pumped so hard that my hips lifted hers. She shook, as ecstasy washed over her body; totally satisfied and full of cock, she slowly relaxed, but I kept pumping.

Bryan had been licking her pussy, but now was doing my balls! When I pulled out, I laid my whole dick over his face and felt his tongue working the shaft…and then his lips. “Mmmm…yeah…yeah…lick off all that pussy…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, lick it all off…lick it all off!”

Tara had rolled off to lay next to him and catch her breath; she smiled at me and eagerly went back to Bryan’s cock, while he worked mine. She had flipped over and all I could see was impaled face; she took it all and started fucking her mouth. He groaned, “Mmmm…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…take it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…take that cock, baby girl…uhhhh…uhhhh…take it!”

Yearning for my cock, he opened his mouth wide, but I teased him, thumping it over his forehead a couple times. I pushed slowly through his eager lips, letting him savor and suck every inch. When I started fucking his mouth, Tara watched, “That’s it…yeah, get him ready, sweetie…I’ll take over…get it super wet for me…I’ll fuck myself on it.”

She stroked him and watched me hump his mouth. “Mmmm…your cock’s rock hard, baby…yeah…yeah…yeah, you love Rob’s dick…Rob’s big, thick dick…yeah, suck it…suck it good!”

She looked up with a big, sexy grin, “I’m gonna ride’ya, sweetie.” Our hot, little cowgirl threw her leg over, mounted his dick and started bouncing. It was hot as fuck…and he quickly took over, bucking his hips up into her.

He licked all over my rock-hard flesh, as she rode his dick. Holding tight, he gripped her waist and slammed up into her pussy, while I pumped his mouth. My hands pushed through his hair and I fucked into the warmth, flirting with his throat.

Finally, he let it go and creampied her, exploding with a 7-day load! When I watched him pump it into her, his abs tightened and his whole body stiffened…I wished I could see his ass flex, with each pulse. With the image of his muscled cheeks dancing in my brain, I pumped harder, and slammed up against his throat; he couldn’t handle that much and started to gag. I felt like a jackass and pulled out, “Shit, sorry dude.”

Tara groaned, “Oh god…give it to me…give it to me…give it…to me…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me with it…yeah…fuck me with all that hot…uhhhh…uhhhh…all that hot cum…mmmm…yeah…yeah!”

Bryan grinned, “Dude, I think I almost throated that fucker.”

“Sorry about that…it’s not like I don’t know your limits…too fuckin’ horny, I guess.”

“It’s all good…I alexis texas porno like “too fuckin’ horny.”

Still impaled on him, “Speaking of too fuckin’ horny,” Tara grinned. He was starting to soften, and she was clearly looking for more, “I think you need to take over…I’m all yours.”

I spun her around and pulled her back onto her knees. “That’s it, sweetie…squeeze it shut…keep it inside…yeah, keep it all inside for me!”

Teasing her pussy, I poked and prodded with my dick, smearing creampie over the lips, “Yeah, there it is…there’s that creampie…mmmm…lubed and ready!”

Splitting that tiny, cum-filled pussy was incredible, but once the tip was past the lips, I grunted and shoved deeper. His seed was as warm and welcoming to my cock, as the tight pussy.

“Oh…oh god! That…mmmm…that’s good…mmmm, so good!”

“Fuck that’s good,” as she pushed back, trying to get more inside, “Mmmm…mmmm…love that…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah…that’s it…that’s it, fuck me…fuck me!” She continued, “Yeah, that’s good…god, that’s good…fuck me…gonna cum for me, sweetie…cum for me…and put it with Bryan’s!”

I pumped deep inside, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…you got it…you want my cum…squeeze it…squeeze that cock…make me cum…yeah, make me shoot!” I grabbed her shoulders to pull her back, driving it deeper and harder. “Mmmm…yeah, baby girl…make me cum…make me cum…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…be…be a little fuck toy…our little fuck toy!”

She started riding it, driving her body into mine. “Yeah, push yourself back on it…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, you do it…fuck yourself on my cock!”

“Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…uhhhh…cover me…cover me with it!”

Since I had cum a couple hours earlier, I was able to last, but now I was starting to feel it. The orgasm was building, and I was going to make sure she got every last drop!

She rocked harder against my body, impaling herself on her desires. Her pussy clenched and pulled against me, whenever I pulled back. She loved having a cock that filled her the way she needed; and this was one of those times when she wanted it deep in her belly…and battering her cervix. Whether the experience was sensuous and slow, or hard and rough, Tara loved the luxury of two men satisfying her needs. She always loved how Bryan and I felt different; two different cocks, of course, but we both fucked in our own unique way.

Bryan leaned down close, almost resting his chin on her ass; he watched me pleasure myself with her tight pussy, taking myself right up to the brink. I wanted to glaze her ass with the release…and yanked out. Fisting the base, I slapped the heavy shaft against her ass and started stroking.

The way it throbbed in my hand, I knew it would be intense, because I was able to hold off a couple times. When your dick gets to that point, it overwhelms all your senses…nothing else matters.

I was close, and my dick felt so satisfying in my hand; it bobbed up and down and felt thick and hard…really hard. I could even feel my heartbeat, as the flesh throbbed with each pulse. I just kept pumping crazy fast, till my balls started to tighten. I grunted loud and sprayed her ass (and Bryan’s tongue) with seed. Almost spent, the last cum trickled out and I smeared it over his mouth, leaving a glistening strand on his bottom lip. He licked us both clean, scooping every drop from her ass…and even the creampie, running down her leg. Holding our sex in his mouth, he moved up to her open lips and let it drip inside. Locking his lips over hers, their tongues shared our threesome cocktail.

Overcome with lust, she looked at us both, wide-eyed and begging, “Oh god, I’m horny! I need more…I need to cum again…help me cum again…please?”

Knowing Tara, she had at least one more orgasm left in her (and it was usually a big one). We spread her legs wide and orally shared her pussy…first Bryan then me. My fingers ran through her hair and dug in, pushing my cock deeper, to tease her throat. I watched him swirl his tongue over the aching little bud; I wanted that pussy, so bad, but for the moment, I was more than content to wait my turn and pump her mouth.

When we traded, her pussy was puffy and wet with saliva, showing only the tiniest gap from penetration. Even with her legs spread wide, her pussy lips usually remained tight, showing little or no gap until arousal. I paused and looked up into her eyes, “Mmmm…baby girl, this pussy is really beautiful.”

After teasing her labia with my tongue, I pushed it inside and started fuck her with it. I gripped her hips tight, holding her steady, while I pumped into the gap and savored her juices. When I felt her gripping my tongue, her clit quickly became the focus; she moaned, “Oh god…oh god, don’t stop that…mmmm…mmmm…god that feels good…don’t stop…please don’t stop!”

At first, I gently flicked my tongue; then, holding it in my lips, I nibbled and sucked, harder. Craving the pleasure my tongue offered, she didn’t want me to stop, but things only got better.

When Bryan took over, he pulled her to the edge of the bed, and shoved it in. “Baby, my cock needs this…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck, I need that pussy…that tight fuckin’ pussy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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