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The next morning, Sophie wrung her hands when she came downstairs for breakfast. Daddy and mommy were eating together at the kitchen table, and her dad smiled at her when he saw her come in.
“Hi, baby,” he said, the same kind demeanor that she always remembered. Her cunt ached from the abuse it had taken the night before, proving it otherwise. He patted the seat next to him.
Sophie trembled while her mother brought her coffee, and the three of them sat chatting about their days. It was Sunday, and mommy was about to leave to do some shopping. While she rattled off what she was going to buy, Sophie felt her father’s hand on her leg.
“Why don’t you go to that new store that opened up? The specialty grocery store?” he asked.
Her mother wrinkled her eyebrows and shook her head. “That’s a forty-five minute drive away. I’ll be gone all afternoon.”
Daddy’s fingers found their way to the loose section of Sophie’s pajama shorts between her legs. She gripped her coffee cup tighter as Daddy’s finger twiddled against her clit, light as a feather. She shook even more, and he penetrated her an inch.
“Soph and I have nothing to do today,” he said. He swirled his finger around her hole. “Isn’t that right honey?”
He winked at her and slid his finger in deep.
“Nnn-ugh.” She shook her head and slid herself further up so her father’s hand had more freedom to move in her folds. He inserted a second finger, and she began to hear the little wet sounds of his finger-fucking.
She gripped the table. Mommy was looking at her phone.
“I guess I could,” she said. “Soph, would you want to come with me?”
Sophie could not answer, she bit her lip to keep from groaning. Daddy’s fingers picked up speed.
“Answer your mother, Sophie,” he said as his thumb circled her clit. “Do you want to come?”
She closed her eyes and gripped the table harder. She was grateful for the heavy tablecloth hiding her daddy’s movements, so she could buck her hips into his hand.
“Answer us, Sophie. Do you want to come?”
She could not speak.
Daddy withdrew his hand.
“I guess she doesn’t,” he said to his wife. He put his hands up to his mouth as if to rest his chin on them, but Sophie saw he licked his fingers. She was trembling, her cunt throbbing and unfinished. She gasped for air.
On shaking legs, she got up and left the room to take a shower. Under the hot water, she could not help but touch herself, remembering the night before. Daddy’s balls slapping against her ass, his brutal words, the way his hands held her to the bed. Sophie cried out when an orgasm flickered through her, but it was nothing compared to the pleasures of the night before. Shame coursed its way through her body, until she knew what she had to do.
She took her time shaving her legs and her pussy and washing her hair, and then padded back to her room in her towel.
Daddy was waiting in her room.
“Mommy left,” he said. He moved toward her and took the towel off her shoulders. “You’re mine this afternoon, slut—“
Sophie picked the towel up off the ground. Her pussy was soaking wet, but she closed her eyes and reminded herself this was the right thing to do.
“Daddy, I woke up this morning and felt wrong about everything. I don’t think we should do this anymore.”
Her father’s eyes flashed, and Sophie took a step back. He glared at her.
“I’m sorry Daddy! I know yesterday I said I would…”
She felt tears coming into her eyes, and then the warmth of Daddy’s hand on her shoulder.
“Shh, sweetheart, don’t you worry. You know how much daddy loves your body, but if you don’t want to, maraş escort that’s ok.”
Sophie’s eyes widened. “Really?”
He smiled at her, kind as ever. “Really.”
She held her towel around herself and gave him a one-armed hug. “Thank you daddy. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry baby. You just enjoy your day. I have to go run some errands, ok?”
She smiled, and nodded.

“Alright, girls, movie time!”
Tom smiled at his wife and daughter and brought the popcorn bowl over to the couch. The three of them curled up and watched a new hit movie on their TV. The women seemed content, happy. Tom was worried Sophie would be afraid of him after everything that has happened, but she’d warmed right up to him again. Perhaps she had just needed him to say they wouldn’t have sex again, and she would be fine. That was perfect.
Halfway through the film, his wife’s eyes started drooping.
“Mommy, why don’t you go to bed?” Sophie asked.
“I want to finish the movie,” she said.
Tom laughed. “Baby, you can’t keep your eyes open. Go to bed.”
“You won’t mind?”
“Not at all,” he said. He stood up. “I’m just gonna make Soph some hot cocoa. Would you like that, Soph?”
His daughter smiled. “Yes daddy! Thank you!”
His wife kissed his daughter on the head, and then made her way up the stairs. No kiss for Tom, not for years now.
Sophie looked so adorable all curled in her blanket on the couch, in a tank top and shorts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples poked through the fabric. His mouth watered when he remembered their smooth texture from the night before.
He went to the kitchen and made two mugs of hot cocoa, and then took out the bottle of pills he had gotten that afternoon.
His best friend from college was a doctor, and a few choice words about a reluctant girl were all he needed. He had strong sleeping pills, enough for three months. He ground the dosage up, and stirred it into Sophie’s drink.
“Here you go, baby,” he said. He drank his, and waited for Sophie to finish. She had always had a healthy appetite and it didn’t take her long. Tom felt himself getting hard just waiting, with his daughter’s body covered by a blanket. He remembered the way their skin had slapped together, the searing hotness of her cunt, like a sleeve around his cock. Simply looking into his daughters face while he fucked her was enough to make him cum.
The movie was slow and he didn’t give one fuck about it. Sophie’s eyelids were drooping.
“Give her twenty minutes and she’ll be out,” Steve, his friend, has said earlier that day.
“Enough that she won’t wake up?”
Steve had grinned. “Your little bitch will be yours in no time. But I’ll only do this on one condition.”
“What’s that?”
Steve smirked. “I have something of a collection of videos of sleeping girls getting their due. You know, prudish girls who like to think that we aren’t their masters. Ones who withhold and then have to pay for it later.”
Tom thought of Sophie’s denial of him that day. Rage rose up inside of him, but then he thought of Steve’s words. Yes. Sophie would get her due.
“How old is this girl?”
The part of Tom that was Sophie’s father rose up in defense, but he knew he could not fuck Sophie regularly without prescription strength sleeping pills. And Steve was his best friend. “Just eighteen this week.”
Steve groaned. “How’d you find one of those?”
Tom didn’t answer. Steve raised his eyebrows.
“Do I know her?”
Tom could not lie to Steve. “Yes.”
“Is this…? Is this Sophie?”
He couldn’t admit it. To his utter surprise, mardin escort Steve groaned.
“Oh fuck man, you’re so lucky. God—what I wouldn’t give to be in your shoes. If I had a daughter—that’s fucking hot, man. Your little girl.”
“You don’t think I’m crazy?”
“I think you’re crazy not to want to fuck a barely legal teen that lives in your house,” he said. “ But I want a video, Tom.”
He raised his eyebrows. “I don’t know—“
“Think about it. You can document the event forever, watch it anytime you want. And I have something new to watch.”
Tom debated.
Steve stepped forward. “Give me the video or I’ll report you to the police.”
That was all it took.
“I’ll get you a DVD tomorrow.”
Steve grinned. “Now fuck that bitch good, Tom. She better not be able to walk tomorrow.”

Back on the couch, Sophie’s head lolled onto her shoulder. Tom watched her pink lips open, her wet tongue inside, and felt his cock twitch in his pants.
He pulled the blanket off her, but she did not move. No reaction either when he turned the movie off, so he chanced lifting her off the couch and carrying her to her bed. She was a slender girl and easily manipulated. He smiled down at his baby, and put her down on her white eyelet comforter.
She was such a beautiful girl. He nearly felt tears coming on looking at her sleeping peacefully. He remembered her face at every age, and felt the greatest love he had ever felt stir within his chest upon looking at her. A part of him protested to his behavior, but it was only because he wanted his little girl to stay a virgin forever. He had taken care of that business yesterday, so now there was so reason to pussyfoot around. He deserved this, he had raised her and given her everything. Now it was time to take back what he was owed.
Slowly, Tom put his hands on Sophie’s hips. She was wearing cotton pajama shorts and a tank top, and a strip of belly was visible. Before undressing her, though, he went back downstairs and retrieved the camera and tripod from the hall closet. He carried it upstairs and set it up as quietly as he could in the corner of her room, so the bed was visible.
He turned the camera on.
“June 7th,” he said. “The second time I fuck my little girl.”
He went over to the bed, and pulled her shorts off of her body. She was wearing white cotton panties, clean and bright. Tom groaned and saw the indentation where her panties were caught in her slit. He retrieved the camera from the tripod and held it in one hand while he slid the panties off of his daughter, and pulled the tanktop from her chest. That was difficult with one hand, but he managed knowing she would not wake up despite his manipulations.
At last Sophie was naked before him. Her pussy was bare today.
“You fucking slut,” he said as he zoomed in on her clean cunt. “I fucked you yesterday and you say you don’t want more, and then you shave yourself to look like the girls in porn. You fucking slut you want me, I know you do.”
He spread her folds with one finger, and zoomed the camera in. He slid one finger in, and then out again, and then it was already moist.
“Is my baby wet for daddy?”
He zoomed over her body once more before returning the camera to the tripod. Then he leaned over his daughter’s breasts and took her nipple in his mouth. In her sleep, Sophie groaned—but this sounded different than before. She was really out this time.She was completely unconscious.
That pushed Tom on.
He squeezed her breasts hard, and sucked on her nipple to the point that she would have cried out before. Then he moved mersin escort down her body to her perfect, shining pussy, and kissed it.
“Mmm… my baby tastes so good,” he said. “Daddy loves eating his baby…”
Tom ravaged his daughter that night. He took her from behind, he fucked her pussy with her legs over his shoulders. Then, he pulled out and he came on her breasts and face and rubbed it into her skin
“You’re gonna wear daddy’s cum all day and not even know it, you fucking bitch.”
He slapped her, hard.
“That will teach you to say no to me, you worthless slut. You’re nothing but daddy’s fucktoy.”
Then he got up and dressed. Sophie lay in a puddle of cum and her own juices, still asleep, while he turned off the camera.

For the next month, Tom continued to use his daughter’s body this way, always filming even though he had long since held up his end of the bargain with a DVD for Steve. But he loved to watch the videos when Sophie was at work, on the big screen TV.

One day, Sophie came home early from work and was alone. She wanted to watch a movie, so she opened the DVD player. There was a homemade DVD inside, marked “Sophie, 6/27— One of the Favorites.”
She furrowed her eyebrows. What?
Sophie popped the DVD back in and then gasped when the image clicked on. Daddy was shirtless in front of the camera, and she could see herself laying on her bed in the background.
“June Twenty-Seventh,” he said. “The twenty-first night I fuck my little girl.”
Sophie covered her hands with her eyes. Daddy had been fucking her this whole time?
She thought of how her cunt had hurt every morning, how sometimes her wrists had red marks on them, her nipples ached. She thought of how well she had slept every night.
Daddy’s hot cocoa.
“Oh my God,” she said.
She wanted to stop watching. She should show this to mommy, or tell the police. But then the screen changed. The camera was zooming in on her.
“My baby’s all tied up,” daddy’s voice said.
Indeed, Sophie saw her naked form tied to her bedposts, like a star, her legs opened so wide.
Daddy knealt at the end of the bed and began to kiss her pussy. Despite herself, Sophie felt tingles in her cunt. She remembered how that had felt the first time…
On screen, she heard wet noises from daddy’s mouth. He was sucking on her slit, slurping up her juices, lapping her like a cat. Loud, heavy kissing noises came when he took his mouth away from her cunt.
“Oh baby, you taste so good, daddy loves my baby’s pussy…”
“Ugh…” Sophie moaned there on the couch. Her pussy was soaking now as Daddy took his underwear off on screen.
His erection was huge, and bobbed when he stood up.
“You look so pretty there, all tied up for me,” he said. “My prisoner. My baby.”
The front door opened.
Sophie lunged for the remote, but it fell off the couch and the batteries shattered out of it and rolled under the couch. In horror, she watched as her father saw what was on screen.
He shut the door and locked the deadbolt.
“So now you know,” he said.
Sophie could hear the sounds of her father fucking her on screen. He groaned. He called her a bitch. He slapped her.
Her pussy gushed.
He crossed the room in two strides and picked her up off the couch.
“Daddy just loves you so much,” he said. “Daddy can’t keep his hands off you.”
He unbuttoned his pants.
“See how much daddy loves you?”
Sophie’s eyes widened. He was hard again.
“Daddy needs you to do something for him,” Tom said.
Despite all of this, Sophie had never sucked him. He needed to feel her lips on his cock.
“Do you love your daddy?”
Sophie turned and looked on screen at her daddy fucking her imprisoned body, and knew he had done it many times before. She throbbed. Next time he fucked her, she would remember it.
“Yes, daddy, I do.”
“Then get on your knees.”
Sophie smiled, and obeyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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