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I was half dazed waiting for the light to turn green. The bright Friday afternoon sun was setting into the hues of evening. Light relaxing jazz poured into the car from the radio and out the top of my opened Sebring convertible. I was ready to get home, crack open a beer and begin the weekend in quiet solitude.

“Get out! Get out, bitch!” I was jolted awake by the sudden yelling from the car in front of me.

“No, you jerk!” screamed a feminine reply. “You son of a bitch! How could you?”

The battle language, gestures and volume intensified quickly inside the car. It was chaos. A war was being waged. It was detained by the red light with cars surrounding them on every side. “Get the f out of my car,” the driver finally yelled as a small purse was thrown from his window into the street behind the car.

The passenger door opened followed by two long legs in 3 inch black high heel shoes. She quickly stepped out of the car in the middle of traffic. “Go to hell!” the stunning 25 year-old woman screamed as she exited the vehicle. “I can’t take it any more. I am done with you!” She slammed the car door. Expletives continued to be hurled toward her from inside the car. She was a tall 5’8″ wearing an elegant short black cocktail dress that showed off her legs. She had a gorgeous face, long brunette hair that bounced off her shoulders, bright hazel eyes, thick red painted lips and olive skin. The front of her dress plunged showcasing her ample tan cleavage. She leaned down to quickly take off her shoes and hurried between our two vehicles to retrieve her purse from the street. She stood up in front of my left headlight looking lost, broken and confused. This complete stranger stood stranded and barefoot in the middle of the street holding her shoes and purse.

“Do you need some help?” I asked.

She looked around her in every direction, thinking through options as the opposite traffic light changed from green to yellow.

“Can I give you a ride someplace?” I offered warmly.

Her mind raced through options. She was stranded in the middle of a major intersection, too far to walk home. Her boyfriend continued his tirade, embarrassing her in front of a street full of strangers. She was livid. All dressed up, she had nowhere to go, and no way to get there if she did. A stranger was offering assistance. She wondered if it would be smart or safe to take me up on it and get in my car. The opposite traffic light moved from yellow to red, triggering a green in our direction. I could see her dilemma. “If you prefer,” I added with kindness, “you can get in the back seat. I will be glad to drop you off wherever you would like. It’s no problem.”

She responded instinctively. She had no better options. Her boyfriend was still watching and screaming insults. “Thanks,” she said as she hurried around to the passenger side, opened the door and jumped in the front next to me. The car ahead of us screeched as it sped forward, his middle finger waving angrily out the car window.

“Gawd, I just, I can’t …” Words sputtered as she tried to explain what just happened. She was out of breath and flustered.

I put my hand up. “Easy,” I said. “No explanation necessary.” She looked over to me, feeling safer. “Catch your breath,” I added. The light music filled the new awkward silence in the car.

She took a couple deep breaths and sighed, before beginning to cry. “I am so sorry,” she said. “I am so embarrassed. I am so angry.” She wiped her eyes with a tissue from her purse. She allowed a couple minutes to pass with tears and silence to collect herself. I turned onto another major street, no longer allowing us to remain in the rearview of her boyfriend’s car.

“The bastard cheated on me. I can’t believe he would do it again,” she said breaking the silence and trying to offer an explanation. “I can’t believe it!”

“I can’t either.” I glanced over and caught a glimpse of her short dress bunched up to the top of her legs from when she jumped in. “It sounds like a pretty crummy day.”

“We were going to go out to a nice dinner. We have been putting things back together from the last time he cheated on me. I wanted to treat him to a nice weekend as a way of saying I trust him and this could work. His cell phone rang while we were in the car and I picked it up. It was some bimbo yelling because she was pregnant, and screaming for him to do something. He took the phone and after arguing with her, hung up. He confessed he had been sleeping with her. He said liked her on the side because she would do things …” Her voice tapered. “I blew up; I just freaked. I should have known. I just wanted to believe …” Her voice became more defeated and stressed.

“Really, ” I said, “you don’t need to explain.”

“I’m sorry,” she said again. I am just so upset and confused.”

“It sounds like you could use a friend,” I said warmly. “My name is Carl.” I put my hand out.

“Jennifer,” she answered back. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Jennifer. You haven’t done anything wrong. No more ‘I’m sorrys,’ OK?”

She paused, grateful for the kindness. “OK. Thanks for helping me out.”

“No problem. Where escort bayan istanbul would you like me to drop you off? Home?”

“I don’t know,” she said still feeling defeated. “I can’t believe what just happened.” She sat silently for a couple minutes looking at her lap.

“Can I make a suggestion?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said with uncertainty still in her voice.

“I can drop you off anywhere you would like. I have nothing going on. It’s no problem. Or,” I began to add.

“Or?” she asked curiously.

“I think you need a friend right now. I would hate to just drop you off, unless you really want to be alone. If you’ll let me, I would be glad to grab that dinner with you that you got all dressed up for. No expectations. It just seems like you could use someone to talk to. “

“That is very nice, Carl” she said. “No expectations?”

“None,” I said. “The only condition is that you call the shots, but I am buying. You shouldn’t have to pay on a day like this.”

Jennifer smiled for the first time since being in the car. “That sounds nice,” she said quietly, taking a deep breath and feeling comforted. “Thank you. Why would you do that?” she asked out loud.

“Been there,” I said. “Where would you like to go for dinner?”

“I have always wanted to go to Le Rachat. That’s what I had saved up and planned for tonight” she said.

“Le Rachat it is! Very nice choice” I said. “His failure shouldn’t keep you from elegance you deserve. What time are your reservations for?”


“We can still make that.”

Jennifer smiled in disbelief. She put her head back against the headrest, closed her eyes and allowed the wind to blow through her hair. I glanced again to admire the exquisite beauty sitting next to me.

The restaurant hostess seated us in a booth near the back. Our dinner was slow and relaxing. We enjoyed two bottles of Cabernet with the meal and conversation. Jennifer poured her heart out over the two hours, unloading her life story. “I can’t believe I am telling you all of this,” she finally said. “I’ve never shared some of this with anyone.”

“Thank you,” I said, “It’s very interesting. You have been through a lot.”

“You are so easy to talk to and have been so nice to me Carl. I still don’t get it.”

“Hey,” I answered. “What are friends for?”

Jennifer smiled.

“Would you like to dance?” I asked.

“Sure, she said jumping up. “That sounds nice.”

She took my hand as we walked across the restaurant to the dance floor. Ballad after ballad allowed us to quietly continue the conversation. We held one another close as we moved across the floor.

“I’ve never been treated like this,” she whispered. “It feels so nice.”

“You deserve nothing less,” I encouraged with a smile. I felt Jennifer relax and nuzzle comfortably into me as we danced over the next half an hour.

“I’m ready to go,” she whispered.

“OK,” I answered. She took my hand again and led me toward the restaurant’s front door. She walked with a slow, sexy, confident stride. The valet brought the car around and enjoyed assisting Jennifer into the car. I pulled the car forward to the street. “So, where can I take you?” I asked looking for direction for where to drop her off.

“Where would you like to take me?” she asked offering the double entendre with a sultry voice. She reached over to lay her hand on my thigh, giving it a light squeeze, flashing a sexy smile.

“Wherever you’d like,” I answered. “You are calling the shots.”

“Let’s go the Marriott,” she said. “I booked it for tonight and it’s too late to cancel. I want you to take me there” she added with an emphasis on the word ‘take.’ She never moved her eyes off of mine. I felt my thigh lightly squeezed again. “Take me there.”

“Are you …”

Jennifer interrupted. “I know exactly what I am doing Carl. Do I really get to call the shots, or not?” she asked playfully.

“You are calling the shots,” I reaffirmed.

“You have changed my life tonight Carl. You have treated me with genuine respect and helped me to know what I really want. You saved me.”

“I’ve enjoyed it Jen. It actually feels like we have known each other a long time.”

“This is a new day for me,” Jennifer added. “I’m never going back.” She spoke transparently with a new confidence and resolve. “Guys have always just wanted my body. Tonight I want to feel what it’s like to be made love to. You have opened a new door for me, Carl. I want us to get lost in each other. I want to make love to you all night.”

I was aroused by her invitation and trust, but didn’t want to take advantage of her vulnerability. “Jennifer,” I tried to argue.

She put her hand up. “Carl, do you really want to help me tonight?” She already knew the answer, and didn’t wait for my reply. “Let me call the shots.”

“Of course,” I conceded.

She moved her hand up my pants to my growing member. “Very impressive” she said. It looks like we have full cooperation.” She maneuvered the zipper of my pants down, reached in and worked my dick out of my pants. It stood straight up at attention. “Wow,” she complemented. escort istanbul “This is a big night. Have you ever had someone give you head while you’re driving?” She dropped her head into my lap, engulfing my dick in her mouth before I could answer.

“Whoa,” I said surprised. “Ok, Ok,” I tried to negotiate. “Let’s go to the hotel, the convertible is up. Everyone can see.”

“I don’t care Carl. Its dark and I can’t wait. This is only the beginning though. No one will ever say what I won’t do again.”

“Oh God,” I said, immediately feeling my juices rise from deep within. Jennifer was a master as she made her way up and down my shaft. She instinctively felt every pulse and movement, able to respond for maximum response. I could see the hotel one block up. The light before it turned red. I stopped at the light, and Jennifer launched an oral assault on my dick, determined to get what she wanted before we arrived to the hotel. She moved to her knees on the car seat, improving her position, and the view of her thong-lined ass to the car next to us. She bobbed relentlessly, with no concern for the audience that had gathered around us in the cars at the traffic light. She was hungry and determined. The light turned green and I exploded. “Aaauuuughhh!” I screamed.

“Drive, lover boy,” she demanded as she relentlessly worked to drain me. Load after load of thick cum shot down her throat, filling her mouth faster than she could swallow. I felt dizzy and worked to stay focused to compensate for my compromised ability to drive. She sat up quickly as we pulled into the hotel driveway. She swallowed everything she drained from me. “God you taste good,” she said smiling. “I am looking forward to tonight.” She was unaware of a small amount of white cream that had escaped from a corner of her mouth. I chose not to say anything and allow her to discover it for herself.

“Valet service?” the attendant asked.

“Yes,” she shot back quickly, before I could answer. Turning to me, “I am not done with you,” she said regaining her sultry voice. The attendants opened our doors and looked enviously at Jennifer with the glob of thick white juice decorating the corner of her mouth. The attendant at her door watched her every move as her long legs exited the car. She intentionally served him some eye candy by leaning forward to allow the cleavage of her dress to expose her firm round breasts. Her short dress fell into place as her tall beautiful body stood up next to him. “Thank you,” she whispered to the attendant. Her tongue discovered the residual cream as she licked her lips. “Mmmm,” she said as she took it in. By the look on the attendant’s face, she knew she had just become the main character of his self-gratification fantasy that night.

“Thank you Miss,” he stuttered.

The corner suite was on the upper level of the hotel. The windows opened up to beautiful views of the city. I heard Jennifer start the bath water as I looked out the large window in the sitting room. Her arms moved around my waist as she nuzzled up behind me. “Beautiful view,” she admired.

“Not as beautiful as what is behind me,” I said softly.

She reached up to take hold of the lapels of my sport coat with both hands. She slipped the coat off my shoulders and laid it on a chair next to us. Still behind me, she pulled the bottom of my shirt out of my pants and moved her fingers up the front, unbuttoning each button she came to. She slid the shirt off of my shoulders and laid it gently on top of my coat. I turned around and was moved by her beauty in the moon’s reflection. “You are beautiful,” I said softly.

She responded by taking my hands in hers and placing them on the thin shoulder straps holding her dress on. She locked eyes with me, gave a coy sexy smile and gently moved my hands outward. The material of her dress under my hands slid off her shoulder. The straps fell to her elbows, causing the front of her dress to slide down, stopped only by the end of her large round tits. I gently took hold of the material of the dress just above her waist, and pulled the dress down over her tits. The material easily fell past her tight ass and on to the floor at her feet. The moonlight reflected off of her tan fit body. She was wearing a sexy revealing black bra. It only had an under wire beneath her tits for support, leaving the rest of her round firm tits fully exposed. The matching string thong and high heel shoes accented her body. She was mesmerizing. She smiled with the reaction she hoped for and reached down to feel my dick rise again to the occasion. I felt like I was in another world.

The moment was interrupted by a knock at the door of our suite.

“That must be the Champagne I ordered,” she said continuing her sultry tone.

I answered the door, assuming Jennifer had gone back to tend to the running water in the Jacuzzi. “Bring it right inside,” I said. “I can take it from here.” He rolled the Champagne cart into the room. I gave him a generous tip and signed the bill. “Thank you,” I said.

“Thank you,” he said with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. He smiled and closed the door as he left.

I turned around bayan escort istanbul to move the cart into the bedroom and was surprised to see Jennifer still standing by the window. The light of the moon cascaded off of her exquisite body like a masterpiece of art. Her nipples had grown to almost three quarters of an inch like heralds announcing her arousal.

“You are breathtaking,” I gasped. “Do you know what you just did to him?” I poured our first two glasses of bubbly.

“Yes,” she said with quiet confidence as she took her glass. “It is what I have for you, that interests me.” She clinked her glass with mine to toast the moment, and took a sip. “What are your fantasies, Carl?”

“Oh Jennifer,” I began to say.

“Uh, uh,” she interrupted. “Don’t stop now. Do you really want to help me tonight?”

“Of course,” I answered. “But…”

“No buts,” she interrupted again, “unless you want mine.” We both smiled and took another sip. “In this room I am every fantasy you have ever dreamed of. There is nothing I will say no to. Every fantasy becomes real, right here.” She smiled with eager confidence before emptying her first glass of Champagne down her throat.

Jennifer set her glass down to free her hands. She pulled my t-shirt out of my pants and up over my head. “Ooo, she complimented, “nice abs.” She ran her hands over my abs, making her way playfully beneath the top of my pants. She knelt down to untie and remove my shoes, then my socks. She unbuckled my belt, my pants, and then helped the already familiar zipper down again. She felt my member growing again under the work of her hands. “God, I want you,” she said ravenously. She leaned forward, pressing her lips against the front of my pants while reaching up to push her hands under my boxers and down toward my ass. She brought my pants down until they gathered around my ankles. My dick stood hard, tall and exposed before her face. She couldn’t resist consuming it again in her warm moist mouth. “Mmmmm,” he said as she savored the taste and feel.

“Oh God, baby,” I answered. My knees struggled not to buckle. “You are going to do it again.” I felt her tits rubbing against the top of my legs as she worked my member like a master. My body buzzed with electricity. I felt myself move toward the point of return faster than I thought possible. “God you are good.”

She pulled off my dick with a pop, and then smiled as she looked up. “I am going to take you more times than you ever thought possible.”

“Oh God, Jennifer, don’t leave me there.” My body was quaking.

“I won’t my love. Trust me, I won’t.”

Jennifer reached around to unclasp her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She bent over at the waist, without any bend in her knees, and helped her thong to slide over her ass and down her long legs. The view of her hanging firm tits, her round ass and long legs were breathtaking. Still bent over, she unclasped her shoes. She stood up, slid her shoes off, and left them with her bra and panties.

She picked up the Champagne bottle with one hand, and took my hand in the other. “This way, Lover Boy.” She led me to the waiting Jacuzzi. She turned off the water, turned on the tub’s jets and sat on the edge holding the Champagne. Her feet dangled in the water. She spread her legs invitingly. “I am awfully thirsty. Can I get you anything to drink?” She wrapped her lips around the opening of the bottle, sat up straight and lifted the bottom. Champagne poured into her mouth and overflowed, soaking her tits, abdomen, and bushy mound on its way into the tub. “Hurry, she said, “it is going fast.”

I stepped in and moved between her long tan legs. We locked eyes and smiled before I engulfed as much of her Champagne coated tits as my mouth would hold. “Yes,” she said approvingly, “suck it.” Back and forth, I worked her tits, giving special attention to the gifts of her large erect nipples. “Harder baby,” she said. “Don’t hold back, it feels so good.” She began to work her clit with her fingers as I gave each thimble sized nipple a workout. “I am going to cum,” she said as her body shook. I continued to work both nipples with my hands as my tongue made its way down her stomach and to her mound. My lips and tongue took over for her hands and began to work her clit like her nipples. “Oh God! I have been waiting for this. Do it baby. Do it. Yes. Yes! Gaaaawwwwdddd,” she screamed as her hips began to buck. “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Gaaaawwwwdddd!” I buried my face into her mound, lapping up every Champagne flavored drop I could summon from her body.

Jennifer slid into the water with a deep sense of satisfaction. She turned me around to sit on the bench hidden beneath the sea of bubbles. She straddled me, wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me close. She gave me a long impassioned kiss. “There is so much going on inside of me,” she whispered. “I can’t get enough of you, I can’t do enough. I am insatiable.” She smiled as she began to sheath my dick with her love hole. She dropped her head back as she engulfed my entire throbbing member. “Gawd yes,” she cried out again. Slowly she began to ride me as bubbles surrounded us. She moved up and down my shaft as if keeping rhythm to a silky jazz ballad, never allowing the intensity of what we were feeling to cause her to speed up. It felt as if she controlled every nerve to the extremities of my body. Her large round tits emerged from the water with every rise, and slapped the water with every descent. I pulled her closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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