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The following day:

“Tell me the truth, master,” said Becca.

“Okay. Ask your question then.”

They were seated on lounge chairs by the hotel swimming pool. Becca was in a bikini outfit that seemed to attract a lot of staring eyes at her. She was lying on her face, presenting the sun with her back while some of the hotel guests got a good view of her round backside. Olu was in a pair of gym shorts and wore his sunglasses; his head rested on his towel. His hand was about reaching for a glass of lime that was on a table next to him when Becca spoke.

“Last night before we got to the club, when you stopped at that pharmacy, you’d bought that drug before we even met the couple. Meaning you knew about them already.”

Olu sipped his lime, savored the taste, and then returned the glass. “Yes, I already knew of them, and I knew they were going to be there that night. Abbey my friend had set it up. It was he who’d sent them an invitation to the club, though they don’t know that.”

“Yes, but … I still don’t understand. How were you able to get to the husband the way you did?”

Olu flashed his teeth at her. “That’s why I have you and Nneka for. Nneka went for the husband, while you persuaded the wife. That was all the leverage I needed, and you didn’t fail me. Not one bit.”

He rubbed his palm on her shoulder as if he were giving her a massage. Becca, unconcerned about others who were there at the hotel’s poolside with them, felt her hand over his crotch and licked her lips as she got the touch she was yearning for.

“What exactly is your hand doing?” he said.

“Can’t you guess, master,” she purred. “I’m so hungry for your cock right now.”

“You don’t want to catch a sun tan anymore?”

She shook her head. “The sun can wait, but yours can’t. My pussy’s itching me so much.”

“Come on then, let’s take a stroll.”

Master Olu drained his glass of lime. They both got up, picking their few items with them and walked away from the pool. Nearly all eyes were on them as they exited the poolside. They all stopped in whatever they were doing and watched the white woman’s ass bounce and jiggle in her bikini as she hooked her arm around that of the tall black man walking alongside her till they both disappeared from view.

Becca began attacking him even before he’d slipped the key into the door to unlock it. He pressed her against the door once they were inside and roamed every inch of her lips with his. Up inside the room, they flung their stuff aside and Becca wanted to lead him towards the direction of the bedroom but instead Olu had her bent over on the back of the couch. He had his shorts down his leg in one motion while Becca, who was just as anxious to receive him, pushed her bikini panties to the side and widened her legs apart for him to make a smooth entrance.

“Oh fuck me, master,” she moaned like a real bitch in heat. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me right now!”

Her cunt was oozing with wetness already. Olu took a quick aim with his cock and then jammed it into her hole and gave her a solid thrust; Becca just about fell over the couch from the impact. She held onto the back of the couch and for the next couple of minutes screamed out her joy as her pussy went on taking the rough onslaught of her master’s huge dick fucking her.

At that moment, Olu’s phone began to ring from the pocket of his shorts.

“Damn it!” he growled, wondering who it might be at this ungodly moment. Becca too was just as mad to be interrupted this way.

“Don’t … don’t answer it!” she practically yelled over her shoulder.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” he snarled at her. He was just as curious to know who it could be, wondering if it could be his office wanting his ass back in Abuja as soon as possible. He pulled out of her for a moment and quickly reached for his shorts to take out his cell phone. He just about laughed when he recognized who it was that was calling him—Becca’s husband, Arnold. It was a good thing his erection was still standing, or else someone would have paid for the interruption. He slipped his wet cock back into Becca’s pussy, and she was grateful for it, while he brought his phone to his ear.

“What’s up, white boy?” he grunted into the mouthpiece.

“Good morning, master,” came Arnold’s hurried reply. “I’m sorry for calling, master … are you … busy?”

Arnold could very well hear that the master was busy as from his end of the line he easily caught what sounded like someone moaning like crazy in the background.

Olu couldn’t help but laugh. “As a matter of fact, you did caught me at a very wrong time, boy,” he said between grunts. His other hand rubbed against Becca’s romp while she kept bouncing her ass back to capture more of his cock that she could. “You just about caught me fucking, white boy. And that’s a demerit on you.”

“I’m so sorry master, I’m so very so—”

“I don’t give a fuck how sorry you are, white boy. Next time you’ll learn not to call me at odd hours …”

Becca Kadıköy Fetiş Escort turned to look over her shoulder and asked, “Is that Arnold calling? What the fuck is he calling for?”

“Shut the fuck up bitch, and keep taking this dick!” he gave her a sharp thrust of his cock as if to make his point home.

“Ohhh yes, master!” she answered.

Olu turned his concentration back to the phone. “You see what you’ve done, white boy? You’ve made me interrupt fucking your woman here. Like I said, we’re going to have to teach you more on manners when next I see you.”

“Like I said, master, I’m very sorry. I didn’t—” “Sod on your sorry, white boy. Get to the point of your calling.”

Arnold gulped down saliva on his side of the phone before continuing. “Anyway … I was just wondering … I’d like to invite you and the wives over here at the camp to dinner. That’s if you’d be interested.”

“Sounds interesting, white boy. I’ll have to think about it. I’ll give you a shout-out later in the day. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some fucking to do.”

He disconnected the line after that and cast the phone across the couch. “Now bitch, where were we?”

His hands held Becca’s waistline and her moans rose higher as he began pounding her just the way she always liked him to—hard and rough. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face up while his other hand gave her bum a terrific smack. Becca yelped from the contact.

“That’s for you interrupting my talk on the phone, bitch! Don’t you ever do that again, you hear me?” “I won’t, master! I swear, I won’t!”

“You’re going to make it up to me, you know that don’t you, bitch?”

“Anything for my master,” she cried out. “Anything!”

Olu pulled out of her and still holding onto a fistful of her hair, he pulled her along towards the direction of the bedroom. He sat on the bed and had her knell before him. Holding his shaft in his hand, he raised his legs up from the bed and pulled her forward to rim his ass.

“You’d better do a good job of licking that ass, bitch!” he said to her. “I want that ass clean and smooth by the time you’re done, or else I’m going to spend the entire day turning your ass red.”

Becca did as he wanted. She licked her tongue through the crevice that was his asshole and didn’t even let herself up for air till she was done. When Olu felt satisfied, he pushed himself further up on the bed, bringing her along. Becca straddled him, taking his cock into her pussy, and started rocking him hard and good. Olu fingered her asshole while she bounced and rocked her bottom side to side over his cock. Becca cried when he pulled his cock out of her pussy and forced it into her tiny asshole. She felt like she’d just taken in a lead pipe. Still she went on grounding her ass on him.

“You want your master’s cum, bitch!” he pulled her face downward to kiss him.

“Oh yes! I want it!”

“You want it so bad, don’t you, slut?”


Olu had her on her arms and knees and took turns pounding her pussy and her asshole. He slapped her buttocks repeatedly while burying his shaft as further into her asshole that he could. Becca climaxed one too many times before her master came his own, shooting his load deep inside her ass.

“Alright, bitch.” He turned her over and ejaculated some remainder semen across her face. “Time for you to do some cleaning up.”

She reached for his cock and did that with her mouth. Olu cradled her head in his hand while she licked off every trace of semen and pussy juice from his shaft. When done with that, she applied her mouth to his balls too.

“Did I do a good cleaning job, master?” she asked. Olu nodded. “As only a good wife should,” he muttered and then groaned as she kept on sucking his cock.


Mona had called his phone sometime before noon saying she’d like to come over; Olu told her he would be around at the hotel suite. She showed up there sometime after twelve, looking very casual and sexy in a pair of denim shorts and a tank top, wearing her new hair. Olu was there at his room waiting for her alone. He smiled as he opened the door for her and noticed she was putting on his ring; obviously her husband wasn’t going to complain after all. He as well caught a strong whiff of her perfume. It smelled enchanting.

“You’re looking hot and gorgeous,” he said to her, checking out the roundness of her pretty behind of her shorts.

“Thank you, master,” she turned to smile at him.

“You smell good, too.”

“It’s Coco Chanel,” she said.

“Really. Number five or fourteen?”

She laughed. “I really wouldn’t know. Is Becca around?”

“No. Nneka came and borrowed her for an hour or two to take her shopping. So, how’s Nick doing?”

“Alright and right now busy at work. I’ve been lying in bed nearly all day doing nothing, thinking about you.”

“Really?” he came to her and wrapped his arms Kadıköy Gecelik Escort around her waist. “You thought of me last night?”

“Oh yes, master, I did.” She rubbed her hands over his chest, feeling his breast plate muscles, loving the masculine texture of his skin. “I thought of everything of you. Nick and I had a long talk about you yesterday.”

“What about?”

“He has agreed to let me be your slut … and wants you to give me lots of babies.”

His hand reached inside her tank top and unearthed one of her tits which he then covered with his mouth for a moment. “I’ll bet you must have been joyful when he said that.”

“Uhhh … oui … very,” she sucked in her breath as his lips bit down on her nipple. “He doesn’t know that I wouldn’t have cared at all even if he’d said no. But I’m still glad he said yes. That made things a lot easier.”

“So tell me then, what was it that led you to come by here today?”

His hand slid into the front of her shorts to rub against her public region. Moan couldn’t help but squirm and wiggle her body against his touch.

She leaned her head close to his and whispered something into his ear. Olu shook his head.

“I can’t hear you, bitch. You’ve got to speak out loud, or else my hand’s going to stop what it’s doing.”

Thus she said it loud enough for him to hear: “I want you to fuck me, master. I want you to fuck my pussy, and then I want you to cum inside of it.”

“Good. First, I need to see if you’ve improved on your cock-sucking skills. Get down on your knees right now and pull my cock out, bitch.”

Mona took off her tank top then knelt before him and pulled down his shorts from his waist. His cock sprung out of its hiding place like a jack-in-the-box present and stood at attention before her face. Her hands were small and could barely wrap itself around his girth as she started stroking him. She took her master’s cock into her mouth, widening her jaw muscles as much as she could to give him some good head. At one point, while she was still sucking him, he stopped her and pulled his cock out of her mouth, gazing down at her.

“This isn’t your wimp husband’s cock, Mona,” he said to her, feigning anger in his voice. “You’d better get with the program and suck this dick like how a black man’s cock ought to be sucked, and don’t waste my time on it. You hear me?”

She nodded in reply, and then Olu handed her back his cock and she resumed sucking it once again.


The club’s name was called Exodus, located at the junction of Nelson Mandela Drive and Abacha Boulevard. The time was 9:45p.m. A shower of rain had fallen two hours ago, leaving the streets slippery and wet with overfilled detritus floating from the nearby gutters and sewage ways. But the rains had stopped fallen, though in some parts of the city, there was still light drizzling going on. The streets were alive with traffic and an unstoppable cold breeze. At the junction, cars were huddled against each other, honking horns and screaming drivers yelling to get by as several of the vehicles edged along the way in search of parking spaces.

Olu was lucky to find a suitable parking space less than ten feet from the club’s doors. Several faces itching to make their way into the club stopped to stare at the black man stepping out of the car with the white woman along his side. Becca was wearing a see-through blouse with an open neck line and short skirt with knee-length black boot heels. She was very captivating, and she knew it too … but more the fact that her master was by her side. Even a couple of road-side sluts couldn’t help ogling her apparel. Nick and Mona jumped down from the backseat and together the four of them made their way into the club. Olu gave the doorman a one-thousand Naira note as they went in past him.

The club was booming and they’d just arrived at the peak of it. They went past a wide corridor before then coming out into a wide circular room with discotheque strobe lights bouncing off the walls. The dance floor was populated with cavorting dancers. Loud R n B/Rap music boomed from out-of-sight speakers and high up on a landing, the DJ was hard at work behind his turntables and equipment, spinning good music for the vibrant crowd.

Olu led his people further into the room, up the staircase and found them a corner booth at the balcony from where they could watch the dancing spectacle taking place downstairs. There were other drinking booths beside them and eyes kept staring their way as they took their seats. The air around them was thick with cigarette smoke. Drinks were ordered and they drank to each other’s good health. Mona was wearing a simple dress under her coat and just about nothing else underneath except for a pair of nylon stockings. Neither too was Becca wearing anything resembling a bra or pair of panties. Olu excused himself and went down the stairs and disappeared amongst the crowd. He wasn’t gone for long though. He returned with a pretty young black girl Kadıköy Genç Escort whom he introduced as Sari. She was a working girl that much was obvious from the way she carried herself; Olu told her to sit beside Nick, which she did. Olu now had the company of both white ladies as they sat flanking him.

“Any of you care to dance?” he asked either of them.

Becca indicated that she would like to dance with him first. They both slid out of the booth and made their way down the stairs to the dance floor. Mona watched from the balcony railing as the master danced with Becca. From the corner of her eye she noticed her husband playing with the black girl. She didn’t wish to interrupt them. She picked up her glass and sipped her wine while she tried to make out Olu and Becca’s form in the midst of the crowd below.

She was burning with want by the time she saw them return and Becca slid into booth and made way for Mona to step out. Olu held her hand and led her down the stairs to the dance floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began shaking her hips as much as she could to the rhythm of the music. Though she wasn’t used to dancing to such type of music. She was more of a ballroom dancer than she was when it came to clubbing, but Olu managed with her well enough. His hands fondled her ass while his hips came in contact with hers. Mona could barely make out the crowd of faces that surrounded them in the darkness that was the dance floor with the marauding disco lights roaming around them, but she was catching the vibe of the exotic passion that was flowing around. At one time her master’s lips met hers and she pushed herself into his arms and kissed him back deeply while his pair of hands went on caressing her ass. She couldn’t tell how long they were there dancing when he decided they’d better return to their table, seeing that they’d both worked up a sweat.

“You guys danced longer than I thought you would,” Becca observed when they returned to their drinks.

“Don’t mind me,” said Olu. “Mona kept stepping on my shoe.”

Mona laughed merrily. “That’s a lie, I never did.”

“Hey Nick, you enjoying yourself with Sari?” Olu shouted the question at him.

“Oh yeah, I am,” he yelled back a reply in the midst of the loud music that was around them. He had a solid grin on her face. He looked like someone who’d just won the highest prize in a game and didn’t want to let go. “She’s really beautiful.”

Sari joined him in laughing. “First time I’ve heard anyone say such about me.”

“Sari, do you mind following us for some more fun night?” asked Olu. “We’ll make it worth your while if you do.”

She made as if to think about it. “Well … as long as you promise to make it worth my while … then, I guess I’m game.”

“That settles it then. Come on, let’s finish our drinks and then blow this joint.”

They remained there for almost thirty minutes finishing their drinks before then getting up and pushing their way past the growing crowd and then managing to find their way to the corridor leading out of the club. They all gulped in fresh air as they pushed their way back into the night and then made their way towards their parked vehicle. Olu had driven when they were coming. This time he let Nick to be the designated driver and for Sari to be his co-pilot while he sat in the backseat with his gorgeous white wives.

Lounging in the back, Olu played with both women while Nick took quick glances from the rear-view mirror at what was going on. Sari couldn’t help turning her head to watch what was happening. Olu had his lips on Mona’s while Becca’s hand worked against loosening his belt buckle and the top buttons of his jeans. In no time she’d freed his black cock from within and had her mouth upon it. Olu freed Mona’s tits from her dress and wrapped his mouth over one of them while Becca bopped her head on his cock. Mona was starting to feel a little left out and she too lowered her head and she and Becca both began fighting over their master’s 12-inch cock. Nick navigated their way along the busy streets at the same time kept making glances at their reflection in the mirror above his head, watching the sight of the women licking their tongue over Olu’s cock, and loving it. How they both made such a perfect picture—two gorgeous white women taking turns sucking on a big black one. What could be more perfect than that?

A hand then slid over his pants leg over his erection which was building inside. He turned to his passenger seated beside him and Sari gave him a knowing smile. She had her other hand inside her skirt, and Nick didn’t need to speculate what that one was doing in there. She inched herself closer and her hands pulled down his zipper, reached within and unearthed his penis which stood hard as a rock in her hand and oozing pre-cum from the head. They got to a red light and it was the advantage Sari needed as she then leaned over and began sucking him. Nick still had firm control of the vehicle and he put it back into gear just as the red light turned into a green.

In the backseat, Olu was now exposed down to his thighs and Mona was burrowing her face on his balls while Becca kept feasting on his cock. Becca then brought her face to him and whispered in his ear: “I want your cock in me, master. Right now. I just can’t wait.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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