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It was late when I pulled up in front of the beachside condo. I’d just come from school, and I was relieved to have passed the exam I’d been studying so hard for these last few weeks. Friday nights used to be earmarked for dates or nights out with friends from my high school cheer squad, but now that I was in my freshman year at the local community college, my life had taken a more serious turn.

I still practiced yoga regularly to stay in shape and have some social time with friends, but the highlight of my week was at the end of a Friday night, when I came to see my dad for the weekend. It was a ritual we’d started a couple of years ago, when my parents had divorced, and I never missed a weekend. I relished any opportunity I had to spend with my daddy.

Growing up, my daddy had been my best friend in the world. He always made me feel like I was the most special girl, the only light in his life. As I got older, I realized that my parents had fallen out of love a long time ago, and when they separated I was more relieved than anything else. I loved them both and wanted to see them happy, but I shared a special bond with my daddy, and I was secretly glad I wouldn’t have to share my time with him anymore.

At 5’4″, I’m a petite girl, with curvy hips and smallish breasts. My freckled ivory skin and dark hair and eyes reflect my Irish heritage, but the rosy glow in my cheeks and glints of gold in my eyes lend an air of warmth to my overall look. I enjoyed cheerleading and softball in high school, and you never knew whether I’ll show up in a baseball tee and converse or a sexy dress and heels. Tonight I wore a long sleeved dress, with a deep V in front and a short, flowy hemline. Tall chunky-knit boot socks and sturdy black rain boots kept me warm and dry, protected from the late fall weather.

I put my car in park and gathered my things, eager to get started with our weekend. Friday night was movie night. Daddy always made homemade popcorn just the way I like it, and I could hear my stomach rumbling in anticipation. Daddy opened the door before I even made it up the front walk, eager to see me as always.

“Hi daddy!” I greet him with my usual smile before launching myself into his arms for a big hug. He always smells so good, like he just got out of the shower. Daddy isn’t extremely tall, neither of my parents are, but he is considerably taller than me, so I have to stand on my tiptoes for a kiss. My lips make contact with his cheek, just barely brushing the corner of his.

“Hi kitten! How was your exam?”

“I passed!”

“Of course you did, my smart girl. I never had any doubt. Come on in, it’s a perfect night to celebrate!”

At 38, daddy is much younger than most of my friends’ parents. He is distinguished looking, with gorgeous brown eyes and grey flecks in his short-trimmed beard and at his temples. He was dressed in his usual outfit of jeans and a black shirt, looking casual, but handsome as ever. I could smell the popcorn from the open doorway. I licked my lips.

“Mmm, that smells delicious, thank you daddy! What movie have you picked for us tonight?”

“It’s a scary one!” he told me with a grin, and grabbed my weekend bag. “Why don’t you go upstairs and change and I’ll get it started?”

He carried my bag to my room and left me to change into something more comfortable. I could smell the popcorn and heard the pop of a cork as he opened a bottle of wine for us. I’m not yet 21, but daddy never minds if I have a drink or two on our date nights.

I started to undress, and I appreciated what I saw in the mirror. I’m not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but I have nice curves and soft areas that I think are very sexy. My skin feels smooth as I run my hands over my breasts and thighs. I rummage through my bag to look for something to wear, but I realize that with the stress of preparing for my exam, I forgot to pack any pajamas.

“Daddy?” I call down the stairs. He appeared a few seconds later, without answering my call. He caught me by surprise, and I quickly held my discarded dress up in front of my nearly naked body. Daddy turned red and let out a strained cough.

“Sorry baby, what do you need?”

“I forgot to pack any pajamas, do you have something I can borrow for tonight?”

“Sure kitten”, he says, “I’ll be right back.” He turned to leave, so I dropped my dress to the floor and walked to the closet for the robe I kept there. I caught a glimpse of something in the mirror hanging on the back of the closet door, daddy was staring at my ass! I was wearing lacy cheeky panties, which I’m sure accentuated my round bottom nicely. He couldn’t see my face from this angle, so I made a show of slipping the lace over my ass and legs slowly before stepping out of them and kicking them aside. I could see a tell-tale bulge forming in daddy’s pants, and my pussy clenched in response. I slipped into my robe as he turned and walked out of the doorway.

I couldn’t believe what just happened, daddy was watching me and it turned him on! Even more unbelievable, it turned me on too! My nipples Belek escort were rock hard. I chalked it up to my disappointing sex life and natural biological responses, and tried to put it out of my head. I’d have to get a little relief later before my mind really started running away with itself.

Daddy returned a second later with a pale blue button down shirt, one that he usually wears for work meetings. It’s big on me and I had to roll the cuffs several times, but at least it was long enough to come down to mid-thigh. I decided to keep my chunky knit socks on, they came up over the knee so they’d provide some extra warmth. After brushing out my hair and putting away my things, I made my way back downstairs for the movie.

“All ready daddy!” I said as I made my way down the stairs. He was sitting on the couch with a giant bowl of popcorn and two glasses of wine on the coffee table. He had a throw pillow in his lap.

“Aww, is that for me? You’re so sweet daddy. I haven’t laid my head in your lap in years. I used to love when you’d stroke my hair. Will you do that for me tonight?” I grabbed my favorite blanket and laid down with my head in daddy’s lap. There was a fire roaring in the fireplace, it was such a cozy set-up. I squirmed around a bit trying to get comfortable, there was something hard under the pillow. I thought it might be the remote, but after a bit of squirming himself, daddy picked the remote up off the side table and pressed play on the movie.

I realized that during my squirming, my shirt had shifted and now revealed quite a bit of cleavage, and it dawned on me that that lump under the pillow wasn’t the remote at all. Strangely enough, the knowledge didn’t creep me out. I began to feel a familiar tingling in my pussy, and I was conflicted. Soon enough, daddy started stroking my hair, and that calmed me down. We settled in for the movie.

About halfway through, our wine glasses were empty, so I got up to refill them both. Daddy paused the movie and excused himself to go to the restroom. When he came out, I was pulling a cigarette out of my purse. He gave me a pointed stare.

“Does your mother know you’re doing that?” he asked.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!” I said, giving him my best ‘daddy’s little princess’ grin.

“Well as long as you’re going out, I’ll have one with you”.

We walked outside into the cool night air. My nipples hardened, and for a second I could have sworn I saw him staring. Neither of us smoked often, but it was a little secret we occasionally shared, and after a strange night, I think we both needed one. The evening was getting colder, and the breeze picked up.

“I think it’s going to storm soon.” I said.

“Well, it’ll be a perfect night to finish our scary movie then! Come on, let’s get you back inside, you must be freezing!” But I wasn’t. The thought that daddy was turned on by me was actually keeping me quite warm.

We snuggled back up and restarted the movie, but this time I laid with my head on the other end of the couch, my feet in his lap. Both on our second glass of wine, we were getting a little tipsy. During the scarier parts of the movie, he’d throw popcorn at me to lighten things up. I threw some back at him, and before I knew it I was up on my knees and we were in an all-out popcorn war!

When the popcorn ran out, we looked at each other and burst into laughter. We were a mess! Without even thinking about it, I leaned over and grabbed a piece that had landed in the crook of his neck with my mouth. Daddy went very stiff, and the mood changed noticeably. Knowing I had such an effect on him gave me an ache low in my belly.

After the popcorn war, I had to unbutton the top couple of buttons to reach down and fish all the popcorn out. Daddy sat staring as I did so, not realizing I was watching from under my lashes. After I retrieved all the stray popcorn, I left the top of my shirt open to give him a teasing few of my chest. My nipples hardened. I laid back down and he covered me with a blanket and started rubbing my feet.

Suddenly his hands slowly started drifting up from my feet to my ankles, then to my lower legs, rubbing lightly and massaging them.

“Is this ok baby?”

“Oh yes daddy, that feels amazing!” He continued drifting higher and higher, and I was so lost in the sensation that I let out a little involuntary sigh of pleasure. His hands stopped, and I immediately wondered if I had taken it too far. The movie was over, and he said that we should probably get some sleep. I kissed him goodnight, going right for his lips this time, and sauntered off to my room feeling very conflicted, but aroused nonetheless.

I climbed into bed and immediately my thoughts turned to my daddy. Was I feeling attracted to him? Was he attracted to me? Was it just the wine and my recent lack of a sex life? I thought about the way his hands felt working their way up my legs, and my pussy began to tingle. I ran my hands all over my smooth skin, pinching my nipples and imagining that it was him touching me in this Belek escort bayan way. His shirt smelled just like him, it was almost like he was here with me.

Before I knew what I was doing, my hands drifted lower, and found my freshly waxed pussy smooth and dripping wet. I slowly trailed my fingers through the slippery wetness, and started making slow circles around my clit, teasing it to attention. As my need grew stronger, the pressure and speed of of my fingers became deeper and faster. I was breathing hard now, and imagined sensations of my daddy’s strong hands parting my thighs flooded my mind.

I thought of my daddy’s cock. What would it look like, feel like, taste like? I spread my legs wide, still working my clit furiously. I slid one finger into my sopping wet hole and could practically feel the sensation of his cock pushing into me for the first time, so wrong but so delicious. My body convulsed and my pussy contracted as that thought sent me over the edge, into one of the best orgasms I’d ever had.

I caught my breath and rolled over for sleep, but I couldn’t get thoughts of daddy out of my head. What was he doing right now? Was he thinking about me?

The storm was picking up outside, the wind was howling and thunder crashing. Between that and the thoughts in my head, I couldn’t sleep. No matter how wrong it may be, I needed to see if my daddy had the same thoughts about me as I had about him. I’d always been daddy’s girl, and I hated to take the chance of ruining that, but imagine if he felt the same way? We were both adults. Daddy hadn’t dated since the divorce, I knew he must be lonely. We could take our loving relationship and turn it into something much more satisfying for the both of us.

Getting up out of my bed, I padded down the hallway to daddy’s room. The door was ajar and when the lightning struck through his bedroom window, I could see the outline of his body in bed. I decided it was now or never, and pushed the door open.

The door creaked, and I tiptoed into his room. He sat up in bed, naked from the waist up. The hair on his chest glinted and I had an overwhelming urge to run my fingers through it.

“What is it baby?” he asked.

“Daddy, I can’t sleep. The storm is loud and that movie was scary. Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Aren’t you a bit too old to be sleeping with your dad, kitten?” I definitely was, but sleeping wasn’t what I had in mind.

“Just for tonight daddy, please? I always feel safe with you.”

“Ok baby, just for tonight. Come on.” I walked over and climbed into bed next to daddy. It felt so good to be in his warm bed, it smelled just like him. I kissed him goodnight and rolled over with my back to him, pretending to drift off. Every few minutes I would sigh and shift a little, like I was trying to get comfortable, all the while getting closer to him, until finally I was close enough to feel the heat radiating off his body. I could hear his breathing and knew he was still awake.

I started running my hands down my body, slowly at first, like I was just soothing an ache. It wasn’t a complete lie, I did have an ache that needed soothing. With every squirm and shift, daddy’s shirt rode up higher over my bare ass. I let out a small sigh, and soon I felt the tip of his cock poking into me. I knew this was my moment, and I closed the distance between us, pressing into him like a little spoon.

“Jenny, what are you doing? You have the whole bed over there, you shouldn’t be this close to me.” I rolled over and looked him in the eyes, putting my arm around his waist.

“Shh, daddy. Don’t worry, it’s ok. I know you want me. I’ve seen you looking at me, and I feel the same way about you. I know you think it’s wrong, but I love you and I’ve never wanted anything more. It can be just between us, our little secret.”

I could see the shocked and confused look on his face warring with his desire.

“Jenny, I love you so much, and I can’t lie and say I’m not attracted to you, but this is wrong. We can’t act on this.”

“I want this daddy. Nobody has to know. You don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your little girl. We can enjoy each other.”

I reached down and wrapped my hand around his hard cock. He groaned, and I knew his resolve had been broken. I planted kisses on his face and chest while using my hand to slowly stroke his cock, which was growing harder and longer by the second. I have a bit of a cock fetish, so I knew I had to see his up close.

Before he could protest anymore, I pushed him onto his back and pulled back the covers. I climbed down his body until I was on my knees with my face just inches from his swollen dick. It was so beautiful, much better than I’d even imagined. He kept his hair neatly trimmed, so I could see and have easy access to everything. I wanted to take my time and get to know my daddy in the most intimate way possible. I lifted his balls in my hand, feeling their warmth and their weight. I ran my fingertips lightly up and down his length, watching all the time to see Escort Belek what tricks would cause the best reactions.

His cock was twitching in my hands, and I leaned down and started stroking it slowly along my face, my cheeks, my lips. It was so soft and so hard at the same time, like a steel rod in a velvet sleeve. I flicked the tip with my tongue, like licking an ice cream cone. Finally I wet my lips and lowered my mouth slowly and torturously along his length, until the tip of his cock was deep in my throat.

“Oh god Jenny, daddy’s baby girl, that feels so fucking good!” he gasped between ragged breaths. I worked him with my mouth, massaging different parts with my tongue, until suddenly he pulled out and pushed me onto my back in one swift motion.

Daddy pinned me down by my shoulders and spread my legs with his knees.

“You’re playing dangerous games, little girl. Do you want daddy’s cum all over your pretty face?”

“YES daddy, please!” I begged.

“Not just yet kitten, daddy wants to play with you tonight.” He leaned down and kissed me, our first real kiss. It was so full of passion and his tongue pushed into my mouth, swirling and probing. When he finally broke free I was gasping for air. He unbuttoned my shirt and wrapped his hand around my throat in a possessive move. I was his now, that much was clear. After a second he released me, and he trailed his hand downward, stopping to play along the way.

He lightly trailed his fingertips along the length of my collarbone, then pinched my nipple hard. The contrast between pleasure and pain released a gush of wetness from my already dripping pussy. I moaned in pleasure. His hand continued its downward journey, spreading out flat along my belly and stroking my side lightly. He finally made it to the place that I so desperately needed his touch.

“So nice and smooth, kitten. Just the way daddy likes it.” He lowered himself down my body, and before I knew it, his mouth was on me.

“God, daddy’s little slut is already so wet…” He licked up all my juices and finished off with a few flicks of my clit with his tongue. The stimulation was too much, and I was already on the verge of cumming when he took his mouth away. So quickly, before I even knew what was happening, two thick fingers were inside me, curled up and stroking that tender spot inside. I almost lost my mind. I’d heard of a G-spot of course, but nobody, including myself, had ever found mine. Apparently daddy knew what he was doing. Within seconds my body started to tremble.

“That’s it Jenny, be a good girl and cum for daddy.” His words were all I needed, my insides coiled up and exploded in an impossibly intense orgasm. He removed his fingers and I collapsed, still trembling, into a sweaty mess.

Daddy laid back on the pillows, looking very satisfied with himself. My orgasm had sated my immediate need, but I was far from done with him. I pulled myself together and climbed up his body. I took his hand and sucked his fingers into my mouth, tasting myself. He groaned, and his cock twitched.

“Ready for more, baby girl?” I straddled his lap and slowly lowered myself inch by inch onto his substantial cock. The fullness was amazing, and before long I began to move. I rocked slowly at first, wanting to enjoy the feel of him moving back and forth fully inside me, then I started to move up and down.

“Fuck daddy, your cock feels so much better than I’d imagined!”

I turned around with him still inside me, so I was straddling him backwards. I leaned forward on all fours and started moving back and forth, watching his cock slide in and out of me almost to the tip every time. I knew the view must be killing him, and the sensation of him hitting the deepest part of me was unbelievably good.

“You like watching your little girl fuck your daddy cock with her tight pussy? Do you fantasize about this when you’re touching yourself daddy?

“Fuck babygirl, your pussy feels so tight. Daddy’s going to cum soon!”

Knowing that I was getting my daddy so close turned me on like crazy, and I slowed down and started grinding on his cock so it stimulated every inch of my tight cunt. My second orgasm was building, and it felt delicious. Daddy smacked my ass and it was all I needed to send me over the edge, my pussy spasmed around his cock as I shook and cried out. After it passed, I gathered strength in my legs and returned to the previous motion of pulling almost all the way off, then slamming back on to his hard cock, squeezing my cunt with the movements.

“Oh god Jenny, daddy’s going to cum!”

“Yes daddy, come in your little girl’s pussy, fill me with it!” I pleaded, and before I knew it daddy’s cock exploded inside me. I’d never felt anything like it, I could feel it pulsing and squirting and filling me up. It was heavenly.

I climbed off daddy and used my mouth to clean him up. He tasted so damn good.

“Come here kitten”, he said, and I settled into his arms with my head on his chest. His hair tickled my nose, and I loved it. “Tomorrow, we need to talk about this, but for tonight, I just want to hold my baby girl.” With those words, I started to drift off, and I knew it would be the best sleep I’d gotten in as long as I could remember. I wondered what the future would hold for us, but for tonight, I was just happy daddy made me his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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