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After a steamy and titillating chat with a mysterious male, she solemnly made her way to bed. Wearing only an over sized t-shirt and cotton underwear, she took her hair down from a ponytail and tucked herself in bed. Thinking of her virginity, the ways she wanted to loose it and who she wanted to lose it to only made her warmer. She had decided that she wanted to have an all out, wild sex session with him. But how can it be, her life evolves around something short of a fantasy?

She laid down on her back, staring at the dark, tossing and turning. She felt a tingle in the pit of her stomach down to her crotch. Desiring the caress of fingertips, she brought her cold hands to her chest and stomach and rubbed her delicate skin. Her thumb pressing down on her nipples, she felt hair on the back of her neck rise. Taking a deeper breath, she slid her hands down her panties and gently caressed her small pubic mound.

Squirming in her bed, Julie tried to find a comfortable position, enjoying the sensual touches. Spreading her legs apart, with her knees up, she feels her juices dripping down her panties. She slowly inserted her middle finger between the lips of her virgin sex and found her flesh very warm and wet. She lets out a tiny moan while her other hand finds itself playing with her breasts.

While touching herself, moving her fingers in and out, she can only imagine what it will be like with him. His strong, muscular body next to hers, exploring all of her uncharted virgin Casibom territory. She closes her eyes and puts herself in the fanciful state of mind.

Slowly, she inserted her index, then ring finger, moving together she stimulate herself. Reaching in herself to the max, she can no longer push her fingers in any further, immediately she hungered for more than just her fingers. She wanted him deep in her, thrusting himself in and out until she can’t take any more pleasure that her body can handle. She wanted him firmly in her, holding her waist down while she sits on him, lying down.

She wanted to bounce on him, hanging on by his shoulders to give her support, while she thrusts herself on him. Deeper and deeper she desired for something more than her fingers, but she is alone, all dark and quiet in her room.

She took her fingers out, which was all wet and covered with her own juices. Not wanting it to touch her bed sheets, she sucked on her fingers, cleaning off any slight sex scent she might leave behind. Turning over, she reaches for the 8-inch candle, its diameter is about three quarters of an inch. The color is red, hot like her passion. But the candle itself is cold, but she likes that even better. With haste, she took her panties and pushes it down to her ankles, she feels the luxurious sheets wrapped around her thighs. She paused, enjoying the sensations.

On her back, her legs spread apart, her left hand making an opening on her slit, she takes the candle Casibom Giriş and gently slides it in her. The pressure it made inside her blew away the fingers that was once inside. With only 3 inches in, her body weakly tried to reject the foreign member. More. The pressure deepened when it reached 5 inches. Indeed she is tight and small, her virgin body will soon learn how to handle the member completely submerged in her.

She hits a pulsating sensation that caused her not to push the candle in any deeper. Easy there Julie, pull out, pull out. She did, but without the presence of the candle, she felt empty. Again she inserts the candle back in, more relaxed this time. It didn’t go deeper, but she pushed on that sensation, deep inside her. It caused electricity to run around her stomach and spine. Her back arched as she takes the candle in and out, faster and harder every time. Not brushing as much to her clit, she only felt the fullness the candle was providing.

But she wanted more than the meekly 5 inches that she can push into herself, she wanted more force, and she realizes that lying down won’t ‘force’ her to push the candle in deeper. An idea hit her. With the candle still in her, about 3 inches protruding out of her, she sits up, her legs to her side, as if she’s going to straddle someone, but she’s sitting on her bed.

She decides that she will sit on the candle, having her weight on her the candle, she was going to feel the pleasurable pain the candle Casibom Yeni Giriş will provide her with. Raising her buttocks up in the air, she slid right onto the candle, her left hand holding the base, while her right hand held onto the pillow as her support. Her silky brunette hair sticks to her moist back, and face. She can smell the slight strawberry scent of the shampoo. Gravity pulled her down to the candle, she strongly sense its presences in her, pushing in her hard.

She moans, a tiny, squeaky moan that was let out of her mouth, slightly opened, sweat running down her face, she desired more than the candle. The pain that she felt was heavenly, her tight virgin hole has never felt so full and completed in her entire life. Taking the 7 inches of the candle in, she wanted to bounce on it, watching her breasts bounce up and down; she can only pretend that his groping hands are on it. In and out, faster she went, she looked so perfect, riding on the candle. Every thrust she wanted him to hear her voice, her crying out for him to fill her ever so deeper. She wanted him more than ever now.

Still sitting on the candle, knowing that she is about to explode with orgasm, she pushes herself down so hard that the candle got lost in her. All 8 inches, she felt as if she was torn, but it felt so damn good she no longer cares whether her juices flowed all over the damn sheets. How she wishes she could moan to him that she’s coming, tell him not to stop what at what he’s doing.

Her body pulsated with pleasure; she tightened herself around the candle, the grip she made on the candle was tight and fit, he will indeed enjoy being in her muscular hold.

But she can only wish. Poor Julie was all alone, in the dark…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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