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You know what I want right now?

I want you to take my favorite dildo (you know, the looooong, pretty blue one with the suction cup base?) and press it onto the edge of the coffee table. I want you to lean back on the couch, make yourself comfortable, relax a little… and once you’re settled in, I want you to spread your knees and beckon me over. Just one little finger is all it would take.

“…strip.” I want that word to send shivers down my spine. The nonchalance, the chill, the control in your voice? There should be no doubt about it: this is a demand, not a suggestion. I want my hands to move without hesitation, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulling it off in one smooth movement. I want you to tilt your head back, watching as I unclasp my bra, watching as it falls to the floor, watching as I wriggle out of my pants.

I want your hands to move to my naked hips, your eyes locking with mine and holding my gaze while you slowly push me down onto xslot my dildo.


I want you to keep that eye contact as I slowly begin to grind my hips against that silicone cock, trying hard not to blush under your constant watch. Constantly watching as my lips part, tiny little gasps and moans escaping no matter how desperate I am to maintain my composure. Constantly watching as my body quivers and shakes with each thrust, my toy reaching deep inside me.

I want your hands to drift down to your jeans, fingers unbuttoning and unzipping without letting your gaze stray. This time, you don’t even have to say a word; a hand on my shoulder and a gentle tug is all it would take to get your message across.

I want your fingers to gather up my hair as my lips find your cock, giving you a fistful of something to lead me with, something to use so you can determine my pace. Something you can grip while you bend forward, using your other hand to push xslot Giriş my hips up and down against the dildo. Something you can use to force yourself further down my throat. Something that’ll let you hold me down when you want my nose pressed hard against your stomach. Something to anchor yourself onto when you wanna buck your hips and fuck my mouth.

I want to hear you growl before jerking me off your cock, long streams of spit hanging between the tip of your dick and my breathless lips. I wanna feel your fingers dig into my skin when you lift my hips and spin me around. I wanna hear our thighs slap together when you slam me down hard against your cock, listen to us both moan in unison, feel you thrust and flex inside me. I wanna feel you fill every inch of me, stretch me in a way no toy ever could.

I want you to push my head forward and press my mouth onto the dildo, still warm and slick with my juices. Are those your fingers still in my hair, forcing xslot Güncel Giriş me forward until I’ve swallowed every inch, or have you just got me doing that out of habit now? Are those your hands on my hips, making me bounce up and down on your cock, or am I just that greedy of a little slut?

I wanna feel my body tense and writhe as it all overtakes me, feel my pussy clench around you, feel my head swim, feel my legs shake and quiver and buckle as I cum. Will you stop when you notice my trembling, when you hear my muffled scream around my toy, or will you pound me through my orgasm, slamming into me again and again, using my pussy as a tight sleeve for your throbbing cock?

I want you to force my head down as you finally cum, holding me against that dildo until I can’t breathe. I want you to ignore my muffled cries and squirming as you bury yourself and unload inside me, each jet released as deep as you can reach. I want to hear your deep grunts and groans, feral and unreserved. Only once you’re entirely empty do I want you to pull me off the soaked toy, my eyes fluttering, my body shaking, my lips smiling as I hungrily gasp for air.

I want a lot of things, but most of all, I want you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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