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Almost three months after the events of that night we were still meeting up at least once a month to stay at the hotel. It was her 19th birthday just two nights before our latest meeting and we had arranged to meet at the hotel on the pretence that she was going into the city with friends, and staying the night at one of their houses.

I had a romantic candlelit dinner planned, and then a night of lovemaking between the two of us. But that wasn’t going to happen, Lauren had something of her own planned, a birthday present she wanted me to enjoy with her. We had talked before we met Luke about having a reciprocal event with a girl. Until now nothing had come of it, but she wanted this to happen, and tonight.

‘So? What do you think?’ she asked nervously.

‘I think it is a hell of a lot better an idea then just a candlelit dinner,’ I reached out to hold her hands, ‘but are you sure you want to do this?’

‘Yeah, I want to give something back to you.’

‘You realise that I enjoyed giving that present to you almost as much as you enjoyed receiving it,’ I told her.

‘I know, but I think this’d be great to try as well!’

‘I guess so, but I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to. I won’t touch her unless you tell me its okay.’

She grinned and leaned forward to kiss me. ‘Good boy! Not that there is any real reason for having another girl unless they are with you…but good answer. Now, I think we should go to another bar and try to find us some meat!’ She calmed down a bit and looked at me with a kind of nervous aspect. ‘Umm, don’t take this personally, but I think it might be easier for me to find someone to join us…’

I laughed. ‘Of course it would be,’ I said, running my hands down her sides and cupping her breasts. ‘Any girl who didn’t go for your amazing body would be insane!’ She blushed madly.

‘I don’t think I’m going to do…be able to-I won’t be touching her,’ she finished lamely.

‘Don’t worry,’ I hugged her to me and stroked her back and hair. I was surprised to find she was trembling. ‘I wasn’t asking you to. And if she tries to come on to you (and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least) then I’ll break her knees.’ She tried to stifle a giggle but failed miserably. ‘What? I’m not joking! And after that we’ll put cement shoes on her and through her off a bridge. She’ll be sleeping with the fishes,’ I said with my best godfather voice. She laughed and hugged me again.

‘Thanks. I’m not that worried, I just don’t think I want to do anything with another girl. After all, you certainly didn’t want to touch Luke did you?’

‘Good point. I guess tying you down and forcing the girl to eat you out is not really an option then…’ She hit me on the arm and snuggled in closer.

‘Let’s get going. There’s a nightclub about ten minutes away that is known for it’s…”friendly atmosphere”, so we’ll go there.’

‘How do you know that? Been doing some scouting on your own have you?’

‘No, it’s a wonderful thing called the internet. Ever heard of it?’ she asked dryly.

‘Har-de har har. Come on, let’s go.’ We left the apartment and I let Lauren lead me to the club, about ten minutes as she said. Eventually we were let inside, and immediately I saw what Lauren had meant. This was a lesbian/bi bar, and the few guys in there were either looking extremely happy or nervous as hell.

‘Oh. I see what you mean about a “friendly atmosphere”,’ I commented under my breath as we made our way through the crowd. ‘So you definitely will have more of a chance to pick up someone then me.’

She blushed again and poked me in the side. ‘I’m not looking for a lesbian you idiot, just a girl who will spend the night with you. There’ll be at least one bi woman in the bar surely!’ She was wearing a top that was split to her navel, exposing her slight cleavage and supple skin, with the back almost touching the top of her butt crack. I didn’t say anything, but I thought she may have to fend some of them off with a stick.

It wasn’t as easy as she made out. Most of the women were there looking for a longer term liaison then the one night, and many didn’t want anything to do with a man. So while many came onto her, rubbing her hip lightly, or sometimes even reaching out to lightly caress her breast, she couldn’t entice anyone back to the bar. She came back flushed and a nervous wreck.

‘I don’t know, this might not be such a good idea. None of them like men, they just want to…touch me. I-I…don’t think this will work.’ I rubbed her shoulder and kissed her lightly.

‘Sure it will. Remember, no one is going to rape you or anything, so just explain you aren’t interested in women much.’

Her eyebrow raised at the word much, and she gave me a worried look, but she turned and went back to the dance floor anyway. Lucky she did, because that moment a women walked in the door who looked as nervous as she did.

She was an absolute stunner, almost as tall as me and with long, slim büyükçekmece escort legs ending in a tight butt that was covered by a short skirt. She had no fat on her, lean and limber as anyone I had seen, with an amazing face to top off the petite, round breasts standing forth on her chest. Lauren saw her too, as did everyone else, and there was a collective intake of breath; everyone wondering who would go up to her first. In the end an older lady left the bar and walked up to her, all of us watching out of the corners of our eyes.

She was rejected, just as all the others who approached her were. I motioned to Lauren and then pointed subtly at the new girl, who must have been around twenty-one. Lauren shook her head, and then looked back at her and shrugged her shoulders. Why not? She seemed to be saying. I watched with baited breath as she got nearer, and spoke quietly to her. At first the girl looked a bit scared, and then followed Lauren’s arm, looking straight at me. I smiled and raised my glass to her before turning away a bit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her look back at Lauren and point to herself, then my girlfriend hesitantly. Lauren shook her head quickly before speaking again, and then the girl looked at her appraisingly.

My heart jumped up into my mouth, and may have made it to the floor, but Lauren had already led the girl over to me at the bar and was introducing us.

‘And this is Sarah. She thinks that she might like to try a threesome with us.’

‘Us?’ I queried. Lauren and Sarah both flushed red and looked down.

‘Not really,’ Sarah said quickly, ‘Lauren told me she didn’t want to do anything with a girl and I don’t think I do either. So we’ll just spend the time with you.’

‘So why’d you come to this sort of a bar if you weren’t interested in girls?’ Lauren blurted out. ‘Sorry!’ she apologised promptly.

‘It’s okay. I didn’t realise that it was a…girl bar, and I just wanted a one night stand, I haven’t had anyone to sleep with for months now.’ She smiled at us. ‘I guess it would be adventurous to spend a night with two people, even if it’s only one guy.’

‘You should try two…’ Lauren said dreamily.

Sarah looked laughed for a moment and then stared in awe as she realised she was serious. ‘No way!’ she exclaimed in a hushed voice, ‘what was it like?’

‘Awesome…you can’t even begin to imagine how it feels to be worshipped by two men…’ Lauren said, smiling at the memory.

‘Damn, I’m wet already…can we go?’ We laughed and walked out of the club, leaving a roomful of jealous women behind as we left arm in arm. For the ten minute walk back we talked about the way Lauren and I had met, and why Sarah was happy to try something new like this. It turned out that her old boyfriend had been a horrible lay and he had been cheating on her to boot. She hadn’t been with a man (or a woman!) for six months (the woman never).

By the time we got to the lobby Lauren was as wet as her, and I had a raging hard-on pointing the way to the lift. As before the three of us got in, but this time neither of us kissed, although I rubbed Lauren under her skirt surreptitiously. She began to groan before long however, and Sarah looked at us with a mixture of amusement and longing. I smiled at her and turned Lauren around; she had her eyes closed and didn’t realise that Sarah knew yet. When I kissed her, her eyes opened slowly and she backed off, murmuring.

‘Don’t, Sarah…she can see and it…isn’t fair to do- it in front of her.’ Lauren looked at Sarah as though she was afraid she would run off.

‘What would you rather, let her sit in the other room and twiddle her thumbs while we head to the bedroom?’ I asked dryly. Lauren blushed and shook her head.

‘No, it’s just that…she hasn’t…’ She stopped talking and braced herself visibly. Then she pushed me towards Sarah with her hands and spoke to her. ‘Your turn now. We are meant to share tonight, so I suppose it’s only fair we start now.’ I was standing so close I could smell her, the scent of another girl heady and arousing. Neither of us moved, slightly uncomfortable.

Lauren started to get impatient. ‘Look, just kiss would you!’ The elevator pinged and we were at our floor. Thanking the stars for ending that awkwardness I left the elevator and Sarah slightly behind me. But Lauren stood in the doorway of the lift and looked at us. We realised she wasn’t following and turned to face her.

‘I said you can kiss, now just do it!’ I was surprised by her insistence, and looked at her. I had guessed that she didn’t really feel comfortable with this a while ago, and so had been on the verge of asking her if she wanted to stop it.

‘Are you sure you’re okay with this Lauren? I know we’re here now, but we don’t have to do it.’ She looked at me with a strange expression on her face.

‘Yeah I want this to happen, but it won’t unless you two start to do something. Now kiss her!’

‘Uh, fatih escort okay then,’ I replied slightly nervous at her attitude, and reached over to Sarah, pulling her into the circle of my arms. She looked at me, only slightly shorter then I was, and her stunning face inches from my own. The hallway was full of tension. We moved closer together, lips almost touching, our breaths hot in each others mouths.

Slowly I moved my mouth to cover hers, our lips softly pressed against one another, and we began to move against one another, our bodies gradually getting closer, until we were rubbing together, her breasts flattened against my chest. I felt Sarah’s tongue gently pushing into my mouth, opening my lips, and I brought mine to touch hers, entwining them and swirling our tongues around each others mouth. Leaning against the wall as she tried to climb up me, the kiss got hotter and hotter, each of us running our hands over the others body.

After what seemed like hours we broke apart, our clothes crumpled and my hair messed up as she ran her hands through it. We were both flushed and breathing heavily; the first kiss with another women had my pulse pounding. Considering that Lauren was still staring at us, we felt self-conscious, moving further apart. She smiled at us and moved forward, taking Sarah’s hand and reassuring her.

‘It’s okay, I want you guys too enjoy yourselves. I hope it was as good as it looked!’ I nodded eagerly and she reached out to slap my arm. ‘Not that good though!’ We laughed and I led the way to our apartment.

Once inside we turned on some music and sat down on the couch, Sarah on the armchair with Lauren sitting just to the right of her on the floor. I sat quietly with a knot of anticipation building in my stomach. Lauren stood up and moved towards the doorway and I looked at her strangely.

‘I’m just going to the toilet. I hope you guys can find something to occupy each other for a while…’ she said as she left the room. I was surprised that she was willing to be out of the room when we began, but I realised she wanted to get things started. She had been tense and almost trembling as she left and I knew that she’d be just out of sight, listening intently to the two of us.

Sarah looked at her as she left, and then stood up to move over to the couch. I pulled her down next to me and smiled at her, amazed at her beauty.

‘So, you want to get star-‘ she asked sultrily. I didn’t even let her finish, just leaned in to kiss her again, the illicitness of the kiss making both of our hearts pound. I moved over her, running my hands across her slim body, bringing a hand up to feel her smallish breast, taut and straining the fabric of her dress. I could feel her nipple stiffening in the palm of my hand; I intensified the kiss and moved my hand inside her dress to caress her naked mounds. She had no bra on, the firm breasts supporting themselves just fine on their own.

She pushed me back off her, leaving me on the couch and looking up at her as she stood before me. ‘Sit back and watch,’ she said and began to sway to the music, slowly running her hands up her body, dragging them across her stomach to her breasts and pushing them together before reaching behind her to unzip the dress. As she did her breasts pushed forward and strained at the fabric, stealing my breath from me.

Just as I was about to get it back she dropped the dress to the floor, the slinky thing just sliding over her amazing body, over her hips and onto the floor, leaving her in a small black g-string. I lost my breath again and thought I would lose consciousness but then she straddled me and leaned in for a kiss, my senses tingling as I ran my hands instinctively up her naked back and over her shoulder blades, pulling her in closer as we kissed.

I heard a small sound at the door and looked up, breaking the kiss. I saw Lauren standing in the doorway like a deer caught in the headlights, my hands resting on Sarah’s smooth butt cheeks, the sexy girl sitting in my lap. I wasn’t sure if she was about to cry, but then she moved forward tentatively and sat next to us on the couch.

‘Don’t stop,’ she said in a nervous tone, ‘I want to watch you two.’ I smiled at her and leaned over to kiss her and our lips mashed together, I could tell she was hot. Sarah pulled me back to her, and as I broke the kiss she forced me to bend my head and worry at her breasts, kissing the valley between the small mounds on her chest. She moaned deeply as I did, I held her waist with one hand to draw her chest in closer and used the other to do the same on her back, the tanned skin silky under my grip. Her mound was pressed straight onto my bulging pants, and she had begun to slowly grind down onto me in her eagerness.

Soon I lifted her off slightly to slip my fingers into her panties, rubbing across the folds of her vulva. I slid two fingers into her deeply; she gasped and bucked, but was wet and ready for it. I held esenyurt escort her shifting body to me tightly as I jammed the fingers in faster, still kissing her breasts. She arched her back and threw her head back, moaning as I fingered her.

The combination of my fingers inside her and my mouth on her breasts made her break out in a sweat, and she was cumming in minutes, a loud and continuous moan emitting from her slender body. I licked the sheen of sweat from between the valley of her breasts and mouthed at her collar bone. She tensed; her snatch clamping down on my fingers as she writhed in my grasp, exploding around me, crying out in pleasure before she collapsed on my chest. She kissed me lightly, breasts crushed to me and breathing heavily.

‘Wow!’ I had forgotten that Lauren was sitting next to us and watching until then. I became aware of the heat of her body and began to apologise before I realised that she had her fingers buried deep within her self, slowly pumping them in and out. She was flushed and her skirt rose up above her hips, panties discarded on the floor beside her.

I smiled at her. ‘Enjoy the show?’

‘Fuck yeah!’ she nodded vigorously. ‘That was so goddamn hot!’

I kissed her hungrily, as she continued to rub herself; I reached over with one hand and held onto her breast, massaging it until she tipped over the edge into her orgasm.

“Ohhhh, shit!’ she cried, shaking violently for a while before coming to rest panting on the couch. I had an idea, rolling Sarah off me so she was lying next to Lauren, the two of them with legs wide open.

I crouched down in front of them and pulled off Sarah’s g-string. Sensing what I was about to do Lauren tore the rest of her clothes off violently. I dove in, licking at Sarah’s exposed snatch and working a finger in. My other hand went in between Lauren’s legs, the two gorgeous girls wet as each other.

Sarah held my head to her about to cum again, but I moved back and switched girls, still working Sarah with a hand, but now eating out the young girl next to her. I changed back and forth for a while, always staying just long enough to bring them to the brink and back again.

Switching back to Lauren I thought I’d give her a release, they’d been going for fifteen minutes now. Leaving Sarah alone, I grabbed Lauren’s leg and flipped her to the side, facing Sarah who had rolled over in frustration as I left her snatch empty. The sight of Lauren’s beautiful bottom, lightly creased, firm and smooth, made me grin as I ate her out.

The image I next saw burned into my mind forever. When I had flipped her over she had been moved a lot closer to Sarah. The two nude girls were almost touching, they were that close. And when Lauren cried out, arching her back, her breasts were pushed forward to crush against Sarah’s, nipple to nipple. They both moaned; mouths only inches away from one another, sharing the same breath, hot in each others mouths.

They stared into one another’s eyes desperately, so aroused and yet unsure. But when I moved a finger deep within Lauren and pressed lightly on her smooth butt cheeks she was pushed forward that little bit more, hesitantly pressing her lips against the beautiful girl next to her. They kissed softly for a moment, before Lauren snatched her head back, and even though she was on the brink of orgasm, she tried to scramble away.

‘Oh god, I’m-sor…’ was all she got out before Sarah, who had looked at her strangely for a moment, grabbed the back of my girls head with lust in her eyes, pulling her in for a savage kiss. At first she struggled, but then relaxed into it, the soft lines of the two girls’ faces splitting as they tongue duelled in each others mouths. Lauren rolled on top of Sarah, breasts crushing together as she straddled the older women. Lauren started to grind her pussy down onto Sarah’s and I could just get my fingers into both girls, reacting despite the pleasant turn of events to pleasure them.

Lauren’s sweet butt ground downwards, I looked around the length of her back to see the two hot girls break the kiss as Sarah threw back her head. Lauren latched her mouth onto her petite breasts, drawing a moan from the girl underneath her lissom frame. Their svelte bodies intertwined as they rolled back onto their sides, leaving me staring. Their two nude forms locked together in a fierce embrace was amazing to see, as they mashed mouths together they did the same down below, gyrating against one another to bring themselves to orgasm.

Sweat began to stream off the two women, their bodies sliding and slapping against one another as they humped together. Finally they came, screaming to the night their ecstasy.

‘Ohh Christ…’ they cried in unison, moaning with an intensity I had never seen from Lauren. Their tangled bodies slowed their urgent movements, coming to rest with Sarah lying on top of my girl, she had slid down to have her head resting on her supple breasts and was slowly licking them, sending aftershocks through her body.

Eventually Lauren pushed her head away lightly, a confused expression on her face. She leaned down and lightly kissed Sarah, and then moved out from under her, sitting on the other end of the couch from her. It was as though they had woken from a dream.

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