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Karen and Dan were the couple that everyone admired in high school. Dan had 3 younger brothers and the youngest brother had a fraternal twin sister. Dan has dirty blond hair, about 6’1″ and played high school football. Karen was an only child with short blond hair, about 5’7″, a complete knock out and was a cheerleader. They had been dating since 10th grade and everyone knew that someday they would marry.

When Karen and Dan graduated from high school they both went to the same local college and commuted from home to school. Karen was pretty good at numbers and took up accounting while Dan went for an engineering degree.

It seemed like the both of them led a charmed life. No sooner had they graduated from college and Dan found a job with an engineering firm in town and Karen got a job with a small auditing firm. They weren’t even married a year when Karen’s parents gave them enough money for a down payment on a house. It was a beautiful home with 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, family room, an area for a gym, 3 bathrooms, everything a young couple could want in a house.

Now that they were secure in their jobs and new home they started to think about a family. Even as far back as high school they had always talked about having 4 kids. Now there is one thing you need to know and that is Dan liked kinky sex. Nothing rough. He liked tying Karen to the bed, whipping her softly across the tits, pussy and butt and getting her to expose parts of her body in public. He would have her go out in public with no panties and flash her pussy to passers by or wear a low cut blouse with no bra and bend over at opportune times. Karen never objected to Dan’s requests and deep down she even liked doing the things that Dan asked of her.

For months they tried to conceive and had a lot of fun doing it but nothing was happening. Finally they decided to go see a doctor. After a few tests the doctor called them in for a consultation.

” Karen….Dan, I am sorry to tell you that Dan has an extremely low sperm count. It is probably due to the fact that he had the mumps when he was 19,” said the doctor. “Your chances of conceiving in the conventional manner are almost non existent.”

Karen and Dan went home devastated. For days they kicked around their options. Adoption, artificial insemination, sperm donors, it was all so confusing and expensive. Dan was adamantly against adoption. When they found out the cost of insemination it would have broken the bank, let alone do it for four kids. In addition Dan wanted to keep his kids genes from his family’s lines. It looked futile until one day Dan came up with a plan. Dan was 23 and his next oldest sibling, Tom was 19. Joey was two years behind Tom and the twins, Megan and Jason two years behind Joey. If Dan could convince Karen to have sex with his siblings on their 19th birthday then there would be a two year spacing between Karen’s pregnancies.

Dan presented only part of his idea to Karen that night. He was concerned that Karen might have a problem with breeding with one or all of his brothers in order to conceive a child. Dan was right and Karen flipped out when he explained about her and Tom.

“No way am I fucking one of your brothers, ” Karen yelled. “We have too many other options. I go along with almost all of your kinky sex ideas but this is where I draw the line.”

With that the conversation ended. Karen stayed mad at Dan for two days but now Dan’s mind went into high gear. As an engineer he went to work designing and building a breeding bench. Quite simply it is a bench with a padded top with hand restraints on one side and leg restraints on the other. It took a few weeks to make, just long enough for Karen to for get about their argument. One evening he told Karen that he wanted to show her something. He took her by the hand and led her to the gym where he showed her the bench.

“Karen, the next time we have sex I was hoping that we could use this. You get on your knees and lean over the top of the bench. I then use these restraints on your wrists and legs. What do you think? Would you be willing?” Dan asked.

“And then you would make love to me?” Karen replied.

“Yes I would and it will be great,” said Dan

With Karen buying into using the breeding bench, Dan took the next step. He contacted his brother Tom and asked him out to lunch. He explained the whole plan to Tom who had just turned 19. He went into the fact in two years Joey would be 19 and he could fuck her for his second child and then Jason for the third when he turned 19 and how it would almost be a right of passage for his brothers. Dan swore Tom to total secrecy until the next brother was about to turn 19. The spacing couldn’t have been better between the brothers as it would give time for each child to be out of diapers before the next one came along.

He gave Tom a key to the house and told him to come exactly at 9 pm on Friday and come down the basement. At about 8:30 escort Dan started foreplay with Karen. Kissing and hugging he began to fondle her breasts. Her nipples became rock hard. She reached for his cock only to find it was already fully erect. Slowly but surely they started to remove each others clothes until both were naked. Dan stood back and looked at Karen for a moment. Her blonde hair and blue eyes were spectacular. Next his eyes moved to her 36C torpedo tits with hard extended nipples. Then his eyes moved to her stomach and hips. He went to her jewelry box and pulled out a gold chain. He placed it around just above her hips and clasped it right above her butt crack. Looking at her from the front again he saw how the chain sagged just a little above her pussy. Her blond pubic hair was so light in color her pussy lips were clearly visible.

Dan took Karen by the hand and led her to the gym. He positioned her on the bench and restrained her wrists and legs. He stood in front of her waving his cock in her face while he waited for Tom. Dan then got behind her and inserted his fingers in her cunt to get her wet. Karen started enjoying the finger fucking she was getting from Dan when Tom walked into the room naked with a huge erection. Karen got mad and tried to break free from the restraints because she knew what was next. Tom took a moment to view, for the first time, his sister-in-laws naked body. He could not get over the way her tits draped over the bench. Then he took his position behind her and pressed up into her vagina. Karen tried to dislodge the invader from her pussy but with no success. Tom just kept pumping slowly and surely into his sister-in-law. It took a few more minutes before Karen surrendered to the feelings that were welling in her groin. Dan wanted to get a blow job from Karen but was afraid she might bite his cock off.

All of a sudden Karen let out a sound that told Dan she just had an orgasm. Tom must have felt the spasms on his cock and he too started to moan loudly while he pumped his seed into Karen. Once Tom had finished, he pulled out of Karen and a stream of cum poured out of her pussy. Dan asked Tom if he could fuck Karen again after a little recovery time. Leaving Karen naked and strapped to the bench the two brothers went upstairs to get her some water. When they returned Karen could see that Tom was almost ready again as they helped her drink her water.

Her anger had left her as Tom entered her for a second time and she could feel her body build to another orgasm. This time Tom came first and Dan took his place to give her the satisfaction she now needed. While Dan continued to screw Karen, Tom got dressed and left the house. With a final outburst Karen let loose with her second orgasm of the night. She was pretty well exhausted from putting up a fight and the sex so Dan took off her restraints and helped her to the bedroom. The next couple of months the atmosphere between Dan and Karen was frosty at best. Things started to thaw when Karen found out she was pregnant. During her pregnancy the anger she felt towards Dan subsided and was filled with joy at the thought the two of them would become parents. In a few short months Karen delivered a happy healthy baby girl that they named Amanda. Time passed rather quickly with Amanda’s first steps, first words and all the other firsts that come with a child. Karen worked hard at getting her body back to pre-baby shape and inside of a year she only had another five pounds to lose but she carried that extremely well. Their sex life returned too as much as a child in the house will allow.

Before Dan knew it Joey’s 18th birthday was coming up. To add to Dan’s kinky sex pleasure he decided to make a “hanging basket.” This is where the women is placed in a basket with a hole in the bottom, raised up on a pulley system and then lowered onto a man’s cock. She is then twirled around by her legs on the cock until the man ejaculates. Dan constructed a working model of the device that only required one person to operate it and one person in the basket. Once again he built it in the gym. When that was done he called Tom and Joey and invited them to lunch. Dan and Tom explained to Joey what Dan wanted him to do and that Tom was the biological father of little Amanda. Joey was onboard and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to fuck his gorgeous, sexy sister-in-law.

Dan’s next step was to get Karen to agree so one night he took her by the hand to the gym where he showed her the basket. Reluctant at first, Karen agreed that it might spice things up in their sex life. They waited until Saturday night and the baby was in bed when Dan started his foreplay with Karen. It did not take long before they were removing each others clothes. Kissing, hugging, groping and fondling, it was Karen that grabbed Dan’s hand and led him to the gym. She stood over top of the basket with her feet in the holes and Dan took a moment to gaze on her beautiful sexy body. He was almost bursa eve gelen escort wishing it was him that would be enjoying her sex tonight. He raised the basket up to her hips and then cranked on the rope to lift her feet slightly from the ground. He asked her to take hold of the rope that suspended her for the ceiling and when she did Dan quickly duct taped her hands together on the rope. Karen got scared and started to struggle. Dan raised the basket a little more until she was suspended halfway between ceiling and floor.

While she hung there Dan waited for Tom and Joey to show up but he did not wait long. Into the gym walked Tom in a pair of boxer shorts and Joey completely naked. Joey was not quite fully erect and Karen wanted not parts of a cock that size. Dan and Tom positioned the breeding bench directly under Karen and Joey laid on it. Dan and Tom handed Joey a bottle of lube and double checked to make sure Joey’s cock was centered under Karen’s pussy. They started to lower her in the basket and before she had taken 5 inches of cock she complained of being hurt. Dan let her hang in that position for a few minutes until she got used to Joey’s size. Dropping her down another 4 inches she complained that he was touching her cervix. With Dan and Tom standing on opposite sides of her each took a leg and started to spin her.

Joey didn’t make it through 2 complete rotations and he blew his load in Karen.

“That was incredible!” he cried. “I have never felt anything that good!”

They raised Karen off of his cock and his sperm dripped out of her and onto his groin. While Karen tried to get out of her bonds it was futile. In a few minutes it was apparent that Joey was ready to go again. Slowly they lowered her onto his cock again and started to spin her around. Joey lasted much longer this time. When they raised Karen off of Joey she released a flood of her own mixed with more of Joey’s sperm. His stomach was now covered with his and her fluids.

Joey turned to Dan and said, “Karen is incredible but I think I can go one more time.”

It was amazing how quickly Joey recovered. Once again, Karen was lowered and spun around on his pole. Joey placed another load inside Karen but Dan could see that she was on the edge of another orgasm. As much as Karen tried to suppress any outward signs of an orgasm you could see by the bright red color of her face and chest that it had overtaken her. Dan raised her up one last time but let her hang until Tom and Joey were dressed and gone.

Karen was upset as Dan untied her and set her on the ground. She wouldn’t even talk to Dan as her naked ass ran upstairs to the bathroom. She emerged, put on an oversized t-shirt and made her way to the guest bedroom where she locked Dan out. The next several months produced a polar chill for a few months until Karen once again discovered she was pregnant. Months passed and Karen bore a son and they named him Danny Jr.

The beginning of a new life started again and again the months flew by.

Jason’s and his twin Megan’s 19th birthday was about 3 months away when one night Karen approached Dan saying that they needed to talk.

“Dan, I know what they say about dumb blondes and though I maybe have blonde hair and a blonde pussy, I am not dumb or stupid. “she started off. “So if it is your intention to give me as a birthday present to your brother Jason and get me pregnant again let’s drop the pretense. Should your kinky side get the best of you then I would suggest tying my hands to the bed so Jason can have me. Should that be enough, You, Tom and Joey can get naked and watch while your brother tries to impregnate me.

“Karen you are such a trooper and I love you so much, I could not ask for anything more from you. We will need a babysitter for the kids but preferably not in the house here,” said Dan.

“You could ask Megan to take them to your parent’s house and watch them there,” Karen suggested.

In the next few weeks Dan took all 3 brothers out to lunch to explain his plan. Jason would come over to Dan’s house the weekend after Jason’s birthday. Jason now knew that Tom was Amanda’s biological and Joey was Dan Jr’s. Dan did not want Jason’s twin to know about all the sex with Karen between the brothers. Dan approached Megan separately and asked if she would take the kids to their parent’s house and baby sit. Megan told Dan that she was sorry but there was a big party that night and she did not want to miss it. All of her friends were going and she would be an outcast if she didn’t show.

Dan asked, “Megan, what could I possibly do or say to you to get you to help me this weekend.”

“Why is this weekend so important?” she queried.

“It just is. Name anything you want and if it is in my power you have got it,” he replied.

” Weelll,” she said. “Is it true that you are infertile?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“Well then, I am bursa görükle escort still a virgin. I want to have sex with you so I don’t get pregnant and I lose my virginity. If we can have sex then I will cancel out on the party and babysit for you,” she bargained.

Reluctantly Dan agreed. The night of the party came and Megan showed up at the house to pick up the kids. She thought something odd when she saw all her brother’s cars there but did not say anything. She put the kids and their sleeping bags in her car and took them to her parent’s house. With Megan and the kids out of the way, the brothers cam out from the family room. Karen proceeded to strip off all her clothes while Dan started in on some foreplay. Once she was completely naked, Jason got his first look at her fabulous torpedo tits and immediately went hard as a rock. Dan didn’t even have to rub her nipples because they were already fully erect. Karen looked around the room and asked why she was the only one naked. The brothers scrambled to get their clothes off. Karen walked over to Jason, gave him a kiss on the cheek, wrapped her fingers around his cock and led him to the bedroom. Dan, Tom and Joey followed. Once in the bedroom Karen lay on the bed while Tom and Joey tied her wrists to the bed posts. Jason took a position between Karen’s spread legs and stroked his cock hoping to get it a little stiffer although he had never been that stiff in his life.

Dan went face to face with Karen while telling her how much he loved her and fondled her breasts and nipples. Karen placed both feet flat on the bed and pushed her hips high into the air. Tom and Joey stood on either side of Karen and reached under her ass and helped her lift. Jason needed no encouragement to press his entry into her cunt. Her position on the bed allowed for Jason to reach maximum penetration and Karen could feel it. Jason’s first eruption into Karen was almost monumental and Karen was moving her hips looking for more. When Jason slid out of her Tom and Joey lowered her ass and hips back onto the bed. Little white beads of Joey’s cum bubbled out from her vagina and rested on her pussy lips.

When Jason came to life again his brothers lifted Karen back into the air with feet on the bed. Since Tom and Joey were supporting her hips and ass, Karen wrapped her legs around Jason’s ass and used them to pull him in as far as she could. Karen made no attempts to hold back the sounds and signs of her oncoming orgasm. Her red chest and face only added to her screams of passion. Her final vocalization of passion spurred on Jason to a simultaneous orgasm by both fornicators.

It was easy for Karen to see that her actions with Jason had stimulated Tom Joey and Dan. One of the brothers went to the kitchen and brought back bottles of water. Dan helped Karen to drink while her wrists remained tied. When Jason was once again ready, Karen took Tom’s cock in one hand and Joey’s in the other and started to stroke them both. Dan placed his in her mouth. Jason re-entered her body for the third time. When it was time for Tom and Joey to unload she pointed their cocks toward her stomach and tits. Dan didn’t hold out much longer and came in her mouth where she swallowed as much of his cum as she could.

After some time, Jason finally ejaculated again and collapsed on top of Karen. She let him lay on her for a while until his weight became too uncomfortable. Asking him to get up he rose from the bed and helped Dan untie her wrists. Karen embraced and kissed each one of the brothers as the left the room to get dressed and leave the house.

Once again in a couple of months Karen was pregnant with their now third child. Dan on the other hand now had an obligation that he had to full fill to little Megan but tried hard to push it off. One evening Megan called him and wanted to know exactly when they could have sex? Dan tried to skirt the question but Megan was insistent. Before giving her a date Dan asked if she was sure she wanted to go through with this. Megan’s answer was an emphatic yes and Dan picked and evening and time when Karen would be asleep.

It was 11 pm on a Saturday night and both Karen and the kids were fast asleep. There was a light tapping on the front door. Dan opened the door and there stood Megan in a pair of sweats and sandals. He led her to the gym and asked once again if she was sure this was what she wanted. Megan started to remove her sweatshirt as she responded yes to Dan. Her young tits fell from the shirt because there was no bra to hold them. She was no where nearly as endowed as Karen but they were more than a handful and perky. Megan than kicked off her sandals and dropped her sweat pants. With no panties on Dan could see her pussy was shaved bare and had a youthful look to it. Completely naked now, she twirled around so Dan could view all of her body. Her long sandy blonde hair dropped below he shoulders but not long enough to cover her tits. Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she smiled at Dan. Her skinny body gave her a very delicate look. Megan then asked Dan where he wanted her and he pointed to the breeding bench. She leaned over the bench but Dan did not restrain her wrists and legs. He positioned himself behind her with his rod positioned right at the entrance to her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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