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The days flew by and I didn’t see Kathy again except to wave to her from the front door as our paths crossed ever so briefly in the going and coming of our lives. Even though she was my best friend, I was reluctant to get too close to the trouble brewing next door. Two weeks had gone by before I finally sat with her in my kitchen again.

“Come on girl give with the dirt,” I said. I’m dying to know how this slave thing is going down.”

“I’m not sure I know,” was Kathy’s response. “I’ve never been submissive to a man before. There are times…, times when I am ashamed to be so horny and hungry for his cock…, times when he humiliates me by making me crawl naked to him on all fours, my pussy wet and swollen, my breasts swaying under me…, those are times when I wonder why I let him do this to me. Then there are the times right after those when he fucks me, and my God…, the orgasms I do have. Then I think how silly it was for me to resent what he does to me. You see, doesn’t really abuse me, Marge, at least not the same way my husband did. Everything Steve does to me has a purpose. He is always pushing the envelope, raising the level of sexual intensity.”

“Has he beaten you again?” I asked remembering Kathy had told me that he had done so on the first night he had fucked her.

“Yes, but not often,” Kath answered. “Actually he’s pretty lenient with me. I’m resistive and misbehave sometimes, but I’ve been tied to the staircase banister and caned only twice since I was punished on our first night together.”

Kathy shuddered a little, apparently from the thought of that banister. Then she continued. “Everything he does to humble me, even being caned, turns me on. Surrender and submission I’ve found do that to me…, its like BANG, and I’m in heat. Begging for a cock is a very sexy thing to do. You should try it sometime. I promise you, it will make your pussy wet.”

“Oh, sometimes its seems too much, too far out, especially when he makes me really grovel, but the shame passes, and after all, surrender is such a small price to pay for the pleasure he gives me. Am I willing pay that price? You bet I am! He has made his point. The price and the payoff are two sides of the same coin. Submission and orgasm are the ying and yang of being female.”

“Don’t you ever have to act, pretend, in order to play the game he wants?” I asked Kathy.

“Once in a while,” Kathy admitted. “I was reluctant when he fucked my bottom for the first time. I had never taken a man there, and I wasn’t too sure I wanted to, especially a man with a dick the size of Steve’s. It was something new, something I was afraid of, and I resisted him. He refused to relent. He took me to the staircase and he caned me. Then he laid me over an arm of the sofa, and made me hold the burning cheeks of my ass apart with my hands. I could see he was going to stick his cock up my rear no matter what I did, so I gritted my teeth, and pretended, faking the passion with which I begged to fuck my ass.”

“Actually, once he got the damn thing in me, it felt pretty good. I even got my rocks off. That may not prove much, tho. Steve keeps me so sexed up all the time that I orgasm now for almost no reason at all. Anyhow, since then he has butt fucked me pretty regularly, and when I beg him to take my ass, I’m not pretending anymore. Like I have been telling you, submission is inherently sexy, and a woman is never more submissive when she is on her hands and knees being ass fucked.. One thing feeds the other. Steve knows that and uses it to push me into being a horny bitch always obsessed with his cock.”

I was full of questions, and I interrupted, “Has he given you to a stranger to fuck? And what about his other women? Have you met any of them?”

Kathy grimaced before she began her answer, “No Steve hasn’t made me fuck another man yet. He mentions it once and a while, and once we had a kind of mini-orgy with one of his other slaves and her husband. All Steve allowed the husband, however, was to lick my pussy. That has been as far as I have had to go with another man up to now.”

“Steve has been careful not to push me into anything I might not be able to handle yet. So far he seems satisfied to indoctrinate me with little erotic gestures. Like, he makes me do my housework naked with a leash on my dog collar. The damn thing hangs down between my tits, and its handle bumps against my pussy with every step I take. I get so horny I can hardly finish vacuuming. Then there’s that ring he punched into my pussy lip. He really enjoys attaching his leash there and leading me off to his bed by my cunt. Can you imagine a more humiliatingly erotic symbol of female sexual servitude than that? Certainly it certifies what I am and who my little ass belongs to.”

“And his other slave women?” I asked again,

Kathy frowned but continued, “Yes I have met them both.” Kathy paused here, plainly torn with whether she should say anything more on this subject. Finally she must have decided that I was trustworthy. “The first was Sheila, also xslot known as Mrs. Malcolm Porter III.”

“That can’t be,” I exclaimed. “Her husband is one of the richest most prominent men in town, and she’s is a pillar of local society. Besides, she must be at least ten years older than Steve.”

“All that is true,” Kathy replied, but she is also Steve Hamilton’s sex slave, and a very horny one at that I might add. You ought to see her on her back with her lily white patrician legs spread wide, pleading for Steve to stick her with his cock. She licks a mean pussy too. I can tell you that from personal experience, Her favorite thing though is a big dick up her ass! She likes it there best of all when Steve makes her kneel with her head and shoulders on the floor, her ass in the air, and her hands tied behind her back.”

“She is really very nice though, and she has been kind to me. I don’t think Steve wants us to be friends, but we have become so anyway. We sometimes have a chance to talk after Steve is asleep. She told me that when she was a senior in high school, a college boy she had a crush on dated her for New Year’s eve. Instead of welcoming the new year, her date tied her hands behind her back, fucked her and made her suck him off. Even though she had been a virgin before that attack, she had several orgasms from the abuse she took. After that experience she wanted more of the same, and she still can’t enjoy sex unless the man dominates her.”

“Her husband is twenty two years older than she, and is himself sexually submissive. There was no way he could satisfy Sheila, or cope with what she needed done to her in bed. He had already paid off two unsatisfied wives in expensive divorces, however, and he needed to keep this one happy. Mr. Porter somehow heard about Steve’s talents, and he negotiated for Steve to take her on and give her the kind of sex she craves. It was a good deal for Steve. A gorgeous mature blond was not only handed to him ready and willing to be his sex slave, and she brought with her a handsome dowry for his services.

“I assume,” I interjected, “that the rules for her are different…, that she doesn’t have to screw other men for example.”

“Oh no,” Kathy replied, “Steve would never agree to anything like than, no matter what the fee. She herself told me that she gets fucked and abused by strangers just like we all do…, or will’” Kathy frowned at the amendment she had to add to the end of her last sentence.

“You mean that the big shot Mr. Porter allows his wife to be a whore for strange men, and even pays somebody pimp for her?” My voice must have sounded as incredulous I found the very idea of it to be.

“Not only that, Marge, but he also participates,” Kathy told me. “Steve and his friends fuck her and abuse her right in front of him. They make fun of him and call him names while doing so. After they have all screwed her, they make her crawl on her hands and knees over to her husband so he can clean her cum filled cunt with his tongue.”

“Have you seen that happen,” I asked.

“No, but I know it does because Sheila told me. Besides, remember the mini-orgy I mentioned earlier, well that was with Sheila and Malcolm. I saw for myself Malcolm Porter III naked and wearing a slave collar. I sat on his face while he licked my slit and Steve was fucking his wife in the same bed with us. After Steve dropped his load in Sheila’s cunt, Steve made Malcolm clean her pussy out with his tongue. Both Porters then had to wait on their knees at our bedside listening to Steve fuck me in their bed, and after we finished poor Malcolm had another pussy to clean, only mine this time. As a grand finale, Steve made each of them hold a vibrator up the other’s ass while they sucked each other in the 69 position. Mr. Porter III and his good looking blond wife may be big shots in this town, but in the bedroom, they do whatever Steve Hamilton tells them to.”

“But Kathy, what about Bob’s other female slave? You said you had met two of them.” I was so into Kathy’s story by now I could hardly contain myself.

“Yeah, that would be Victoria Winthrope,” Kathy answered me. “You know the little blond that’s always being mentioned in the newspaper society columns as having attended such and such a big deal rich bitch function, usually in the company of one Steve Hamilton.”

A frown came across Kathy’s face at the mention of the name Victoria Winthrope. It was clear she didn’t care much for Victoria, perhaps even a little jealous. “She may be a debutante but she’s also only another one Steve Hamilton’s cunt slaves just like I am. She is such a first class bitch though. The night Steve wanted to fuck Vicky and I together for the first time she became so bitchy that she disobeyed him. I didn’t like Vicky even then, but Sheila had already shown me how to lick a pussy, and I was ready to do what I had to. Steve sent me up to bat first, and I brought Vicky off with my mouth like a good little slave girl. Vicky, however, decided my pussy wasn’t good enough for her.”

“Her xslot Giriş refusal to eat me angered Steve and he really lit into her. Vicky never had a chance. Steve hung Vicky up by her ankles from a pair of ceiling eye hooks. Her head and shoulders were on the floor but her legs were up in the air and spread. Steve opened a dresser drawer and took out an evil looking thing with a handle at one end and half dozen of so short nylon thongs at the other. Steve called it his pussy whip, and used it to beat the little society bitch directly on her cunt. You can’t believe how quickly Victoria changed her mind about sucking my cunt, even begging to do so.”

“Steve had other ideas. He left her hanging there while he fucked my ass. When we were finished, he had me sit on Victoria’s face so that his jism oozing out of my bottom dripped into her mouth. Then he made her use her tongue to probe my ass hole and make sure it was clean.”

“Victoria spent the rest of the night with her hands cuffed behind her, kneeling on the floor at the end of Steve’s bed with a vibrators strapped into her cunt and ass. Every time Steve finished fucking me, she had to crawl into my crotch and tongue me to orgasm. With his cum dripping from my pussy, Steve would laugh and tell her, ‘Give her another one, Vicky, one for the road.’ Then Steve would have her suck him hard again, and I know she could taste me all over his cock. Little Vicky never did get fucked and she didn’t have a fun evening. She blames me for that and she hates me for it. It’s O.K. though, I don’t like her much either.”

I still had a big question for Kathy. “What about Stan?” I asked. “What are you going to do about him, and does he know what is going on?”

“God, I wish I knew,” Kathy answered me. “He has begun to call me a couple of times a day so I know he is suspicious. I keep warning Steve about him, but Steve won’t even be discrete about sleeping with me at my house. Anyone can see him coming and going at all hours. Steve says not to worry, that he will take care of Stan when the time comes.”

“Jesus,” I told Kathy, “you mean to tell me that Stan has just been left a loose cannon to roll around the deck? He’s one very big mean dude, and he’s likely to kill somebody when he finds out you have a lover.”

“Yes, I know all that, Marge,” Kathy replied, “but what can I do. I can’t call him up and say, ‘guess what Stan, I have found someone who screws me better than you did, and I want a divorce.’ I don’t know what to do, but I’m going to have to trust Steve when he says he will take care of the problem.”

My husband Tim came into the Kitchen right then, and Kathy and I had to cut our talk short. It was the last time I had an opportunity to discuss things with Kathy before my phone rang at about 9 p.m. four days later. It was Kathy, and she was sobbing and almost hysterical.

“Hello…, Marge…, this is Kathy,” she began. “Please…, please come over right away. Stan is downstairs and he knows about Steve. I don’t know whether Steve will come by tonight or not, and I can’t reach him to warn him to stay away. I need your help. If you’re here maybe Stan won’t hurt me, and if Steve does show up, maybe Stan won’t dare kill him in front of a witness. My God, Stan is twice Steve’s size. He might beat him to death if someone isn’t here to stop him.”

“No Kathy,” I told her, “let me call the police. We’ll get you out of there and let the cops take care of whatever happens next.”

“No, Marge…, Please no police,” she begged me, “You know how dirt travels around here. If the police come, this whole thing will be all over town by morning. I know what they will all be saying too: ‘That slut Kathy had to call the cops to keep her husband from killing her lover. Hot little piece of ass that Kathy…, always knew she was.’ My folks will find out, and it will break their hearts. And, the office…, the girls there will make my life hell after what I said about the way they were fawning over Steve. Anyway Kate’s and Cramer is very sensitive about scandal. I’ll probably lose my job.”

“O.K. Kathy, no police,” I promised, ‘but I’m not sure that me being there will do anything but add one more body bag to take away in the morning. What good will I be, really? Why don’t you just leave, and let the two men do their thing?”

“Because, Stan won’t let me out the door, that’s why,” she screamed her answer at me. “He has me stripped down to my panties and bra, and he says that after he’s finished with Steve, he’s going to tie me to the bed and rape my ass hole. Please come Marge, you’re my only hope. With you here there’s at least a chance. Otherwise for sure Steve or I, or maybe both of us, are going to be dead.”

“Alright Kathy, I’m on my way,” I finally relented. “I wouldn’t do this for anyone in the world but you. Maybe we will get lucky and Steve won’t come by.”

I slipped away without saying anything to Tim. Tim is no fighter. No reason to have him in this, and there was no time to explain things. Within a minute xslot Güncel Giriş or two of the phone call I was at Kathy’s front door ringing the bell. Stan opened it. Behind him stood a terrified Kathy in her bra and panties like she said. Stan was surprised to see me. Obviously he thought it would be Steve at the door.

“Hi, Stan,” I said brightly, trying to bluff my way by pretending that I didn’t know what was going on. “Is Kathy home?”

“Hell, yes,” Stan answered, “and you ought to be too. Go home, I’ve got some business to do with Kathy’s God damned boyfriend, and you’re going to be in the way.”

“Well, I’m not going home,” I told him as bravely as I could muster, “and, if I do go home I’m going to call the police and we’ll see what they say about the ‘business’ you have planned.” This time my bluff worked. I could see in his face that he didn’t want the police, and he started to back down a little.

“Come in then God damn it,” he told me, slamming the door behind me. “I don’t know what the hell you think you are doing here, but stay out of my way. I’m going to teach that son of a bitch he can’t come into my house a fuck my wife in my bed, and you are not going to stop me.”

I rushed by him to give Kathy a reassuring hug, although, in truth, I needed a hug and something more for my own morale. There was no time to say or do anything more because just then a car pulled into the Konichech driveway. We heard the car door slam and seconds later the door bell rang. When Stan yanked it open, there stood Steve. He didn’t even look startled by the hulking figure that blocked his entrance.”

“Well hello, I assume you’re Stanley Konichech,” Steve said calmly. May I come in, or shall we fight out here in the yard and entertain the neighbors?”

“Yeah, come in you son of a bitch. I don’t care whether I bust your ass out there or in here. You are dead meat anywhere, mister.” Stan was almost foaming at the mouth as he stood there threatening the icy cool Steve Hamilton.

Steve brushed by him and went over to the trembling Kathy, and kissed her lovingly on the cheek. “Its O.K. sweet thing,” he told her, “everything will be just fine.” With that he turned back to face Stan, and said, “and you were saying…?”

That insolence did it for Stan. With a bellow of obscenities he charged, his face flushed and his fists raised. Steve braced for the attack in the classic stance of a professional prize fighter, weight on the balls of his feet, crouching on bent knees, with forearms raised in front of his face.

Stan threw a sweeping right as he bore down on what he was sure was a walk over. Steve stepped straight forward inside Stan’s flailing arm, and threw a piston straight left jab…, except that this was no mere jab. Solidly behind it was Steve’s left shoulder, and it caught Stan coming toward the punch at full bore. Steve’s fist landed flush on the tip of Stan’s little pug Polish nose. Bone and cartilage gave way with a soft crunch. Stan screamed with pain, and blood gushed from smashed flesh that only an instant previously had been a recognizable part of his face.

The stream of blood had not yet reached Stan’s chin when Steve’s second punch followed his first one like a rattlesnake strike. That straight right landed square on Stan’s mouth, split open both his lips, and loosened his front teeth in the bargain. Stan staggered backward shaking his head trying to clear the cobwebs from those two savage punches. Blood was pouring from his nose and mouth, and he sent it splattering everywhere like rain water shaken from the soaked coat of a wet dog.

Stopping to think was never Stan’s thing. He was hurt, hurt bad, but all he knew to do was to come on again, still flailing, trying as best he knew how to strike back. His lunges were clumsy and futile. Steve side stepped every charge and snapped quick hard lefts and rights into the bloody mess that was now Stan’s face. Tim and I had seen a bull fight in Mexico City when we were there on our honeymoon. This was just like that. Helpless before the agile and graceful toreador, the strength of the bull was bled away.

The rushes of the bull were weaker now, and finally Kathy’s personal matador stepped inside for the kill. A savage right uppercut landed just below Stan’s heart. Stan sagged, and as his hands dropped from the body blow, Steve threw a crushing left hook that almost took off Stan’s lantern jaw.

Stan went to his knees like he had been hit with a two by four. Before he could slump farther, however, Steve stepped back and swung his leg in a sweeping kick. His instep landed squarely across Stan’s brow and drove him suddenly upwards and back. Stan’s head hit the floor with a solid thump, and he lay still, out cold on his back, or maybe he was dead from all I could tell.

Steve sent Kathy after fishing line to tie Stan, and then upstairs to bring down the video camera and its tripod. While she was gone Steve turned to me and said, “I need your help. I need to put him in such a box that he won’t dare make any more trouble. You and I are going to set this gorilla up on video begging me to fuck his wife while I do just that. This macho piece of shit won’t want his animal friends see that he lost the fight over his wife, and wound up a fool and a coward as well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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