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Sometimes things don’t go as planned. My wife was visiting her sister for the weekend, leaving me and my 22 year old daughter, Katie, to fend for ourselves. Since they knew we might be a bit bored, a couple we knew invited us to go see a movie with dinner afterwards. I told them that I’d love to go but Katie, who was in college, said she had too much homework and needed to buckle down and get it done.

I told her, “OK, I’m going to go ahead and go. I’ll see you later, Princess. I don’t expect to be back before 10pm.”, and slipped out the front door.

I hopped in the car and was on my way. However, when I was almost at my friend’s house, they called and said that his mother had fallen and was in the hospital. They apologized and said they would have to cancel. I assured them that I totally understood and would call them later to check how my friend’s mother was doing. Turning the car around, I headed back home, resigned to a night parked in the recliner watching TV.

I pulled in the driveway, got out of the car, let myself in and tossed my jacket on the couch. As I headed for the kitchen I heard the sound of a movie coming from the back of the house. It didn’t sound like just any movie though, it sounded like something a bit racier.

A male voice said, “You’ve been a bad girl and it’s time to take your punishment.”

This was followed by a female voice pleading, “Please don’t spank me, Daddy!”

I smiled wryly and said to myself, “I guess my little girl has grown up. So much for studying, evidently.”

As I slipped down the hallway, I suddenly noticed that the sound wasn’t coming from my daughter’s bedroom, but mine. I debated what I should do. Should I walk in and confront what was going on or sneak back out and pretend it never happened? Honestly, I didn’t know if my daughter was alone in there. There was another thing that was acting to influence my decision — the thought of Katie watching porn and possibly having sex in my bed was turning me on.

I crept up to the door and gently eased it open. The TV against the far wall showed an older man with a young woman bent over his knee. She was wearing one of those ubiquitous Catholic schoolgirl outfits you so often see in porn when they want to make the girls look like “jailbait”. Her short skirt was up, her panties were down at her knees and her ass was pink from the spanking he was administering to her quivering cheeks. Turning my gaze to the bed, I saw the naked cunt and equally pink asscheeks of my daughter. She had one of my leather belts in her hand and was using it on her buttocks in sync with the on-screen blows. Listening closely I could hear that not all the dialog was coming from the movie.

Katie was softly moaning, “Yes Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.”, as she rained blows on her ass.

Hearing Escort bayan and seeing this, my cock responded by getting hard as a rock. I don’t think I’ve ever had an erection like that before. It was almost painful in intensity. Almost by its own volition, my hand slipped down and, with a bit of difficulty due to my raging hard-on, freed my cock from my pants . I began to stroke myself. While I did so, I watched a trail of wetness trace it’s way down Katie’s cunt, pool on her clit, and then drip onto the sheets of my bed.

On the screen, the man was unzipping too. He told his “daughter” that if she wanted to prove she was a good girl, she’d have to show him. She obediently dropped to her knees and started licking his shaft. Katie reached to her side and grabbed a dildo. She then proceeded to suck on it in imitation of the young woman on the screen. As she did so, her hand snaked between her legs to finger her wet pussy. As I watched mesmerized, she rubbed her clit with circular motions for a moment then plunged two fingers deep inside herself and fucked them in and out. All the while, she was moaning around the the rubber cock in her mouth.

This was too much for my lust-addled mind to take. I opened the door, walked into the room, and stood at the end of the bed blocking her view of the screen. Her face was level with my hard-on. Her eyes went wide, her jaw dropped and the dildo fell from her mouth.

“Show me what a good girl you are, Katie.”, I said gutturally.

Our eyes met for just a moment and then she whispered, “Yes, Daddy.”

Her lips parted, and with a moan, she sucked the head of my cock between her lips and her tongue began to make swirls around it. Looking down, I marveled that my little girl was giving me head. I watched as she began to take more and more of my cock into her mouth with deeper and deeper strokes. It felt so good! Maybe it was the taboo element of it, but I couldn’t remember ever having a blowjob like that. My sweet daughter was working my cock so well that I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it for much longer… but I wanted more.

I pulled back and my cock came out of her mouth with a soft pop. She looked at me with a little pout on her face.

“Be a good girl and get out of those clothes. Daddy wants you naked.”, I said.

Slowly, her hands went to the bottom of her blouse, grabbed the hem, and raised it over her head. Her skirt slid down her legs and, finally, her bra joined her other clothes on the floor. Her nipples stood out hard and proud. I could see prickles of gooseflesh on her skin. Her cunt was pink and wet — the lips swollen with desire.

I couldn’t remember doing it, but my clothes were off and piled on the floor too. I stood there gazing at her nakedness, cock hard and twitching. My God, Bayan escort she was beautiful. Gently, I laid her back on the bed and spread her legs. Leaning down, I placed a kiss on each of the tattoos on her stomach, one for the flower, and one for the clover. I reached under her knees and raised her legs. My lips went to the smooth skin on the inside of her knee. She tasted and smelled of floral soap. I slowly licked and nibbled my way down her inner thigh. Her hips began to undulate on the bed as she slowly thrust her pelvis up and down in “fuck me” motions. I wasn’t ready to give her that yet though. I wanted to tease her and see how hot I could get her. I wanted her to beg her Daddy to fuck her with his hard cock. My lips had now reached the juncture of her leg and crotch. I lingered there to suck, nibble and make little circles with my tongue. So close to her cunt… I could feel wetness on my cheek where it rubbed against her nether lips. I dragged my lips and tongue across her inflamed pussy but didn’t pause. Instead, I traced a wet line with my tongue up her other thigh to the knee and then began the trip down once again. She was moaning openly now from equal parts lust and frustration.

I finally arrived back at her cunt. I pulled back to admire it. It was red and swollen with desire. I reached down, grabbed her inner lips with my fingers and spread her wide. Her vagina was open like a hungry mouth begging to be filled with my cock just like her real mouth had been earlier. My nose breathed in the heady scent of her arousal as I slowly lowered my lips to the apex of her labia to find her clit. She stiffened as I made contact and a little squeak escaped her lips. Then she began to moan, “Daddy, Daddy, you make your little girl feel so good! Suck your daughter’s cunt! I need you. I want you. I’ll do whatever you want to be your good girl!”

I set to work on her pussy with my tongue and lips. I nibbled, bit and pulled on her inner labia, then I left little bite marks on her outer lips making her squeal. My tongue dipped inside her as deep as it could go and swirled around, relishing the taste of her arousal. Finally, my lips and tongue returned to her clit and began to lick and suck in earnest. One finger slipped into her cunt, a second finger followed and then both began fucking her and dancing on her G-spot.

By now, she was breathing in short gasps and her hips were humping against my face. I could tell she was close to cumming. In confirmation of my thought, she suddenly stiffened and began to shake. Her cunt clamped down on my fingers as her orgasm took her. Wave after wave of pleasure passed through her as she made guttural, almost animalistic noises. Finally, when it subsided, she relaxed and lost herself in a post-orgasmic haze — her breathing slowly returning to Escort normal. I laid beside her, cuddling my little girl gently and running my fingers through her hair. My still hard cock was pressing into her hip.

With a contented sigh, Katie’s eyes opened and she looked into mine. “Daddy needs to cum too. I wouldn’t be a good girl if I left you like this.”, she said as her hand wrapped around my cock for emphasis.

I rolled onto my back and she knelt beside me. Once again her mouth engulfed my cock as she slowly lowered her face all the way down until her lips were pressed against my pelvis, taking my entire length down her throat. I reached to the side, slid my hand between her legs and fingered her cunt as her mouth continued to pleasure me. This went on for a few minutes… or forever. If you asked me how long, I would be unable to tell you. I was lost in the sensation of the magic she was performing on my cock. All the while though, I could tell she was getting more and more worked up and horny.

Lifting her head from my crotch she looked up and me and pleaded, “Daddy, please fuck me. I need you inside me. I want to feel your cock in my pussy!”

Looking down at her I said, “Fuck your Daddy, baby girl.”

Hearing this, she got up on her knees, threw one leg over my hips and positioned her wet cunt over my erection. She then grabbed my cock and slowly rubbed the head up and down her pussy from vagina to clit and back while we both savored the sensation and anticipation of what was to come. Finally, she placed my cock at her opening and slowly lowered herself down until she was fully impaled. Evidently the sensation and build up had been too much for her because she immediately shuddered into another orgasm. I could feel the walls of her cunt clenching and releasing my cock as the waves washed through her for a second time. After a moment, she came back to herself and began to slowly hump me. The pace gradually increased and she began to fuck me with abandon. I watched her breasts sway with the rhythm of her strokes and reached up to grab one in each hand, my fingertips rolling an pinching her nipples. Her mouth opened to moan with pleasure. Her eyes were slits that looked down at me with animal lust. My crotch was soaked with the juices that ran from her cunt, down my cock and pooled on my balls.

Katie’s actions were having their inevitable effect. I could feel the pressure build at the base of my cock as my orgasm approached. I reached up and pulled Katie down on top of me. My lips sought hers and our mouths locked together in a passionate kiss. All the while, I pumped my hips, sawing my erection in and out of her wet cunt until it put me over the edge. Groaning into her mouth, I filled my daughter’s pussy with gout after gout of my sperm. Then, spent, we laid there, with her on top of me, as my cock slowly softened and finally slipped out of her pussy.

“Am I your good girl, Daddy?”, she whispered after a time.

Hugging her tightly, I answered, “Yes you are Princess. You’re my good girl, and Daddy loves you very, very much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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