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“And then I thought to myself, “why were you even there to begin with?” Ms. Jones said as she went through her dresser.

Kenny sat on Ms. Jones’s bed in her bedroom and watched her search through her clothing. Kenny stared at her naked ass and her swaying breasts from the side.

“Stare all you want, Kenny! I want that cock hard as a fucking rock for tonight!” she said to him.

“So why did you ask me to come over today?”

“Why? Don’t you want to do anal?”

Kenny perked up and immediately started to undress.

“Whoa! Slow your roll!” Ms. Jones said to him.

Kenny reluctantly stopped.

“We need to do that other stuff first like I said,” Ms. Jones said.

“You can’t mean-“

“Yep! We’re going on a date!”

Kenny remembered how a dinner date was the first step towards anal with Ms. Jones, as well as fucking her pussy too.

“Where did you have in mind?”

“There’s this fancy restaurant that just opened, so I was thinking there.”

“That’s sounds good.”

Ms. Jones teased Kenny one more time by bending over right in front of him. Kenny then snapped his fingers twice, causing her stand up straight.

“Once I leave the house, you will become increasingly horny until we finish dinner tonight. You will have a relentless desire to throat my cock and milk me dry with your pussy. Surprise me at dinner too,” Kenny said.

Kenny snapped Ms. Jones back and left her room, then the house. He couldn’t see her, but he knew she must either be masturbating or thinking about the things she would do to him later.


Kenny arrived at Ms. Jones’ house around 8 at night. He let himself in and waited for Ms. Jones in her living room.

“You look damn good in a suit, Kenny,” Ms. Jones said from upstairs.

Kenny did a double-take upon seeing Ms. Jones descend down the stairs. She was wearing a tight, red dress; tight enough to highlight her best features. Kenny could see the outlines of her bra and panties as well. Ms. Jones lifted up Kenny’s head by his chin once she got to him.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to look at a lot more later. Let’s head out to dinner for now,” Ms. Jones said.

The two got into Ms. Jones’s car and headed out to the restaurant.


“Le Restaurant Italien?” Kenny said.

“Yep, this is the place,” Ms. Jones said.

Kenny dropped off Ms. Jones at the entrance then found a parking spot. He then escorted Ms. Jones inside with her on his arm.

“Ms. Jones, party of 2 for 8:15,” she told the man at the podium.

“Ah, yes! Right this way,” the man said after checking through the computer.

With the menus in hand, the man led the two upstairs.

The second floor was dimly lit with only the small lights from the chandeliers and the flickers of candles. Ms. Jones and Kenny were seated at a booth and left to ponder their meal.

“Wow, this menu is pretty impressive,” Kenny said.

“Yeah, just look at the selection,” Ms. Jones said. “Risotto, shrimp scampi, Kenny’s saliva-soaked cock shooting sperm by the liter down my tight-throat…”

Kenny nearly spat out his water hearing Ms. Jones.

“Fettuccini, Pomodoro, Kenny’s thick-cock busting in my pussy…” she said without looking up from her menu.

Ms. Jones looked up at Kenny and licked her lips. She started to pull the collar of her dress down so much Kenny thought she was going to whip her tits out. Just before he got a chance to find out, the waiter came back.

“Hi, there. My name is Guy Yug and I’ll be your server for tonight. What can I get you started with?” he said.

The two placed their orders.


“You know, I thought having her continuously get more and more horny was an amazing idea, but I think it’s too much,” Kenny thought to himself.

Kenny watched the end of a breadstick protrude from Ms. Jones’ lips. This wasn’t a small piece however, because she soon pinched the tip and pulled the rest out.

“20-seconds,” she said to him. “Not my best, but a good warm-up.”

“H-Hey, don’t you want to wait until later to start teasing?” Kenny asked Ms. Jones in an attempt to get her to calm down.

“Kenny, dear, I want you so fucking hard when we leave here that it’ll look like you pissed yourself with the amount of pre-cum leaking out of your dick,” she told him.

Kenny readied his fingers to undo his hypnosis but found himself unable to from all of the non-stop dirty talk.

“After I fuck you privately, I’m going to do it in a bathroom stall at your campus! Then, and I’m going to tease for a week and have you shoot load after load up my ass!”

Kenny lowered his hand and listen to Ms. Jones raise the bar higher and higher.

“We’ll even get Olivia involved. Oh, the things we’ll do to you! We’ll take you on vacation and milk that cock thoroughly, do it while camping, and find a way to do it in public too!”

Ms. Jones started writhing in her seat, looking like she was close to ripping her dress off and fucking right on the table.

“And here we are…” the waiter said bursa escort bayan suddenly.

The waiter set down his tray and passed out the entrees.


“I don’t know if I told you this already, Kenny, but I want to suck your fucking cock,” Ms. Jones said.

The two were just now leaving the booth when Ms. Jones started up even more dirty talk.

“I want to take my clothes off, get on my knees, grip the fucking bed sheets, and sink my lips down to the base.”

Kenny’s dick was pressed against the waistband of his boxers and growing even harder.

“I don’t care if it’s Olivia, a stranger, or your parents; I just want someone to see me sucking your fucking cock!”

Kenny started trembling as they went down the stairs.

“I want to walk naked to your house, pull you outside, and fuck you on the sidewalk in broad daylight!”

The two were now outside of the restaurant and Kenny could no longer contain himself. He briefly looked around to assess his surroundings. The parking lot looked sparse from it being close to closing time, the only light source was coming through the windows of the restaurant, and they seemed to be the only two people outside.

Kenny brought Ms. Jones to her knees just a few feet away from the windows on the walkway on the side of the building. Before she could question what he was doing, she gasped in surprise when Kenny suddenly unzipped his pants and let his hard, throbbing-cock stick out.

Ms. Jones held it in her hand, so hot it could burn her, then took the burning member to her lips. Even though it was soft peck, it was still enough to make Kenny’s cock throb violently.

“Oh my god, Kenny,” she said. “This is the hardest cock I’ve ever felt!”

Kenny grabbed his dick and pressed it against Ms. Jones’ lips and teeth until she took the hint and opened her mouth. He gripped her head and pummeled into her mouth. The sound of Ms. Jones’ sucking and gagging echoed throughout the night. After a bit, Ms. Jones stopped Kenny and stood up.

“That was nice, but let’s save it for the room,” she said to him.

The two hurried to Kenny’s car and out of the parking lot. Ms. Jones directed him to a nearby motel. After parking, the two went inside to the front desk.

“Need a room,” the man said without looking up from his phone.

“Yes. My date took me to dinner, so now I’m going to break his pelvis on a motel bed,” Ms. Jones said.

The man still did not look up and handed them a pair of keys.

“Room 207; it’s upstairs,” he said.

Kenny and Ms. Jones went outside and up the stairs to the hotel room. Once they were inside, the two quickly stripped out of their clothing. Ms. Jones spread Kenny’s legs apart and went straight to blowing him on the bed. Kenny grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down as he thrusted up.

“Yeah… get that dick nice and wet! I’m not letting up until I feel my balls get wet from your spit soaking into the sheets!” Kenny said.

Ms. Jones got her mouth used as a dick-lubricator until a large wet-spot surrounded the underside of her chin and reached the bottom of Kenny’s balls. Kenny lied on his back in anticipation of Ms. Jones mounting him. Instead, Ms. Jones walked over to the door to the hotel room.

“I’ll fuck you, Kenny. The hardest you’ve been fucked in a while, but only if you let me do this one thing,” Ms. Jones said.

“You can do whatever you want,” Kenny responded.

Ms. Jones smiled then opened the door and propped it open with a door stopper. She then returned to Kenny to do what him and her were waiting for all night. Ms. Jones rubbed the wet lips of her pussy against the underside of Kenny’s dick before swallowing it whole. The two of them moaned in unison and Ms. Jones started making the bed shake.

“Fuck yeah! This is what I’ve been waiting for all week!” Ms. Jones said.

“Your pussy’s so wet and hot, Ms. Jones!” Kenny said.

Ms. Jones put her hands on Kenny’s chest and got into a squatting position. With her feet firmly planted, she started to bounce hard and fast.

“I’ll break this fucking bed!” Ms. Jones said through her clenched teeth.

Ms. Jones had a wild look on her face that only turned Kenny on even more. His hypnosis had worked, and she was now a creature of the night.

“Take from behind now,” Ms. Jones said.

Kenny pulled away and Ms. Jones got on all fours. He swiftly pushed his cock back in and grabbed her sides as he plundered away. Down the hall, another couple was walking along the balcony.

“That was a great movie, huh?”

“Yeah, I liked the part where everyone in the theater got disappointed by the ending.”

The couple’s room was past Kenny and Ms. Jones’s. They took notice of the open door and approached it with curiosity. Their looks of curiosity turned to looks of surprise when they were greeted to the sight of Kenny roughly taking Ms. Jones from behind.

“Break my fucking cunt!” Ms. Jones cried out.

She looked over at the couple standing outside and gave them a wild-smile.

“Honey, gorukle escort I think we have an audience,” she said to Kenny.

Kenny looked up in shock at the young couple standing outside. He slowed down, but Ms. Jones took over.

“Havin’ a good night?” the girlfriend asked.

“Damn right we are!” Ms. Jones replied. “Nothing out of the ordinary here! Just a MILF taking the pent-up aggressions of her young stud lover! Why don’t you watch some more and learn a thing or two?”

The couple did not respond, but that didn’t stop Ms. Jones from progressing her little show even further. Ms. Jones put Kenny on his back with his legs hanging off the side of the bed. She then mounted him and faced the couple. The couple watched her grind on Kenny’s cock while she moaned and swore. Ms. Jones grabbed one of her tits and sucked on the nipple, all while locking eyes with the couple.

“Almost..,” Ms. Jones said.

Soon, Ms. Jones’s body shook and quivered. The couple got a good look at Ms. Jones’s O-face as she came on Kenny’s cock. Out of breath, she dismounted him and got on her knees.

“On my face, dear. I don’t think my pussy can take any more,” Ms. Jones said.

Once she had grabbed and jerked his cock vigorously, Kenny exploded onto Ms. Jones’ face. Shot after shot plastered every inch of it and gave her a thorough coating of spunk. By the time he was finished, cum was caked-on with white streaks in her hair.

“You two have a good night,” Ms. Jones said as she got up and closed the door.

Kenny laid back on the bed and caught his breath while Ms. Jones put her panties and shoes back on.

“I’ll go get us some refreshments,” she said as she left the hotel room.

[Another day]

Ms. Jones clutched the front of her coat and pulled it together tighter. The automatic sliding doors of the entrance to the university slid open. Since it was so late at night, there was hardly anyone else to be seen. Ms. Jones looked at the numbers on the hallways until she found the one she was looking for. Right next to the entrance to the corridor, Ms. Jones walked into the men’s restroom. As she expected, there was no one else inside but a lone person occupying one of the stalls.

Knock knock knock


“MILF dick-drainer.”

The stall unlocked and Kenny was on the other side. Ms. Jones smiled at him and joined him in the stall. After the lock clicked, she removed her coat and hung it on the hook; revealing her multicolor micro-bikini. Kenny stood up and let Ms. Jones pull his pants down. His cock sprung out from underneath the waistband and twitched in front of her face.

“Pretty eager today, I see,” she said with a smile.

Ms. Jones jerked at the base before licking the tip. While maintain eye contact, and starting from the top, she inched her lips down until they met the bottom of Kenny’s cock.

Ms. Jones moaned lightly while slurping and sucking his member. Reaching behind her back, she undid her bikini-top and handed it to Kenny. Kenny admired Ms. Jones’s massive, swaying tits as he draped the top on the side handle of the stall.

“mwah It looks like you’re ready to go,” Ms. Jones said, standing up.

Kenny say down on the toilet and waited for Ms. Jones to progress their encounter.

“With or without the bottoms?” she asked Kenny while pulling on the string up her bikini bottom.

“Without, please,” Kenny said.

Ms. Jones undid her bottoms, leaving her with just her heels on, and put them on top of her top. With her hands on her knees, she lowered herself onto Kenny’s lap and inserted his cock inside her pussy.

“I bet you were looking forward to fucking little ol’ Ms. Jones in the bathroom, huh?” she asked joyfully.

Kenny sat back and relaxed, ignoring the possible threat of being caught in the bathroom with a horny MILF. Ms. Jones panted and grunted rhythmically as she bounced up and down. Kenny put his hands on her thighs and started to stand up before being stopped.

“Not so fast, mister! I’m doing all of the work tonight!” Ms. Jones said.

Kenny moved his hands from her thighs to her breasts and had something nice to play with as Ms. Jones rode him. She grinded, gyrated, and bounced hard and intensely, doing her best to give Kenny an intense orgasm. Ms. Jones grabbed the railing to her sides and used it to hold herself in place, shaking the entire stall as a result.

“Fuck this!” Kenny said.

In a swift instant, Kenny reached behind Ms. Jones’s knees and pulled her legs up.

“F-Fuck, Kenny! You a-absolute animal!” Ms. Jones’s said.

Kenny was in control now. He pounded Ms. Jones as hard as he wanted to while keeping her in an erotic position. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Ms. Jones’s right heel was hitting the lock on the stall door Slowly but surely, the lock was kicked out of its slot and the door slowly swung open. Just as it opened completely, Kenny was reaching his climax. Suddenly, a male student walked past and did a double-take of the scene.

Ms. bursa merkez escort bayan Jones gave the student a surprised look as Kenny thrusted up into her and let his torrent of semen gush out. Ms. Jones let out a loud, uncontrolled moan as she locked eyes with the student. The student just stood and watched as Kenny and his MILF came continuously.

Once he was finished, Kenny’s cock slid out and dripped leftover cum onto the floor beneath him and Ms. Jones. He let her go and Ms. Jones quietly got up to close the door, leaving the male student bewildered standing outside still.

“Welp, this was fun. Let’s meet up again soon!” she said as she got dressed.

With her bikini and coat back on, Ms. Jones made her quick exit. Kenny pulled his pants out and walked out of the restroom shortly after. Once outside, the male student from earlier gave him a thumbs-up; Kenny had no idea who he was.


Kenny waited in Ms. Jones’s bedroom. He sat on the bed, pantsless with his hard cock jutting into the air. Ms. Jones’s shortly left from her bathroom. She stood before him wearing just black fishnet stockings.

“You’ve been lookin’ forward to this all week, haven’t you?” she said to him.

“Yes, I have, Ms. Jones,” Kenny replied in a hypnotic state.

Ms. Jones took a bottle of body oil, uncapped it and put a generous amount in her hand. She spread it all over Kenny’s dick, making it slippery and glistening from the shine. Ms. Jones turned around to show him the jewel butt-plug that was wedged between her cheeks. She slowly pulled it out then put it on the counter. After getting another handful of oil, she went to butter her ass with it. Just as she was finally about to, the doorbell rang.

Ms. Jones froze then looked out the window. At the front door, she saw her nephew, Nick.

“Why is he here?” she said to herself.

Ms. Jones looked at her phone and read a message she had missed.

“I’m coming over to do an assignment since the Wi-Fi is down at the dorm,” it said.

“Shit! Kenny, put your pants back on and get downstairs before I do! I’ll make up something to tell my nephew!” Ms. Jones said.

Kenny quickly put his pants back on while Ms. Jones put a yellow sundress on. He swiftly made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Ms. Jones followed behind, turning on the stove before opening the front door.

“Nick, dear! So good for you to stop by!” Ms. Jones said, giving Nick a hug.

“Hey, auntie. Sorry for coming by out of the blue like this. I have a quiz and someone online assignments due today and the internet’s down at the dorms. I came by here first since it was closer than my parents’ house…” Nick said.

“Oh, no worries. Just make yourself at home and get started on your work.”

Nick put his bag on the dining room table and pulled out his laptop. He looked over and saw Kenny standing in front of the stove.

“Oh, Nick! This is my friend’s son, Kenny. He really liked the enchiladas I made the other day, so I told him I’d show him how to make them,” Ms. Jones said.

“Hey, Nick. Nice to meet you,” Kenny nervously said.

Nick said hello back and got to work on the couch. Ms. Jones mouthed, “sorry” to Kenny before checking on the stove. Before she could do anything else, Kenny snapped her under.

“We will continue even with your nephew here,” he whispered to her.

Ms. Jones snapped back and looked over at Nick. After seeing he was engrossed with his work, she turned back to Kenny.

“Let’s get everything we need first,” Ms. Jones said.

Kenny pulled his greased-cock out through the opening in his pants. Ms. Jones lifted up the back of her dress and spread her cheeks apart with one hand. Kenny slowly eased in as Ms. Jones let out a silent moan. He started thrusting while she bent over to rummage through the lower cabinets until she pulled out a glass pan and a mixing bowl. Kenny continued as she opened the refrigerator to get the sausage, bacon, eggs, and potatoes.

“First, we need to cut up the meat,” Ms. Jones said.

Ms. Jones proceeded to cut-up the sausage and bacon on a cutting board while Kenny still went at it from behind. She bit her lip and turned to face him before resuming cutting.

“Now, let’s beat some eggs then add the meat and potatoes in,” she said.

Ms. Jones cracked open several eggs and added them to the bowl. Her and Kenny looked up to see what Nick was doing as she whisked the mixture, seeing he was still engrossed in his work.

“You’re doing great! Really get in there…” Ms. Jones said.

With the mixture prepared, Ms. Jones sprayed canola oil over the inside of the glass pan and poured the mixture.

“Now, we just leave it in the oven for about 20 minutes and it should be done,” Ms. Jones said.

Kenny took this as the perfect opportunity to go fuck Ms. Jones from behind even harder. Ms. Jones bent over and braced herself on the countertop facing the living room. The two kept going while watching Nick in order to keep themselves from being discovered.

“*yawns* Time for a bathroom break…” Nick says to himself.

Nick left the living room and went to use the upstairs bathroom. The second the door closed, Ms. Jones and Kenny changed pace.

“Flip me over and watch my pussy beg for your cock as it fills my ass!” Ms. Jones said to Kenny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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