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He came back to the familiar place occasionally, wondering “what would it have been like?” Now a man of 40, he was standing in a little park above Kits beach near the small yacht club on point grey road. He moved to the little park bench and sat, his eyes distant, lost in thought…

It was a dark moonless night 20 years earlier and the young man had just returned from a night of drinking with his buddies. He was new to Vancouver and liked to walk along the beach before heading home as he found the sound of the waves crashing into the shore very soothing and relaxing. He made his way along the sidewalk to the staircase that led down to the rocky beach below, pausing to savor the fresh sea air and the sounds, before proceeding to a log on the beach below. It was so dark that the waves gave more of a suggestion of whiteness against the dark backdrop, before breaking.

Out of the corner of his eye, the young man spied a bright orange glow bouncing in mid-air along the beach. Someone smoking a cigarette was coming his way. He made to move off into the darkness, but the alcohol had made him lethargic and he hesitated. The ember continued its relentless approach until from the engulfing blackness, the figure of a man materialized. The young man sensed rather than saw the man until, lit by the brightly glowing ember, he could make out the handsome face of a man perhaps 10 years older than he.

Without saying a word, the stranger walked escort bursa right up to the young man and simultaneously tossed the cigarette aside while reaching for his crotch, rubbing it through the young man’s jeans, caressing it, kneading it almost as though it were dough. The young man was utterly unprepared for this and started to recoil, but checked himself lest he trip over backward on the log behind him. To his own amazement, he started to get an erection under the older man’s attention. His cock swelled to its rock-hard 6″ glory. The older man made noises of approval and commenced unzipping him. The stranger reached inside and began massaging the younger man’s cock through his briefs. He knelt before the boy and began to work on his belt, finally unfastening the boy’s jeans, firmly pulling them.

The young man felt his briefs caressing his ass as they came down, and then cool fresh air. The young man stood there, fully exposed and with an erection like he’d never known before, the fresh sea air caressing him and lulling him into a trance, unable to move. The older man gently fondled and cupped the balls, occasionally finding their way to the sensitive area behind. He reached around either side, pulling the young guy’s ass apart so that the cool breeze became even more noticeable. The young man started to feel weak in the knees out of a combination of pleasure, embarrassment and desire.

Then older man took the young cock bursa merkez eskort into his mouth and began slowly and rhythmically moving along its length with a delicate sweet motion. The younger man couldn’t control himself and started to moan with pleasure. His belly was tickling with excitement, and his cock became the center of his universe. The man stopped and stood up, grasping the boy’s head between his strong hands. With gentle pressure the man pushed him downward onto his knees and the younger man knew what was expected of him. He was delirious and totally under the control of the older man. T

he man lowered his trousers and then his underwear. Out of the darkness, the man’s huge cock loomed in front of the younger man’s face, though it was the heat radiating from it that he noticed more than anything. The older man guided his 7″ cock to the boy’s mouth. The boy resisted and the stranger, still with the boy’s head in his hands pulled him closer until the head of his cock was forcing the boy’s lips apart.

The boy relented and opened his mouth The 7″ cut cock came sliding in and the stranger let out a groan of pleasure as he started face fucking the younger man. Several things registered in the younger man’s mind simultaneously – surprise at how smooth the cock felt and how clean it tasted, fear and a giddiness like he had never known; the man’s thrusts became more violent and he felt like he might bursa sınırsız escort gag. The man grunted and stopped. “Teeth” he said, “stop it,” and gave his head a warning shake. The young man wrapped his lips around his teeth and continued moving his head back and forth obediently, in time with the man’s thrusts. The man was groaning steadily now and the new cocksucker realized what was to come. The man’s pumping became more furious and the younger man felt the cock in his mouth stiffen and start to pulsate; he braced himself for the gush, but the man stopped and withdrew his cock.

The man reached down and began stroking the lovely erect young penis. Slowly, sensuously; instinctively, the younger man knew he was expected to do the same and stood up. He’d never held another man’s cock and the sensation was strange, yet familiar. He began to masturbate the cock in front of him, occasionally bending and licking its hard mushroom head, getting into a rhythm that matched the older man’s attentions on his own rock-hard dick. Together they jacked each other off against dark backdrop of the dark bay and the loud sound of the waves crashing on the beach. The stranger began slapping the younger man’s ass, spanking him into a crescendo of pleasure. Each slap on his ass made him grasp harder on the man’s cock, making him grunt with pleasure. One more slap and he plunged over the abyss with such an intensity as he had never known. Then the stranger started climaxing and together they moaned and pumped their dick juice onto the damp sand.

The stranger leaned close to the boy’s ear and whispered “I want to fuck you, come back here tomorrow so I can fuck that beautiful ass”. Then he turned and disappeared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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