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At two in the afternoon nature woke me with an urgent need to pee. After a quick shower and some light make up I put on my baby doll nightie. I wasn’t ready to walk around naked during the day. I left the bedroom to find some coffee. I looked out on to the patio and saw Ginny and Glenda out there with a pot of coffee. I stepped out and asked

“Is that for any one or just you two.”

“No please come and join us there’s plenty.” Ginger said. Glenda poured me a cup as I sat down. Ginny asked, “Did you sleep well?”

“Very well thank you. And you two.” I asked

“Like babies when we did get to sleep. I’ll make you some breakfast.” Ginny said

“I don’t eat breakfast hon. “

“Yes you do. You have some fresh fruit and toast to go with your three cups of coffee.” She informed me.

“Obviously someone has been telling my secrets.” I said looking at Glenda then I took her hand and kissed it. Ginger left for the kitchen I could see she was walking funny. “You girls must have had some fun last night Ginny’s waking funny today.” Glenda blushed deep red. “Did she like it?”

“Yes she had me do her twice.” She said blushing even more.

“Did she do you?”

“No but I did suck her off again. I though you might want to watch me the first time.”

“I do but you didn’t have to wait. I would have understood.” I moved my chair closer to Glenda and asked.

“Honey if I ask you to make love to someone would you do it? You could say no if you want to. I’ll not get mad or ever bring it up again.” I waited for Glenda’s answer.

“I would do anything you ask just so long as the person I’m doing it with understands that you asked me to and that I love only you.”

“How about if it was Pamela your secretary?” I knew that this was a touchy subject being he was her boss.

“Does this have any thing to do with the guy she’s in love? Because if it is I don’t think making love with me is going to help, she’ll still want him.” I almost burst out laughing. He really had no idea.

“Glenda I love you very very much, but sometimes you can be a little thick headed. In this case a lot.” Bill looked at me as if I lost my mind.

“Why would you say that?”

“Sweetheart you’re the man she’s in love with. If you just asked, she’d drop her panties in a second.” Bill really looked confused now

“I never did anything to encourage it!”

“Yes you did. You were yourself. A perfect gentleman. You were just being you. A sensitive caring man that always thinks of others before himself. It’s why I fell hopelessly in love with you and it’s also what Pamela fell in love with.”

“Your ok with this? You could have told me this before I hired her. Why did you let me hire her if you knew this?” I could see Bill was getting upset.

“Honey you’ve told me time and again what a great secretary she is. Though she says you never tell her that. And you should, people like hearing they do a good job. And if she’s so good why shouldn’t you keep her?”

“Because she’s in love with me.” Just then Ginger came out with a tray. Setting a plate in front of me and a new carafe of coffee she sat down. Bill turned to her and said.

“I may have a problem with Pamela coming to work for us.”

“What? Does she need more money or something? I can’t pay her more than my girls get. I could up the salary but that would eat into the profits. I don’t need it but you may.” She said.

“No it’s not that. She’s in love with me.”

“Oh well that is a problem, did you know this Sheri.”

“She told me. Just now.” Bill answered for me.

“And you didn’t know.” Bill shook his head no. “So obviously she isn’t falling all over you. And she does a good job right?” Bill nodded his head. “What’s you solution Sheri?”

“I think she should make love to her once in a while. You know take her out to dinner maybe some dancing we could all go.” Bill was getting very upset now he threw his arms up disgusted and said

“Maybe I should take her to one of the islands on a honeymoon while I’m at it.”

“Not with out me you don’t.” I said slapping his arm to let him no I was teasing. Then Ginger said.

“Glenda I really don’t see where the problem is you like her she loves you. Your wife approves I just don’t see any problem.”

“Gin my wife wants me to have an affair with my secretary.” Ginger was making a lot of sense so I stayed out of the conversation.

“Glenda an affair is when your wife doesn’t know you banging your secretary. That I would have a problem with. What your wife wants is to share you with some one else like when she shared you with me and you shared her with Jenny. I would like to make love with Sheri are you ok with that?”

“Yes. But that’s different.” Bill said

“How is it different.” Bill thought for a while. I finished my breakfast and a second cup of coffee. Then he said.

“I guess there really is no differences.” I could see Bill had thought is out rationally. “I always believed that have sex with you secretary Gaziantep Binevler Escort was wrong. But if Sherri knows about it and approves of it then I guess it isn’t wrong.”

“No honey it’s not wrong. It would be wrong to keep you from her. She is a very nice person and she can’t help falling in love with the greatest husband on the planet.”

“I reserve that title for my husband.” We all turned around to see Jenny in the open door way.

“Well look who decided to join us. Sleeping beauty herself.” I said kiddingly

“I waited to see if someone would come and put there face in my pussy to wake me but they never came.”

“I’m sorry love but we had a crises of the greatest magnitude to solve. And we just got finished.” Ginger said as Jenny sat down between Ginger and I.

“What kind of crises is that, did you break a nail?” She asked Ginny

“No Glenda had an attack of conscious. She forgot secretaries where people too.” Jenny jumped up and reached for Bill who managed to dodge her and run for cover. Ginny and I grabbed Jenny and sat her down and explained what had been said. Jenny calmed down and said.

“Well that’s not that bad at lease he wasn’t groping her against her will. You should make love to her you spend more time with her than you do your wife. If she wants you to bang her brains out do it. Share that lovely cock of yours there’s enough to go around.” I could see that Jenny was thinking about herself on the last statement. Jenny then looked at me and said, “You already have make on?”

“And I showered. I have to look pretty or my husband might leave me for someone prettier like you husband.”

“Fat chance in that. Well I guess I better go get prettied up too or I’d look like the homely one.” Jenny got up and went back in to the bedroom. I poured another cup of coffee. Ginny got up to refill the carafe. I said to Bill.

“Are you ok with this if not I’ll call her and tell her you don’t feel comfortable with it.”

“No it’s ok she a very attractive women and I have wonder what it would be like to be in bed with her. But I never said anything I always treated her with respect. I never knew she felt that way too.”

I reached over and put my hand on Glenda’s lap and caressed his cock and asked in a sugary sweet voice. “Can you do me one more favor? Go into the master bedroom and fuck Jenny she dieing to feel your cock inside her.”

“She’s not going to hurt me is she?”

“I don’t think so. But make sure you clean up after your done. Then take a shower.”

Ginny came back out with another pot of coffee. “Where did Glenda go?”

“I send Glenda in to make love your wife.” I told her

“She should like that.” she said with a gleam in her eye. Then she asked, “What should we do?” I thought for second.

“We could go for a swim, but I didn’t bring a suit. Or we could find someplace soft to make love on.

“You don’t need a suit but it is cool out. And once your wet it may seem cold. ”

“I guess that leaves finding someplace soft.” Ginger when over to a door next to the one Jenny and Bill entered. And pulled out an exercise mat and laid it on the patio

“Would this do you or would you prefer something softer.” I walked over to her and put my arms around her head and pulled her head to me. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. Our lips met, my tongue invaded her mouth, and her tongue caressed mine. Ginny’s hand caressed my bottom.

Breaking our kiss I pulled Ginny’s camisole up over her head. Now I could explore her tiny breast. They where not more than a hand full, but they where firm, almost like a teenagers breast. Her nipples were large, they were as big around as my pinky and stuck out three-quarters of an inch if not more. When I touched them Ginny rose up on her toes and sucked in a breath. I could see a look of pure joy on her face. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and lightly sucked on it. A faint mewing sound escaped her lips. I continued to suck and caress her nipple till I felt something poking into my tummy. I looked down to see it was her cock was pushing out the panties she was wearing.

When I released Ginny’s nipple she pulled my nightie over my head. I took her nipple back into my mouth as I caressed her cock though the satin panties. Ginny started moaning and thrusting her tit into my mouth. She took one of my breasts in each hand and started massaging them; she would pull the nipples and give them little twists.

I released her nipple and went to my knees. I could see a large wet spot on her purple satin panties. I pulled the panties down her smooth legs and had her step out of them. Tossing them to the side I took her cock in my hand and tilted it down to my lips I kissed the head and my tongue lick up her precum. I took the head in my mouth and looked up.

It was a strange sight. I had a live warm cock in my mouth that was dripping precum and I was looking past a pair of tits into the face of a women. The strangeness was sexually charging. I slid her cock into my mouth. Her cock was a perfect cock for sucking. Bill’s cock though I love it very much takes a lot of work to get it all into my mouth and down my throat. Ginny’s is thinner and I can slide my mouth over it easer, it’s the kind of cock I can suck on all day. I didn’t want her to cum in my mouth at lease not this time I wanted her to fuck me I need her cock in side of me. I took her cock from my mouth and said

“I need you inside of me so stop me before you cum.” She nodded her head as I put her cock back in my mouth. I slid my mouth up and down her and let it slid into my throat till I felt her ball sack on my lower lip. I sucked her cock for a few more minutes till she said.

“Sheri stop, that’s all I can take.” I pulled my lips off of her and sat back on my heels.

Ginny knelt down next to me took me in her arms and kissed me on the lips and said “you are the best cock sucker I know you put every man and women I’ve been with to shame.”

I laid down on the mat while Ginny removed my panties. She took my left foot to her mouth and kissed it. She took each toe and sucked on it like a little cock. Then ran her tongue up over the top and up the ankle she did the same to my other foot. She slowly, much too slowly worked her way up my legs and thighs. Spreading my legs she planted kisses on my pussy. I wanted to grab her head and shove her face into my pussy and hold it there. But I held my composer and let her work at her own pace.

Her mouth pressed itself to my pussy and licked up all the cream that had dripped out of me then she stuck her tongue into me, and she flick it in and out trying to get all my juices. Then she moved to my clit and sucked it into her mouth, she flicked it with her tongue and nibbled it with her teeth. She was very good at cunt licking; she had me ready to cum in shore order. I thrust my pussy into her face as she licked out my hole then I felt the tingling in my toes that flew up my legs.

“There. I almost there Ginny I’m sooo close baby.” Ginny took my clit back in her mouth and suck hard she thrust two fingers up my hole as I came. “I’m cuuumming god I cumming sweetie suck me.”

Ginny’s mouth moved down and started suck my cum from me as her fingers played with my clit. I grabbed her head in my hands and pulled it hard against my pussy as I continued to cum. After riding her face though my orgasm I collapsed and released my grip on her head. Ginny took a big gulp of air as she pulled her face away from my pussy. She laid her head on my leg and sucked in life giving air. I felt sorry for her I didn’t mean to smother her like that. I reached down and stroked her hair. Ginny panted but her lips kept kissing my leg. Once she recovered she kissed her way up to my face stopping to suck each nipple in turn. I griped her cock as it came in reach and pointed it to my hole and said.

“Come on Ginny shove your yummy cock into me.” Ginny shove it in all at once just like I like it. “That’s it baby fuck me, fuck me hard and fast.”

“Give it to her Ginny make her cum.” I was startled by the sound of someone else voice. I look in the direction the voice came from and saw Jenny and Glenda sitting at the table watching us.

They were both watching us intently. At first I almost had Ginny pull out, being this was the first time I knew someone was watching me. Then I got a thrill knowing I was being watched like I was on stage and I was performing for an audience. I turn my attention back to Ginny and look at her. She had a smile on her face that told me she knew how I felt and really started pounding into me. Then I thought to myself if they want a show I’d give them a show. I thrust my pelvis up to met Ginny’s down stroke and I pawed my tits. I’m normally not very vocal when I’m getting fucked put this time I pull out all the stops.

“Fuck me Ginny, fuck me baby, pound that cock into me lover.” Both Ginny and I grunted and groaned and cussed I pulled on her tits as she fucked me. I came three or four times while Ginny fucked me till she said.

“I’m going to cum Sheri.” I pulled him into me and told him

“Cum baby cum deep inside me fill me with you hot cum.” Ginny slammed home and pumped me full of cum as I came one more time. Ginny collapsed on top of me as his cock continued to pump more cum into me. Gin laid on top of me panting her cock continued to flex sending more cum into my hole. After Ginny pulled out of me and rolled over next to me I looked over at Glenda and asked.

“Who wants to clean up?” Jenny looked at Glenda. Glenda got up and came over to me and knelt between my legs put her mouth to my pussy and started sucking out Ginny’s cum. I can’t tell you the thrill I got knowing that my husband, my lover was drinking someone else cum from my well fucked pussy. When Glenda had clean up most of Ginny’s cum we rolled over so I could sit on Glenda’s face and let her get the rest of Ginny’s cum. Once I was pretty sure she had it all I stood up and said.

“Sweetheart Ginny’s messy too.” Glenda rolled over and took Ginny’s deflated cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. I put my nightie top back on and sat down next to Jenny who said.

“Thanks for sending her in it was just what I was looking for this morning. She’s something else.”

“Yes she is filling isn’t she?

“You can say that again. I’ve never had anyone that big before. I’ll be stretched out for a week. When he insisted he had to clean up after, I did know what to think. I never had anyone do that before. But I like it. Ginny’s going to start taking clean up more seriously.”

“What I like about it most is there no cum running down your leg afterward.” Glenda had finished her clean up and sat down next to me. I took her in my arms and kissed her tasting Ginny’s cum on her.

Looking at my watch I realizes that if Pamela was going to call that I wouldn’t be there. I said to Glenda. “I told Pamela to call me today to make sure you where ok with getting together with her I should call her. Are you ok with it?”

“I’m fine with it but what about the way I’m dressed. Do I have to wear men’s cloths?”

“Honey. We’re not going to change the way we do things to suit her. But I did give her some homework last night to prepare her. Lets see what she thought of the web sites I sent her to.” Bill nodded his head he knew where I sent her too. I asked Jenny to use the phone. She showed me to the den and left me. I dialed Pamela’s phone and thought to myself. “Well Pamela lets see if you’re ready to change your life?” She picked up the phone on the first ring and said hello.

“Pamela this is Sheri. I wasn’t going to be at home at five so I decided to call you and see how you felt.”

“You mean about the sites you sent me to. They where rather eye opening. I didn’t know people actually did those kind of things.” She then paused so I asked.

“Did you not like them.’

“No they didn’t upset me they were just different. I’m not sure how I would fit into some thing like that. I’m not sure I could be domineering.” I didn’t want her to be domineering I want her to be submissive to me and equal to Bill.

“You don’t have to be dominate. You can be an equal to Bill.”

“I still not sure how I would fit in with you. I presume that Bill is submissive to you and if I was his equal that means I would be submissive to you as well. Am I getting this right?” She was getting it right. But I didn’t think she was going for it. She sounded very non-committal.

“We don’t have to go that route either. I just wanted you to know how we do things.” I told her. I didn’t want to scare her off. But I did want her to know I was the one calling the shots.

“Let me tell you about myself. I have a PhD in education. After I got into teaching I didn’t like it, I was never any good at telling children what to do. I knew I liked being told what to do. I always have. I became a secretary because It mostly involved taking orders and once in awhile some heat when thing went wrong. Last night I realized while I was in that chat room that I am submissive to my boss and my lovers. Now what I want to know is can I be submissive to you as well? I like women I like them a lot. If it wasn’t for the fact that I loved Bill so much I would probably say I’m a lesbian but I do like a roll in the hay with a man once in a while.” This couldn’t be working out any better

“You do realize that no matter what we do. That in the office Bill is still your boss and the way you treat each other can’t change. You two can’t be having sex in the office.” I said

“Yes I realize that. I don’t want any gossip being spread about us. What the three of us do together is our business and no one else’s. I do have one other question if I may ask?”

“You can ask as many as you like, sweetie. I want you to be well informed.” I told her.

“I notice yesterday that Bill was wearing earrings, starter post really. I know I never seen holes in his ears before. And with some of the things I found out about in the chat room. I was wondering if Bill was a cross dresser.” I was wondering how I could bring up the subject and she brought it up herself.

“If he was how would you feel about it? Would you be upset or turned off by it?”

“Oh no not at all. I was hoping he was that would make everything so much easier. A woman with the size package he has. That would be a dream come true.”

“How do you know what size package he has?” I asked

“I’ve worked for him for three years and a couple of times, not often he had a hard on when he stood up and I saw it I mean the bulge not his actual penis, it’s quite impressive.” I could hear her embarrassment in her voice.

“No Pamela what makes an impression is when he has it in you.” I heard her moan over the phone. “So I guess that Bill wears female cloths at home is ok with you.”

“Oh yes. He can even wear them to the office as far as I’m concern.”

“I don’t think Bill’s ready for that yet, I don’t think Jim’s ready for that yet.”

“Does Jim know about Bill? I mean his dressing up and all.” I though to myself if she knew what happen in the last twenty-four hours she’d pee herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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