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“So, what are you looking for?” asked a small, pale man perched on the steel stool in front of her.

He was all sharp angels tangled up with quick, bright green eyes that he kept locked on her.

“Well,” she said, picking at the frayed hem of her t-shirt, “it’s a little weird, but I want a bruise.”

She watched his face, looking for confusion maybe or disgust. She wasn’t sure, but saw neither; his face stayed the same intense, neutral stare. Eventually he nodded for her to go on.

“I want it sort of here,” she said, stroking the inside of her wrist, “kind of like a thumb print.”

She looked down, wanting to avoid the judgment she was sure there would be on his face and took a deep breath to brace herself. For a moment he did nothing, just watched her. Then, before she was able to react, he leaned in close and wrapped his hand around her wrist. He pressed his thumb hard into the soft flesh.

“Here?” he asked, rolling his eyes up to hers. “Like this?”

Her face flushed, but she didn’t try to pull away, only looked down. Her voice came out quiet and almost breathless.


He smiled, the edges of his lips curling and pushed a little harder.

“That could be tough,” he said, “you’d want it to look real, right?”

Closing and reopening her eyes she nodded.

“Just a little reminder. Is that what you’re here for?”

“Yes,” she said, barely above a whisper.

He moved his thumb back and forth, turning his nail to cut into her skin, and she gasped. A quick, quiet intake of breath that caused her head to fall back and her eyes to flutter closed. She tried to steady herself, tried to breathe deep and slow, but still didn’t pull away.

“And I’ll bet I know why,” he said.

His voice dropped low, forcing her to lean closer.

“Oh?” she said as her tongue darted out to wet her lips.

He nodded and pressed his nail into her again, smiling wider when it earned him a soft moan.

“Yes,” he said, standing and closing the gap between them. He pressed his body against her side, leaning down so his lips brushed against her ear. “You’ve given yourself away,” he whispered.

Her voice came out quiet, strangled.

“But, so have you,” she said, trying hard not to lean into him, not to Starzbet turn.


“John, man what the fuck is going on back there? I just walked past and shit is tense.” Mike said, walking up behind the jewelry display.

Propping his boots on the counter, and leaning back in his folding chair John gave the other man a small nod.

“That right there,” he said as he made a vague motion toward the back, “is two creatures recognizing one another, realizing their the same species kind of.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” the younger man asked, looking over his shoulder into the small, sterile room behind them.

“He’s big into that bondage stuff. You know, whips, chains, the whole bit, and by the look of it he’s scented himself out a suitable mate.”

“But, isn’t that her boyfriend hanging around front?”

“Yeah,” he said, looking out the window, “but it seems to me like she’s forgotten all about that right now.”

John watched as the tall man paced back and forth in the parking lot, yelling into his cell phone and shook his head.


He pulled her up, for a moment pressing the full length of their bodies together before taking a single, quick stride to the door. He flashed Mike and John a quick smile as he closed the heavy, wooden door.

“You must be sorely neglected to give so much from so little.”

He was whispering into her ear again as his free hand wrapped loosely around her neck. She smiled, almost clear headed.

“I won’t just kneel down for anyone,” she said, holding herself mere millimeters away from him.

“Is that the case?,” he said, and his hand moved to the back of her neck and into her long dark hair. He wrapped that hand in her hair and pulled, yanking her head back hard, almost touching his shoulder. Another gasp, and finally she closed the gap between them, her ass brushing against him. “You seem to be coming to heel pretty quickly now.”

He rolled her head to the side, exposing her neck and used her arm to pin her tight against him. Breathing faster, she ground into him as his teeth closed around her collar bone. One of his legs wrapped around hers, nudging her legs open and holding her in place. He let go of her wrist and his hand slid down her body. Starzbet Giriş The heel of his hand pressed into her crotch. He could feel the heat through her jeans. Her legs slid open a little wider, and she started grinding into him as her eyes closed and her lips parted. His mouth pulled back; he tongued the grooves, tasting the blood just below the surface. She shivered and could suddenly feel the length of him pressing against her ass. He let her go. Quickly, he circled her and pushed her back against the door; his hands moved to the button of her jeans. For a moment he held there, waiting and watching until she gave a small nod. He smiled to see her hips tilt up toward him and slid down her jeans, exposing the bright red triangle of her thong. She urged him forward, her bare ass lifting off the door to close the gap between his body and hers. His hand slipped behind the thin fabric, and he stroked the fine hairs covering her cunt as his other hand moved up her body. He pinned one arm over her head against the door. She whimpered, and her hips moved forward, trying to force his hand between her lips.

“Uh uh,” he whispered, moving his hand away, “be still.”

Again, she whimpered, but moved her hips back to rest against the door. She opened her legs a little wider.

“Good girl,” he said as his free hand grabbed her other arm, and he pinned her to the door with his hips.

She cried out when she felt his cock pressed against her cunt as he wrapped his hand around both her wrists, holding her. Leaning to the side, he brought his hand back between her legs. His fingers moved behind her panties and parted her lips. She moaned and tilted her hips up to him, but didn’t move off the door.

“Is this what you want?” he asked as he pressed his cock into her thigh and slipped two fingers inside her.

She nodded, another moan spilling from her mouth.

“Uh uh,” he said, feigning like he was going to pull his hand away again, “you have to say it.”

“Yes,” she said, swallowing hard, “what I want.”


He moved his fingers deeper inside her as he rubbed himself along her thigh. She bit her lip and tried to stifle another low moan. Another smiled curled his lips, and he pulled his hand out of her cunt. Starzbet Güncel Giriş Quickly, he pushed his pants over his bony hips, tore aside her panties and shoved his cock inside her. Her hands balled into small, tight fists and opened again; she moaned loud as she fought not to raise her hips to meet him and drive him deeper. He pulled slowly out of her, stopping with only the tip of his cock pressed against her opening and covered her mouth with his free hand.

“You have to be a little quieter. Can you do that?”

Whimpering, she nodded fast. He could feel her legs tremble, her hips itching to lift and move, to force him back inside her. Stopping for a moment to look at her, he saw her eyes open wide, begging. He drove himself hard into her cunt. His hips made a soft thud as they smacked into hers. She tried to keep herself quiet, but it was his hand that muffled her moaning as he worked inside her. Her legs wrapped around him, and he moved his hands to cup her ass. She leaned her shoulders into the door, letting him get deeper. Her teeth bit into her hand that now covered her mouth to muffle her, but soon the door started knocking with the quick, hard rhythm he was keeping inside her. A low growl trickled from the back of his throat and he moved his hands to her back, digging nails into her as he took fast, careful steps back. They moved to the chair in the center of the room. He set her down in the chair, ripping the arm of the chair of the way. With her balanced against the chair he grabbed her legs and pulled them from around himself. He pulled her legs over his shoulders and thrust into her again. Now it was her nails at his back, leaving raised, red lines that ran down his pale skin. He had her bent in half as he moved in and out of her. Her breathing got more and more ragged. Her moans louder. Leaning in, he got closer, letting her sink her teeth into the soft spot between his neck and shoulder. It muffled the sound, and she could hear a low groan coming from him. He sped up. He pushed off the floor for more leverage. Soon she fell back, her mouth wet with small droplets of blood from his shoulder. He felt the hot flood of her orgasm and her cunt squeeze and pull him in. Her legs shook as his started to falter. With a few more hard thrusts he shuddered. She smiled as she felt the spreading warmth of his come inside her. For a moment neither moved. They just relaxed. Her legs fell to either side of him as he collapsed against her small breasts.

“I’m Chris by the way,” he said with a short laugh.

“Stephanie,” she said and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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