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Dubbed, “Shirley Muldowney, Jr” by her racing peers, Daria was making quite a name for herself as the only woman on the male-dominated NASCAR circuit.

When a race started, rather than dropping to the inside of the track on a corner, like other drivers, Daria chose the center line and dropped the pedal to the floor. While exceedingly unorthodox, it usually bought her a precious few seconds as well as excellent traction, as the curves were always very slick from the thousands of tires which had previously gone around them. That move alone had the dubious name, coined by a sportscaster, of the, “Summer’s Suicide Slot.” The few men who had tried it only wound up as so much twisted fiberglass and metal against the wall.

Daria was known to be a gracious winner as well loser. Her last loss was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina when her right rear tire blew out as she exited the last turn. Incredibly, she hadn’t spun out, nor had she hit the wall or any other car; she did, however, drop from a solid fifth place into dead last. She shrugged it off and told the cameras, “Shit happens.”

Neither knock-dead gorgeous nor hideously gruesome, Daria was the type of person one would pass on the street and not look twice at. Standing five feet, ten inches tall, with light brown hair done up in a bun, she was slender but her short-sleeved shirt showed that her muscles were well-toned.

“Hey, Lillian,” she smiled cheerfully. She walked over and gave the older woman a peck on the cheek, then turned to Sharon with an uneven-toothed grin. “You really did a number on that guy. Good for you!” She stuck out her hand.

“I’m Daria,” she said simply. Sharon wiped her mouth and grabbed Daria’s hand, grinning like an idiot.

“Hi, Daria. I’m Sharon. It’s nice to meet you,” Sharon said, blushing. ANOTHER celebrity knew who she was! Wow!

Lillian motioned to Kumiko who clicked over to the cabinets, returning with the necessary items for an extra place setting. She proceeded to fork meatloaf and side dishes onto the plate, taking care not to let the food touch. Lillian cast her eyes on Sharon.

“I’ve known Daria since she was four years old. Her family lives next door.”

“Yeah,” chuckled Daria. “If you call, ‘next door,’ a ten minute drive around the woods. Or a ten minute walk if you go directly through.” Kumiko placed a frost-covered mug in front of Daria and poured a beer for her, setting the nearly empty bottle beside it. Daria thanked Kumiko and took a long drink of beer, then started forking the food into her mouth. “Lillian, I just came by to let you know that Dad bought a log splitter and I’ll be by tomorrow to split that wood out back for you.”

“So, you’re father decided to enter the modern age, huh?” Lillian grinned into her sake’ cup. Sharon’s head swiveled back and forth as she ate in silence, watching the pair converse.

“You know Dad,” replied Daria around a mouthful of food, “He’s had the same truck for thirty seven years. First vehicle he ever had. He finally decided that he was getting a bit old to split wood by hand, and that his little girl had bigger fish to fry. He refuses to hire farmhands.” Daria furrowed her brow and hunched her shoulders, clearly imitating her father. “‘A man should do his own work! Not hire some college-boy to tell him what he ain’t doing right!'”

All three laughed at the imitation. Somehow, Daria had managed to clean her plate and drain her beer in the few minutes she had been here; Lillian and Sharon still only halfway finished.

“Anytime after eight in the morning, love,” smiled Lillian, “I came here for peace and quiet. I’d hate to be woken up by that racket.”

Daria wiped her mouth with the provided linen napkin, threw it in the middle of the plate and stood to kiss Lillian’s cheek. She turned to Kumiko, grabbed her, kissed her passionately and then headed for the door. She stopped as if remembering something. Turning to Sharon, she reached into her back pocket and pulled a folded envelope from it.

“Here ya are, Captain Krav Maga,” she handed the envelope to Sharon, and winked at Lillian. “For you. See y’all later.” She strode out followed closely by the maid.

Sharon looked in the envelope and pulled out a plastic covered badge complete with a lapel clip. She gasped and squealed as she showed it to Lillian. The badge identified her as a bonafide member of the “Moonwheel Racing Team.” It displayed Daria’s car number superimposed over the NASCAR logo, surrounded by various sponsors. Sharon had been given the title of, “Aide To The Team Owner.” The badge was endorsed on the back by the president of the NASCAR commission, himself.

“Ms Lillian, do you know what this is?!?!?” Sharon was aghast, and continued excitedly without waiting for a response, “It gets me into ANY race that Daria’s in!” Her food was forgotten.

Lillian just smiled and took another bite of food. Sharon stared at the badge, turning it this way and that. Her cute little brow furrowed as she put it all together.

“Waitaminnit…” beyliikdüzü escort Sharon said, “The owner of Moonwheel is…an…auth…” Her jaw dropped as she looked between the badge and Lillian who was calmly eating, taking a sip of Japanese wine occasionally; a Mona Lisa smile on her face.

“You?” Sharon smiled from ear to ear. She jumped out of her chair and practically bowled Lillian over when she jumped on her, hugging tightly and kissing her cheek. “Ms Lillian! I…! YOU!?!?!?! HOLY SHIT!”

Lillian’s fork was knocked from her hand to clatter on the floor when the teen attacked her. She laughed merrily as she hugged Sharon back, her laughter filling the kitchen with its melodic sound.

“I told you, Beloved, I demand only the finest and I intend to spoil you.” The pair locked lips in what Sharon termed, “a happy kiss.” A happy kiss was simply a regular kiss mixed with a little exuberance.

“Ms Lillian,” Sharon said, “you’re full of surprises. I love you so much.” She continued hugging Lillian, burying her face in her lover’s shoulder. She began crying softly.

“Beloved, what’s wrong?” Lillian asked seriously, as she scooted back from the table and gently pulled the sobbing teen into her lap.

Sharon clung to her Goddess, grasping Lillian’s shirt with both hands and clenching the fabric tightly. Her voice was a mere mumble of words, impossible to understand, muted by the shirt and Lillian’s soft flesh beneath. Lillian read the meaning of the tone, coupled with the actions.

“Sharon,” she said softly, as she rocked the girl and stroked her hair, “I love you, too. Nothing will ever happen to you. You and I will be together for as long as you’ll have me. I love you, dearest, and nothing will ever change that.”

Sharon increased her hold on Lillian, crying softly. Her heart burned, ached, tightened in her chest in a way it never had before. The clicking of Kumiko’s heels approached, stopped, then seemed to become almost silent as she moved to clean up the dinner dishes and prepare to serve dessert.

The pair held each other for a long while, Lillian cooing and whispering platitudes into Sharon’s ear. The girl sniffed, grabbed a napkin and wiped her nose with it, then looked up at Lillian through glistening eyes.


Lillian smiled gently and moved nose to nose with the youth, each staring into the other’s eyes.

“Always,” she said with finality.

It seemed to Sharon that her love for Lillian grew continually; like a snowball turning into an avalanche, it would grow and grow, obliterating everything in its single-minded path of destruction; the destruction of anything or anyone standing between the Beloved and her Goddess. Sharon kissed Lillian with an intensity to rival the sun in its warmth and fire.

Kumiko sensed that the crisis was over and set down plates of precisely-cut apple pie topped with a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream, returning with a steaming pot of coffee to pour. Sharon wriggled out of Lillian’s lap, kissing her quickly, and stood up with a mock frown on her countenance, arms crossed.

“Uh-oh,” said Lillian. “What did I do now?”

“Ms Lillian,” Sharon said, her expression firm. “It seems you’ve forgotten something.”

Lillian looked to Kumiko for guidance. The maid wracked her brain and shook her head slightly, unable to think of anything. Lillian looked about curiously, searching the kitchen for clues. Sharon extended a hand to finger Lillian’s shirt meaningfully. Both Lillian and Sharon broke into laughter at the remembrance of the plane trip, leaving a perplexed Kumiko to stare between the pair.

“Ah, yes. Tit for tat, I suppose,” mused Lillian. She stood and began unbuttoning her shirt, removing it to expose her full, rounded breasts. Sharon began undressing rapidly, clothes being thrown willy-nilly about the room. Kumiko lowered her eyes and bowed her head, stealing glances at the nude girl who was the talk of the country. Sharon’s pert nipples stiffened in the air now that they were free of the warmth of her clothing. Her lithe body moved gracefully as she bent to lick Lillian from her belly up to her throat, Kumiko staring wide-eyed at Sharon’s ass and peeking slit. Sharon turned and went back to sit in her chair, her perfect butt squeaking as she slid contentedly across the hand-rubbed wooden chair.

“Kumiko,” snapped Lillian, then she unleashed a stream of Japanese which was too fast for Sharon to even TRY to follow. Kumiko bowed so swiftly that her shiny, black hair waved in the breeze, a look of terror mixed with obedience on her face, and ran from the room as fast as her high heels would allow. Sharon watched the maid bolt away and disappear around the corner, heels clicking like castanets.

“Ms Lillian! What did you say to her? She looked scared out of her mind!” gasped Sharon, as she took a slow bite of dessert.

“Just like I know how to push Cindy’s buttons, I know how to push Kumiko’s buttons. bodrum escort THEY know I don’t mean it, but they play the game. I merely told Kumiko that I would send her back to Japan if she didn’t quit staring at you.” As she spoke, Lillian waved her hand dismissively as Sharon blanched at the thought of keeping someone against their will. “Don’t worry about it, Dearest. Kumiko’s father is one of the wealthiest men in Tokyo. He and I have an understanding, and Kumiko is fully aware of our agreement.”

Sharon forked a bite of pie into her mouth, chewing, then taking a sip of coffee as Lillian continued.

“I was in Japan, with my former aide, doing research for one of my books and we met Akihiko, her father, at a restaurant one night. His wife had died recently, and we just struck up a conversation.” She paused to take a bite and sip of coffee, then went on, “My aide took a liking to his daughter, Kumiko, and they went out for a night on the town. Akihiko’s a pretty stodgy, old-school type and when Kumiko didn’t come home until the next day, he blew a fuse. Similar to what your father did to you, he kicked her out.

“She came to our hotel in a massive breach of protocol and told what had happened. I called her father, we chatted, worked out our plan, and he came over, too. Since he wouldn’t enter a room with no other males in it, we had to meet him in the lobby.”

Lillian chuckled at the remembrance of the events, bare breasts jiggling as she giggled.

“While his majordomo carried a few of her bags up to our room, he informed her that since she had disgraced him, a wealthy man of incredible means who was revered in the public eye, he was sending her to America for an education under my guidance. She was not to return for at least two years.

“So, here she is!” Lillian concluded cheerfully. “If she returns before her two years are up, he’ll send her to a convent.”

Sharon, finished with her dessert, sipped her coffee and asked, “A convent? Harsh. But, where’s your former aide? The one that she stayed out all night with?”

Lillian laughed heartily. “She’s a race car driver on your new employer’s racing team. They’re in love and the mere thought of leaving her love is enough to keep her in line.”

“She stayed out with Daria? Bet THEY had fun. Almost as much fun as you and…”

Sharon blinked.

“New employer? You mean I work for you? But, I thought I was your girlfriend.” Sharon was truly confused…again.

“You are the most treasured thing in my life; nothing will change that, Love. And, while you’re in school, I’ll spoil you rotten, like I said. But, you also need to learn a skill. You’re in your senior year and then you’ll need a job.” Lillian grinned her beautiful grin. “You need a job. I need an assistant. And think of the benefits…” She licked her lips invitingly. Sharon’s entire body blushed.

“You’ll be put on the payroll, given a substantial salary, go to conferences and meetings, learn new things, meet a LOT of people, see the world and have fun in the process. What do you think?” Lillian sipped her coffee as she pushed her empty dessert plate away. “You could, of course, go to work at a fast food restaurant.”

Sharon rolled her eyes. Regan worked part time at a fast food joint and hated every second of it.

“Your personal assistant? And I’ll get to go wherever you go?” asked Sharon.

Lillian just nodded, smiling pleasantly into her cup.

Sharon’s exuberance took over once again, as she leapt from her chair, knocking the table in the process and rushing to hug Lillian’s neck.

“Ms Lillian, that’s all I want! Is to be wherever YOU are!” She buried her face in Lillian’s delicious neck, smiling happily. Lillian raised her cup to steady it, wrapping her free arm around the girl and fondling that smooth, tender butt which was still cool from the chair. Her fingers slipped in to lightly stroke Sharon’s rear entrance, Sharon shivering and hissing slightly at the touch.

“Now, for your sign-on bonus…” Lillian purred, setting down her cup, then sweeping the table clear with her arm. The dishes clattered and shattered as they hit the floor, sending ceramic pieces everywhere.

Lillian hoisted Sharon onto the edge of the heavy oaken table with the youth’s feet positioned to rest on either side of her on the chair. Sharon giggled and leaned back to lie on the table and raised her legs to place them on Lillian’s shoulders, affording Lillian an excellent view of her instantly moist treasure.

Lillian cleared her throat and spoke in Japanese, the only word Sharon understanding being, “Kumiko.” The maid clicked into the kitchen, Sharon turning her head to see Kumiko move over to the refrigerator, remove something to hand to Lillian, and then head off to get the dustpan and broom.

Lillian’s expert tongue gave a long, slow lick across Sharon’s holes and then a loud shlorping sound filled the room. Sharon’s crotch and butthole were instantly cold, the girl shivering and attempting bolu escort to raise up to see what it could be. Lillian made long, lazy trails up Sharon’s body with the spray-on whipped cream, building little mounds around her nipples. The cold made them even harder than they already were. The whipped cream trail continued up her chest to end just below her chin.

Lillian grinned evilly, saying, “Now, for my REAL dessert!” Without any other words, she dived into her lover with a purpose, licking the whipped cream from those creamy thighs and then flicking her tongue rapidly across Sharon’s asshole.

The warm feel of Lillian’s tongue, contrasted by the cold whipped cream, coupled with the swish and tinkle of Kumiko’s sweeping performed wonders on Sharon’s libido. She came almost instantly, her juices mingling with the whipped cream, providing Lillian with a tasty treat. Lillian wasn’t about to stop after just one orgasm. For Lillian, making her youthful lover come was like eating potato chips; she hated to stop at just one.

Lillian reached her hands up the sleek form lying on the table and began massaging the whipped cream all over the youth’s delectable, slender body. She pursed her lips and began, “vacuuming,” the whipped cream with a slurping sound, homing in on Sharon’s clit. Sharon writhed in ecstasy, whipping her head side to side, constantly moaning and hitching her breath as Lillian’s lips worked their magic.

Kumiko kept her eyes fastened on the floor, her desire to watch the scene almost too much for her to bear. Her own bare pussy, devoid of underclothes, was wet beyond words, juices running freely down her legs and the sides of her shoes. She whimpered and directed a question in Japanese to Lillian. Lillian made an, “uh-huh,” sound, patting her own bare bottom, at the same time engulfing Sharon’s clit with her mouth, tongue flying over the tender nub.

Sharon was goo. The whole world was centered on her, “happy spot.” Hands slid up her body through the whipped cream mess, now liquified by her body heat, to grasp at her breasts and squeeze them gently, a finger from each flicking her nipples.

Kumiko dropped to her knees behind Lillian and kissed and licked the soft, smooth flesh of her ass, laying her cheek on a rounded globe, savoring the coolness. One hand traveled to her own nude pussy and began to massage it, while the other inserted three fingers into Lillian gently, her little finger sliding back and forth over Lillian’s clit as she she pumped her tiny hand. She knew her mistress’s desires very well and inserted her thin, but fairly long tongue in Lillian’s ass, driving it in and out.

Sharon reached around for something to grab onto, but her hands found only more table. She finally just grabbed two handfuls of her own hair and screamed as she came almost continuously, locking her legs around Lillian’s head, her clit fully at Lillian’s mercy. Lillian moaned as she was penetrated by the maid’s fingers and tongue, spurred on to please her young lover more and more. She inserted a finger into the perfect little ass, corkscrewing and pumping in and out, licking and applying suction to the succulent clit with abandon. Sharon’s pussy erupted; her juices squirting Lillian, running down the older woman’s face and chest.

Kumiko’s hand pistoned rapidly into Lillian as she drove her tongue harder and harder into her mistress, her other hand becoming a blur as she frantically rubbed herself, getting closer and closer to her orgasm. Lillian, still totally in control, hummed into Sharon’s pussy, her licks and sucks becoming less and less forceful as she eased the girl back to reality.

Lillian moaned long and loud as she came, she arched her back, breaking contact with Sharon for a moment as her orgasm took her away. Kumiko, fueled by the moans from her mistress came shortly afterward, the twitching and spasming of her miniscule body the only signs of her pleasure.

Lillian eased herself off the maid’s hand and stood to lean over Sharon, pressing her warm body against the cool of the sticky, messy whipped cream covering her young lover’s body. Sharon was almost hyperventilating. She cracked her eyes, saw Lillian and grabbed the beauty, pulling her in for the most passionate kiss she had ever bestowed. Lillian’s tongue sought Sharon’s as heat-seeking missile; she climbed on top of the girl, juices, mingled with whipped cream mess covering her front, the sturdy table not even creaking at the added weight.

Kumiko recovered, stood and licked and kissed Lillian’s smooth legs, then went to clean herself and dress. Lillian and Sharon kissed for a long time. Sharon, breathing heavily, eventually was able to focus her eyes and gazed with a soul-love at her Goddess, eyes shining with a love known only to a very few.

Lillian slid off of Sharon and helped her to stand, the girl’s knees threatening to give out. They made their way into the shower where Lillian tenderly washed her young lover clean, pausing now and again to lightly suck a nipple or lick the sensitive clit which made Sharon gasp every time. Sharon took her time washing the taller woman in return, further exploring her lover’s delicious body. Just as they were finishing, a surge of cool water indicated that the hot water had run out, so they got out and dried off.

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