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“Uuuhhh! Fuck me wit dat big white cock!!”

The plea, punctuated by the slapping sound of my pelvis and testicles clapping against his round cheeks, sounded odd coming out of the mouth of the masculine young black man bent over in the stall in front of me. His baggy basketball shorts and boxers were bunched up around his ankles, displaying his thick thighs and baseball size calves. His tank top was gathered up around his neck, his arms free of the arm holes. I had one hand latched on his slim waist and the other planted on the small of his broad muscled back.

“You like my huge fucking white cock jammed up your black ass?” I growled through gritted teeth as I pulled myself back nearly out of him and rammed my hips forward, impaling him with a thwack and then continuing to relentlessly piston in and out.

He let out a pained grunt at the more forceful thrust.

“Uuugh! Yeah. You so fuckin’ big it hurt, bro!”

I didn’t even know the guy’s name. I had been out jogging laps around the park, trying to release some of my now endless supply of sexual energy. I noticed him, noticing me, each time my run led me by the basketball court.

Okay, if I was being honest, I probably wasn’t out for an innocent run to release my sexual tension. Like I had been doing most of my waking hours these days, I was out cruising for sex with men. That would explain why I was wearing nothing but a pair of very short, tight gray jogging shorts that only went about a third of the way down my thighs, and sneakers.

If you’ve been following along, you know by now that the intense craving for guy on guy action was one of the more extreme side effects of the current experimental and, as far as I knew, secret medication I was on. A little red pill that happened to cause, lets say, significant penis growth. At the beginning of that summer, I had been cripplingly embarrassed with a dick that failed to break the 4 inch mark when fully aroused. Now, almost a month and a half later, my cock could barely be contained in my jogging shorts, even soft. Without any underwear on, the bulbous purple head threatened to tumble out of the bottom of the leg of my shorts each time I took a stride that sent my significant junk tousling around inside the tight fabric.

It was a dangerous game, as I’m not even sure the shorts could contain me at all if I sprung a full-on boner; something that I was prone to do frequently and without provocation. Another side effect of the meds.

The thought crossed my mind, of me having to run home from the park in broad daylight, my massive erection bobbing in plain view in front of me- having gotten aroused and literally tearing my shorts apart bursting out of them. I had to stop the thought, as it only seemed to get me more excited.

I noticed him on my first pass of the basketball courts. A fit looking young light-skinned black man with a tight fade and clean shaved face, playing a pick up game with four friends. As I jogged just outside the fence, I glanced in his direction and noticed him checking me out. His gaze was definitely fixated on the barely concealed meat-sword bobbing around in my skimpy shorts. His friends shouted various “what the fuck?” comments at him as he completely ignored and missed a pass meant for him. I jogged on.

As I came around a second time, he was seated on a flat bench to the side of the court just on the other side of the fence from me chugging from a water bottle as his friends played on. He kept the bottle up to his mouth but had stopped drinking. I watched him check me out completely, giving my trimmed sinewy body the once over before lasering in once again at the bouncing penis-shaped bulge in my shorts. I kept jogging.

Ten minutes later, coated in a sheen of sweat, my shorts clinging even tighter to me, I came to the courts again. His friends had gone. He was standing alone at the gate into the courts. He was practically staring right at me, and the path would take me right by him. I stopped in front of him and jogged lightly in place.

“What’re you looking at, bud?” I asked, slightly out of breath.

The bold directness of my approach was something that the shy, timid former me would have never done before I’d started taking the pills. He didn’t even try to hide it as his gaze lowered to my jostling crotch. I could already feel that my floppy dick had begun stiffening into a half-chub. It was already straining against my shorts.

“Whatchu got in those drawers, bro?” He asked. His voice was deep, masculine.

“The biggest cock you’ve probably ever seen,” I replied.

These days, I frequently found myself shocked with my own bold actions and comments. It’s as if the timid Old Me were still trapped somewhere inside of me, watching in awe at the confident, cock-hungry Casanova I’d become.

“Shiiiiit, I don’t know about all dat, cuz. I ain’t seen too many white boys wit somethin’ bigger than what I’m packin’,” he scoffed as he reached down and grabbed what looked to be his own significant package Cebeci Escort through the fabric of his basketball shorts.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Wanna find out?”

And as simple as that, we found ourselves deeper in the park, cramming into the stall of the park restroom built there in the trees a ways off the path.

“Let’s see what you got, white boy. Loser gonna be bottom,” he proclaimed, cockily.

I could see his regret almost immediately as I pulled my shorts down my thighs, and my now almost completely hard cock sprang free of the tight confines. When he snapped out of his trance, he seemed to not be able to help himself from reaching out and wrapping his hand around it, giving me a few strokes that sent pleasure radiating through me, and instantly stiffened me to my full glory.

I was a massive 10 and 3/8 inches. I knew because I now habitually and obsessively measured myself each morning. I was also probably thicker around than an energy drink can. The dude’s thumb and middle finger didn’t even touch with his sizable hand wrapped around my shaft.

As he muttered things like “damn you fuckin’ huge,” and slowly stroked me, I reached out and withdrew his stiffening cock from his shorts and boxers, stroking him as well.

When he was as rigidly erect as I was, we stepped closer and pressed our stiff cocks together side by side, just to make it official. He was big, but I was bigger.

And that’s how we’d found ourselves as described earlier; him bent over, muscled arms bracing himself on the stall walls and me with my monster-sized cock crammed between his dark-caramel colored cheeks.

It had not actually been easy forcing my way into his tight hole. After he’d spit into his palm and stroked his saliva up and down my length, over my swollen sensitive head, he turned around to spread his sweaty, surprisingly hairless cheeks. I attempted unsuccessfully to press my glans into the puckered target of his anus. I felt woefully little give, and the dark and handsome stranger let out a painful groan/cry that stopped me from mercilessly thrusting myself forward.

I had to pull back, fall to my knees behind him, and bury my face in his ass. I could smell the perspiration of his previous activity underneath the scent of whatever sporty body wash he had used that morning. At this point I had to pretend to know what I was doing as I had never eaten an ass before. I concentrated on licking and working my lips over his asshole, producing as much spit as I could. I pulled back a few times and spat a spit wad at his puckered hole, worked it in and around with my tongue. The Baller’s quiet gasps and moans revealed he was enjoying the attention.

My work paid off, as I was able to jam my way past his sphincter on my second attempt, slowly sinking my thick slicked cock further up inside him as he grunted and gasped through gritted teeth.

It had taken a bit of work at first; shallow, slow humps in and out, before I was able to bury my significant length and girth inside of him. Eventually, I was fucking myself deep into his guts, pelvis and balls clapping his cheeks as he moaned and encouraged me to keep fucking him with my huge white cock.

I shifted my grip so that I had both hands latched on either of his broad shoulders and used it to both pull his body backwards into my lap while simultaneously thrusting my hips forward, pounding into him completely again and again to a rapid rhythm and the sounds of our flesh smacking together.

“Aaaaah fuck man- fuck!! You gonna split me in half! Ugh!Ugh!Ugh!” He exclaimed.

I was a man possessed. I looked down transfixed by the image of my mammoth thick rigid pole plunging and emerging from the impossibly small opening between my nameless partner’s ass cheeks. I continued assaulting him from behind, heedless of the release I felt bubbling up from my low hanging boulder-sized testicles.

“Where do you want my cum?” I blurted, about to bust.

“Uh! Uh fuck! Up my ass! Uh! Cum in my ass, cuz!” He panted, almost pleading.

I felt the orgasm work it’s way up my shaft and explode out of my tip. I kept humping and thrusting, trying to maintain my rhythm even as my balls and shaft throbbed. I pumped my hips as I pumped my seed deep inside his guts.

“Uhhhhhh yeah I’m cumming! Yeeeeah I’m cumming up your ass!” I announced, still thrusting into him, just incase he didn’t feel my warm thick jizz spurting up inside of him and oozing out around my thick pumping cock.

“Fill me up wit that hot cum, bro! Aaahhhh so much fuckin cum in that huge cock,” he moaned.

As the climax subsided, my frantic thrusts slowed and became less forceful, yet I continued to fuck my cum in and out of his hole. Somehow, as the tingling pleasure of the orgasm receded, I found my appetite had not been satisfied. Lately, it rarely was. The pills continued to provide me with extra stamina and reduced recovery time.

“You get enough of my big Kolej Escort dick yet or you want me to fuck you some more?” I asked.

The basketball hunk looked back over his shoulder, disbelief on his face. I didn’t wait for his confirmation. I quickly pulled myself out of his tight ass, and pulled him down onto the dirty bathroom floor with me.

With his basketball shorts kicked aside, He lay on his back and spread his thick legs. I tossed them over my shoulders and wasted no time cramming myself back up inside of him.

In moments I was again mercilessly humping in and out of him, missionary style on the restroom floor. Grunting with each thrust as he yelped and moaned below me.

“FuUuUcK, DuDe! I aIn’T kNoW hOw yOu sTiLl fUcKiNg, bUt dOn’T sToP!” He pleaded, his deep voice jilting each time I thrust myself into him.

I found myself looking down at my work, watching my huge messy cock plunge in and out of the tight confines of his anus. The fucking now produced a rapid squelching sound as the cum I had already pumped into him continued to churn out around the sides of my slick pumping shaft. The Baller on the floor beneath me had now arched his back up off the floor in an attempt to change the angle so that more of my monster cock could be fucked up into him. He had also begun bucking his own hips, working my cock as I worked it into him.

Watching his efforts was too much. His own impressive dark cock with it’s fat pink head bounced around erect in his lap while he moaned and pleaded with me to fuck him harder. For the second time in probably only six or seven minutes, I felt another glorious and inevitable release churning in my balls as a tickle began building at my tip.

“Shiiiit I’m gonna bust another load!” I admitted.

At the sound of this, he began going even more wild beneath me, bucking and gyrating his hips, trying to hump himself harder into my cock. The extra attention was too much. Making a last second decision, I pulled myself out of his hole as I felt the first spurts already coming, and took a hold of my shaft and started stroking.

I noticed the gaping hole my thick cock had left of his anus before it started retracting around the void I had left, and then more and more jets of my cum shot from my swollen head as I stroked them out, aiming my tip so that they shot forcefully down at his own crotch. I coated his cock and pubic area, including the tightly trimmed small patch of wiry pubes at his base.

“Yeeeah cover my dick in yo cum!” He urged as the last few spurts jetted out and landed on his hefty balls.

Feeling like I owed him something after the pounding I’d just made him endure, I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cum slicked shaft, stroking and rubbing my own jizz up and down his length.

“Rub your fuckin cum into my cock, man!”

Faster and faster I stroked, from base to tip, working my man-juice into a slick white lather over his dark cock.

“Shit yeah! Fuck nigga I’ma nut! I’ma nut!”

He arched his back up off the grimy floor as I felt his whole cock pumping beneath my grip. I continued to stroke even as his own hot white spunk geysered from his tip, landing all over his abs, the restroom floor, and my pumping fist.

I left him there to clean up the mess, pulling my gray jogging shorts back on. I never bothered to catch his name.

Lately, my life had been full of these encounters. I seemed to attract them wherever I went. Either that or in my heightened sexual state, I had just become more aware of all the opportunities.

And as my cock continued it’s miraculous growth, I found myself feeling like I needed to find new sexual partners. I felt bad ghosting some of the hot fucks that I had met along the journey, but I just didn’t know how I could continue to explain how much bigger I was getting. Surely Lorenzo and Connor would start to more than just suspect I was growing bigger and bigger as the inches continued to accumulate. Regrettably, I started avoiding them and sought new partners.

I had even left Gavin on ‘read’ one night when I got a text from him stating that we needed to talk. Part of me wanted to respond. I almost started typing a reply. Heck, had Gavin even noted the size of my dick when he was busy pounding away at my ass? He’d never mentioned it. I thought back to an encounter weeks ago in the dugout of the park’s ball field. He had encouraged me to rub one out after he’d satisfied himself in my ass. I could have sworn he was watching me stroke myself off that night, and I had grown at least more 4 inches since then.

As much as it pained me, I didn’t let myself respond. It wasn’t so much the contract to secrecy I had signed with Dr. Curtis that had me afraid I’d have to explain my magically growing member; it was more so a sense of embarrassment at the thought of having to admit that I had taken pills to go from micro to monster penis. Especially to Gavin.

When I thought about it, I found Rus Escort I really didn’t feel too much dread at the thought of explaining myself to, say, Renzo or Connor. But there was something about Gavin. It was almost like I cared what he might think. But that didn’t track. All I cared about these days was getting as much hot dude cock and ass as I could.

Luckily, I didn’t have too much time to agonize over it, as I was too busy getting myself into other sexual adventures.

For example, on the day that I had measured myself at just over 10 and 3/4 inches, I ran into my former High School history and physical education teachers. It had never even crossed my mind when I was a senior in High School that either Mr. Pelko or Mr. Gannon were gay, much less in a relationship together.

It was instantly apparent, however, when I ran into them at the book store. To be fair to my newly acquired pinpoint Gaydar, I did bump into them in the Gay Erotica section in the back of the shop.

It had also never registered back in High School how attractive Mr. Pelko was. I mean, I always knew a lot of the girls in class fawned over and flirted with the twenty-something slim and trim History teacher. But I had never seen what they seemed to see in him until that day in the bookstore.

Likewise, in High School, I was aware that the bald-headed military-like Mr. Gannon was a pretty jacked and intimidating figure, probably in his early 40’s. But it had never clicked back then how hot that was.

The red pills worked their magic and I confidently finagled myself back to the house that Mr. Pelko and Mr. Gannon apparently lived in together.

What followed was a sex-filled romp throughout their entire house. They awed over my mammoth cock, and I shrugged off comments about how they can’t believe neither of them had ever noticed me in that way back in my senior year.

Mr. Gannon got off on watching while I commandingly topped the slimmer, smaller Mr. Pelko as I had him gagging around my engorged cock that he could barely fit in his mouth. I then pushed him down flat into the mattress and pounded away at his tight little hairless ass, slicked up with lube provided by Mr. Gannon.

They marveled at how I was instantly ready to go again after coating Mr. Pelko’s insides with cum. While Pelko recovered, Mr. Gannon brought himself into the mix, and the authoritative older Phys Ed teacher and I jockeyed for dominance.

He forced my head into his hairy lap, and I expertly swallowed his stout, fat cock. His pube hairs tickled my nose as I deep throated him to near completion before pulling away from him and grabbing him by the bald head to force his goateed face down to my crotch. I was hitting the back of his throat before I was even halfway buried inside his mouth. The moans and groans I heard escaping out of his stretched lips around my thick cock fueled me to hump his face harder and faster until I was forcing him to choke down another of my bountiful loads.

With Mr. Pelko recovered, Gannon and I reached a truce, and focused our energies on dominating him together.

I watched for a moment as Pelko took Gannon into his mouth on hands and knees. Gannon’s big fit hairy ass muscles clenched and unclenched as he face-fucked his lover on their bed.

“Get up here and get that giant cock in his ass, Noah!” Mr. Gannon ordered.

I did as I was told, and soon I was cramming my colossal cock into Mr. Pelko doggy style, while Mr. Gannon continued fucking his throat at the other end. Pelko made helpless and eager sounds around his mouthful of cock between us as we fucked him from both ends.

Eventually, after tossing Pelko around in every position imaginable, We attempted to double-penetrate his abused anus. No matter how much lube we tried, Gannon could not seem to force his fat cock inside his partner’s hole along side my giant member.

We ended up with Pelko sandwiched between us, his sweaty body wrapped in my arms while I pumped into him from behind. Gannon was wrapped around him from the front, their two slicked-up cocks frotting against each other while I jammed as much of mine as I could up Pelko’s ass.

I blew another hefty load of jizz deep in his guts as I groaned and grunted. Pelko and Gannon simultaneously climaxed with their cocks rubbing together, making a mess of their cum between their shafts and pubic areas.

Eventually I tired both educators out completely, and let myself out.

The day that everything came crashing down, I had measured myself that morning at 11 an a half inches long. I practically needed two hands to jerk myself off, which I was still doing frequently, despite all of the ass and cock I was getting. That night after working a late shift, I took one of our last customers, a young muscled hunk I had noticed coming through my line a lot lately, with me out to my jeep.

He leaned over the center console from the passenger seat and tried his best to fit my massive erection in his lips. He could barely get his lips any further than just past my bulbous head, but his lips were warm and wet, and they continuously rubbed past the extra-sensitive part of skin on the underside of my shaft, just below the tip. I rubbed my hands through his short blonde hair, and tried not to too-forcefully press on his head to make him swallow me further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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