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Lola made three videos over several months and couldn’t believe how hot they were. She felt wicked making the films and watching herself get fucked later. The guys had been total hotties, and one of them was well hung. Normally she avoided large guys. Visually, a big fat cock was a huge turn on, but physically it was painful. She could only take a big cock if she was really excited, used lots of lube and went very slow. Even then, she was usually tender afterward for days.

Lola the porn producer and voyeur eventually convinced Lola, the porn actress to do the shoot. She wanted to see a big cock entering her tiny little body and even though she was tender later, the resulting video was worth it.

The films were addictive. Watching herself have sex was like exposing her libido to crack cocaine. A warm, pleasurable sense of pressure quickly developed in her pussy and rapidly turned into an aching need to be filled. A heightened level of sexual sensitivity filled her whole body and within minutes, she was frantically rubbing her clit. Intense toe curling orgasms quickly followed but the relief was brief and in no time, another wave of sexual craving started to build. It was hard work!

Her heightened libido was sometimes a nuisance. Some days she felt like a bitch in heat. She loved the warm throbbing sensation between her legs but not in class. It was too distracting and sometimes she had to rub one out in the washroom between classes to relieve the tension. Occasionally she would lose track of time during her masturbation sessions, and hours would fly by before her voracious little pussy was satisfied.

Joey started appearing in more and more of her fantasies. The body lying on her in missionary position in the video became Joeys. The big cock stretching her wet pussy became Joeys. The wet tongue flicking her clit became Joey’s.

Her sexual fantasies spilled into the foot massages which became the sexual highlight of her week. It was ironic because Lola hadn’t even considered foot massages when she came up with her original list of punishments for Joey. It was a last minute thought that popped into her head because her feet were sore that day. She would have backed down if he had balked at the idea but he didn’t. She fully expected sullen resentment the first day she plopped her sweaty, sore feet in his lap but he seemed totally absorbed in the task, and his magic hands felt fabulous. Lola came to enjoy the massages so much that she had a list of inducements prepared to get him to continue past the end of their agreement, but he never said a word.

It turned out Joey enjoyed the massages. He found them a soothing therapeutic activity that guaranteed him some quality time with his twin.

The sessions slowly took on new meaning as Lola’s “Joey” fantasies progressed. It was the one event where Joey actually touched her, and she allowed her mind to run rampant. Joey was doing some very unbrotherly things in her fantasies. Sometimes there were multiple Joeys. Sometimes things were going on that weren’t even anatomically possible. By the time she got home from work, she was always totally wet from anticipation and the first touch of his warm, strong hands on her bare feet sent shivers through her body.

Joey had started the latest massage and Lola was resting with her eyes closed. Her fantasy was in full swing.

The room was steamy hot. There were four naked Joeys beside her. She was naked on her back with her legs splayed open, wantonly displaying her arousal to them.

The smooth tanned Joey bodies were covered in oil and glistened in the light. Obscenely engorged blood red cocks bobbed between their legs.

Each Joey covered his hands in warm scented oil and slowly kneaded it into every inch of her body until her whole body was slick and shiny and had a warm glow.

Two of the Joeys began to massage her sore, tired feet with expert loving hands. The tension slowly drained away until all the discomfort was replaced with pleasure. Precum oozed out of their bobbing cocks and occasionally drops would fall on her skin and get massaged in with the scented oil. White arousal cream continually seeped out of her drenched pussy, and the Joeys regularly looked down and scooped it up with their fingers and smiled as they slowly licked them clean.

The other two Joeys were slowly kneading her slick, shiny breasts and nipples. They softly squeezed and pulled her extended nipples while she stroked their beautiful oily cocks in her hands.

The “feet” Joeys turned her on her side after her feet were done. One started to kiss and lick her pussy while the other one parted her ass cheeks and began to lick the sensitive nerve endings in her rosebud. The sensation of the two tongues on her pussy and ass drove her wild, and she started to squirm under their touch.

One of them inserted two large fingers deep into her pussy while the other rubbed his thumb against her slick rosebud in gentle circles until her sphincter muscle escort şişli relaxed and his thumb popped in.

Lola pulled one of the “breast” Joeys down for some sloppy wet tongue while the other Joey continued to tend to her breasts and nipples. Her fingers were covered in strands of slimy precum from their leaking cocks.

She was getting close to orgasm, and the Joeys shifted positions. One lay on his back and Lola slowly lowered her now totally relaxed anus onto his cock and leaned back. The other Joey moved between her legs and penetrated her pussy with his huge cock. Everything always fit perfectly in her fantasies, and there was never any pain. Inch by inch she could see her abdomen rippling upward as his cock snaked deeper and deeper into her. Both holes were totally stuffed with Joey cock, and they started to penetrate her in flawless harmony.

The third Joey continued to kiss her passionately while the other one moved between her legs and started to lick her clit as the two cocks pistoned in and out of her.

Her pleasure quickly crested into a gigantic orgasm that ripped through her whole body in intense contractions. She twitched on the bed in spasms of pleasure until the orgasm petered out.

Warms bowls of soapy water magically appeared, and each Joey lovingly cleaned her up. She slipped her arms into a silky nightrobe that one of the Joeys held out.

Her fantasy ended, and she opened her eyes to the real Joey, who had stopped rubbing her and was looking down with a smirk.

“Enjoy yourself, sis?”

“Totally! Thanks for the massage Joey! That was fantastic! What’s for supper?”


Most of Lola’s fantasies remained hidden in her mind, but it didn’t take long for Joey to notice things.

She used to plop her feet down in his lap the minute she got home but one day she disappeared and came back in a plain terry cloth robe for “comfort”. The robes got shorter and shorter until one day she appeared in a flimsy little black satin wrap loosely tied together at the waist that barely covered her pussy.

She caught him staring at her. “Something wrong?” she asked innocently.

“No, it’s just there your outfit is kind of brief.”

A sarcastic grin appeared. “Bit late to be worrying about my modesty don’t you think?”

“Would you like me to change?” she said with a mischievous smile.

Joey backtracked in embarrassment. “No, no, it’s okay.” It was very okay as far Joey was concerned. He had no problem at all looking at his beautiful half naked sister while he rubbed her.

There were other changes.

The massage sessions used to relax her body into a limp rag doll but lately it seemed like she was squirming a lot and always crossing her legs. Her hands wandered a lot, lightly touching herself.

One day a familiar scent penetrated his trance-like massage routine. He recognized the smell right away. Lola was aroused!

He looked up, and her face looked flushed. The smell and thought of what was happening triggered his own arousal. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply and let his hands wander past her feet. Then it occurred to him that he was actually breathing in molecules that had just seconds before had been part of his sister and he became incredibly aroused and took the deepest breath he’d ever taken.

The cat was definitely out of the bag when Lola started to have “leg cramps”. Joey would watch her get more and more flushed, and his nostrils would fill with her scent. Her whole body would tense up and then her legs would jump ever so slightly. The little minx was having a bloody orgasm right in front him and was trying to hide it! The “leg cramps” were always fairly high up and she always let Joey rub them out.

Joey never said anything. He didn’t want her to know that he knew. He was enjoying their sessions far too much and didn’t want her to stop. The scent and the thought of what was going on drove him crazy, and he had rocket like ejaculations in his room after their sessions.

Lola got more and more brazen. She was having ‘leg cramps’ all the time. It was almost like she wanted him to know.


It was never good news when Lola targeted him with one of her charm offensives because it meant by definition that she was trying to get him to do something he didn’t want to. Sometimes she just wanted something minor, but this one was a doozy.

She had decided that it would be an excellent idea if they took a course together. He only had one free elective though and didn’t want to take what she wanted. Every day she poured on the charm and eventually she wore him down. Unfortunately, he was not immune to whatever chemicals gushed out of her little body when she focused on someone. In fact, it was worse for him because he was such a sucker for her.

They had just finished registering for the course, and Lola was acting all bubbly. Joey was feeling very cranky. He could have nişantaşı escort enrolled in any one of several exciting programming classes, but here he was stuck in some stupid physics class! The only saving grace was that Lola had promised that she would help him and promised that she would owe him big time.

The course was as bad as he had feared. He alternated between being bored silly and totally confused. If it weren’t for his promise to Lola and her constant help he would have dropped out.

Half of the course mark was from tests. The other half was from a large project. They had to form teams and then each team was assigned a topic. Each person on the team had to present a section in front of the class.

Everyone wanted Lola on their team. Lola was a first-round draft pick. Her work and answers seemed to impress everyone. Unfortunately, Joey was more like a 10th round draft pick. He wasn’t stupid, but he had no aptitude for the material at all, and it showed in his responses. Others had noticed.

Joey was only in the course to please Lola, and she stuck by him when the teams were being formed. She told the others that they were a package deal which was how he ended up on the team he was on.

The project had been brutal. Supposedly, Joey had been given the easiest section, but it didn’t feel like it to him. Lola had to help him all the time and probably spent as much time on his section as he did.

The only saving grace was that the project was almost done. The presentation was the next day, and Lola had finished prepping him as much as she could, but he wasn’t feeling very confident. In fact, he was a nervous wreck.

Lola could see that Joey was worried. It was 11 pm, and he’d already tried to sleep once but had exited his room ten minutes later totally wired. Lola had seen him like this before and resorted to a remedy that always helped both of them. She led him to his bed and climbed in behind him and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him tight. He gradually relaxed and was asleep ten minutes later.

Joey was watching Lola present her part. The prof was asking a lot of tough questions. There was one section where the prof stopped Lola and challenged her explanation. Joey was on pins and needles. Had his sister made a mistake? He had no idea. It was all Greek to him. After a brief pause, Lola calmly and methodically proceeded to refute his arguments. You could have heard a pin drop when she was done. Apparently her explanation was correct though because a small upward curve appeared at the corner of the profs mouth.

“Well done Ms. Granger!” the prof exclaimed.

Joey realized then that the old fart had tried to trick her, but Lola was too smart for him! Joey was so proud of Lola that he momentarily forgot where he was and started to clap. It was the briefest of claps but when he looked around the whole class was staring at him except for his teammates who were all looking down. The prof was glaring at him with a withering scowl. Lola had a smile on her face and gave him a tiny hidden thumbs up. Joey slid down his seat as far as was possible for a creature with a spine.

It was his turn to go up. Joey had no problem speaking in front of people, but he liked to know what he was talking about. Lola had prepped him well on the core topic, but if he got off topic, he was a goner. Joey wasn’t sure if it was mercy or pity or boredom or respect for Lola but the prof stuck to the questions that Lola covered. He had to pause a few times to think about his answers but in the end, it all came to him. All his fear had been for nothing and the tension drained out of him.

At the end of his presentation, Lola gave him a big thumbs up. That was a good sign! When he got back to their group, she gave him a big hug. ‘You were fantastic! I knew you could do it!’ she said beaming.

The other team members were congratulating each other on the success of the presentation and asked Lola and Joey if they wanted to go out for drinks. Lola declined. She and her friends and Joey had already made plans to go out.

She hooked her arm around Joey and strutted triumphantly out of the room.


The spring term was over, and Joey and Lola were celebrating the successful completion of their presentation and the end of the school year. The bar was packed, and Joey and Lola and her friends had been drinking and dancing for hours. Actually, Lola and her friends had been drinking for hours. Joey had to drive home and had already stopped.

Lola had been having a good time but was starting to get frustrated. She wanted to be with Joey, but her friends kept dragging him out on the dance floor and monopolizing his time.

She had been thinking a lot about him lately and how close they had got. The massage sessions had completely gotten out of control, but she couldn’t help herself. It was all she could do to keep herself from jumping him. He never said anything, but he must have fatih escort known what was going on and didn’t seem to mind. He seemed content to massage her for as long as she wanted. What did that mean? Was he interested in going further as well? If he was why was he holding back? She needed to know.

She went over to where Joey was dancing and cut in. They had him long enough!

Joey was pleasantly surprised when his sister cut in. He had wanted to spend time with her, and they quickly got into the music. Each of them flaunted their dance moves. Joey did his moonwalk and other moves. Lola moved about sinuously to the music and stared at Joey with smoldering hypnotic eyes. Looking away was impossible. He was in her spider web.

The more they danced, the more brazen they got. Lola positioned her curvy butt against him and shimmied up and down against his groin. His hands wandered under her short skirt and caressed her naked ass cheeks. He squeezed her hard nipples through her thin top. They rubbed their slick, sweaty bodies against each other and pushed their groins together. Both of them were getting increasingly flushed with sexual excitement.

They were leaving to go home for the summer in two days, and Lola needed to make her move tonight if she was going to. Joey’s dance actions and the bulge between his legs were certainly positive signs. The music was too loud to talk, but she didn’t need words. She maneuvered Joey to a dark corner and then looked into his eyes and pulled his head down slowly until their lips got closer and closer. He didn’t resist, and their lips finally brushed together. Joey pulled her tight, and before she had time to think, his tongue was deep in her mouth.

She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the club. They were going home. It was finally going to happen!


The brisk night air felt wonderful. Lola’s alcohol drenched brain cleared, and her senses came alive. She felt totally invigorated and gave Joey a scorching kiss when they got in the car. Her hand rubbed the bulge in his pants all the way home.

They staggered down their apartment hallway crashing against the walls every few feet to frantically kiss and grope each other.

When they finally entered their unit, Joey made use of the washroom. When he came out he expected Lola to be waiting but she was sitting on the couch with her coat still on and her eyes closed. She didn’t look well. He had seen the look before and knew that nothing romantic was going to happen tonight. Lola was about to bow before the porcelain god.

The fresh outside air had momentarily cleared her alcohol haze, but it hit her like a ton of bricks when they entered the warm apartment. She sat down on the couch hoping it would pass, but it didn’t. Her head started to spin, and her stomach felt nauseated. She bolted for the toilet as her stomach began to heave.

Joey’s was disappointed, but at least he knew how she felt about him. There would be another day.

He grabbed a pillow and blanket for her to rest on between heaves and held her long hair up every time she puked. He kept her company when she was curled up on the floor. When it was finally over, he cleaned her face and gave her a glass of water to rinse her mouth out. Then he walked her to her bedroom and peeled off her dirty, sweaty clothes and tried to tuck her in. She wouldn’t let go of his hand though so he settled in behind her for the night.


Her bladder woke her up, but a massive throbbing pain in her head kept her down. She tried to open her eyes several times but the morning brightness was too painful. Her mouth was dry, and her breath tasted like shit. She smelled something gross and eventually identified it as strands of dried puke in her hair.

There was an arm draped across her breast and something hard poking her back. She turned over and saw Joey. He was lying against her back with a hardon.

Shit! Had they slept together? She couldn’t remember anything. She quickly reached down and felt her panties. The fact that she had panties on was a good sign. Then she stuck her hand down her panties and didn’t feel anything crusty. Finally, she smelled her fingers and didn’t smell the smell. Thank god! She wanted it to happen but not like this!

She crawled out of bed and slowly made her way to the washroom to empty her bladder. Then she staggered back to bed and plopped herself against Joey and passed out.

Lola had been out for hours and Joey went to raise her from the dead.

“Lola, oh Lola, time to wake up,” he said in a soft, soothing voice until a crusty eyelid flickered open.

“What!” she said grumpily.

“It’s time to get up. You’ve been asleep for hours. It’s three o’clock.”

She rolled over, and he got a good look at her and had to suppress a laugh.

“Well, besides the fact that you look like shit and smell like shit, how do you feel?”

“Go away!” she croaked.

He waited for her to sit up and placed a tray of food over her lap. It had been quite a while, but he had tended to her before and knew what her tummy could handle, a piece of plain toast, a glass of water, a tiny bowl of tomato soup and two extra strength Tylenol.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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