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I can see him now, he doesn’t know it, but I can see him. I can see his cow brown eyes roaming over her breasts. I’m watching those eyes slipping down to the little crinkled tip below her throat and into the line of her cleavage, lazily caressing her full breasts. I bet he’s fantasising over the size and shape of her nipples; wondering whether they’re short and stubby or long and pronounced; wanting to know how dark or pink her areola will be. I can see him dreaming of holding, kissing and sliding his hands over her firm lush thirty six D’s.

I can see him now, wondering what lies beneath the all in one swimsuit she’s wearing. I know he’s trying to imagine where her tan ends; wanting to touch that white smooth stomach of hers; down over the mummy pouch and beautiful wrinkles and thin crinkly life lines below. Wanting to see them spreading down to her who knows what delights await him. I can see him watching, perving, guessing, wanting her. I can see him; I’m watching him, waiting to spoil his chances. I have her, she’s mine and I am hers, we two are one. Now he’s wondering whether she shaves or waxes or even perhaps goes “au naturale”. I know, I know it all, but I’ll ever tell him. I won’t let him anywhere near my secret kingdom. He’ll never kiss and lick or suck her sex lips; never wiggle his tongue on her bud or taste her pussy juices as they slide into his mouth down his tongue, I won’t allow it. I know what he wants and I’ll make sure he never gets it. I will not be beaten

I can see him now ogling her now as she emerges from the pool, dripping wet, her hair plastered to her scalp and back; her breasts heaving from the effort of swimming, nipples denting the fabric. The rivulets of water sliding down her body, dripping from her arse, down to the ground around her. He craves her, uses her to imagine what his girlfriend will look like in twenty five years time. He wants my cake and he wants to eat it too, in front of me. How dare he presume… He wants all my jewels, all my pleasures. He wants to usurp me; his is a hostile takeover. A gut and run; taking my precious babies with him. I won’t let him, I will stop him dead. I will take whatever action I need to take and I will foil his deadly quest. I will not be overthrown; I will not be beaten by a child/man. My house, my home, my women, my game and always my rules, he’ll learn too late not to escort bayan şişli mess with me.

Now he’s aware that he’s been staring too long at her; but not before he has letched over her arse as she bends to get her towel. The suit so tight he can see the crease and mound of her pussy outlined against the straining material. Legs apart, back to him, she bends at the waist to pick up her towel; the edges of those glorious globes, just showing where her tan line ends. He’ll be hard now, like me, hard and wanting her, wishing he could just step forward, cock in hand and skewer her in front of everyone, hear her gasp of delight as he sinks into that beautiful, wet hole. He’s hard at the thought of holding her hips and driving into her, pounding her; feeling her sweet pussy juices coating his rock hard cock. He’s dreaming of pushing himself all the way in and then slowly out of her. Her moaning will soon begin to drive you insane as she cums and rocks from side to side, thrashing herself against you, driving you over the edge, cumming, spurting inside her; muscles tight and jangling. Over the top, down the hill, pushing, sliding, pulling, ropes of cum spraying about. Spent, you’re falling back, her cries of pain as your cock head pulls out, releasing the thick gooey white cream-pie. Sitting on the grass your cock wilting and dripping as she shudders when she senses the cum dripping out of her; watches it shining in the sun as it pools on the grass.

He’s now staring at his girlfriend, thinking of later wondering whether she’ll let him fuck her and knowing that he’ll be thinking of her mother instead of her; fucking an imaginary mature women. Thinking how great she’s going to look at her mother’s age. Well I have a little surprise for you; you cocksucker. I already know what your twenty five year old girlfriend feels like, because I’ve been fucking her since she was eighteen and she is just like her mother, my wife. We three have a secret and you’ll never know it; we know everything about each other. Everything; so I win and you’ll always lose. We fuck as often as we can, her and me, her and her mother, me and her mother, all three of us; you think of a way and we’ve tried it..

Haven’t you wondered yet why you haven’t fucked? Do you know it’s just a game, haven’t you guessed that you’re the entertainment, sarıyer escort not the prize; the jester at our court. You’re not the prize, you’re the clown, led a merry dance before we discard you; the one we’ll be laughing about as we fuck ourselves stupid in bed tonight. You’ll be put out and put off; she always does it to tease us, pretend she’s found the one; leaving us alone without her. But we know that Mummy’s mouth and pussy and Daddy’s cock and hands are all she really wants. She’s prick teasing you for our pleasure. Later my wife will accidently expose her tits to you. We’ll watch you; see you tent your shorts, not knowing you’ll never get further than that. Do you know what the really funny thing is you cocksucker? I did get to fuck my wife’s mother, your girlfriend’s granny. I fucked her good, because she and my wife asked me to. They wanted me to fuck them both, so I did, and still do.

In fact at the weekend the four of us have such a fuckfest planned that your eyes would water. I love fucking my mother in law; love fucking the hole my wife came from; fucking the hole my daughter came from; fucking my daughter’s sweet young hole. I know they like fucking me because they keep coming back for more, and even if I’m too tired to fuck, I’m never too tired to watch them fuck each other. Using fingers tongues and dildo’s; all at once or one at a time they bring each other to awesome climaxes. All I do is lay there stroking my cock ’til it’s hard again and then wait to be asked to join in, or simply spray them with my cum as they cum. We know how to party as a family; know how we all like to cum. We like to keep ourselves to ourselves, for ourselves, by ourselves.

I can see him, I can tell what he’s thinking, I know; but he’s just one more cocksucker that won’t last the pace. I am the king round here, ME! So look all you want cocksucker, because you’ll never ever know the secret sweetness of all my women. I am king in my own house and garden. They worship my cock, like I worship their pussy’s. I love to lick and suck and kiss and nibble. They like to suck, kiss and ride. What’s wrong with that, we’re all adults here, except you; you’re a child in a world of adults. You’re a minnow in a sea of sharks. We eat people like you for breakfast then spit you out in pieces. Discarded like the dog dirt you are.

Look here it çapa escort comes, towel slipping, and beautiful, gloriously perfect, white sided, big dark nippled breasts teasingly swaying in front of you; towel clad hands rushing to cover them. We’re looking, oh! What a disappointingly small tent in those shorts of yours. You must have a really small cock! Life really has fucked you over completely hasn’t it? So sorry, you’ll have to settle for a wank with your dreams buster; the shows nearly over and you are history. She’ll change jobs shortly and he’ll never see her again. He’ll never gaze into her deep blue eyes, deeper than the ocean; so deep and blue, until she closes them to kiss. Blue like her mothers and her granny’s too. Me I have cows eyes like him, but mine are lucky cow’s eyes. Lucky because I have all the pussy I need; more than he’ll ever know. I own him, I am his judge and jury. He played, he tried, but he came up short. He was tried and weighed and found wanting.

So now for the goodbye and what a coincidence; look who’s arriving? My my, here’s sixty eight year old granny in a bikini, cut high on her long legged thighs and encasing her perfect arse. That top holds her tanned globes high and firm; they’ll fall slightly when the top’s off and it will be off soon; then those still soft and rounded mammaries will be cupped and kissed, once you go. So farewell cocksucker, time for adults to play and we will play; now the children have gone. You’re so forgettable I’ve long since erased him from my memory. My wife’s stripping her costume off, how I love her arse. Granny’s stripped and fingering herself on the lounger, legs either side of it, her head laid back on the canvas; bare mound glistening with her juices, as she wipes her fingers on it. Quickly her daughter walks to the lounger and replaces those fingers with her own and adds her tongue. They look so beautiful together; mother and daughter, loving each other. I’m walking behind my wife now; waiting as she lifts her bottom and spreads her legs; kneeling and gently pushing my cock into her from behind. Feeling her open up as I slide inside her; heaven.

Grinning, my daughter walks back from dismissing the cocksucker, stripping her costume off and straddling Granny’s face. We love to make love in the sunshine. It’s a beautiful day as I sink up to my ball bag inside my wife; feeling her pushing back as she busies herself in her mummy’s pussy. My daughter squeaks with delight as Granny inserts a finger or two before using her free hand to cup her bum pulling her closer so her tongue can play on her little bud. We are a close family and no one comes between us, no one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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