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“Why are you doing this?”

Liam asked as the beautiful, dark-haired, twenty-two-year-old climbed into his bed. She didn’t answer him as she lifted the sheet and slurped his slim, limp penis into her mouth. She sucked on it and dug her long fingernails into his ass as she pulled him to her, taking all of his dick into her mouth.

“Fuck!” he cried out. “Oh! That feels good!”

His dick grew hard as she bobbed and tongued his cock. She no longer was able to fit all of it into her mouth.

“You don’t have to do this,” he said, “but I’m glad you are.” The young woman was naked. He reached down and fondled a firm bare breast.

She was relentless as she sucked, stroked, clawed, and stimulated him. She crooked her neck and looked up at him with big, blue eyes. He said, “This is the wrong time to say this, but damn, you have your mother’s sparkling eyes.”

Leahy giggled and playfully bit him before resuming blowing him enthusiastically until he shot his load.

^^^Twenty-three years earlier^^^

“Fuck!” Liam shouted as his ATV slid on the snow, flipped over, and threw him out of the vehicle. The machine tumbled down the hill. On its journey, it landed on him, breaking his leg.

His fellow hunters took him to the hospital, where he was rushed into surgery and had metal screws and plates put in his leg. His first night in the hospital was a blur due to the pain, anesthetic, and medicine he was given.

Family and friends visited him the next day. He mostly slept. That night he woke and met Maeve, his night nurse. She was an attractive woman who

he guessed was in her mid-to-late thirties. She had sparkling blue eyes and wavy, dark, brown hair.

“Hello, handsome. How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Groggy. My right leg aches, and my hands hurt.” Liam lifted his hands and saw both were covered in bandages. There was a cast on his right leg below the knee.

“Your hands have cuts and scrapes, and you broke your tibia, your shin bone. The doctors fixed you up, put your leg in a cast, and in a couple of months, you should be as good as new.”

“What time is it?”

“A little after midnight,” Maeve said.

“That’s odd. I feel wide awake.”

“It’s not unusual for your internal clock to be off. You’ve been on pain medicines and sleeping a lot during the day. It’ll turn around, but until then, you can keep me company.” She smiled, and added, “I work the eleven-to-seven shift. Not a lot happens, and most people are sleeping.

“How’d it happen?” she asked, pointing at his leg.

“I was deer hunting with my uncles, cousins, and friends. We had a good morning. The snow began coming down hard, so around noon, we decided to head home. Going down the mountain, my ATV slid sideways in the snow and flipped over, sending me flying.”

“Was your seatbelt on?”

“No.” He shook his head, smiled sheepishly, and added. “The damn thing tumbled after me and landed on my leg. It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.”

They chatted a bit longer while she took his vitals and checked the machines the nineteen-year-old was hooked up to. She stopped by every hour during her shift. She always had a smile for him, he eagerly smiled back, and they talked.

He fell asleep after her five a.m. visit.


The next night, Maeve breezed into Liam’s room just after eleven p.m. at the beginning of her shift and said, “Hello. How’s it going?”


She picked up his chart, reviewed it, and said, “I see you’ve been a bad boy. You didn’t let them bathe you this afternoon.”

“I don’t remember being asked.”

“It says here Ms. Treadwell had you scheduled for two o’clock. Why wasn’t it done?” She flipped through his chart and said, “It doesn’t say. Were you sleeping?

He gave her a blank stare.

“Oh. I bet I know why. There was a bad car accident this afternoon. It was an all-hands-on-deck situation, so I’m not surprised she didn’t get to you. We’ll get it done tonight after I check on everyone, okay?”


Two hours later, she returned with the necessary supplies and said brightly, “Bath time.”

“Great,” he muttered with false enthusiasm.

“Roll over. Let’s get it done with a minimum of awkwardness.”

He rolled away from the nurse. She untied his hospital gown and placed a folded rubber mat on the bed. She said, “I put the mat on half of the bed. Roll over and I’ll cover the other side so we don’t get your bed soaking wet.”

He rolled over slowly. She got the mat in place. “Okay. Lay on your back.” The patient did. The nurse smiled and pulled the gown off on him, folded it, and placed it on his genitals to cover them.

She chatted as she washed him with damp, soapy clothes. Those were followed by wet, clean clothes she rinsed in a basin of clean water.

She was thorough, doing his eyelids, the creases of his elbows and knees, and in between his fingers and toes. She had him roll over. She neglected to cover his ass as she washed his back.

“I have to wash your butt and penis. If you were capable, I’d have sisli escort you do it, but…”

“But I have bandages on both hands,” he said, finishing the sentence for her. “I apologize in advance in case I get aroused.”

“Your apology may be premature,” she said and laughed. “I haven’t seen your hard cock. It may impress me.”

Liam guffawed. She joined in. She had him spread his legs, and she washed his ass. She was as thorough as she had been with his other parts. She wiped and pressed several times on his anus. He got an erection.

“Roll over!” she ordered.

He did. She didn’t cover his groin. She inspected his erect penis, smiled, and said, “That’s a fine cock. You have nothing to apologize for. I’m sure all the ladies you’ve shown it to have been equally dazzled.”

They shared a laugh. She washed his penis and testicles.

“Oh. Oh,” he moaned as she rubbed his cock. “Sorry for the noises. I can’t help it.”

She gave him an understanding smile and whispered, “I know.” She grasped his dick and stroked his cock until he grunted and came into a cloth. She milked his cock, drawing out all of his cum.

He looked at her in horror, expecting to be lambasted. She calmly said, “There. We’re all done.”

She dried him and had him roll to the left and right, so she could remove the rubber mat. She put a fresh gown on him, covered him with a sheet, gathered her supplies, and left without saying a word about his exploding cock.


The next day, Liam was discharged and went to his mother’s home. The first thing he did was send a gorgeous flower display to the hospital for nurse Maeve, thanking her for her care.


Ten days later, Liam was in the hospital parking lot with two cups of coffee. He sat on the hood of his car, waited, and watched the night shift employees exit the building. When he saw Maeve, he hollered, “Good morning, Maeve!” He waved and hobbled over to her, carrying the coffees.

She stopped, looked at the fit, young man, and a rye smile appeared on her face. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Did you get the flowers?”

“Yes. They were lovely.”

“I brought you some coffee. Dark roast. Cream and no sugar.” He offered the cup to her. She took it and asked, “How did you know how I like my coffee?”

“I asked a co-worker,” he said and beamed. “Can I buy you breakfast?”

“Sure.” She smiled and appeared to be flattered that the handsome man, twenty years younger than she had gone to all this trouble.


An hour later, they were in her apartment. She put her keys and purse on the hall table, turned to him, and he kissed her. He hugged and kissed her, pressing her back against the wall.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. She giggled and sounded amused.

He kissed her passionately and pawed at her body, grabbed her butt, and squeezed a breast.

She laughed and said, “I’m thirty-eight-year-old. You’re nineteen. What are we doing?

“I want you!”

“You can have me. It’s not like there’s a long line of men wanting to date a twice-divorced woman my age.” She laughed as he kissed and touched her body.

“I love your laugh. I love your sparkling blue eyes.”

“I love young fit men. Can we do this with your injuries?”

“My hands have healed, and my broken leg only limits me a little. Where’s your bedroom?”

“This way.”

She led him to her bedroom. He quickly took off her clothes and stripped. Maeve was an Irish lass. As expected, she had pale skin and twinkling blue eyes. She was in pretty good shape for her age. Her breasts sagged a bit, her ass was fine, nicely rounded, and her belly had the beginning of a pooch on her abdomen, but it didn’t distract from her sexiness. She had thick, curly brown hair on her head and her sex.

Liam was enchanted by her. She was the fun, vivacious woman who’d given him a handjob in the hospital. He kissed and caressed every part of her. He sucked her soft breasts and devoured her tangy sex.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!” she moaned and came on his tongue.

After a break, she smiled and said, “It’s been a while since anyone has gone down on me.”

She grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth.

“Ohhh!” he groaned.

“Oh. Yeah!,” he cried as she demonstrated her skills. He pulled away from her when he was close to cumming. He had other plans for his sperm.

They fucked. She displayed her playful, high-spirited nature, and was very vocal.

“Oh. Oh. Ohhh.” she moaned as the young man drove his rock-hard cock into her pussy. He did it while on top of her, under her, and behind her. He gently caressed her curves as they had sex, and at other times, he mauled her tits and ass.

He laid her on her back, put her ankles on his shoulders, and drilled her hairy pussy with youthful vigor.

“Ohhh. Ohhh! Ohhh!” she cried out as she climaxed.

“Oh. Oh!” he groaned as he buried his cock in deep and gave her his seed.

They rested, got a drink, and did it two more times with equal passion and intensity.

In the end, Maeve lay hot, sweaty, and escort istanbul exhausted on her bed. She shouted, “Go home! No more! I can’t take any more sex!”

Liam smiled and asked, “See you tomorrow?”



What followed was a torrid, sex-filled love affair. It lasted four months. The sex was great, and the orgasms were amazing.

Three months after his injury, Liam had his cast removed. He had been lifting weights. He added cardio and got in even better shape.

After another orgasmic marathon sex session, Maeve used her fingers to trace his six-pack. She patted his spent, limp dick and said, “Are you done? Is my pussy safe or are you going to get another erection and fuck me again?”

Liam laughed and said, “I think three times is enough today.”

“Thank God! I love you, Liam. The sex is unbelievable, but this old woman is fried.”

“We’ve had fun, haven’t we?”

The happy, sated woman suddenly got serious and asked, “Are we done?”

“I told you my plan was to join the Army. I got my medical clearance yesterday. I’m leaving for basic training tomorrow.”

Maeve sat up; tears fell from her eyes. She didn’t scream or argue. She said, “I’ll miss you. I knew this was a fling. Not a forever thing. Go live your dream.”

They hugged each other tightly.

Liam left the next day.


Twenty-three years later, Liam returned to the little coal town of his birth in Northeast Pennsylvania. He’d served twenty years in the Army, retired, and worked a couple of years as a military private contractor. When he learned his mother was ill, he came home.

He fixed up the old homestead and spent time with his mother. Three months later, she passed peacefully in her sleep at home. A small church service was held for her, and she was buried next to her husband.


A week after the funeral, Liam was on Main Street of the small, sleepy town. The sun was setting. He turned to enter a parking lot and bumped into someone coming the other way.

“Sorry,” he said after they collided.

The frail woman bounced off him and would have fallen if he hadn’t grabbed her. He looked at the medium height, brunette with blue eyes, and said, “Maeve?

She responded. Her speech was unusually slow, and she slurred her words. “Maeve was my mother.”

“You look just like her. The same hair and eyes,” Liam said.

As he looked her over, he noticed that she was thin to the point of being gaunt and that her clothes were shabby and dirty. She appeared to be drunk or high or both. He said, “I knew your mother years ago. How is she?”


“Oh. Sorry. My condolences.” He let go of the young woman. She swayed, and looked like she would fall.

“Hey,” he said as he reached out and steadied her. “Are you okay? You look under the weather. When did you last eat?

“I don’t know.”

“I was going to get dinner. Why don’t you join me? My treat.”


He put his hand on her elbow to support and steady her as they walked to the local diner. They ordered. When the food arrived, she attacked it as someone who hadn’t eaten for days. She ate her meal and all of the rolls.

“Can I have dessert?” she asked.


“They make great apple and cherry pies.”

“I love pie, and those are my favorites. I think we should order both.”


Liam sat and watched her devour two pieces of pie. He smiled, slid his slice of cherry pie to her side of the table, and she ate it.

Liam said, “Your coloring is better. I think a goodnight’s sleep is in order. Can I give you a ride home?”

“I don’t have a home.”

“I’m staying at my mother’s house on Ivy Lane. There’s a spare room.”

“That’s better than sleeping outside.”

Liam paid the bill, and they left the diner. While they drove to his mother’s place, Liam asked, “How did your mother die?”

“Breast cancer. It was a slow death.” She choked up and cried. “She didn’t deserve it! She was such a good person. She was a nurse and cared for people her whole life, and no one could do anything for her.”

“How old were you when this happened?”

“She was first diagnosed when I entered high school. We were in good spirits. She was brave and said she’d beat it. She died two weeks after my eighteenth birthday. That was four years ago.” Tears streamed down her face.

“That must have been hard for you? Did you have any family to help you through this?”

“No. My mother’s parents were dead, and I never knew my father. I was depressed and dropped out of high school. I inherited a house, a bank account, and got money from a small life insurance policy.

“As you can guess, I made bad choices. I partied. Lost the house, and spent all the money. I’ve worn out my welcome with the few real friends I had, and my ‘partying’ friends have moved on.

“I drink, do drugs, and suck dick to survive.”

They rode the rest of the way in silence. When they arrived at the house, Liam sat her on the sofa, and said, “How about I run you a şişli escort bath? You can soak and get clean and sleep in the spare room.”

“Sounds good.”

He went into the bathroom and prepared the bath. He returned and said, “Your bath is ready.”

She didn’t answer. The frail young woman was asleep on the couch. He removed her shoes, covered her with a blanket, and looked at her. “You are the spitting image of your mother. A younger, skinnier, dirtier version.”

He went into the bathroom, got undressed, and said, “No reason to let this go to waste.” He got in the tub and slid under the warm water. He washed and then soaked. A memory came to him of a time he and Maeve shared a bath.


They were naked and in the bathtub. Liam was in the tub, leaning against the back. Leahy was sitting between his legs, washing her feet. He leaned forward and groped her heavy breasts.

She giggled and said, “What are you doing?”

“Fondling your tits! These things are great! So soft and sleek since they’re wet with the bathwater.” He tweaked her big, pink nipples.

“Oh!” she groaned. She let him mauled her and enjoyed the sensation. “Oh. Mmmmm. Keep doing that,” she begged.

He kissed her neck, caressed her breasts, and pinched her hard teats.

“Oh. Oh. That’s not going to be enough.” She dropped the washcloth and got on her knees. “Make room for me,” she said, and she came to him.

Liam lay on his back, lifted his legs, and put them on the edge of the tub as she crept backward. She grabbed his cock, slipped it in her pussy, and fucked him reverse cowgirl.

“OHHH” they moaned.

She claimed his cock using a twisting motion as she rolled her hips. They both moaned. She did it slowly; each concentrated on the wonderful sensation.

“Fuck! This feels good,” he said. “And the view is spectacular.”

“Mmmm. Your dick isn’t bad either.”

She continued and then abruptly stopped. “I think that’s enough,” she said in a playful tone and laughed.

“The hell it is!” he said with mock outrage. He sat up and grabbed her. Water splashed out of the tub as his legs came crashing down. He lay back and pulled her on top of him and he rapidly thrust his cock into her pussy.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. “God!”

“Ah. Ah. Ah,” he grunted in rhythm with his thrusts. He made his point that they weren’t done fucking by pistoning rapidly in and out of her pussy.

They got out of sync. She moved, and he withdrew his dick further than usual as he prepared for another powerful thrust. They were misaligned. His slick dick went into her vulnerable ass.

“Ahhh!,” she screamed as he shoved half his substantial cock into her butt.

He stopped thrusting when she screamed.

“You’re in the wrong hole. That’s my ass,” she said wryly.

Since she wasn’t crying or complaining, he shoved more of his cock inside her as he said, “I’ve never done anal. Have you?”

“Yes. Not like this. Usually, it’s planned and I’m prepared. I understand how it could happen with us being in this position and everything being wet.”

“Have I injured you?” he asked.

“No. The water acted as a lubricant. Your dick slipped inside me without hurting me.”

“Can we continue? I’ve never fuck a woman in the butt. This hole is very tight.”

“Okay, since you’re already in. Anal is intense and scary. I need to be distracted from worrying about your giant cock in my ass, so pull and pinch my nipples and rub my clit.”

He thrust in and out of her ass slowly as one hand fingered her pussy and the other played with her nipples.

Her head lolled on his chest. She moaned and groaned, which encouraged him to pull and pinch her nipples and fuck her harder. After a while, she was huffing and puffing, and he was slamming his dick into her backdoor.

“OOOHHH Fuck my Ass! OOHHH!” she screamed, bucked, and came.

“Ohh. Ohhhhh!” he cried out as he shoved his dick deep inside her and let loose a big load.

^^^back to the present^^^

As Liam recalled their shared bath, he was stroking his cock. He grunted and came as he remembered shooting his load in her butt. He panted as he remembered how he and Maeve had laid in the tub without speaking for a long time.

Suddenly, she laughed and said, “My God! That was a big orgasm!” He had chuckled and said, “Yes, it was. I’m going to have to fuck your ass more often.”

“That was a good time,” he said as he pulled the plug. The water drained from the tub and he stood. He reached for a towel and dried his body.

After he brushed his teeth, he went to check on his house guest. Leahy was sleeping. Liam looked at her, smiled, and went to his bed.

Liam woke with a start and saw Leahy’s hand grab his dick. She bought her mouth to his groin and wrapped her warm, soft lips around his flaccid penis.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

She didn’t answer.

She was nude, and he studied her slim body. Her breasts were lovely. Firm and high on her chest. They were ample but not as large as her mother’s. She had a narrow waist that flared to curved hips. Her sex was covered by a mass of dark hair.

She sucked his dick, gently jostled his balls, and he grew hard in her mouth. She sucked and stroked his cock. She rubbed her teeth across the spongy tip of his member.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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