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Author’s Note:

This is a true story of Jane and Kelly’s first lesbian encounter. Starting out all wrong with the women fighting, catfighting, and Kelly stripping Jane naked, from there it turned more sexually than it continued being physically confrontational.

Some women want the best of both sexual worlds, the love of a man while having lesbian sex with a woman. Yet, still hiding in the shadows, some women are afraid of emerging from the safety of their heterosexual closet. They don’t know how their family and friends will take to them being bisexual, especially if they’re married to a man. Kelly was that woman.

Instead of feeling sad and sorry for herself, Jane felt happily hopeful. She was so sexually excited that Kelly was wearing this white, sexy sundress just for her. She was so sexually excited that, even though she was married, that Kelly might be bisexual and may welcome them having a sexual affair. Jane was so sexually excited that today may be the day that she kissed Kelly while touching and feeling her everywhere through her clothes.

Continued from Chapter 01:

While thinking about what to say to Kelly, if ever she found her alone, she had another glass of wine. Instead of having something to eat, her second glass of wine turned into her to having a third glass of wine. She still stood at the bar while thinking about Kelly and sipping her third glass of wine and mindlessly talking to a few friends and acquaintances. With Kelly the only thing on her mind, she continued thinking about her co-worker. Her best opportunity to confront her co-worker, Jane overheard Kelly’s husband say that he had to leave early.

‘He’s leaving early,’ thought Jane. ‘Maybe this is my chance to get Kelly alone. I just hope she stays and doesn’t leave with her husband. With her being a flirt and a bit of an exhibitionist whore, I hope she doesn’t hook up with another man after her husband leaves. If anything, I want Kelly all to myself.’

Quickly, she thought of all the things she wanted to say to Kelly but never had the chance. An apology was the first thing she needed to say to her for being such a bitch at work. Her excuse, with her being made her new supervisor, a little power went straight to her head. Moreover, sexual frustration played a huge part in how she treated her co-worker. Instead of disciplining, she wanted to hold her and kiss her while touching and feeling her everywhere.

“Well, I have to go,” she heard Kelly’s husband say. “They called me into work, but you stay and enjoy yourself. I’ll drop the kids off at my mother’s house. Stay as late as you want, we’ll pick them up tomorrow. Bye,” said her husband while leaning down to kiss his wife in the way that Jane wished she could lean down and kiss Kelly.

Holding a glass of wine in each hand, she watched him leave with the children. Now, finally alone with Kelly, this was her chance. Having tunnel vision, while she was walking, Kelly sitting alone was all that she saw.

Nervous with all that she wanted to say and all that she was thinking about confessing, going over it all again in her head, Jane could start by apologizing to her. She could ask Kelly to forgive her for her being such a bitch at work. She could ask Kelly to forget their past indifferences for the sexual relationship she hoped they’d have with her in their future.

With Kelly still in denial and still in the closet, maybe, to develop a romantic interlude with her, she needed to get her drunk. Now, no longer under the watchful eye of her husband, she didn’t have her children to watch over either. She’d love nothing more than to test the lesbian, sexual water by getting Kelly inebriated and by kissing her and making out with her sexy co-worker in a private clearing in the woods.

Perhaps, she could put a blanket down and they could have sex. She’d love nothing more than to finger Kelly’s pussy while licking her pussy. Hopefully, if she gave her a sexual orgasm with her fingers and her mouth, she’d return the favor and give her a sexual orgasm with her fingers and mouth, too. If they both got drunk, not an issue, she’d leave her car here and take an Uber home.

# # #

With the crowd slowly leaving one by one, then leaving in small groups before leaving in larger groups, seemingly people had enough of the hot sun and the noisy crowd of people and children. As if she was suddenly a wallflower, she watched Kelly from a distance sitting alone. Jane wished she could tell her how beautiful she looked in her sexy sundress while kissing her and feeling her big tits. Yet, after her husband left and took the children, seemingly, Kelly looked so sad. Jane wondered what she was thinking. Hopefully, in the way that Jane was sexually thinking about Kelly, she was sexually thinking about her. She wondered what she was feeling. Hopefully, two things that she could help her with, she was feeling sexually frustrated and horny.

Summoning up the courage to talk to her and to apologize to her for all of her past indiscretions, she wanted to ask her for her forgiveness. She wanted her to be her friend. While hoping to bursa escort bayan break the ice with a drink, she smiled while walking towards her with a glass of red wine in each hand.

With the thought of kissing Kelly consuming her mind, she smiled while walking towards her with all that she wanted to say and all that she wanted to confess. Willing to accept the blame for everything, she hoped she’d forgive her and accept her friendship. While thinking of them being friends and, perhaps, even becoming lesbian lovers, she couldn’t help but smile.

Jane was finally so happy to talk to Kelly alone. As if she was a celebrity or a movie star meeting her for the first time, she was so pretty. She was so sexy. The lighthouse beacon of her sexual lust, as if a fog was lifting, the closer she walked, the more her white sundress was sheerly revealing.

Easy to discern, she could tell that Kelly had a magnificent body under her clothes. She wondered what she looked like topless. She wondered what she looked like naked. She had a body that she wanted to explore with her hands, her mouth, her tongue, her vibrator, and her strap-on dildo.

As if she was Sleeping Beauty to be awakened by a lesbian kiss, her beautiful, natural, blonde hair glistened in the sun as if it was spun gold. As if she had eyes like the late, great, Elizabeth Taylor, her bright, blue eyes sparkled like rare, blue diamonds. Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie had nothing on her.

So very sexually appealing, the closer she walked, the more beautiful she became. The closer she walked, the more that Jane sexually wanted her. If only she could kiss her. If only she could sexually touch her and feel her everywhere that her husband sexually touches her and feels her, she’d sexually convert her. As if taking her sexual temperature to determine if she felt the same sexual way, she’d love to part her lips with her tongue and French kiss her.

This was it. This was really it. After working with her for nearly three-years, hoping she felt the same way about her, Jane was finally going to confess how she felt about Kelly. While taking another step closer, she took another sip of her wine for courage with all that she wanted to say. As if practicing a speech, going over in her mind all that she wanted to tell her, she hoped that Kelly shared her feelings. She hoped that they could be more than just friends. She hoped that they could be lovers, lesbian lovers.

Chapter 02:

While walking toward her, drinking her all in as if she was a cold beer on a hot day, she was so stunningly beautiful. As if she was there just for Jane, imagining all the possibilities, she wondered what the probability would be that Kelly was bisexual. She imagined she felt like the first time Ellen Degeneres saw Portia de Rossi. In her eyes, there was no woman more beautiful than Kelly.

“Kelly,” she said.

Already in love with her, as soon as she said her name, she wanted to say her name again and again. She loved her name. She loved saying her name. As soon as she said her name, she imagined them standing at an altar and swearing their vows. As soon as she said her name, she imagined them Honeymooning anywhere but, alas, Kelly was already married to a man.

Nonetheless, lots of married women have lesbian affairs. Lots of bisexual and lesbian women keep their sexual orientation secrets behind closed, bedroom doors. She hoped that Kelly was one of those women. She hoped that Kelly needed a woman in her life as much as she needed a man.

As soon as Kelly turned to look at her and acknowledge her, a man with his family lugging an ice chest, a beach umbrella, and a giant, blowup, swan float bumped into her and nearly knocked her over. Normally, she would have called him an asshole but she was so happy to finally talk to Kelly alone that she had already forgiven him. Yet, when he bumped her again with the ice chest, she was going down.

“Ow,” she said.

With her holding a wine glass in each hand, she was unable to reach down to rub her leg.

“Sorry,” he said quickly walking away without even turning or stopping to see if she was alright.

Had she not been drinking; she would have been fine. Yet, unable to regain her balance, with her holding two glasses of wine, one in each hand, she caught herself from falling a little too late. Falling into her, hugging her, and holding onto her, and in her feeble attempt to steady herself, Jane dumped both glasses of red wine all over the front of Kelly’s her lily-white sundress.

# # #

Looking like blood, her dress looked like the aftermath of a crime scene. With two, full glasses of red wine spilled all over her face and dripping from her blonde hair, her nose, and her chin, she looked like Sissy Spacek in Carrie. Her dress was ruined and Kelly was angry. Jane was never as embarrassed.

“Jane! What the fuck?”

With her hair dripping with wine, wine continued dripping from her nose and her chin. Her beautiful white dress stained blood red, Kelly stared down at herself in shock. She looked as if she had just been görükle escort shot and was bleeding. She looked as if she had just been stabbed multiple times and was dying.

“Kelly. I’m sorry. Literally knocking me over, I’m so sorry but that man pushed me forward into you,” said Jane apologetically.

Jane looked down at Kelly looking up at her in anger and shock.

“Oh, my God! Jane! What have you done? Look what you have done. Look at my beautiful dress. Why did you do that? Look at me,” she said staring down at herself before staring up at Jane with hatred and with anger. Never had Jane seen Kelly as angry. “You ruined my dress,” said Kelly shoving Jane off of her and backwards with both hands. “It’s ruined. Ruined. The first time wearing this, my beautiful sundress is ruined. Ruined! It’s totally ruined.”

Still unsteady on her feet, Jane stared at her co-worker. After apologizing, she didn’t know what more she could say. At a loss to salvage things between them, she didn’t know what more she could do. Obviously, there was nothing more that she could say or to make Kelly forgive her. Obviously, this was the end to whatever friendship and sexual relationship she thought they may have.

Jane stared down at the front of Kelly’s dress. Not knowing what else to do, but wanting to do something to help, she collected a bunch of napkins from the table and rubbed at the front of her dress with water. Becoming sexually aroused, she stopped when she felt the firm, heaviness of Kelly’s full breasts and her erect nipples. She knew they were big but she didn’t realize how big they really were until she was touching them and feeling them.

As if she was a masher groping her on a subway, she couldn’t believe she was inadvertently fondling her breasts and fingering her nipples. Unable to stop herself from touching, feeling, and fondling Kelly’s big, fake tits, Jane continued groping her on the pretense of wiping and sopping up the excess wine from her dress. She had such big tits and her nipples were already so erect. Never had she ever felt a set of tits like Kelly’s tits and they felt so very real.

“Kelly, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, Kelly but that man bumped me,” she said turning to look for the man but he was gone. “I’ll pay to have it cleaned. Don’t worry. I’ll buy you a new dress,” she said.

Kelly pushed her hands away from wiping her dress and from groping her breasts.

“Jane! What the fuck? Stop! Jesus Christ! Stop fucking groping me. You’re making it worse,” said Kelly pushing her away. “Get away from me.”

# # #

Then, if her dumping her wine all over Kelly’s face, in her hair, and down the front of her dress wasn’t enough, when Kelly pushed her back, with Jane having a little too much to drink, she was off balance again. She would have been fine had she eaten some food while drinking three glasses of wine. Now, she needed to grab onto something, anything, to regain her balance and to stop herself from falling backwards. With nothing else to grab, trying to grab her shoulder but missing, she instinctively grabbed the front of Kelly’s dress.

Too much for the delicate material of the dress to take, when Jane fell backwards, she pulled Kelly’s dress with her. Pulling her dress with her and tearing her sopping wet, wine-soaked dress to shreds, she ripped Kelly’s dress wide open. As if Kelly was a stripper on stage presenting her naked breasts to her audience of horny, screaming men, her big, D cup tits were totally exposed. She was topless. Kelly was totally topless.

Natural breasts would have spilled out of the top of her dress but these surgical creations were just there. They didn’t move. Nonetheless, whether her breasts were fake or real, all eyes were upon her big, nakedly exposed tits.

With Kelly calling even more attention to herself by screaming at Jane, everyone stopped to watch the two, sexy and shapely women fighting. No doubt, men were hoping for a catfight. No doubt, they were hoping that the women would strip one another naked. Already getting their wish with Kelly topless, her huge breasts were already nakedly exposed.

Kelly fruitlessly tried covering her naked breasts with her hands, yet, too big for her hands to totally conceal, she continued flashing her naked breasts to anyone looking. Unable to even cover herself with the top of her torn dress, with her buttons flying everywhere, Jane had torn the bodice of her dress to shreds. Yet, surprising Jane, Kelly stared up at the growing crowd of horny men with a mixture of embarrassment and sexual excitement while they stared down at her.

‘Obviously, exposing her naked tits is sexually titillating her,’ she thought while being sexually titillated herself.

Co-workers, friends, strangers, and everyone she knew from work were seeing her naked breasts. A mixed bag of emotions, totally humiliated, she was so embarrassed. Totally aroused, she was so sexually excited. Something she knew she was but never to this extreme, obviously, she was an exhibitionist. Clearly, she was getting off on everyone seeing her naked, bursa escort bayan wine stained breasts.

“Jane! What have you done?” She stood, walked to Jane, and slapped her hard across her face. “You bitch! How dare you? You deliberately dumped your wine on me. You deliberately ripped my dress. You deliberately ruined my beautiful, new sundress. You deliberately exposed my naked breasts to everyone to disgrace me. How dare you? Totally humiliated, I’m so embarrassed. I’m so very embarrassed.”

# # #

Angry now that she ruined her chances of being Kelly’s friend, never mind her lover, Jane looked at Kelly with hatred instead of with love. Never allowing anyone to slap her across her face without retaliating, having more self-respect for herself than that, Jane grabbed Kelly by her hair, pulled hard, and heaved her forward to the ground. Only, when Kelly went down, she pulled Jane down with her. Unable to catch her balance again, as if they were about to have lesbian sex, Jane fell on top of her.

As if they were children fighting at the schoolyard instead of grown women having fun at a company outing, they rolled around in the dirt. With their dresses bunched around their waists and their legs spread wide open, their panties were exposed for all to see. Horny and admiring men stared not only at their exposed panties but also at their pussy slits, camel toes, and the darker shadow of their pubic hair. Horny and admiring men not only stared at Kelly’s panties but also at her naked breasts.

Calling even more attention to themselves by screaming and swearing at one another, the two, catfighting women drew an even bigger crowd. Lucky that many people had already left the campgrounds, nonetheless, they were giving quite the catfight show to anyone still there. With dozens of men gathered around the woman watching them fight, obviously, every man there loved a good catfight. With the women already showing a lot, no doubt, every man there hoped that they women would strip one another naked.

With Jane inebriated, Kelly quickly got the upper hand. She rolled Jane over and pinned her shoulders against the ground with her knees. No longer struggling, Jane was preoccupied with the view between Kelly’s shapely legs of panty clad crotch. Nirvana, a place where she had dreamt of always being, between Kelly’s shapely legs, her panty clad cunt was only mere inches from her mouth. As if mesmerized and hypnotized by the sight of her panty clad pussy, Jane stopped struggling to stare between her co-worker’s legs.

‘Is she deliberately exposing her panty clad pussy to me,’ wondered Jane. ‘I only wish she wasn’t wearing panties,’ thought Jane. ‘I only wish my hands were free.’

If they weren’t fighting, she would have stuck out her tongue and licked her through her panties. If they were fighting, she would have fingered her pussy through her panties. If they weren’t fighting, she would have rolled her over, removed her panties, fingered and licked her cunt, and given her a sexual orgasm with her fingers and tongue. If they weren’t fighting, she would have had sex with her and made love to her. If they weren’t fighting, she would have lifted herself up and tried to kiss her while fondling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples.

“Let me up,” said Jane struggling. “Let me up. I’m going to be sick. Let me up.”

# # #

Too accommodating, but having an ulterior motive for allowing her to get up, not wanting her to be sick on her, too, Kelly immediately moved off of her co-worker. Stained and ruined with red wine, the front of her dress was not only ruined but also torn wide open. No longer caring that her naked breasts were exposed and on public display for all to see, Kelly stared at Jane with hatred. Yet, surprising Jane and catching her off-guard, she smiled while reaching out her hand to help her up as if she was helping up a player of the opposing football team.

When she reached down to help her to her feet, Jane felt embarrassed that she fought with Kelly. Only, when Jane stood and tried to help her co-worker cover her naked breasts with anything she could find, Kelly reached down and lifted the hem of Jane’s dress. Surprising and shocking her, she lifted her dress passed her hips, higher than her breasts, and over her head. Totally embarrassed that she was now so exposed, Jane struggled to free herself but her arms were raised over her head and trapped inside of her dress.

Exposing her panties and her naked C cup breasts, Kelly tied Jane’s dress in a knot over her head. Then, not quite done with exposing her panties and her naked breasts, in one quick motion, she pulled her panties down to her ankles. In the way that Kelly was nearly naked, Jane was now totally naked. Her naked tits, her naked ass, and her naked, trimmed, brown pussy was totally exposed for all to see.

Screaming while trying to free herself and making even more of a spectacle of herself, Jane jumped around as if she was in a one-legged, potato, sack race. Finally, preserving what little modesty she had left, she squatted down in the way of a Japanese woman being sharked and stripped naked. With no one helping her to preserve her modesty, the men all stared from Kelly’s big, naked breasts to Jane’s naked tits, naked ass, and naked pussy. No doubt, remembering this company outing forever, this was the best company outing they ever attended or will ever attend.

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